Instancy Announces New Integration With Microsoft Teams

Instancy Announces New Integration With Microsoft Teams

● Instancy Learning Platform enables education institutions and businesses to create, deliver and manage remote and blended learning for customers and employees

Instancy is launching new “Instancy for MS Teams” application

● With Instancy Learning Platform, clients can now deliver their learning resources ranging from eLearning courses, assessments, videos to learning paths through MS Team’s familiar interface

Instancy, one of the industry’s leaders in online learning platforms, is announcing the release of their newest software innovation, Instancy for MS Teams. Instancyfor MS Teams will allow clients to combine the power of Instancy’s Learning Experience Platform with Microsoft Teams’ user-friendly collaboration and communication tools.

The ways in which people across the globe learn and communicate have changed rapidly. Due to a host of factors, most notably the spread of the COVID-19 virus, there has been a sharp increase in the use of virtual collaboration software among businesses, schools, and many other clients where collaboration is vital. Instancy for MS Teams is a perfect fit to meet the needs of those clients.

With Instancy for MS Teams, clients can now access and utilize the tools and features offered by the Instancy learning management system (such as content catalogs, video library, assessments, surveys, and discussion forums, to name just a few) directly through the MS Teams interface. Learners can access the system through a single sign-on and access content through a familiar, user-friendly portal.

Learners can also collaborate easily with their peers and receive notifications about unfinished learning assignments, classroom event reminders (and more) directly within the chat interface. They can even earn points and badges for completing courses.

Instancy makes it easy for clients to configure and deploy the right learning platform for any needs, ranging from online universities, employee training to customer education. Here are just some of the things that can be accomplished using Instancy:

● Design your learning community site using simple drag and drop tools, no coding
● Create a mobile app tailored around your learners in just a couple of hours
● Deliver and manage blended learning, assessments, and certifications
● Create and reuse content with rapid and robust eLearning authoring tools and open standards

“Instancy for MS Teams brings together the best of team collaboration and eLearning in a single user interface, and provides an ideal combination that enables learning, collaboration, communication in an integrated environment. For more information about how Instancy for MS Teams can help your team learn and communicate more efficiently,” said Instancy CEO and Founder, Harvey Singh. For more information, please visit the website, or MS Teams App URL Instancy.

About Instancy: Instancy is a powerful, flexible and complete learning management system. Instancy is used by educational institutions, businesses, training services, and more to create integrated learning platforms for a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re just starting out with implementing an online learning system, or you’re looking to make your current online learning system even better, Instancy has the software and support you need to help achieve your goals. For more information about Instancy and the solutions they can provide, please visit their website at, send an email to or call their toll-free number at 1-877-548-3360 (or 1-919-263-2566 for clients outside of the US).


For more information, please visit

Harvey Singh
Instancy, inc.
+1 919-263-2566
email us here

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Dr Vidhya creates immense success through power of mindset

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 19, 2020 / — Dr Vidhya is a highly successful businesswoman, who coaches eight-figure entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to help them fulfil their unlimited potential. But that’s not all she does. As well as being a High Performance Success Coach, she is also a General Practitioner for the NHS, a Proctor Gallagher Consultant, a published author, CEO, speaker, and the doting mother to two bubbly baby boys.

She started out her career in medicine, after she graduated from St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Medical School. While working as a GP, she began to notice that most of her patients had issues with mindset that were causing or exacerbating their ailments. Her consultations became more and more like coaching sessions, during which she would help her patients to harness their mind-body connection in order to overcome physical symptoms and personal difficulties.

This is really where the spark for her business began. She came to realise that, if she could heal her patients by simply altering their mindsets, she could use the same principle to help ambitious entrepreneurs go on to do great things. Since setting up Dr Vidhya, she has guided countless clients towards immense professional and financial success, all by tapping into the power of human potential.

She serves anyone with the drive necessary to rise to the top of their field, but her true passion is helping women and mothers. The motivation for this comes from her own experiences, where she was expected to not be so ambitious with her career during maternity leave, but she knew that she was capable of being a hands-on mother and a successful entrepreneur, and has since gone on to prove that to all those who told her she couldn’t.

These days, Dr Vidhya helps women like her – and anyone else who needs it – make quantum leap transformations. Looking back with her clients six months or a year into their coaching, it is always awe-inspiring to see how far they have come since they first started.

Dr Vidhya Kumaranayakam
Dr Vidhya
+44 7552 111096
email us here

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An Open Letter To Our Biden-Harris Team

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy I have posted hundred of articles and comments why Trump is unfit to be president. I also protested in front of Trump T

The difference between Trump & Biden is Trump is insane and Biden is emotionally healthy. Trump displays all the character traits of ignorance, Biden's wisdom is his chief asset & is on full display.”

— Sajid Khan

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 19, 2020 / — Please consider me on your speech writing, debate coaching, advertising and policy teams.

Not only is Biden the most well prepared for the White House he has this extraordinary quality of giving up his long held solutions if something better turns up. Given Biden's openness to innovation America has a good chance to finally over come its biggest crisis of being emotionally challenged and become an Emotional Health Super Power. I will provide the step by step plan that will enhance our Biden-Harris agenda.

Biden & Harris can accomplish what no president has done ever, solve once & for all America's #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country.

Biden and Harris will hopefully focus on emotional health (EH) America's #1 problem. EH is the panacea for all the social ills of society and yet there is no testing or manual for EH. No wonder American society is messed up. Now even the Social Progress Institute, that consists of several Nobel Prize winners, is calling for a wake up call to take action on our deteriorating social standards.

Both Biden and Harris have extraordinary grit and pooled together their grit is squared. It took Obama-Biden's extraordinary grit to do what no president could accomplish: healthcare reform. Still the healthcare problem was well known. Biden-Harris have a chance to tackle the #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country. Throughout history the emotional health crisis has remained undiscovered & unsolved.

Emotional health being messed up means health, education, society are all messed up. Drug addiction, divorce, tense relationships, unhappiness. crime and corruption, sleeplessness, inflated defense budgets, suicide, finances are all a mess. Crime alone costs a trillion dollars. All because we miseducate the brain.

For the first time in history America will become an emotional health super power!

I have a one of a kind expertise that America and the world needs. Whether I am added to your policy team or not I would still like to share my innovations for you to use to win the election and then to implement for the greater good.

Please review the following to decide if I deserve to be on your policy team.

Here is my hypothesis:

Here is my shortcut to a wise society:

How to reform education. blob:

Please review the following to decide if I deserve to be on your debate coaching, speech writing, and advertising teams. I have posted over 200 comments in NY Times and all over explaining why Trump is unfit to be a mayor of a small village let alone the White House, as he is the slave of his insane gut. Here is a sample:

The main step towards making America great again is to make America sane again. The right step is to have the right leadership in the White House. We need to replace insanity with wisdom.

The difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump is emotionally challenged and Biden is the very epitome of emotional health. While Trump displays all the character traits of ignorance Biden's wisdom is his chief asset and is on full display.

No matter how many expert briefings Trump attends and his mind soaks up the new information, and changes his opinion in light of the new information. His brain sticks to its insane gut's entrenched opinion and forces the mind to revert to its beliefs. It is like a student comes in with his half-baked knowledge and the new lessons go in one ear and go out the next. Naturally when the test comes up the student has learnt nothing new and so ends up with a D. The question is can America afford another four years of Trump's insane gut's rule?

For a president when his knowledge is not up to the mark, he is still successful when he follows and implements the expert's policy. In the case of Trump, his expert in chief above and beyond all experts; is his own insane gut so Trump follows and implements it's D grade solutions, ignoring the better available solutions. Even his appointments are selected by his insane gut which believes it does not need expert advice as it itself is the top expert on all matters. So it appoints those who tow its agenda and consider it as the last word on all issues. The litmus test for employment in the Trump White House is loyalty and mediocre expertise is fine. Those who don't tow the insane gut's line are fired.

Presidents improve with experience but Trump's insane phony overconfidence has kept him chained to his D grade competence.

Trump has two sets of opinions on any given issue. What his mind knows and what his brain feels. Which opinion will emerge in his speech depends on whether he is in the mind mode or the brain mode. Trump is a brain person more than a mind person. Unfortunately his brain is emotionally challenged. It is his brain that is the boss. So he filters reality through his insane feelings about it. The mind's knowledge is overruled by his insane brain's own make belief reality.

His brain believes that by virtue of being the commander in chief he is also the expert in chief and not just in any one field but in all fields. Thus he does not only not consult many experts to decide policy he does not hire the best experts just those who believe that he is the last expert on all issues. His brain handicap is compounded by the fact that he sleeps less than four hours. So his tired brain projects a tired mind, brain and body. I am willing to help him with deep brain relaxation that he needs desperately.

Letting an insane brain lead the war against the virus is itself pure insanity. Steps must be taken to ensure that insanity is never again allowed to compete for the White House. The limits of presidential powers must be more clearly defined and any president showing signs of insanity must be removed from office, without going through the impeachment process.

Trump's emotional health is a mess. His adviser in chief is his insane gut that has an insane mind of its own. His insanity cannot distinguish between having the ultimate power, which he does have being the commander in chief and ultimate expertise which he is far from having. Not only does his gut feel that it has the authority to rule by presidential orders over the entire congress and country, it has the authority to be the expert in chief on all issues. So every single day he lectures on and on as if he is the expert authority. He does not even have the capacity to realize that his knowledge is based on misinformation supplied by his insane gut.

What I have said a thousand times and even published in the NY Times hundreds of times is now being said by a team of Nobel Prize winners that Trump is a symptom of America's declining trend. That America must wake up and take action towards removing this massive crisis. I have not only been highlighting this problem for the last 50+ years I have been defining the fundamental cause and cure for this mess. Please review all my published comments on your page and take over my plan as your own. Please I need to hand over my emotional health activism to your Biden-Harris Team. I have already done the hard work and you can make it center stage where action can be taken. My wisdom formula has trillion dollar applications and peace and happiness it will bring is priceless.

Another reason I deserve to be on your team is because I have protested against Trump at his headquarters hundreds of times with banners and t-shirts. I even have a leadership test that Trump failed. I posted it on Fox News and GOP's page. I challenged them to prove me wrong that Trump is insane. They are silent. I have scientifically proved Trump's insanity.

At the last Trump convention I held a banner at the entrance to the arena in Cleveland saying that 'I will give $1000.00 to anyone who can prove that Trump is not insane'. Not one persons out of tens of thousands who walked passed the banner, took up my challenge.

4th R Foundation
+1 201-450-8098
email us here
Visit us on social media:

My basic hypothesis that has applications in ed., health, society, relationships, happiness, peace, deep brain relaxation, upbringing, wisdom, focus etc

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Creative Performances and Dixon Place Presents 'Dancing ART!' On September 25th on DP TV

Art by Christine Liu

Art by Christine Liu

‘Dancing ART!’ project fuses the worlds of dance and visual arts and presents a multimedia and multi-disciplinary performance.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — Dixon Place and Creative Performances are proud to present an innovative multimedia and multi-disciplinary online dance show of collaboration between choreographers and visual artists!

When: Virtual Premiere via DP TV Zoom – Friday, September 25th, 7:30 p.m. EDT.

What: ‘Dancing ART!’ tells the inspiration/story behind a visual art, through dance choreography. Choreographers collaborate with visual artists to create new dance vignettes, adding the visuals of the artworks while expressing their themes within their dance movements.

Where: Virtual show at Dixon Place DP TV (zoom). Followed by Q&A.
Dixon Place Theater is located at 161A, Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002.

Event Page:

Media: Sangeeta Yesley
Tel: 212-518-8508

Collaborating Artists:
Fine Artist – Christine Liu, Website:
Fine Artist – Shireen Soliman, Website:
Choreographer: Kyla Piscopink, Website:
Choreographers: Vanessa Long and Zoë Reed Helm, Website:

Creative Performances’ mission is to provide an opportunity for dancers of all genres to help them showcase their work in New York City. In addition, Creative Performances seeks to create further appreciation by developing projects to explore relationships between dance and other art forms. All projects of Creative Performances are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. Your donations are tax deductible.

Dixon Place is an incubator for artists since 1986 and a non-profit organization committed to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of theater, dance, music, puppetry, literature, performance and visual arts at all stages of development. Dixon Place is the only non-profit theater of its size to own and operate a full service cocktail lounge where all profits support its invaluable mission.

DP TV is free to watch, and participating artists are compensated. Donations help Dixon Place support the community during this challenging time and ensure that DP emerges from this crisis and is able to continue bringing together visionary artists and adventurous audiences.

Sangeeta Yesley
Creative Performances
+1 212-518-8508
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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JFYNetWorks Offers 'Connected Learning' Support For Online Teaching And Learning

JFYNetWorks, Blended, Hybrid and Distance Learning provider in Massachusetts.


Adopting a remote or hybrid model, teachers need methods, materials for online courses. JFY has developed a library of resources for math and English teachers.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — Online content and data will serve as the anchor of instruction and accountability.

JFYNetWorks, the Boston-based nonprofit pioneer of online education, is offering middle and high school teachers support in the practice of online instruction.

With every school district in Massachusetts adopting either the remote or hybrid model, teachers will need methods and materials for online courses. JFYNetWorks has developed a library of resources for math and English teachers in grades 6 through 12.

JFY’s “Connected Learning” resource bank includes standards-aligned curriculum for math and ELA, training videos and PowerPoint decks, and specialized strategies for English Learning and Special Education to help teachers meet the challenges of learning loss, achievement gaps, and high needs student groups. It also offers curriculum resources for science and social studies.

JFYs Connected Learning resource bank puts a spotlight on the following areas:

• Teacher Training
• Direct Student Support
• Curriculum Development
• Alignments
• Concordances
• College and Career Readiness
• Resources
• Special Ed/EL
• Data

JFY’s resources are backed up by training and support from JFYNet Learning Specialists. Live online training sessions for groups of teachers are customized to fit into professional development schedules. Schools can choose to focus on English Language Arts (ELA), math, English Learner (EL), Special Education (SPED), Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), or other topics. Fees are flexible to accommodate strained school budgets.

The JFYNet online program has been in operation since 2000. It is approved and monitored by the state of Massachusetts and the Boston Public Schools’ PartnerBPS, the Partnership Platform for Boston Public Schools.

JFY’s “Connected Learning” web page offers a selection of the agency’s resources. Teachers and administrators are invited to email to discuss designing a professional development program for their staff.

About JFYNetWorks
For more than 40 decades JFYNetWorks has served the most vulnerable populations of Boston, Massachusetts and beyond by developing and delivering education and job training programs that improve the lives of disadvantaged young people by equipping them with the skills to earn a self- and family-sustaining living. JFYNet’s methodology, AIMS—Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support—guides students towards the two goals that are most critical to their future: high school graduation and college entry at the credit earning level. JFY’s ongoing professional development and in-class support help teachers use student performance data to drive continuous adjustments in instructional strategies.

JFYNet is the online learning program of JFYNetWorks, a nonprofit state-approved provider of online academic support to Massachusetts schools with a two-decade track record of improved student achievement.

Even as operational models shift in the course of the year, online content and data will serve as the anchor of instruction and accountability. The stability of the JFYNet online environment provides continuity of teaching and learning no matter what changes might come.

JFYNetWorks provides blended learning that combines online and teacher-led instruction in the classroom. Combining online resources with teacher direction gives students a wide range of materials to learn from and teachers a wide range of teaching tools to select from.

JFY’s academic support begins with high school MCAS prep and continues through the most critical leverage point in the education–employment continuum, the transition from high school to college. It has produced measurable results in high school achievement for 19 years and in college and career readiness for 8 years.

Gary Kaplan, the Executive Director of JFYNetWorks would be glad to discuss options for fall implementation with you. Please send him an email at so that we can arrange a phone or video conversation.

Gary Kaplan
+1 617-338-0815
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Cindi Love Invited to Serve as Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks

Centre for Global Inclusion

Centre for Global Inclusion

Cindi Love

The Centre for Global Inclusion invites Cindi Love, O4U Executive as Expert Panelist for the upcoming Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — The Centre for Global Inclusion, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, has invited Cindi Love, Executive Director of Out for Undergrad(O4U) and 2017 Editor of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks Special Edition for Higher Education, to be an Expert Panelist for the upcoming Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Organizations Around the World – 2021 Edition (GDEIB). The Benchmarks publication will be available in 2021 and distributed to registered users at no charge.

Love is a long-tenured human rights advocate and activist, educator, corporate executive and thought leader in efforts to successfully navigate deep differences between societal groups. She is the author of “Would Jesus Discriminate: The 21st Century Question?” and former Executive Director of Soulforce, known for its public practice of nonviolent resistance of religion based discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

During the Obama administration, Love served on the Working Advisory Group to US Secretary of State John Kerry on Religion & Foreign Policy as well as the Leadership Council for CELIE The Civic Engagement and Leadership Institute in Washington, DC. She was a contributor to “PolicyThink: Women of Color Federal Policy Brief” presented to President Trump’s Transition Team. President Obama invited her to the White House on two separate occasions in recognition of her work to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. In recognition of her role on the Human Rights Campaign Faith and Religion Council, in March 2014, Love was asked to co-lead the closing words at the Defense of Marriage Act rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. Love was also one of the 40 guests of President George Bush, Sr. and First Lady Barbara Bush at at the First Tee Foundation Secret Service development event. Love’s work as a faith leader was recognized by late Senator Edward Kennedy as the developer of a high-impact first response to Hurricane Katrina victims. Love also served as plenary member of the United Nations UUO Compass Coalition for LGBTQ+ Human Rights and as a thematic country specialist for LGBTQ+ human rights with Amnesty International.

Love was the 2016 recipient of the Facilitator Award by Stetson University College of Law for innovation and diligence in creating safe college campuses. She is a former executive of the New York Stock Exchange listed TORO Company (NYE:TTC) serving for 5 years after TORO acquired her company, Integration Control Systems and Services, Inc in 1995. In 1990 Love was named one of North America’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs by one of North America’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs by INC Magazine, Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and MIT. In 1990, she was in the inaugural class of MIT’s “Birthing of Giants” program developed by Verne Harnish and received the David Bohnett Fellowship to the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Program for State & Local Officials. Love holds the doctorate from Texas Tech University in Educational Administration with a specialization in due process and applied her research in early adoption to the integration of emerging technology to classroom and rehabilitation facilities. She served on the Long Range Technology Committee created by the Texas Legislature. Her work was recognized by the Texas Legislature and by the late Texas Governor Ann Richards. ‪ Love was chairperson for School Vision of Texas, Apple’s largest sales agency in the United States from 1993–1995 and COO of Friendly Robotics, a high tech firm in Tel Aviv 2000-2001. She served as a Visiting Investigator for NASA in 1995 and has served for 40 years as a director of the West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s Shelton advocacy program. In 2018, Love’s life was featured as one of the six international leadership archetypes in Dr. John Dugan’s seminal text “Leadership Theory: Cultivating Critical Perspectives (2018).”

Love said, “I am honored to be included in this important work with my esteemed colleagues from around the world. I’ve spent a major part of my life for the past four decades thinking and talking to people in all kinds of disciplines, walks of life and places. The core of that conversation has been about breaking down barriers and navigating our differences. Reading Ralph Waldo Emerson as a teenager and living through the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Nam War inspired me—still inspire me—Emerson said, ‘Every wall is a Door.’ I believe that is true. The walls and doors are our own social constructions, our own choices. We always have the option to choose even if only inside ourselves. The act of choosing connection over division—love over hate—makes all the difference.”

The GDEIB Expert Panelists are selected for their experience, knowledge, scholarship, and willingness to contribute significantly to the practical, consensus-based research that enables the benchmarks to work for small, medium, and large organizations in all sectors with various approaches to DEI around the world. Expert Panelists share their thought leadership to develop the GDEIB and thereby help elevate the quality of DEI work.

Go to www.centreforglobalinclusion to learn more about the 2017 GDIB (available now), the 2021 GDEIB.

Julie O'Mara
The Centre for Global Inclusion
+1 702-335-9959
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Book Paper Market Major Manufacturers, Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Share Analysis to 2029

New Study Reports "Book Paper Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2029" has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 18, 2020 / — Book Paper Market 2020-2029

New Study Reports "Book Paper Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2029" has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

Introduction/Report Summary:

This report provides in depth study of “Book Paper Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Book Paper Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

A book paper (or publishing paper) is a paper that is designed for the publication of printed books, magazines and so on. Traditionally, book papers are off-white or low-white papers (easier to read), are opaque to minimise the show-through of text from one side of the page to the other, and are (usually) made to tighter caliper or thickness specifications, particularly for case-bound books. Typically, books papers are light-weight papers 60 to 90 g/m² and often specified by their caliper/substance ratios (volume basis). For example, a bulky 80 g/m² paper may have a caliper of 120 micrometres (0.12 mm) which would be Volume 15 (120×10/80), whereas a low bulk 80 g/m² may have a caliper of 88 micrometres, giving a volume 11. This volume basis then allows the calculation of a book's PPI (printed pages per inch), which is an important factor for the design of book jackets and the binding of the finished book.

Drivers and Constraints

The fundamental dynamics that are explored in the report hold substantial influence over the Book Paper market. The report further studies on the value, volume trends, and the pricing history of the market. In addition to it, various growth factors, restraints, and opportunities are also analyzed for the market to study the in-depth understanding of the market.

This report also analyzes the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on the Book Paper industry.

Key Players

The report has profiled some of the Important players prevalent in the global like – International Paper, UPM-Kymmene,
Asia Pulp and Paper
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
Stora Enso
Oji Paper
Nippon Paper Group
Norske Skog
Nine Dragons Paper
Chenming Paper
Sun Paper Group
Huatai Paper
Shandong Tranlin
Dahe Paper
Guangzhou Paper
Xinya Paper Group and more.

This report covers the sales volume, price, revenue, gross margin, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, customers, historical growth and future perspectives in the Book Paper.

Request for Free Sample Report of “Book Paper” Market @

Market Segmentation based On Type, Application and Region:

The global Book Paper is analyzed for different segments to arrive at an insightful analysis. Such segmentation has been done based on type, application, and region.

Based on Type, the global Book Paper Market is segmented into Uncoated Offset Paper, Coated Paper and other

Based on Application, the Book Paper Market is segmented into Printing Books, Magazines, Advertising Matter, and Others.

Based on Detailed Regional Analysis, the regional segmentation has been carried out for regions of U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Brazil, etc. Key regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The report on WGR includes an in-depth study of the Book Paper in each regional segment mentioned above.

Key Stakeholders
Book Paper Market Manufacturers
Book Paper Market Distributors/Traders/Wholesalers
Book Paper Market Subcomponent Manufacturers
Industry Association
Downstream Vendors

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@

Major Key Points from Table of Content:

Chapter 1 Book Paper Market Overview
1.1 Book Paper Definition
1.2 Global Book Paper Market Size Status and Outlook (2014-2029)
1.3 Global Book Paper Market Size Comparison by Region (2014-2029)
1.4 Global Book Paper Market Size Comparison by Type (2014-2029)
1.5 Global Book Paper Market Size Comparison by Application (2014-2029)
1.6 Global Book Paper Market Size Comparison by Sales Channel (2014-2029)
1.7 Book Paper Market Dynamics (COVID-19 Impacts)
1.7.1 Market Drivers/Opportunities
1.7.2 Market Challenges/Risks
1.7.3 Market News (Mergers/Acquisitions/Expansion)
1.7.4 COVID-19 Impacts on Current Market
1.7.5 Post-Strategies of COVID-19 Outbreak

Chapter 2 Book Paper Market Segment Analysis by Player
2.1 Global Book Paper Sales and Market Share by Player (2017-2019)
2.2 Global Book Paper Revenue and Market Share by Player (2017-2019)
2.3 Global Book Paper Average Price by Player (2017-2019)
2.4 Players Competition Situation & Trends
2.5 Conclusion of Segment by Player


Chapter 7 Profile of Leading Book Paper Players
7.1 International Paper
7.1.1 Company Snapshot
7.1.2 Product/Service Offered
7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.1.4 COVID-19 Impact on International Paper
7.2 UPM-Kymmene
7.2.1 Company Snapshot
7.2.2 Product/Service Offered
7.2.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.2.4 COVID-19 Impact on International Paper
7.3 Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
7.3.1 Company Snapshot
7.3.2 Product/Service Offered
7.3.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.3.4 COVID-19 Impact on International Paper
7.4 Oji Paper
7.4.1 Company Snapshot
7.4.2 Product/Service Offered
7.4.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.4.4 COVID-19 Impact on International Paper
7.5 Norske Skog
7.5.1 Company Snapshot
7.5.2 Product/Service Offered
7.5.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.5.4 COVID-19 Impact on International Paper

And more


Our team is studying Covid-19 and its impact on various industry verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid-19 footprints for a better analysis of markets and industries. Cordially get in touch for more details.

email us here

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TunesKit Released Video Repair to Fix Various Corruptions of MP4, MOV Videos

TunesKit Video Repair Main Interface

TunesKit Video Repair Main Interface

Fix Videos with TunesKit Video Repair

Fix Videos with TunesKit Video Repair

TunesKit Video Repair Logo

TunesKit Video Repair Logo

TunesKit has just rolled out its new app Video Repair, which will help Windows and Mac users fix all kinds of video corruptions, including MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

We know that video matters, especially the ones that record the important moment of our life. That's why we have developed such a useful tool to help people solve the trouble.”

— Williams, Director of TunesKit R&D Team

KOWLOON, HONGKONG, CHINA, September 18, 2020 / — The innovative software provider TunesKit Studio, has recently announced the launch of its new utility software named TunesKit Video Repair. It's a powerful video repair tool that can help users repair any corruption of your video files, such as blurry, frozen, or flickering videos, out-of-sync, black screen or videos that cannot be played, etc. Both Windows and Mac versions of the application have been released at this time.

TunesKit Repair for Video supports a wide range of media formats including M4V, MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, MP3, M4A, and many others. Moreover, this software can repair corrupt videos shot from various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone, digital cameras, GoPro cameras, drone cameras, DSLR, etc. or broken videos stored in SD card, hard drive, USB drive, etc. No matter how your videos are damaged during the shooting, transferring, editing, etc. TunesKit can fix the header, movement, slider, duration, etc. for you.

Another feature of TunesKit Video Repair is that it supports to fix numerous video files with different formats simultaneously and the number of video files is unlimited. Unlike other similar programs that can only fix videos, TunesKit Video Repair software can not only repair corrupted video files but also broken audio files efficiently.

More importantly, TunesKit Video Repair is an easy-to-use program with an extremely simple design. The repair process can be done with 3 steps only. First, just add the corrupted videos for repair, then click the Repair button to start the fixing, and finally preview and export the repaired files to your computer. Anyone can easily operate it, no technical skills required.

Price and Availability

TunesKit Repair for Video offers three different pricing plans for users. It includes a Single License at $39.95, which can only be used on one computer; a Family License at $59.95 for 2~5 computers, and an Unlimited License at $79.95 for use on any computer without limitation. Of course, it also offers a free trial version for users to have a try before purchasing. However, users are not allowed to export the repaired videos with the trial version. If you want to save the repaired video files, you need to upgrade to the full version.

In terms of the availability, TunesKit Video Repair software is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, including almost all versions such as the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave, and 10.15 Catalina as well as Windows 10. You can download the trial version for free before purchasing!

About TunesKit

TunesKit Software is a professional software provider, dedicated to offering easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia software and iOS utilities for Windows and Mac users. Currently, the company has already developed some popular programs such as media converter, video cutter, video converter, screen recorder, iOS system recovery, iPhone data recovery, and some other freeware. And all its products have received numerous satisfied users from more than 150 countries all over the world.

Andres Green
TunesKit Studio
+86 755 2322 8687
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How to Fix Corrupt MP4 Videos with TunesKit

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The Mom’s Choice Awards® Names Seaper Powers’ Album, “Connecting To Animals” Among the Best in Family-Friendly Products!

Kim Cameron (Creator/Author/Producer of Seaper Powers)

“Connecting To Animals’ is an island-style children’s album based on the upcoming film and book series, Seaper Powers.

I am a vocal teacher in an after school mentoring program in the heart of Miami.  The children love to sing, they love to dance, so this album was really dedicated to each and every one of them.”

— Kim Cameron

MIAMI BEACH, FL, USA, September 18, 2020 / — ‘Connecting To Animals’, has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award® for Best in Family-Friendly Products! The 10 song album is a mix of island-style music designed for kids and incorporates the theme of the book series and upcoming feature film, Seaper Powers.

True to the subject matter of the series, the collection of songs are about friendship, kindness, and respect to both other humans and animals and manages to incorporate the importance of ocean conservation a well. The album starts out with a sweet and adorable, yet heartfelt and inspiring spoken word segment by the multi-talented, Kim Cameron, who is not only the writer, director, and producer of the series but also the recording artist.

"I am a vocal teacher in an after school mentoring program in the heart of Miami.  The children love to sing, they love to dance, so this album was really dedicated to each and every one of them. They always seem to make me smile.” -Kim Cameron

The Seaper Powers series follows the adventures of Emma and her sea creature friends. “In Search of Blue Jays Treasure” (the latest book) has also been recognized by the Purple Dragon Book Awards. Ms. Cameron has been touring elementary schools and libraries across the country reading her stories and encouraging ocean conservation to children. The series also has an impressive collection of plush dolls, toys, and just introduced their erasable new coloring book.

The first music track, “Mr. Octopus”, was released in November 2019 and the video was featured on YouTube Kids and has received a Hollywood Music & Media nomination for Best Children’s Song. There is also an official soundtrack album that features a compilation of tracks and background music used in the film. The music for both albums matches the ocean theme of the books and film with an eclectic mix of reggae beats, calypso, deep house sounds, electro-pop, rap, children's pop, and tropical jazzy notes. Musical voices and talent for the music include, Kim Cameron, John DePatie, Kris Pierce, Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga, among others.

The music supporting the movie has been receiving awards from Film Festivals worldwide including the New York International Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), World Film Carnival-Singapore (Best Soundtrack), the gold award at the Tillywig Toy & Media.

The album is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

For more information on Seaper Powers, please visit the website at

Amanda Alexandrakis
Music Promotion, Inc.
+1 970-377-0313
email us here

Seaper Powers The Movie (Official Trailer)

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New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense Chairman Hashim Nzinga Passes

Chairman Hashim Nzinga

Panther Comrades, Hold the Line.”

— Chairman Hashim Nzinga

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — With great sadness, we announce the loss of Chairman Hashim Nzinga, the National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Brother Hashim Nzinga, our beloved Five-star General, joined the ancestors’ early morning Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Hashim transitioned at his home surrounded by his loving family. Hashim battled Stage 4 colon cancer and was given six months to live. Being the warrior and soldier that he was, Hashim fought to the end and never complained. Hashim Nzinga was born in Midland, Texas on July 24, 1962.

In 1994 Hashim became the Chief of Staff for Minister Khallid Muhammad, the controversial and popular former Nation of Islam Spokesman for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and later, the New Black Panther Party Chairman until February 17, 2001. Minister Hashim then served as the NBPP National Chief of Staff from 2001 until 2013 under the leadership of NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz. During this span Hashim served on the frontlines of many campaigns of justice for Blacks including the 1998 Million Youth March in New York; the 2005 Millions More Movement effort; the 2006 Duke University Lacrosse team alleged rape incident; the 2007 West Virginia Megan Williams rape and torture case. Hashim Nzinga has represented and aided such music stars as Lil’ Boosie and Webbie; Pimp C and Bun B of UGK; Erykah Badu and others.

Since assuming the leadership over the New Black Panther Party, Hashim provided a steady hand of guidance in times of racial unrest in America. The New Black Panther Party, under his leadership, has been in the trenches in the fight against police brutality and efforts to arm Blacks for self-defense across America. From Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, Baltimore in 2015, and everywhere in between up until the George Floyd unrest, the New Black Panthers under his leadership have been deeply involved in this fight.

Minister Hashim Nzinga was a loving father and leaves behind seven beautiful children to carry on his legacy. Hashim is beloved all throughout the Black nation by scores of activists and scholars who were touched by his warm and genuine personality as well as his principled convictions.

Panther Comrades, the Chairman always said, “Hold the Line,” and now more than ever we have to band together and “Hold the Line” and send our beloved Chairman to his final rest with the utmost respect.

Homegoing arrangements for Chairman Hashim Akhenaten Nzinga
Wake: Friday, September 18, 2020 – 5pm – 7pm
Divine Mortuary Funeral Home
5620 Hillandale Drive
Lithonia, GA 30058

Homegoing Services: Saturday, September 19, 2020
3D Complex
2244 Panola Road
Lithonia, GA 30058
Service 1: 11:00am – Family
Eulogy by Pastor Charles Washington

Service 2: 1:00pm – Close Friends and Church Family
Eulogy by Pastor Jamal Bryant – New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Service 3: 3pm – 7pm Black Power Community Tribute
Eulogy by Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. – New Black Panther Party Chairman Emeritus

All are welcome to the 3pm program to hear and see the love afforded to one of our great servants of the Liberation Movement of our people.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq.
Black Lawyers for Justice
+1 301-513-5445
email us here

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