Applications Open for Rose-Hulman’s Fun-Filled STEM Summer Programs

Operation Catapult is Rose-Hulman's on-campus summer camp STEM experience.

Students get a variety of hands-on STEM experiences in the nearly two-week-long Operation Catapult summer camp program.

Operation Catapult, Project Select and Creation Crates allow students to complete hands-on projects, many from scratch, while exploring their STEM interests.

For more than 50 years, the nearly two-week Operation Catapult summer experience has provided students with STEM awesomeness through interesting educational opportunities and fun-filled experiences.”

— Rose-Hulman Admissions

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — It may be the middle of the winter season, but Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is preparing its summer on-campus and at-home programs to allow high school students to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The following programs will allow students to work in teams or individually to complete a variety of hands-on projects, many completely from scratch, with the assistance of faculty mentors. The on-campus programs will provide an opportunity for students to live on a college campus and meet other teenagers with similar STEM interests from across the country.

Operation Catapult
For more than 50 years, this nearly two-week-long summer camp experience has been providing students with STEM awesomeness through interesting educational opportunities and fun-filled experiences. High school juniors or seniors can explore areas of robotics, chemistry and computer programming; make electronic and mechanical machines from scratch; work with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories; and learn how to communicate their projects to family and friends.
This summer’s 12-day sessions are scheduled:
June Catapult – Session I: June 13-24
July Catapult – Session II: July 6-17
July Catapult – Session III: July 20-31
Cost: $2,500

Project Select
This is an immersive, hands-on science and engineering camp for high school students after their freshman or sophomore years. There are two week-long sessions being planned this summer to allow students to build upon their existing science and mathematics knowledge and connect it to modern engineering applications. They will also explore how science can be applied to solve difficult problems and test their designs using state-of-the-art equipment.
This summer’s camp schedule is:
Project Select – Session I: June 13-19
Project Select – Session II: June 20-26
Cost: $1,450

Creation Crates
For the second consecutive year, Rose Hulman is offering an experimental engineering design-at-home program for high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior years. A kit of materials will be delivered to each camper’s doorstep and they will work directly with a Rose-Hulman mechanical engineering faculty mentor to design, build and test a series of experimental apparatuses, use their own setup to take experimental measurements, and analyze the trustworthiness of those results. Students also will learn about life at Rose-Hulman by getting to know a current student and taking a virtual campus tour.
Creation Crates dates: June 7-18
Cost: $500

Applications are now being accepted for these fun-filled summer programs. Learn more and apply here.
What impact will COVID-19 have on Rose-Hulman’s summer programs? Summer 2021 camp planning is now in process with the expectation that participants will comply with all policies and procedures required by Rose-Hulman related to the pandemic. Please visit our Rose Ready page for further details.

About Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Founded in 1874, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is dedicated to preparing its students with the world’s best undergraduate science, engineering and mathematics education in an environment infused with innovation, intellectual rigor and individualized attention. The institute is consistently recognized nationally as an elite STEM school for distinctions that include faculty excellence, return on investment, value-added, and career services. Career placement is near 100 percent year after year. Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Rose-Hulman has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and nearly 100 graduate students. Learn more at

Dale Long
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
+1 812-877-8418

Rose-Hulman Operation Catapult STEM summer camp

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Sobertech Announces the Launch of Pobal, On-Demand Recovery Platform

SAN RAFAEL, CA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — Sobertech announced today the launch of its new platform Pobal, an on-demand addiction treatment and recovery ecosystem. Featuring two apps, Ascent and Arc, Pobal provides evidence-based treatment education, community engagement and accountability. Today, only 10% of those who need Substance Use Disorder treatment receive any services via traditional inpatient or outpatient programs. The treatment industry, with high costs, limited availability, and questionable outcomes, continues to lack a scalable and cost-effective intervention for the country’s number one behavioral health problem. With an easy-to-use interface and flexible elearning modules, Pobal provides the lowest barrier of entry for those dipping their toes in recovery.

Pobal Pro enables practitioners to efficiently serve a broader range of clients at various phases in their recovery journey. Fully customizable curricula allow providers to design their own programs. The built-in continual assessment engine delivers practitioners deeper insights into their clients’ consumption, comprehension and internalization of the content. The self-guided treatment education is billable to insurance with accredited provider oversight.

“Personal growth and healing are at the core of our recovery programs. I’m proud to be a part of helping others on their journey with the release of our new treatment education tools and support designed to get mindfully fit.” – Terence Lundy, Pobal Founder and CEO

New Year, New Recovery Apps

The health and social challenges faced in 2020 were unimaginable. The economic shutdown coupled with social distancing has exacerbated behavioral health crises , none more than Substance Use Disorder. Telehealth exploded as traditional delivery methods were curtailed and demand skyrocketed. Pobal enters this new remote delivery landscape with a unique offering for those afflicted by SUD.

Ascent is Pobal's on-demand recovery academy featuring accredited and evidence-based curricula. With a la carte micro-courses or full multi-week programs, clients and providers can find the right combination for their recovery needs. Our signature Ascent Recovery Program offers courses uniquely designed to educate practitioners and clients on the psychological, biological, and social dimensions of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to promote treatment, recovery, and healing. Examples of courses include “The Basics of Neurobiology and Addiction,” “The Disease Model of Addiction,” “Life Beyond Addiction.”

Benefits and Features:
Branded mobile App
A la carte micro-courses (5-15 min)
Convenient Google and Facebook account logins

Arc, or Accountability Recovery Community, brings together peers in recovery with similar goals and interests and practitioners delivering aftercare. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the new Arc social platform:

Benefits and Features:
Circle chat enhances conversations with recovery experts
1:1 direct chat between one member and another
Enhanced user experience and app branding

Recovery Reimagined

Long-term recovery from addiction is achievable through education powered by a sustained connection and accountability tools and networks. Pobal’s new apps Ascent and Arc do just that and enable us to reimagine addiction recovery that is entirely focused on clients and outcomes. Our mission is to make the basics of recovery more accessible than ever, while growing a strong community of learners and instructors.

Elizabeth Donahey
+1 707-877-6225
Visit us on social media:

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New Book "Raising a Child Star" Provides Tips & Tools for Parents of Child Entertainers

A guide to navigating the entertainment industry for parents of aspiring child actors

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , February 17, 2021 / — What do Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Gary Coleman, Raven Symone, Daniel Radcliffe, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have in common?
Child stardom.

Hollywood certainly seems like an intimidating place to work, no matter how old you are. But there's no question that starting your career as a child can truly be tough. Sure, there can be a pretty big pay-off including fame, acclaim, and some pretty big paychecks, but the intense pressure put on child actors can be hard to manage. Still, the allure of traveling to new lands, exploring deeply dynamic characters, and maybe even getting to work with Denzel Washington pose tremendous incentives.

But how do you get your child started?

Parents seeking to support their children’s desire for the white-hot lights of Hollywood will soon have an innovative new resource to help them navigate.
"Raising a Child Star" by Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe was created to aid and inspire parents who support their child's passion for acting while increasing opportunities for success. Whether you seek to dive into the entertainment industry on your own or find ways to nurture your child's skillsets as they prepare for it when they come of age, "Raising a Child Star" presents a ton of tips and tools, and insights to guides you through the process.

The book answers questions like "How Do I Get My Child Started?" and How Do I find a Legit Talent Agent for my child?"

A successful talent agent in Los Angeles, Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe manages her son, Travis Wolfe Jr., who appears on the CBS primetime series "Bob Hearts Abishola," her oldest daughter, Aniya Wolfe, who is an award-winning filmmaker and international speaker, her youngest, Ariel Wolfe (7), who recently booked a co-star role on a popular Netflix series, and her husband, Travis Wolfe Sr., who is a new actor, transformational speaker, and coach.

Her book addresses questions such as:
1. How do I know if acting professionally is right for my child?
2. My child wants to be an actor. How do I get them started?
3. At what age should I get my child professional headshots?
4. Should I put my child in acting classes?
5. How do I find an agent for my child?
6. When is the best time of year to submit to an agent?
7. Does my child need an agent and a manager?
8. What does it take to be your child's manager?
9. What is SAG-AFTRA, and do we have to join?
10. Do we need to locate for my child to be successful?
11. If my child has no experience, how can I start their resume?
12. Where can I submit my child for jobs if they don't have an agent?
13. What is a pilot season?
14. What are the elements and tools needed for a great self-tape?
15. How do I help my child deal with rejection?
16. Are showcases worth it?
17. Should I start a social media page for my child?
18. How can acting benefit my child?
19. How do I avoid scams?
20. What is pilot season, and should my child be a part of it?

In an extremely competitive billion-dollar industry, navigating a fruitful career isn't impossible.

Learn the secrets of dealing with the pressures of being the supportive parent of a professional child actor by receiving early access to a few chapters of the book in a special pre-release on February 19.

Diana Ivelis knows, first-hand, the challenges of having a child who is a talented actor but not knowing how to get them started professionally. Since 2014, she’s been managing her three children in the entertainment industry, moving from their hometown in Pennsylvania to Southern California. With her experience and knowledge of the industry, she’s helped her son land a series regular role on a popular prime-time network television series.

Diana’s innate ability to successfully navigate the industry has led to her becoming a talent agent in Los Angeles—working in the youth department—submitting talented children for amazing opportunities and helping parents understand what is needed for their children to succeed. She is most active in her “Affirm Your Star” Facebook group and YouTube channel where she shares tips, tools, and resources that can aid any supportive parent in helping their child become a successful actor.

Since the age of 21, Diana Ivelis, a Philadelphia native, was a licensed cosmetologist who designed hair and make-up behind the scenes for photoshoots, fashion shows, and other events before her children exposed her to the world of entertainment.

In 2010, her oldest Aniya started taking theater classes, which led to each of her three children landing representation in the spheres of print, television, and film by 2014. Eventually, all three children exercised different paths within the entertainment realm, but they all continued to grow within their respective spaces. Through these experiences, she has furthered a unique understanding of just how the modern entertainment industry functions in front of the camera and behind the scenes and shares these lessons to encourage and inspire other families.

Join Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe on March 14, 2021, "National Write Your Story Down Day” for a virtual book signing. Visit these social sites for more information, deals, and discounts.


Adam Nelson
+1 2126458006
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Forsyte I.T. Solutions Has Earned the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

Windows Virtual Desktop

WVD Advanced Specialization

The Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.”

— Gavriella Schuster

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — Forsyte I.T. Solutions today announced it has earned the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization, a validation of a partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience, and expertise in deploying, scaling, and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure.

Only partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their Windows Virtual Desktop technical practices, are able to earn the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization.

Supporting secure remote work for employees is more critical than ever. Windows Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft solution that seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products and allows customers to implement virtual desktops in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.

Partners with validated capabilities in implementing Windows Virtual Desktop can help customers deploy and navigate the licensing efficiencies it offers to deliver the solution that is most efficient for their organization.

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner (OCP) at Microsoft Corp. added, “The Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure. Forsyte I.T. Solutions clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to offer clients a path to transition to desktop-as-a-service in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.”

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, many clients needed to quickly transition to remote work and learning and address business continuity requirements, and provide a secure virtual infrastructure. Forsyte designed a rapid start Windows Virtual Desktop deployment to accelerate a client’s ability to leverage the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop and remain productive – all in a short period of time.

Forsyte I.T. Solutions developed a Quick Start to:
• Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop on an existing tenant infrastructure. If the tenant is not deployed, then Forsyte can stand-up the core infrastructure for the deployment.
• Deploy the host pool, Azure AD resources, and infrastructure to support Windows Virtual Desktop. If determined by latency, Forsyte can optionally deploy Traffic Manager and infrastructure in Azure to optimize.
• Work with the organization to publish apps, work with FSLogix and script access for grouping for user access and administration of the installation.
• Provide documentation for deployment and optionally provide managed services for the installation.
• Work with the organization on gold image for host deployment.

Clients have experienced extreme benefits from the rollout of Forsyte’s Quick Start and continue to leverage Windows Virtual Desktop to provide secure remote access. Windows Virtual Desktop has allowed organizations to provide secure access to managed devices in a timely fashion, with productivity and security remaining top of mind.

To learn more contact Forsyte I.T. Solutions at or

Stefanie Dunn
Forsyte I.T. Solutions
+1 904-274-5574
email us here

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New Online University Announces Public Launch with Ultra-Affordable Business Degree

Top Rock University Logo

Top Rock University

Top Rock University enrolls first students in innovative degree program

UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — Top Rock University announced today the virtual ribbon-cutting of the university and the launch of its first bachelor's degree program, the B.S. in Business Administration. The university, a nonprofit headquartered in Hawaii, operates its program entirely online.

The launch of the university and its affordable program, priced at under $6,000 for the entire program, marks a turning point in higher education today.

"If you started a university from scratch today, what would it look like? That's what we asked students and employers," said Top Rock University President, Ryan Jenkins. "It turns out there's a huge gap between what traditional colleges offer and what students and employers want."

According to Jenkins, students want more affordable and faster pathways to good jobs. And both students and employers want practical curriculum that prepares students for successful employment and entrepreneurship.

"We were delighted to see so many students wanting to start their own businesses," Jenkins continued. "It's not that they're interested in starting a giant company, but they do want to start small with the ultimate goal of financial freedom. Our program focuses on that type of entrepreneurship."

After years of research and development, the University piloted its first program: a flexible and practical bachelor's degree designed to develop entrepreneurial skills in future business owners and employees alike.

Steve Cohen, CEO of Sync Learning Experiences and Trustee at Top Rock, has had a front row seat to recent college graduates in the workforce. "There's a disconnect between what recent graduates have and what employers want. We built Top Rock to fill the gap," said Cohen. "Students are taught to solve problems, request feedback, iterate, and work independently. Not memorize what you can Google or do what a robot can do better."

Top Rock's program is 100% self-paced, which means students work independently. Among other requirements, self-discipline is a must.

Unlike most universities, Top Rock does not use the credit-hour system. Instead, the university uses an innovative competency-based model recognized by the Department of Education and used by other four-year institutions, including the popular Western Governors University. Once students prove competency, they move on, regardless of the time it takes.

"This is not a standard lecture-based curriculum. Students find themselves in the shoes of a business consultant and develop knowledge and skills by completing real-world projects," said Cohen. "There's a lot of doing. Most of the learning is active and not passive."

But it's the low cost of the program that's raising eyebrows in higher ed, said Todd McLaughlin, Chairman of the university's Board of Trustees. The all-in tuition cost for the program is just under $6,000 ($499 per month for twelve months), regardless of how long the student is enrolled. And the university charges no additional fees.

"People are shocked when they hear how affordable the program is. We've removed the most expensive parts of college. There's no campus. No tenured research faculty or rooms of administrators. No football stadiums or entertainment complexes. Everything at Top Rock goes directly to providing the best learning environment for students to get a job or start a business as quickly as possible."

Top Rock University is a non-profit and a legal degree-granting institution, however it isn't accredited by a federally-recognized accreditor and may never be. McLaughlin says that's a good thing.

"Behind closed doors, college administrators have told us they would never go through the hassle and expense of accreditation if it didn't unlock federal aid. If they're not accredited, they can't accept student loans. And without loans, no student could afford to attend. Top Rock is priced low enough so students don't need loans," McLaughlin said. "Other accreditation requirements, like requiring theoretical courses instead of practical ones, also prevent students from getting positive outcomes from their education."

"We're entering a new age of higher education where knowledge and skills are more important than the degree," McLaughlin continued. "Many of our students want to start their own businesses, and it's tough to find accredited programs built for that."

But it's not just future entrepreneurs applying at Top Rock. Innovative employers like Google, Apple, and Ernst and Young don't require degrees anymore. There's a rising trend of employers more interested in skills than degrees.

"As a young, nimble university, we have an advantage in this new world. We built this for successful student outcomes and aren't encumbered by massive costs and bureaucracy like traditional schools. Let students compare Top Rock to other business schools and see which one helps them accomplish their goals quicker and more affordably," McLaughlin added.

The University encourages students of all ages and backgrounds to apply at

"We have quite the waitlist already, and we'll be ramping up enrollment as we go," President Ryan Jenkins said. "While we can't enroll students in every state yet, we encourage everyone to apply early to save a spot on the waitlist."

"Higher ed is undergoing a massive change right now. Students are demanding more from their education. Top Rock University is proud to lead the charge in putting students first."

Top Rock University is a nonprofit digital university focused on delivering practical competency-based business education online. At Top Rock, students earn their bachelor's degree from their computer, tablet, and smartphone by completing flexible and self-paced business curriculum. Top Rock University was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

As a condition of operating in Hawaii, Top Rock is required to include the following disclaimer: NOT ACCREDITED BY AN AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE U.S. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.

Media Inquiries
Top Rock University

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Little Kitchen Academy Announces “How Can I Help” A Global Philanthropic Initiative Supporting Four Notable Causes

Little Kitchen Academy logo with black bird

Montessori-inspired cooking school for children

How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy sign on chalkboard with 4 glass jars and logos of Chefs for Humanity, PHIT America, Global FoodBanking Network, Kids Help Phone

How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy Philanthropic Initiative

How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy supporting Chefs For Humanity, The Global FoodBanking Network, Kids Help Phone, and PHIT America

Our students are invited to discover, develop, and refine their senses through their work, which in turn helps them contribute to their environment.”

— Felicity Curin, Little Kitchen Academy Founder, President, and COO

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, February 17, 2021 / — How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy supporting Chefs For Humanity, The Global FoodBanking Network, Kids Help Phone, and PHIT America, will be empowering students to learn about giving back and making a difference by putting the choice in their hands.

Today Little Kitchen Academy (LKA), the first-of-its-kind, Montessori-inspired cooking academy for children ages three through teen, announced the launch of their philanthropic initiative “How Can I Help.” How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy is an initiative that puts the power of giving into the hands of the (LKA) students.

Every class, in every location, students will learn about LKA’s charitable partners, be given the chance to ask ‘how can I help,’ feel empowered to make a choice about what matters most to them, and understand that they can make the world a better place. LKA will donate $1 on behalf of every student to the charity they choose. LKA has partnered with four notable charities for this program: Chefs for Humanity, The Global FoodBanking Network, Kids Help Phone (for LKA locations in Canada), and PHIT America (for LKA locations in the US). Each student will learn about the important work that each of these organizations do and how they can help others by choosing to support that work.

“When sharing the LKA ‘why’ I often hear myself reminding people that we aren’t just a cooking school. We are so much more. We are providing an opportunity for our students to develop their confidence and independence through the art of cooking. The food is literally the ‘icing on the cake.’” said Felicity Curin, Little Kitchen Academy Founder, President, and COO. “Our students are invited to discover, develop, and refine their senses through their work, which in turn helps them contribute to their environment.”

Little Kitchen Academy’s Montessori-inspired education values the development of the whole child — physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. With that in mind, each LKA location will continue to provide learning with this new component added to the curriculum, giving students the independence to learn about people who need help, the organizations working to provide that help, and inviting them to help make the world a happier, healthier place. LKA has always been committed to giving back to the community, and with How Can I Help, they can see the added opportunity to help create a generation that cares about the world around them and feels empowered to give back.

Says Brian Curin, CEO and Co-Founder of Little Kitchen Academy, “We are so grateful to provide a healthy, all-inclusive environment free from judgment for children to become independent and empowered to make responsible eating choices, learn about sustainability and circular economy, brush up on social etiquette, and now understand and embrace the power of giving and the impact they can have in helping others with their choices.”

Each charitable partner was chosen with mindfulness for causes that resonate with students, share the LKA core values, have the ability to deliver deep and meaningful impact on society, possess a wide-reach with short and long-term programs, and have a fierce desire to change lives from scratch.

“I’m so excited about How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy and thrilled that Chefs for Humanity is one of the charities the students will learn about and have the opportunity to support,” said Iron Chef Cat Cora, founder of Chefs for Humanity and LKA Ambassador and Honorary Head of Recipe Development. “I started Chefs for Humanity in the wake of the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami, so it’s really meaningful to me that the students will learn about our disaster relief efforts and how they can help kids just like them living through a disaster like a flood, hurricane, or pandemic.”

For more information on the How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy initiative, visit

About Little Kitchen Academy
Little Kitchen Academy (LKA) is the first-of-its-kind, Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids ages three through teen, focused on providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering space for children to identify, develop and refine their senses. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the concept was co-founded by proven global brand and franchise expert and serial entrepreneur Brian Curin, his wife, Montessori-trained, culinary expert, and visionary Felicity Curin, and social impact investor and entrepreneur Praveen Varshney, on the belief that by empowering children with practical life skills and knowledge in a positive and joyful environment, they and their company will affect positive lifestyle changes that result in a healthier world. True to its mission, LKA lives to create a more educated, able and healthy society through mindful, healthy eating choices, and is committed to changing lives, from scratch to consumption. LKA has forged strategic global partnerships with Iron Chef Cat Cora, AeroGarden, BIRKENSTOCK, ChefWorks, Emeco, ChopValue, Welcome Industries, and Location3. Little Kitchen Academy’s flagship venue is located at 3744 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver, BC. For a taste of Little Kitchen Academy, visit

About Chefs for Humanity
Chefs for Humanity (CFN) is an organization that empowers families in need. CFH, with the activation of food communities and culinary professionals, works together to raise funds and provide essential resources for important emergency and humanitarian aid during crises such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. We also provide nutrition and hunger education through our outreach and collaborations with partners around the globe. We as an organization have instilled faith in thousands and are committed to providing the same support and impact to countless others throughout the world. For more information, please visit

About The Global FoodBanking Network
The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) is an international non-profit organization that nourishes the world’s hungry through uniting and advancing food banks in more than 40 countries. GFN focuses on combating hunger and preventing food waste by providing expertise, directing resources, sharing knowledge and developing connections that increase efficiency, ensure food safety and reach more people facing hunger. Last year, GFN member food banks rescued over 900 million kilograms of food and grocery products and redirected it to feed 16.9 million people through a network of more than 56,000 social service and community-based organizations. For more information, please visit

About Kids Help Phone
Kids Help Phone is Canada's only 24/7 e-mental health service offering free, confidential support in English and French to young people. As the country's virtual care expert, we give millions of youth a safe, trusted space to talk over phone or through text or in self-directed supports in any moment of crisis or need. Through our digital transformation, we envision a future where every person in Canada is able to get the support they need, when they need it most, however they need it. Kids Help Phone gratefully relies on the generosity of donors, volunteers, stakeholder partners, corporate partners and governments to fuel and fund our programs. Learn more at

About PHIT America
PHIT America is a national 'Movement' to greatly improve the physical and mental health of 50 million children in the USA by providing all kids with increased physical activity programs and helping children afford to play organized sports. Through its established physical activity programs, PHIT America has introduced over half a million kids to regular physical activity in schools. PHIT America is led by Sports Industry Hall of Fame member, Jim Baugh. For more information, please visit

# # #

Willie Norkin
(917) 957-4199

Jen Mendelsohn
(516) 870-4558

Brian Curin
Little Kitchen Academy
+1 604-928-0629
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The Art of Rodeo Exhibition Opens at the Phippen Western Art Museum in Prescott, AZ

The Art Of Rodeo by Chris Navarro

The Art Of Rodeo book cover by Chris Navarro

Rodeo 8 Flat at Cheyenne

8 Flat at Cheyenne by Randy Wagner

Lane Frost Legends Never Die by Brandon Bailey

Lane Frost Legends Never Die by Brandon Bailey

The Art of Rodeo Exhibition Opens at the Phippen Western Art Museum in Prescott, AZ

Pure excellence! Every turn of the page brings such anticipation of what rodeo moment will unfold next. A true western treasure is found in the Art of Rodeo”

— Bill Putnam – Bull Riding Hall of Fame

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, USA, February 17, 2021 / — Contact: Edd Kellerman Executive Director Phippen Museum (928) 778-1385
Chris Navarro Studio (307) 259-7305

The Art of Rodeo Exhibition Opens at the Phippen

With most large rodeos canceled by Covid-19 this past year, the Phippen Museum can still satisfy your need for rodeo with their upcoming exhibition, The Art of Rodeo, opening on Wednesday, February 17th and will run thru April 25, 2021. This amazing display features a collection of artworks by 3 talented western artists: sculptor Chris Navarro, painter Brandon Bailey, and photographer Randy Wagner, all from Cheyenne, Wyoming. It not only highlights the many facets of rodeo, but it also illustrates the excitement, danger and passion of the sport through outstanding drawings, paintings, sculpture and photography.

Navarro, a national award-winning sculptor, is a former bull and bronc rider who still competes in team roping. Sculpting professionally since 1986, he is best known for his many monumental, public sculptures throughout the country, including the Champion Lane Frost Monument at Wyoming’s Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD). He is also owner of Navarro Gallery and sculpture garden in Sedona, AZ.

Painter Brandon Bailey claims western art came naturally to him. But he achieved his firsthand understanding of rodeo by riding bulls competitively as a member of the Laramie County Community College rodeo team.

And photographer Randy Wagner has been photographing the CFD for years, also creating a specially designed photo pit. This unique feature at CFD revolutionized rodeo photography by allowing a photo lens to be set inches above ground level, thereby capturing great action rodeo shots.

A hardbound book, also titled The Art of Rodeo, was created from this special collection and will be available in the Phippen’s Museum Store. Focusing on the legend and history of the CFD, it tells the captivating story of rodeo from its earliest days to the present.

So be sure to see this tribute to the fearless rodeo cowboy and girl, competing in rough stock and timed events, and all depicted in incredible pieces of fine art.

The Art of Rodeo by Chris Navarro is priced at 35. To order go to
video on The Art Of Rodeo book.



"Pure excellence! Every turn of the page brings such anticipation of what rodeo moment will unfold next. A true western treasure is found in the Art of Rodeo." On the back cover you have…"My goal is for you to pick this book up and not be able to put it down “Well, your goal will be reached with everyone who picks it up! Thank you, my friend, – Bill Putnam director – The Bull Riding Hall of Fame

WOW! Goal accomplished can’t put it down! – Paulette Moss – Publisher The WRANGLER Horse & Rodeo News
The Phippen Museum is located only a few minutes north of downtown Prescott, Arizona, at 4701 Highway 89 North. The Museum will reopen on February 17th with limited capacity and hours of operation (Wed-Sat from 11AM to 3PM & High-Risk visitors from 10 to 11AM). CDC guidelines will also be in place for the health and safety of members and guests and reservations are requested to manage attendance. To make a reservation or for additional information on this or any other event at the museum, please call (928)778-1385, or visit their website at

Chris Navarro
Navarro Gallery
+1 307-259-7305
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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The world shows love at funeral for Harlem Queen Cicely L Tyson







Funeral services for an American Treasure Cicely L Tyson at historic Harlem Church

She was powerful. She was powerful to Harlem. She was powerful to African Americans. She was a symbol of dignity and love for her country”

— Sofia Lauren Artist, Actor ,Singer

HARLEM, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — Cicely Tyson lies in state in the Sanctuary of the Historic Abyssinian Baptist Church where she was a long-time member. Long Lines of Church Members and the Harlem Community as well as fans from all over the world gathered with her family to pray in spirit and love for their Queen Cicely L Tyson.

Her family has attended this church for decades, it provided strength and guidance throughout their lives.

This tribute worthy only of a Harlem Queen was hosted by her temple of worship for over 30 years, the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem New York. This iconic Church was pastored by first New York Black Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr, and now pastored by Dr. Reverend Calvin. O. Butts III.

Purple was one of her favorite colors. The exterior gates of the Church were drape with purple crinoline lacing green garlands against the stark black church gates as thousands of mourners from the church, community, and around the country and the world primarily lined up to view and pay their last respects. Cicely Tyson was born and bred in Harlem and never forgot her roots. The color was purple as Cicely Tyson lie In state in the church dressed and adorned in a deep purple designer satin suit. The church interior was majestically adorned with the same magnificent deep purple floral arrangements. Cicely Tyson was as beautiful, regal, and commanding as she lies in state for her final curtain call; a job well done.

The community followed the protocol of temperature taking upon entry, hand sanitizing, and mask-wearing as they were led by Abyssinian Baptist Church Ushers and representatives of the renowned Benta’s Funeral Home of Harlem, who eloquently and classically staged this historic Harlem funeral. Benta’s Funeral Home Directors encouraged all who wished to share with the family their condolences and blessings on an I pad on a stand in the Sanctuary next to a larger-than-life picture of Black Jesus; “Glory Hallelujah to Our God. Members of the community and church were then ushered past a larger-than-life poster of Cicely Tyson’s memoir book “Just As I Am” released just two days before her death in an interview conducted with Gale King of CBS This Morning in the same Abyssinian Baptist Church Sanctuary. “Blessed Assurance” what a tribute and grand home going for Abyssinian Church Queen Cicely Tyson.

Ms. Tyson will be put to rest in a private family ceremony today at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

Queen Cicely Tyson’s final word in Gale King’s CBS/BET interview was, “I’ve Done My Best’.

Article is written by
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Harlem honors Queen Cicely Tyson

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iWave Announces New Technology Partnership With Slate by Technolutions

iWave #1 Fundraising Solution For Nonprofits

iWave: Changing the Future of Fundraising for Nonprofits

Slate by Technolutions

Slate by Technolutions: the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors

iWave, the industry's top-rated fundraising intelligence solutions announces new integration with Slate by Technolutions

CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA, February 17, 2021 / — iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence solution, is excited to announce the launch of its newest integration, iWave for Slate. Slate by Technolutions has been developed exclusively for higher education and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience. Integrating iWave and Slate will allow advancement teams from higher education organizations to fundraise more effectively and focus their time and resources on top gift prospects. It brings the donor intelligence they need directly into their database.

Slate offers gift process and management, reporting, telephony capabilities, print, SMS, and email communication channels. Donor records keep track of giving history, level of engagement, and many other custom data points. Bespoke portals can be built to allow institutions to create giving days, alumni directories, and donor websites that leverage the totality of data housed in Slate.

iWave delivers a comprehensive suite of wealth and philanthropic data and insights that enables nonprofit, education and healthcare organizations to uncover donors with the greatest capacity, affinity and inclination to donate.

This integration will enable Slate users to leverage iWave’s sophisticated fundraising intelligence within Slate. Higher Education organizations leveraging iWave for Slate will now be able to access iWave’s powerful fundraising intel at their fingertips to identify major gift donors, uncover donors who could be giving more to their organization, understand a prospect’s capacity and inclination to give, and much more.

iWave clients will be able to easily import data by selecting a delivered source format that will map the incoming data directly into donor records. The donor information will be available immediately for querying, reporting, and outreach.

"It's really exciting to have robust integrations with strong technology companies like Slate.” said Mary Cote, VP Product, iWave. “The launch of iWave’s new platform has allowed us to seamlessly integrate with technology partners faster. With this partnership, we can provide nonprofits with quick access to iWave's fundraising intel and proprietary analytics within Slate to guide and support donor cultivation strategies."

What our clients are saying:

“Wofford is extremely excited about the integration between Slate and iWave. As our donor research program matures, tools such as iWave are essential to our success. To have the ability to use Slate to identify those prospective donors, screen them through iWave, and seamlessly have the data available on the constituent’s record in Slate, where everyone is comfortable and anxious to find it, is ideal. Raymond Ruff, Director of Constituent Management Systems and Process Management, Wofford College

“Illinois Wesleyan University's priority is to have quick and accurate data to drive forward strategic prospecting decisions. The integration between Slate and iWave will make this possible through a clean and concise interface for key University partners to access and use. Having iWave data elements easily accessible on a constituent record will allow prospecting strategies to occur at an individual level. However, storing all of the most up-to-date data in Slate will also provide the macro view of our prospect landscape through Slate's quick and easy query and reporting capabilities.” Gina Mandros, Director of Advancement Operations, Illinois Wesleyan University

“This integration of Slate and iWave will provide members of the Slate advancement community with access to powerful fundraising tools,” said Technolutions CEO Alexander Clark. “We strive to help our clients work more efficiently, and by partnering with iWave, Slate users will have immediate access to even more data points to better help them cultivate relationships with donors.”

About iWave
iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence solution, enables nonprofit organizations to fundraise with confidence. In a new era of nonprofit fundraising, iWave solves critical challenges facing fundraising professionals today: how to identify, qualify and retain donors to raise more major gifts. iWave’s intuitive and easy-to-use solutions give access to the industry’s highest quality wealth and philanthropic information so you can determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Since 1991, over 6000 clients, including many of the largest education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations in the World, have relied on iWave to power their fundraising efforts. Visit our website and blog, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

About Slate
Over 1,300 partner colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their student lifecycle and application management needs. Slate has been developed exclusively for higher ed and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience.

About Technolutions
Founded in 1994, Technolutions has become the standard-bearer for admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement technology. Technolutions prides itself on its innovative and first-to-market solutions which support transformational change on the world of higher education.

Dana Prestigiacomo
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City of Pico Rivera and Senator Bob Archuleta Partner with GUARDaHEART to Provide No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Testing

TikTok Influencer, Gabriela Ramirez, attends No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Test Event at Destiny Community Church International in Whittier, CA

TikTok Influencer, Gabriela Ramirez, attends No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Test Event at Destiny Community Church International in Whittier, CA

GUARDaHEART Phlebotomist withdraws blood for No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test

GUARDaHEART Phlebotomist withdraws blood for No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test

Senator Bob Archuleta 32nd Senate District

Senator Bob Archuleta 32nd Senate District

City of Pico Rivera

City of Pico Rivera

GUARDaHEART Foundation

GUARDaHEART Foundation

The SARS-Cov-2 Serology Antibody Test Provides a Specificity Of 100% and a Sensitivity of 96%, a Critical Next Step in Battling Against COVID-19

The City of Pico Rivera and its surrounding regions are working hard to battle COVID-19 infections. Antibody testing is a critically important diagnostic tool for our community…”

— Senator Bob Archuleta, Senate District 32

PICO RIVERA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / — The GUARDaHEART Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is working with the City of Pico Rivera and Senator Bob Archuleta of the 32nd District to make critical no cost COVID-19 antibody testing available to the City and its surrounding areas. These serology antibody tests are approved for emergency use by the FDA and are an important diagnostic tool in the fight against Covid-19.

The COVID-19 Antibody Testing Community Event Will Be Held at Pico Park, 9528 Beverly Blvd., Pico Rivera CA on February 17, 18, and 19, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4p.m. (enter through Beverly Blvd.)

The no-cost community event is not for those who are actively showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (these individuals need to work with health care providers to schedule a swab test, which is a different procedure). This event is for asymptomatic people who believe they have been exposed to the coronavirus or have had symptoms in the past but have not been tested.

The antibody test detects the presence of IgG antibody response, which indicates past COVID-19 infections. It lets the participants and health care providers know if the person being tested has an immunity to the coronavirus or if they have developed an immune response to the virus. If the result is positive, it means the person has been infected with the COVID-19 pathogen in the past. This does NOT mean that they are immune to COVID-19, especially, in the context of recent viral mutations. Experts are not yet sure if prior COVID-19 infection confers immunity to new strains.

Attendees MUST bring proof of health insurance if they have medical insurance. Health insurance companies are required to pay under the CARES Act. Individuals who do not have health insurance, will not be turned away or charged for these tests.

Predictive Health Diagnostics Co. supplies grant funding to GUARDaHEART allowing them to provide community outreach events in a safe, no cost and effective way.

Guests of all ages are welcome to come to the event for the no-cost COVID-19 antibody testing. Those between ages 1 and 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to receive a COVID-19 serology antibody blood test. Testing is done only on those who are asymptomatic and who have passed a temperature check.

These tests will be performed with a trained phlebotomist (a healthcare professional trained to draw blood). The testing is completely confidential. Results are available within five business days following all HIPAA compliance requirements. GUARDaHEART’s most recent no cost antibody test event in the City of Whittier, located in Senator Bob Archuleta 32nd District, tested over 1,400 people in three days.

Dr. Douglas S. Harrington, Chairman of the GUARDaHEART Foundation and Fellow of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology and the American Society of Clinical Pathology comments that the tests are important for both individuals and the community as a whole. “Antibody tests in the community allow us to closely monitor current infection rates and are an important tool in the fight against COVID-19,” he says. “When individuals are aware of their antibody status, they have an important key piece of information about their health which helps individuals make life-saving decisions,” said Harrington.
“As we move to a higher vaccination rate, antibody tests offer critical information that allows us to track our success in getting our recent spike of infections under control and in beating the virus.”

GUARDaHEART’s mission is to learn, detect and prevent. Estrella Harrington, Founder of GUARDaHEART added that “No cost testing is a critically important part of our fight against Covid-19. The No Cost COVID-19 Antibody Test events are important because we believe everyone should have access to affordable antibody testing.

Senator Bob Archuleta, Senate District 32 said, “The City of Pico Rivera and its surrounding regions are working hard to battle COVID-19 infections. Antibody testing is a critically important diagnostic tool for our community as they help us track infection rates, distribution of infection and exposure to COVID-19. I urge those who think they may have been exposed to the virus in the past and who are asymptomatic to come to this important event and get tested.”

To register for the upcoming event in The City of Pico Rivera and find additional testing opportunities throughout Southern California, visit

GUARDaHEART is actively working with businesses, non-profits and community organizations in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties to provide additional, No-cost COVID-19 antibody testing to the public.

For Media Inquiries and organizations interested in partnering with GUARDaHEART, please contact Yvette Morales at or 949-244-9769.

About GUARDaHEART Foundation
GUARDaHEART Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that provides education to the community, corporations, Native American organizations, unions, and individuals to promote heart disease awareness, detection, and prevention. Our mission is to empower communities through preventative action and to reduce the risk of heart disease worldwide. “LEARN. DETECT. PREVENT.” Visit for more information.

GUARDaHEART is the organizer of the community events and all tests provided are performed by two CLIA Certified Laboratories.
For more information, visit

About The City of Pico Rivera
Pico Rivera is a thriving community that offers opportunities to all who live, work and relax in the City. Situated on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles basin and the southern edge of the area known as the San Gabriel Valley, Pico Rivera is approximately 13 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Formed through the merging of two historic communities, Pico and Rivera, the City was officially incorporated in January 1958 as the 61st city in Los Angeles County. Originally an agricultural area, the community evolved into a residential and industrial area following the end of World War II.
For more information, visit

About Senator Archuleta, 32nd Senate District
Senator Bob J. Archuleta, a former Presidential Appointee and Pico Rivera city mayor, has dedicated his life to serving his community and his country proudly. He was elected in November 2018 to the California State Senate to represent the 32nd Senate District, which includes portions of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Senator Archuleta is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He is the first Latino Army Veteran named to the position. He also serves on the following committees: Business, Professions and Economic Development, Governmental Organizations, and Insurance.
Senator Archuleta has received Congressional Recognition Awards and Proclamations for Service. He has also been recognized by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Hispanic American Airborne Association, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.
For more information, visit

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Dr. Douglas S. Harrington, Chairman of GUARDaHEART Speaks about Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Distribution Delays in California

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