Real Estate Agents can now become specialists in their markets with this online platform

become special real estate agent in your area

Be the jack of none and master of one by picking your GREL specialty designation to set yourself apart from the masses and gain the financial freedom!

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — With the abundance of technology available, the real estate industry can also now take advantage of online learning to better their real estate performance. Global Real Estate Licence has launched their series of designations, focusing on specific aspects of the real estate market. Ranging from receiving a certificate to working with first time home buyers, to breaking into the luxury home real estate market, real estate agents can choose to become specialists in their desired area of expertise.

“There is a wide spectrum of real estate niches which real estate agents can become experts in. A division of specialty exists in all industries, from lawyers to doctors, yet the specifics of dealing with one of the largest assets an individual can possess is left to generalists to work with,” claims Shahla, Jalali, CEO of Global Real Estate Licence. ”The release of specialist designations is aimed to allow real estate agents to attract more clients and achieve a higher business outcome. We have seen agents double or triple their income by focusing on a niche clientele and mastering their local market as an expert, which clients are naturally attracted to.”

The Global Real Estate Licence designations offer more than 17 areas of specialty, in addition to the GREL editions. All real estate courses are offered through the online learning and offer a set-paced learning model, which contributes to a higher retention and success rate. Each of the license editions and designations also offers their own series of tools and scripts associated with the online course to ensure agents receive the full range of sales success.

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William Gilbert Lightner discusses religious work and international travels

Having committed to a well known religious mission, William Gilbert Lightner has traveled extensively in his holy work.

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — Visiting almost 30 countries in his role as an evangelist and public speaker, William Lightner has assisted thousands of individuals in finding comfort in religion and spirituality.

"I believe it's my duty to bring people into a closer relationship with Christ and to encourage fellowship and the establishment of prayer groups across the world," explains Lightner, a resident of Marietta, Georgia, expressing his commitment to the cause.

Before embarking on his travels, Lightner entered a six-month development process with a well known religious mission. Upon completion of this process, he set out on a journey which has thus far taken him to 28 different countries.

"The mission got me started with speaking and with traveling the world. They hold a special place in my heart," Lightner says of his affiliation to the group.

Explaining the mission's work in more detail, he continues, "The vision for any mission begins with Jesus Christ as he chose twelve ordinary men for his disciples to witness his life on earth and to be the first recipients of his teaching. The common goal is to see Jesus lifted up, and the Holy Spirit move in power and authority."

A religious mission is an organization whose goal it is to spread God's word. "This," Lightner explains, "generally involves sending individuals such as myself across geographical borders and boundaries to preach a set of beliefs, and to undertake humanitarian work among the disadvantaged and the poor."

A former member of the United States military, William Gilbert Lightner is highly-educated and has also worked in executive sales and finance. A graduate of Judson University, Illinois, he credits his education and personable nature with much of his success as an evangelist and public speaker.

Indeed, now well recognized in these fields, Lightner recently received formal recognition from Strathmore's Who's Who, with the biographical publication awarding him the title of Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year 2018.

"I'm incredibly proud," he remarks, "to have been selected as this year's Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who. It's fantastic recognition and a great accolade."

Chosen from over 1,000 shortlisted individuals, Strathmore's Who's Who selected Lightner for the honor owing to his continued commitment to the fields of religion and spirituality.

During his international travels and in his years of dedicated hard work as a preacher, Lightner has addressed countless vast crowds of people, often preaching to hundreds or thousands at a time. "I teach them to acknowledge fellowship, as well as faith through prayer so that they may live a more sound life as a follower of Christ," he explains.

Lightner is always keen to praise the mission with which much of his evangelical work began. "They're one organization I love doing work for," he notes, wrapping up, "and I'm forever appreciative of the chance they gave me."

To read more about William Lightner, he opens up about preaching and religion here.

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Chaitanya Cherukuri explains innovation among millennials

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

As a generation, the majority of millennials have grown up and entered adulthood in tandem with the evolution of the internet and technology as we now know it.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — "From the adoption of early home internet access in the 1990s to the explosion of social media and smartphones in the mid-to-late 2000s, many millennials have grown up around the ever-evolving internet and alongside rapid advances in modern technology," explains Chaitanya Cherukuri, a marketing professional and technology enthusiast from San Marcos, Texas.

Cherukuri believes that while previous generations have borne the likes of technology entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates of Microsoft and the late Steve Jobs of Apple, the millennial generation has taken entrepreneurship and innovation to a new level.

"Now, it's more about innovation than it is purely about old-fashioned entrepreneurship, profit, or stakeholder relationships," Cherukuri suggests. "Millennials have turned the process of innovation somewhat on its head."

Most recently helped by platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Cherukuri points out that ideas can now be quickly realized without reliance on banks or the need for traditional forms of investment. "The route to market has been made simpler and shorter," says the Texan marketing professional. "Establishing a minimum viable product and testing the waters has never been easier."

Studies have shown that millennials are driven to succeed where perhaps previous generations haven't. Instead of climbing the traditional corporate ladder, as many as 1 in 3 millennials reports a desire to start their own business or enterprise.

That's according to a study by Bentley University, located in Massachusetts. Fred Tuffile, the university's director of entrepreneurial studies, explains, "Millennials are realizing that starting a company, even if it fails, teaches them more in two years than sitting in a cubicle does in 20 years."

The study specifically highlights innovation and a desire to create change as two of the fundamental driving forces behind the typical millennial business mindset.

By most common definition, millennials are the generational demographic consisting of those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

Deloitte, the industry insights, and services provider, more accurately defines millennials as those born between January 1983 and December 1994. Furthermore, a survey by the organization closely echoes the findings of Bentley University, highlighting innovation, corporate responsibility, and social enterprise as primary driving forces among millennials in business.

"While global brands such as Microsoft, Intel, and Google have all established corporate responsibility programs, it's the innovative millennial generation which has taken this ethos and really runs with it," Chaitanya Cherukuri remarks of the findings.

"Furthermore," he adds, wrapping up, "socially conscious and forward-thinking millennials are already paving the way for future generations of innovators, which in my opinion can only be a good thing."

Chaitanya Cherukuri also explains the process of starting a new business, which you can read here.

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Lehigh Valley Web Design Team at KDG Wins Three Hermes Creative Awards

KDG higher ed web design team's award

KDG’s higher ed web design team won a gold Hermes Award.

KDG logo for higher ed web design team

KDG in Allentown, PA garnered three Hermes Creative Awards for its higher ed, nonprofit, and business web design projects.

We’re excited that we get to share in this honor with our clients”

— Matt Harwick, UI/UX Design Lead

ALLENTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — The Lehigh Valley web design team at KDG has just been awarded three Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards honor the best in web design, copywriting, and marketing.

Among thousands of entries, KDG had three projects recognized: Drexel University’s “24 Hours of Impact” higher education crowdfunding campaign, as well as Faraja Primary School’s and Yaffe & Company’s new website designs.

Drexel’s crowdfunding portal, which was also recognized with a Silver CASE Award and an AVA Platinum prize earlier this year, received a Gold Hermes Award. The site was lauded for its unique theme and interactive features. More than 3,700 donors across 46 states and 10 countries used the gamified giving portal to donate to Drexel, breaking the school’s previously held giving records.

Faraja Primary School’s website received an honorable mention. The site shares the story of The Faraja Primary School for Children with Physical Disabilities in Tanzania, Africa. (The school’s award-winning website can be viewed at

Finally, the website redesign for Yaffe & Company also received an honorable mention. Yaffe & Company is a consulting firm that serves leaders of nonprofits, healthcare industries, and higher educational institutions. The vivid and engaging site features insightful surveys and reports. (The award-winning website can be viewed at

The recent recognition is an honor for the web design team at KDG, which has already claimed several web design awards this year.

“We’re glad our work has been recognized and we’re excited that we get to share in this honor with our clients,” says Matt Harwick, UI/UX Lead at KDG. “It was their support, their patience, and their feedback that allowed us to make the sites the best they could be.”

To learn more about KDG’s award-winning web design team and to view several case studies visit:

About KDG: KDG has been a leading provider of higher ed web design, custom software development for businesses, and small business IT support for over 17 years. KDG has developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Learn more at

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Welcome to KDG

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From OPM to Consultancy – Disrupting Higher Ed Marketing

A new marketing consultancy is disrupting the higher ed marketing niche.

Today’s universities are facing new challenges – college alternatives, increasing competition, changing student demands – schools need proactive, strategic solutions in order to be successful.”

— Tim Prusha

CAMP HILL, PA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — A new marketing consultancy that specializes in helping colleges and universities grow enrollments through strategic marketing is disrupting the higher ed marketing niche.

Little Foxes Marketing provides marketing consulting and digital marketing services to higher education institutions. Little Foxes Marketing President, Tim Prusha, started the consultancy to empower colleges in an increasingly competitive landscape.

“Today’s colleges and universities are facing new marketing challenges – college alternatives, shifting employment trends, increasing competition, changing student demands” says Prusha “and colleges need proactive, strategic solutions in order to be successful.”

After marketing hundreds of college programs over a 15 year career, Prusha quit his job to an Online Program Management (OPM) firm, to start Little Foxes Marketing. “We know marketing, we know higher ed, and we believe in the life-changing power of education” says Prusha, “so it made sense to pour our passion and expertise into helping colleges connect with and educate more students.”

The company’s core services are split into two categories, lead generation and consulting. Their lead generation services include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and paid social media management. Their consultancy services are wide-ranging, but center around strategic advising for their higher ed clientele.

The name Little Foxes refers to the company’s approach to competing in a changing marketing landscape. While the higher education industry is intrinsically traditional, Little Foxes provides strategic marketing solutions that enable their partners to be nimble, innovative, and clever when it comes to marketing their institutions and programs.

To learn more about Little Foxes Marketing, visit For media inquiries and partnership opportunities, contact Elizabeth Johnston at

Elizabeth A Johnston
Little Foxes Marketing
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diddi dance celebrates 15 years of teaching toddlers to dance

2018 marks 15 years since diddi dance, much-loved national dance classes for little ones, 1st launched in London.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 23, 2018 / — 2018 marks 15 years since diddi dance, the much-loved national dance classes for little ones, launched its first class in Islington, London. To celebrate, diddi dancers & their friends are invited to don their best party attire and attend special party themed dance classes filled with dancing props, games, balloons, bubbles and much more!

Over 500 diddi dance classes across the UK will change from the regular 45-minute class structure to that of a special birthday party theme that will be the talk of the tots from the 4th to 10th June 2018. diddi dancers old and new are welcome to attend any of the special party classes during the week in their party best and help us wish diddi dance a happy 15th birthday!

The week-long celebration is an opportunity for diddi dance to give back to the people that helped them grow into the award-winning, national preschool activity that has over 40 franchisees running classes from Aberdeenshire down to Plymouth and has seen over 175,000 children attending classes since the beginning. There will be party goodies for all to take home and 3 competitions running across the national diddi dance Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages with the chance to win a free diddi dance Birthday Party, a free half-term of diddi dance classes or a diddi dance goodie bag choc full of all our fantastic merchandise, so your diddi one can take the dancing fun home with them as well!

Founded by professional dancer Anne-Marie Martin in 2003, diddi dance has developed over the years to offer a unique, innovative and fun way to get young boys & girls on their feet & moving. Welcoming all little ones from 16 months up to five years and using Anne-Marie’s own original music & choreography, diddi dance covers a variety of dance styles catering to all tastes. This week-long celebration is the perfect fit for the dance classes, which try to inspire children to find the enjoyment of movement from a young age but also improve physical fitness & activity amongst the under 5s inline with the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Action Plan.

Speaking to Anne-Marie about the milestone she said, ”When I was first asked by some parents in North London to start something dance related for their toddlers I didn’t think then that 15 years later diddi dance would be all across the UK encouraging thousands of children to be physically active & finding their confidence through dance. I also love that diddi dance has given other people the opportunity to find a better work/life balance through our franchise opportunity. It’s so exciting to be celebrating our 15th birthday this year and I can’t wait for our party week to share the fun with everyone!”

This celebration comes at a fantastic time for diddi dance as their recognition across the UK continues to grow. Seen as one of the leading providers of preschool dance classes, diddi dance has been featured on Strictly Come Dancing, held partnerships with Little Dish & PJ Masks, worked with charities such as MacMillan Cancer Support & Youth Sport Trust, won many top industry awards and been the go-to class for celebrities such as Amanda Holden, Sara Cox, Katie Price & many more. Why not join the dancing fun today with a FREE trial in any diddi dance class!


About diddi dance
diddi dance was created by Anne-Marie Martin, a professional dancer with over 20 years of teaching experience. After running for over nine years in London, diddi dance is now available at over 40 locations across the UK.

Classes are designed to build confidence, co-ordination, rhythm, fitness, gross motor skills and social skills, welcoming all little ones from the age of 16 months up to five years. The weekly 45 minute fun-filled sessions cover a variety of dance styles, from hip hop to country through to salsa and rock and roll so every child’s taste is catered for. Bookings are taken in half term blocks and toddlers can have a free trial of the class before signing up.

For more information, Anne-Marie can be contacted at or 07973 982790. Alternatively visit the website:

Rebecca Horrell
diddi dance
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diddi dance 15th Birthday Party Week!

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NSC Summer Science Camp was Held at Garden City University, Bengaluru

Participants of the Summer Science Camp

Participants of the Summer Science Camp

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, May 23, 2018 / — Summer Science Camp for the South Zone was held at Garden City University, Bengaluru from May 16, 2018 to May 21, 2018. This camp is organised for the winners of the National Science Concours competition.

National Science Concours or NSC is a unique online science competition. It is the initiative of Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning (FIEL), a not-for-profit education organisation. NSC was conceptualized five years back as a contest with an aim to create value for the participants through experiential learning. NSC has two levels, in the first level, there is an online Science Test and in the second level, students prepare a project based on Science. Winners of NSC go for a five-day Summer Science Camp. FIEL organizes two camps, one in South India and one in North India. This year, the south camp was held at Garden City University, Bangalore from 16th to 21st May, 2018. The North camp will be held at Shoolini University, Solan from June 25th to 30th, 2018. These camps are managed and organised by Mr. Japinder Singh, who heads the NSC program at FIEL.

In five years, the participation has increased from a mere 500 to more than 5 lakhs till last year. As per Mr. Krishan B Chandak, founder of FIEL, the aim of FIEL is to make NSC a value statement for experiential learning for school going children. "NSC is like sowing a seed of structured thinking and innovation in the minds of students. The results can be clearly seen in the students who attend these camps. This year we initiated the concept of "Big Idea of Change". Students have generated very innovative ideas and the best 10 ideas will be nurtured by FIEL to make them a reality."

NSC is recognised and recommended by the Atal Innovation Mission as a valuable contest for school kids.

In this five-day camp, students worked with eminent personalities from the field of Science and learnt from them. NSC is supported by partners like Pacific Rim Robotics. Ms. Rupali Pradhan of Pacific Rim Robotics with her team conducted a one and a half day workshop on Robotics. It was an enlightening experience for the students. Dr. S Sujatha, Scientific Officer at MP Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, took a workshop on Astrophysics. There was a talk by Dr. Nagaraj Lakshmeswar on Medicine as a career. He motivated and answered all the queries of the future doctors of the country. Apart from these, there were activities like star gazing, quizzes, and visits to Indian Institute of Science and Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM). On the last evening of the camp, students prepared and presented a vibrant cultural program. The evening was attended by many parents as well.

Neelakshi Chatterjee, Sreshith S R and Tanish Goyal were declared Junior Scientists of the Year in their respective groups.

This Camp was hosted by Garden City University, one of the most enterprising and innovative Universities in India. They have been supporting NSC for the past two years and their mission is to nurture and encourage young talent. GCU offers UG/ PG courses on Technical, Health, Management, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Law and allied sectors.

Dr. Joseph VG, Chancellor of Garden City University had this to say about NSC, "Meeting the National Science Concours Scholars is always a pleasure every year. Drawn from across 30 cities in India, the young and enthusiastic lot in this year's batch I am sure will excel in their corresponding areas of interest. My only advice to them is that they must be a good human being.This team whom I met is an exceptional group and I have full hope they would surpass all expectations. The good work done by NSC team is commendable. Their unconditional love in moulding these children is a treat to the eyes and my best wishes to all."

About Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning

Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning (FIEL) is a not for profit trust, founded with a mission to promote experiential learning. We want to innovate the way education is being imparted today. Education & learning should be fun with the prime objective of developing overall skills.

Krishan Chandak
Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learnin
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Local Insurance Experts Offer Auditing for Hobart Small Businesses

HOBART, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA, May 23, 2018 / — Hobart-based insurers, iWest Insurance Brokers, are offering comprehensive auditing of insurance for small businesses in the area. The introduction of this auditing process aligns with a boom in Tasmanian small business.

Recent findings from the 2017 Sensis Business Index (SBI) have found Tasmanian small businesses to be the most confident in Australia.

“Tasmania really is leading Australia in terms of business confidence and perception of the economy. We haven’t seen numbers this strong in nearly ten years,” says Sensis CEO John Allan.

iWest have over 35 years of experience providing professional insurance advice to local Tasmanian businesses. They are located in the heart of North Hobart, Tasmania.

“We believe in developing strong relationships with our Tasmanian clients. We know every business is different, and believe that you deserve the right amount of personal attention to get the most appropriate cover from your insurance adviser,” says iWest Director Mark West.

“Our 22 step review process covers every aspect of your business and the risks you face to find the right insurance for you at the right price. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to insurance. Our brokers at iWest have the experience and understanding to deliver the right insurance package for you.”

iWest are Authorised Representatives of business insurance broker networks, like PSC Connect, that allow them greater leverage in terms of buying and negotiating power.

If you are a small business owner looking to learn more about iWest Insurance Broker’s new auditing process please visit or call 0457 100 200 to talk an insurance expert.

About iWest Insurance Brokers

iWest has over 35 years experience as a leading adviser and provider of risk financing, insurance, risk management and claims management solutions for Tasmanian businesses.

As a local Tasmanian broker, we are focussed on developing relationships and delivering the most appropriate solutions for our clients. iWest provide professional insurance advice to Tasmanian associations, companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals regarding risk identification and minimisation, policy selection and claims administration.

Mark West
iWest Broking
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John Marshall Law School Presents IP and Real Estate Ethics Programs

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — The John Marshall Law School in Chicago recently presented two ethics programs, one designed for intellectual property attorneys and the other for real estate attorneys.

On April 27, John Marshall’s Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law hosted its 9th Annual Program “Ethics in the Practice of Intellectual Property Law.” The program offered a review of ethics and professionalism with the following presentations: “What Intellectual Property Lawyers Should Know About ARDC Proceedings and Client Complaints”; “Ethical Issues Arising in Patent Litigation”; “Ethical Issues in Providing Pro Bono IP Representation”; “Trademark Scams and Unauthorized Practice of Trademark Law”; and “Mental Health and Addiction Issues Among Lawyers: A Focus on Clinical Depression and Substance Use Disorders.”

Speakers at the IP event included Richard P. Beem, Beem Patent Law Firm; Benjamin Boroughf, Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission; William R. Covey, United States Patent and Trademark Office; Marsha K. Hoover, Goldberg Kohn; Robin Belleau, Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program; and Gayle L. Victor,

On May 3, John Marshall’s Center for Real Estate Law hosted “Ethics for Transactional Attorneys.” The program addressed the ethical issues that transactional lawyers face as they work with clients and other attorneys to negotiate, document and conclude real estate transactions. Presenters included Virginia Harding, Gould and Ratner; Janet Johnson and Barry Alberts, Schiff Hardin; and Scott Kozlov, Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.

John Marshall students are also encouraged to participate in professional responsibility training. All students are required to take a course on professional responsibility, and for the last 8 years, John Marshall’s Office of Professionalism & Career Strategy has been offering the Justice Anne M. Burke Professionalism Series. This series, hosted by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke, and is held in collaboration with the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Civility. Additionally, in 2015, John Marshall’s Career Services Office created professional soft-skills development workshops for law students.

About The John Marshall Law School
The John Marshall Law School, founded in 1899, is an independent law school located in the heart of Chicago's legal, financial and commercial districts. The 2019 U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools ranks John Marshall's Lawyering Skills Program 6th, its Intellectual Property Law Program 15th and its Trial Advocacy Program 20th in the nation. Since its inception, John Marshall has been a pioneer in legal education and has been guided by a tradition of diversity, innovation, access and opportunity.

Miller McDonald
The John Marshall Law School
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40 year celebration

GSC Sponosors

Today, 40 years ago (22 May 1978) I signed the papers of incorporation of our school. Thus, today, 22 June 2018, is our 40th birthday.

STAMFORD, CT, US, May 22, 2018 / — Dear GSC Community,

Today, 40 years ago (22 May 1978) I signed the papers of incorporation of our school. Thus, today, 22 June 2018, is our 40th birthday.

Last Saturday, with the help of the administration, parent volunteers, teachers and students who created a time line, an exhibition of their school work as well as a GSC hymn, we pre-celebrated this birthday.

We had a lovely school event.

The Consul General in New York who could not be present last Saturday asked me to let everyone have his congratulation. I attach it.

I also attach an article on the history of our school that was written by a freelance journalist who has written about our school before.

I thank you all for your great and dedicated support of the school in the many years since its creation. I wish you a wonderful summer.

With kind regards,

Renate Ludanyi, Ph.D.


German School of Connecticut Registration is open now!

Muriel Swaggart
The German School of Connecticut, Inc.
(203) 548-0438
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40 years! Learn German now!

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