Global Technology & Healthcare Solutions Provider, MEACO Konnect and Partners Champion Domestic Violence Awareness Month

MEACO Konnect partners with domestic violence advocates, such as Total Protection Consultants to bring awareness to domestic violence.

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — MEACO Konnect partners with key domestic violence advocates, such as Total Protection Consultants and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), to bring awareness to the rise of domestic violence in homes during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Every six seconds a woman in the U.S. is hit, sexually assaulted, stalked and held against her will. The Covid-19 epidemic has contributed to an enormous increase of domestic violence leaving women and children more vulnerable,” – Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of Total Protection Consultants.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the VIC (Victims In Community) Unit of the Total Protection Consultants has experienced an uptick in calls this month as they serve those who are most in need. Law enforcement agents and security specialists help by removing women and children from unsafe environments and relocating them to a family member’s home or shelter. They also serve as a liaison in court for those who need evidence in domestic abuse cases.

With recent government mandates to shelter at home, families who are experiencing violence in their home have been placed at a greater risk. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence invites advocates and decision makers to approach domestic violence as a public health crisis in the midst of this pandemic. MEACO Konnect also joins the fight to support survivors of domestic violence with a social awareness campaign, encouraging survivors and supporters to not remain silent.

MEACO Konnect urges the public to join the collective of conversations and actions about domestic violence. Download graphics and share by speaking out on social media. Promote your passion with those who stand against domestic violence by using the hashtags, #NotSilent #MEACOKonnected.

MEACO Konnect is working within their partner network to end domestic violence and provide solutions to help survivors of domestic abuse recover and return to a life of safety and wellbeing. You can play an important role in raising awareness about domestic violence and showing your support for victims and survivors.

Discover more about how MEACO Konnect is supporting 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month to connect and unite individuals and organizations working on domestic violence issues. Learn more here:

Arold Jacques
Meaco Konnect
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Brooking Industries Gives Back with Scholarships for Law Enforcement and First Responder Families

The scholarships are available to dependent high school and college-level students of full-time Law Enforcement Officers and qualified First Responders.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — Brooking Industries is pleased to announce their academic scholarship to students interested in pursuing US Law Enforcement and First Responder careers.

Brooking Industries is a family-owned business devoted to providing quality vehicle LED lighting, lighting control, sirens & accessories to emergency vehicle service installers and upfitters across the country. With its national reach, the company’s reputation for robust, mission-critical emergency vehicle equipment is second to none. Their Law Enforcement, Fire, Federal, Amber, and Commercial fleet customer base have come to trust them over the years for their innovation, warm customer service, no-hassle warranty, and affordability.

In the company’s most recent news, Brooking Industries is offering an education scholarship program for dependent high school and college students of current, full-time commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and qualified First Responders. The desired degree must complement a career within the Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, or First Responder fields and is for academic study at accredited US colleges and universities. Applications are submitted in the form of a highly original and creative 60-120 second video of the student describing their dream career.

“At Brooking, we feel it is essential to give back to our First Responder and Law Enforcement community as they selflessly, positively impact the US every day in countless ways,” says Chief Operating Officer, Spencer Brooking. “We think one way to express our heart and appreciation is to empower future first responders by helping them fulfill their academic potential. We are absolutely honored to be able to do this for our local communities.”

According to Brooking Industries, multiple grants for Law Enforcement and First Responder Dependants will be issued yearly:

· One award of $10,000 will be given (paid once) to the best video
· Four awards of $500 will be given (paid once) to the four runner-up videos

Students awarded a scholarship must use the grant for room and board, tuition, library fees, textbooks, and related institution-imposed fees. Funds will be distributed directly to the institute of higher learning.

The deadline to apply is March 1st, with winners being notified by mid-March.

For more information about application requirements, selection criteria, and to apply for the company’s scholarship, please visit

About Brooking Industries

Since 1997, Brooking has provided professional-grade, durable emergency vehicle products that enable effective Law Enforcement and Commercial operations. Their product lines include LED lightbars, warning & directional lighting, deck & dash lighting, perimeter & hideaway lighting, scene lighting, sirens & speakers, controllers and installer accessories. They provide a no-hassle warranty on components that protects agencies longer than other US manufacturers.

Spencer Brooking
Brooking Industries

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InnovateEDU’s Project Unicorn Releases Inaugural School Data Interoperability Update

Coalition Produces State of the Sector Report With Insights from Over 100 Local Education Agencies and Regional Education Service Agencies

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — Project Unicorn, a coalition of 16 organizations led by InnovateEDU, is excited to release their State of the Sector report which provides an analysis of the current state of interoperability and privacy best practice implementation in the K12 sector and the first overview of challenges and opportunities. The report represents an unprecedented collaboration with a coalition of 16 education organizations working to address the challenge of data interoperability in K12 education. Coalition members include Access for Learning (A4L), Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Council for Great City Schools (CGCS), Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Common Sense Media, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Data Quality Campaign (DQC), Digital Promise, Ed-Fi, Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Getting Smart, InnovateEDU, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). Recognizing that the challenge of addressing data interoperability in the K12 sector was too complex for any one organization to address individually, the members of the coalition began working together in 2017 to support and promote the use of data interoperability through a wide range of activities under the Project Unicorn banner. This report, utilizing the results of their School System Data Survey, is designed to help Project Unicorn, and the K12 education technology community better understand current K12 school system capabilities and infrastructure for leveraging education data.

"The report highlights important progress made but also the need in the field for technical assistance around data privacy and interoperability practices,” said Susan Bearden, Director of Digital Programs at InnovateEDU. “Overwhelmingly, district leaders desire to engage in data-informed decision making but often lack the capacity to do so. Project Unicorn is committed to addressing these gaps and so that all districts can leverage the power of interoperability to improve educational outcomes. We believe this data can also provide powerful signals to edtech vendors and suppliers about what their customers are asking for and how to better meet the needs of today’s K12 district data ecosystems."

Key findings from the report include:

– School systems who have signed the Project Unicorn pledge scored higher than non-pledge signatories in all domains – in some areas, significantly higher. Districts that signed the pledge reported more advanced data practices and/or capabilities than non-pledge signatories.
– Many district leaders are not familiar with interoperability standards and/or how they might be used in their school system.
– Larger and more urban districts tended to score higher on the survey overall than smaller and more rural ones.
– Among the 6 survey domains, governance was indicated as the domain with the least support and resources. This domain is the largest challenge area for school systems and needs the most technical support.
– School systems that have established procurement practices around technology tools are more mature in their use of interoperability standards and protecting student data privacy.
– School systems are slightly more aware of privacy needs than they are of interoperability needs, but an understanding of their importance generally comes hand in hand.
– Funding is a substantial challenge for implementing data system modernization – including interoperability and privacy.
– School systems cite privacy and interoperability planning as one of their most substantial technical assistance needs. Other needs include developing procurement plans and processes.

“Access to high-quality meaningful data is critical for educators to make effective decisions and inform instruction. Without systems in place that provide integrated access to data, educators are often saddled with the burden of putting the pieces together themselves or lack access altogether to the critical information they need to be able to meet the needs of all their students,” said Mindy Frisbee, Senior Director of Learning Partnerships at ISTE. “Reports like the State of the Sector highlight the positive impact of work that has been done to date by many organizations, the leadership of Project Unicorn, and districts across the country and shine a light on the needs and challenges still facing schools and districts today. Findings from this report are essential for helping organizations like ours better understand how we can grow our work and further support the commitment many districts are making to integrate advanced data practices within their systems.”

The School System Data Survey will be administered annually to track data interoperability and privacy trends across the field with the findings reported in the State of the Sector report. The results of this annual survey and report will also be used to inform the development of technical resources and create a coordinated support strategy for districts and vendors that seek to further this work. This year’s report can be downloaded here.

Gabrielle Lue
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Become an Apprentice with Landscape Solutions

Landscape Solutions is currently hiring apprentices. To know more, participate in their virtual Apprentice Information Session scheduled for October 20, 2021.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 15, 2021 / — Landscape Solutions is a team of highly qualified and skilled landscapers specialising in commercial landscaping. With offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, Landscape Solutions is growing rapidly and continuing to deliver high quality work to customers. An apprenticeship is a golden opportunity for anyone interested in professional landscaping to learn, explore and grow in this domain.

Landscape Solutions is conducting a Virtual Apprentice Information session on October 20, 2021 which will present an opportunity for candidates to interact directly with Hiring Managers at Landscape Solutions. The virtual event is being hosted on the Cynaptx platform which enables candidates to use Microsoft Teams to interact with Hiring Managers during the event. Candidates can schedule one on one meetings with Hiring Managers at a time convenient for them. “We are expecting hundreds of participants for this session. The intention of this session is to provide candidates with a gateway to a great career in commercial landscaping. I encourage all enthusiastic and passionate individuals to book their meeting slots as soon as they register. Meeting our Hiring Managers will open up so many opportunities for candidates” says Leanne Ballard, Head of People and Culture at Landscape Solutions.

Candidates will have to register for the event using the link provided below. A video is available on the registration page that explains how candidates can register, upload their resumes and schedule meetings with Hiring Managers for the event.

Registration link:

The Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair platform is built using Microsoft Teams. All the meetings and interactions during the virtual job fair will happen through Microsoft Teams. After registration, candidates are advised to regularly check their emails as all future communication will be through emails. Interested candidates must register using the link provided at the earliest convenience to avoid the last-minute rush.

Vipin PV
email us here

Instructions for Candidates

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New Tools for the Neurosciences: Human Brain Project Presents Key Advances at Annual Summit

Human Brain Project Summit 2021

Partipants during a session on the past, present and future of brain research (from top left to right) Katrin Amunts, Wim Vanduffel, Roshan Cools, Gitte Knudsen Mavi Sanchez-Vives Maurizio Corbetta, Gustavo Deco and Karl Friston. (c) HBP EBRAINS / Photo M

Human Brain Atlas, Neuromorphic Chip, Robot

The EBRAINS Multilevel Brain Atlas, Neuromorphic Computer SpiNNaker, and a robot steered by brain-inspired networks

The HBP has opened its 8th Summit with presentations of scientific insights and technologies as well as a powerful infrastructure for brain research – EBRAINS

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, October 15, 2021 / — The annual Human Brain Project (HBP) scientific conference is being held virtually for the first time on the 14 and 15 October 2021.

"The virtual format allows external participants to join much more easily, broadening the reach and sparking new collaboration," said Katrin Amunts, who opened the meeting. 130 external scientists among the total of 572 registered participants took the opportunity, including many students. In her welcome address, Amunts, who was elected HBP Scientific Director in 2016, after leading a subproject on human brain organisation, described the beginnings of the project:

“When the HBP started, it was a courageous step; the neuroscience field was highly fragmented, and collaboration between disciplines often difficult.” Progress in computing and digitalisation emerged as powerful factors to improve on that, and to address brain complexity. “It was clear that we needed advanced technological tools and data systems not just as a collection, but as a platform where they could be combined, to address multi-scale brain organisation.” This became EBRAINS, now both an infrastructure and an association based in Brussels.

Prof. Andre Syrota, Chairman of EBRAINS emphasised that the enduring infrastructure will serve generations of brain scientists. With its recent inclusion in the ESFRI roadmap, EBRAINS is now one of the top science facilities in Europe and on track to become a go-to platform for tackling research problems around the brain. “The pieces of this fascinating puzzle are falling into place,” Syrota said.

Open participation is key to ensuring that EBRAINS stays aligned with the changing needs of science. This is why the HBP invites the community in various ways to give feedback and reaches out to scientific organisations worldwide. The EBRAINS association is open to accepting new institutional members to take part in shaping its future.

Keynotes and additional sessions gave insights into the wide range of science supported by EBRAINS today. Theoretical neuroscientist Karl Friston described his plans to use EBRAINS to better understand pathologies like schizophrenia. The eminent scientist joined the HBP at the beginning of 2021 as a lead scientist.

Katrin Amunts introduced the 3D digital human brain atlas openly available on EBRAINS, which delivers unmatched data quality with regards to brain structure and variability, and is used to link data from very different types of experiments. “Atlases today go way beyond just visualisation of findings. They allow to scale up analyses and link data to other computational tools, e.g., for simulation.” The new high-resolution maps are relevant for a broad range of neuroscience topics, including neuroimaging and in future also neurosurgery.

Breakout sessions and a virtual science Market presented the EBRAINS services that are available to the scientific community. HBP scientists showcased ambitious research projects already made possible by EBRAINS – from areas like robotics, consciousness research, medicine and basic neuroscience. The first Summit day also saw the launch of the EBRAINS Community Tool, a means of onboarding new users and fostering interaction to create a vibrant collaborative ecosystem.

A panel discussion brought together leading scientists in European brain research: Wim Vanduffel, Karl Friston, Roshan Cools, Maurizio Corbetta, Gustavo Deco and Gitte Knudsen. Under the moderation of Katrin Amunts and Mavi Sanchez-Vives the panelists discussed the past, present and future of brain research. Participants emphasized the need for balance between agile smaller team science and large initiatives creating shared resources and platforms, as well as the importance of multi-disciplinarity in the training of young neuroscientists.

Innovation awards were presented for Prof. Viktor Jirsa for “The Virtual Epileptic Patient” and Prof. Marcello Massimini for PCI, a new method to measure consciousness levels in non-responsive patients. Both scientists are currently moving their HBP-enabled innovations towards broad clinical application and the market.

The general meeting of the largest European brain science project continues on Friday, with a packed programme on neurotechnologies like brain-inspired computing and robotics, poster sessions, and several panel discussions on “Brain Research in the European Landscape”, “The Concept of EBRAINS Services”, and the “HBP and EBRAINS Towards 2023 and Beyond”.

The scientific conference was preceded by the European Brain Summit and Brain Innovation Days held in Brussels 12-13 October.

Peter Zekert
Human Brain Project
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Andrew Bronson Barna Discusses How to Increase You Chances of Getting An Academic Scholarship

Andrew Bronson Barna explained that raising your ACT and SAT scores can increase your scholarship chances

Andrew Bronson Barna explained that raising your ACT and SAT scores can increase your scholarship chances

Athlete and scholar Andrew Bronson Barna recently discussed how to increase your chances of receiving an academic scholarship

A higher grade point average and higher ACT/SAT scores means you'll likely improve your class rank”

— Andrew Bronson Barna

SARATOGA, CA, USA, October 15, 2021 / — Cost may be holding you back from attending your dream university. However, many students don't know that they could be missing out on major scholarship opportunities. Scholar and athlete Andrew Bronson Barna recently discussed several simple ways to increase your chances of receiving an academic scholarship.

"Many students are more deserving of scholarships than they may think," Andrew Bronson Barna said. "They may already have the credentials to receiving some scholarships, but they just don't know it."

Barna explained that many scholarship opportunities require you to have a high grade point average (GPA); however, not all do. Some scholarships will accept individuals with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Of course, one way to increase your chance of receiving a scholarship is to raise your GPA. 

Similarly, Barna explained that raising your ACT and SAT scores can increase your scholarship chances. The higher these scores are, the higher your chance of receiving a scholarship is. Many schools offer review sessions for ACT and SAT tests, and many preparation courses are also available online.

"A higher grade point average and higher ACT/SAT scores means you'll likely improve your class rank," Andrew Bronson Barna said. "Many scholarship organizations want to know your class rank, and they want you to be in the top 25 percent of your class."

Another way Bronson Barna suggested increasing your chances of receiving a scholarship is through volunteer efforts. He explained this is one of the best options if you're struggling to increase your GPA or test scores. It's also an opportunity to boost your resume for future work opportunities. Volunteering can benefit you in your scholarship applications as well as overall college applications. 

"I have always volunteered my time to charitable organizations in various ways," Andrew Bronson Barna said. "This not only helped me receive scholarships and become accepted into my dream school, but it provided me with numerous life skills."

Andrew Bronson Barna serves food to the elderly at a local senior center and helps those who are disabled. He believes these efforts have improved his life in numerous ways, one of which is through improving his scholarship applications. He also learned an abundance of skills that now benefit his resume. 

Finally, Barna stated that improving your writing skills and carefully proofreading essays can make a major difference when seeking scholarships. Many scholarships ask for an essay, and writing an outstanding piece can make or break your application. 

"Scholarships are out there, and one of the most difficult parts of receiving them is finding them in the first place," Andrew Bronson Barna concluded. "Do your due diligence, because you don't have to have the highest SAT score or be No. 1 in your class to receive an academic scholarship."

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Kailey Tomas Awarded Aspire2STEAM Scholarship

Kailey Tomas, Aspire2STEAM Scholarship Recipient

Kailey will be one of the first students at CSUDH to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

Aspiring professional dancer and teacher learns life lessons through dance

I believe you can find yourself and gain confidence in the arts along with people skills and leadership abilities.”

— Kailey Tomas

DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — “Having two close cousins both with long careers in dance as performers, choreographers, artistic directors, and university educators, I’ve seen how dance can build strong communities,” said Cheryl O’Donoghue, CEO at “It’s an extraordinary art form that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and healthy minds and bodies. Plus, it has the power to connect people to one another and elevate the human experience and that is exactly what Kailey Tomas aspires to achieve as a professional dancer and teacher.”

Kailey Tomas is the newest scholarship recipient from Aspire2STEAM, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing mentoring and scholarships to overlooked and underserved young women and girls interested in pursuing careers in STEAM. Kailey graduated from Warren High School in Downey, California, in 2016 and transferred to California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) from Long Beach City College in Fall 2020.

“I would not be who I am today if I did not have dance,” said Kailey Tomas. “I have been passionate about dance since I was six years old and when I learned there was a degree in the arts for me, I knew it was my calling.” Kailey began her schoolwork at CSUDH as a theatre major; the school did not have a dance program until Fall 2021. Kailey recently switched majors and will be one of the first students at CSUDH to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She is also a member of the CSUDH dance team.

With her degree, Kailey aspires to perform professionally as a dancer and teach younger dancers with a special interest in teaching high school students. “I want to teach dancers why the arts are so important,” she said. “I believe you can find yourself and gain confidence in the arts along with people skills and leadership abilities.”

Kailey has always enjoyed working with others and excels in team endeavors. She spent 12 years as a Girl Scout, starting in kindergarten as a Daisy and finishing her senior year as an Ambassador. During her time as a Girl Scout, she received both the Bronze Award and the Silver Award—two of the highest honors a Girl Scout can achieve for work in tackling pressing issues within the community to make a real difference. Kailey was also a cheerleader throughout high school and was recognized by her cheer squad with a VIP award for always being ready to jump in to fill any position or routine and help her teammates.

Kailey believes that when you’re on a team, every position is important—a point she shares with the young dancers she teaches at Santa Fe Springs Dance Center where she has been an instructor since 2018. In addition to teaching five classes at the dance center in ballet, hip hop, and jazz, Kailey works at Los Cerritos Center at Aerie and is an in-store influencer for the brand American Eagle.

ABOUT… is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide scholarships and mentoring to young women and girls who are working hard—aspiring—to achieve careers that require education in science, tech, engineering, the arts, or math…and they could really use a hand up over the incredible barriers of student debt and rising education costs, and the real, ever-present opportunity barriers that keep them out of most male-dominated industries. These young women are doing their part, let’s help them by doing ours.

Donate now. Your kindness is a catalyst for change and empowerment for the young women and girls we serve.

Cheryl O'Donoghue
+1 630-253-8861
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Kailey Tomas, Aspire2STEAM Scholarship Recipient

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Jean Fallacara Unveils his Daily Routine as Biohacker

Biohacker Jean Fallacara Daily Routine

Jean Fallacara Daily Routine

With Goal to Offer Zero Cost Life Optimization, Jean Fallacara Unveiled his Daily Routine as Biohacker on Youtube

The Routine is accessible to ALL, the principle is very basic! Use light, diet principles & specific bodyweight exercises to achieve peak performance”

— Jean Fallacara

WESTMOUNT, QC, CANADA, October 15, 2021 / — Jean Fallacara Unveiled his Daily Routine as Biohacker on YouTube.

With the goal in Mind to Help people to achieve Peak Performance, optimize life and wellbeing, at ZERO COST, Jean Fallacara publicly published his daily routine on various social media channels, blogs and publications including on Youtube.

Using A unique science-based approach to sport performance & wellness called Neuroscience Calisthenics, the Routine explains the effects of Nutrition, sport, supplements, sleep, exercise that contribute to hijacking your body clock.

''Accessible to ALL, the principle is very basic! Use light, diet principles & specific bodyweight exercises to achieve peak performance."

Over the last 10 years I have following a unique diet, without excluding wine or weekend goodies, but mainly body weight exercise and supplementation regime to align with elite mental & physical performance. This routine is backed by science yet it uses ancient principles proven time and time again to bring out your best. says Jean Fallacara.

About Jean Fallacara:
Jean Fallacara: “ A strong mind is the only weapon you need by your side” Serial entrepreneur, Author, Biohacker, Scientist, Founder of few success stories multimillion dollar corporations and Creator innovator of Neuroscience Calisthenics ™ .

Jean was born in France of a disruptive spirit and imaginative mindset, he’s been helping people achieve their Mental, health & fitness goals in an innovative manner: utilizing the power of the mind towards accomplishing personal goals.

• Top 10 motivational influencers in Canada of 2020
• Top 10 Entrepreneur to Follow in 2021 by Los Angeles Weekly
• Top 10 Athletes Instagram Influencers in Montreal In 2020
• Top 20 Best Calisthenics Blog

Fallacara's company Z-Sciences was recently acquired by inTest Corporation (NYSE :INTT)- Mr. Fallacara and his staff will be joining inTEST and the business will be integrated into the Thermal segment. Mr. Fallacara would receive a multi-year restricted stock award with vesting provisions contingent upon achieving future performance milestones related to sales growth and profitability..

Fallacara also act as the COO of the Magazine Biohackers Update and is the CEO founder of CYBORGGAINZ, World’s 1st Human optimization Program based on Neurosciences-

Communications Manager
+1 514-240-1655
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Jean Fallacara Daily Routine as Biohacker

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Helping Kids from South LA Ride Safe and Inspiring Future Olympic Athletes

Kids and parents in seats overlooking the indoor wooden track at the Velo Sports Center with 3 Olympic cyclists giving a tour.

The day started with a special tour of the Velo Sports Center lead by three Olympic cyclists.

After getting fitted with their new helmets, all the kids lined up on their bicycles, excited to start the day's lessons.

Kids on their bicycles, excited to start their bicycle lessons.

All the kids lined up under the start line banner for a photo with world-renowned champion cyclist and Los Angeles native,  Rahsaan Bahati, along with Olympic silver-medalist Mari Holden and Founder of Streets Are For Everyone, Damian Kevitt. They then la

The day culminated in a group ride lead by world-renowned champion cyclist and Los Angeles native, Rahsaan Bahati, along with Olympic silver-medalist Mari Holden. (both kneeling front-left)

The first “Let’s Ride Bicycle Camp” was held in Southern California to teach kids from South LA how to ride safely and inspire future Olympic athletes.

As an Olympic medalist who was inspired after watching the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles; I recognize the impact that elite athletes have to inspire the next generation.”

— Mari Holden, Olympic Silver Medalist

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — USA Cycling, in partnership with the LA Galaxy, Bahati Foundation, the East Side Riders Bicycle Club, and Streets Are For Everyone hosted its first “Let’s Ride Bicycle Camp” in Southern California. About 100 youth, ages 8-16, and their parents from South Los Angeles, worked with professional cycling coaches and Olympic athletes. The aim of the bicycle camp was to inspire the next generation of Olympic athletes ahead of the 2028 Olympic games to be held in Los Angeles. Beginning youth learned how to ride bicycles for the first time as their parents watched and memorialized the moment on their phones.

Experienced riders who already knew how to ride learned important bicycle skills like how to turn safely and, most importantly, how to stop. All the kids learned how to properly put on their helmets and other important points of riding safely like how to signal a turn with their hands.

The day's activities included a special tour of the VELO Sports Center, a 100,000 square foot, 15 million dollar complex that is an official Olympic training facility for indoor competitive cycling. Leading the tour were three Olympic athletes from the US and New Zealand who were there to coach the kids and help inspire them. Mari Holden, a silver medalist in the 2000 Olympic Games brought her silver Olympic medal as part of the VELO Sports Center tour for all the kids (and parents) to see.

"As an Olympic medalist who was inspired after watching the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles; I recognize the impact that elite athletes have to inspire the next generation. I realize that not all kids will aspire to be Olympians but we, at USA Cycling, hope to help teach them about bike safety and skills and create lifelong enthusiasts." — Mari Holden, Silver Medalist 2000 Olympic Games, World Champion, and 6 time US Champion cyclist.

The day’s activities culminated with a group ride around the Dignity Sports Complex at Cal State Dominguez Hills with world-renowned champion cyclist and Los Angeles native, Rahsaan Bahati, and world champion as well as Olympic silver-medalist Mari Holden.

The event was free for everyone who attended and included a commemorative event t-shirt, a new bicycle helmet, event swag, as well as a free USA Cycling introductory membership. At the end of the day, the kids who showed up without a bicycle and used one of the refurbished bikes on hand were all told they could now keep their bikes and practice riding on them at home. This was met with cheers of excitement by the new young cyclists and many thanks by the parents.

USA Cycling is recognized by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee as the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States, including BMX, cyclocross, mountain bike, road, and track. The Let’s Ride program is the grassroots effort to get more kids on bikes and introduce them to the sport of cycling. A big part of the Let’s Ride mission is to reach out to kids in underserved communities and help connect them to their local community foundations who work with kids.

This event was produced by Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) in partnership with LA Galaxy, Herbalife Foundation, USA Cycling, VELO Sports Center, East Side Riders, and Bahati Foundation.

Damian Kevitt
Streets Are For Everyone
+1 844-884-7233

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Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt from HGTV's 100 Day Dream Home Added as Panelists at Real Estate Weekend Miami Dec 10th-12th

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt

Real Estate Weekend Miami 2021

Real Estate Weekend in Miami now features Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt from HGTV's 100 Day Dream Home! Attendees include Realtors, Loan Officers, Investors & More

Mika and Brian are the perfect panelists to have at our conference for real estate professionals. There will be many Realtors and house flippers in attendance that can learn a lot from them.”

— Kyle Hiersche (CEO of Real Estate LIVE Events)

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 15, 2021 / — Real Estate LIVE Events announces the addition of Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt from HGTV’s 100 Day Dream Home to the panels at the upcoming conference Real Estate Weekend Miami 2021. Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt are a husband-and-wife team from Tampa, Florida, that makes dream homes come true. She’s the realtor, he’s the developer and together they help clients both design and build the perfect house from the ground up in 100 days or less. Seasons 1 and 2 of their new HGTV show “100 Day Dream Home” was a success and they are now in production for season 3, coming off of winning season 2 of HGTV’s “Rock The Block”.

Brian and Mika will be speaking on the panels taking place December 11th in the lower ballroom at The Hyatt Regency Miami. Other guest speakers include digital marketing expert Nicholas Hiersche and the keynote speaker, Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank. Other parts of the weekend include networking mixers, an after party, and a yacht cruise with brunch and open bar.

To attend Real Estate Weekend Miami 2021 register at

To Sponsor Real Estate Weekend Miami 2021, sponsors can visit the sponsor package here:

About Real Estate LIVE Events
Real Estate LIVE Events LLC is an event production company producing engaging and educational events for real estate professionals both online and in person. Most events are open to all real estate professionals. For more info on Real Estate LIVE Events LLC please visit

Kyle Hiersche
Real Estate LIVE Events LLC
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