ISSCA Announces Upcoming Stem Cell Training Course in Quito, Ecuador

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The ISSCA has announced plans for both a training date and the establishment of a research and training facility based in Quito, Ecuador.

MIAMI, FL, USA, September 16, 2021 / — The International Society for Stem Cell Applications has officially announced plans for an upcoming training date for a Hands-On Regenerative Medicine Workshop in Quito, Ecuador. This course will bring together the brightest minds in the field of regenerative medicine from around the South American continent, teaching the latest advances in stem cell biology and treatment protocols, in a structured environment where learning how to treat and care for patients takes priority above all else.

Indeed, this training in Quito, Ecuador is one that plans to cover the more traditional methods of stem cell isolation and application, including fat and bone-marrow derived autologous treatments. However, as the field of regenerative medicine advancemes, and more new studies are published month after month, there are new developments that must be covered.

Namely, this training will be one that also will give physicians the opportunity to work with exosomes in a clinical environment. Exosomes are not stem cells, but instead derived from them, and as a result provide many of the same anti-inflammatory properties in an easier format for physicians to both source and apply to their patients.

"This training will provide a wonderful opportunity for physicians to study the latest advancements in regenerative medicine protocols. Additionally, it will serve as a distribution center for cellular products for the South American continent, providing a convenient logistical hub for further expansion in the region," Said Benito Novas, President of the ISSCA.

The ISSCA has been working feverishly to schedule dates as the world economy slowly begins to open again, creating an area that leads to advancements in the field of regenerative medicine, which is one of the newest and fastest growing medical fields today.

About the International Society for Stem Cell Application

The International Society for Stem Cells Applications (ISSCA) is a multidisciplinary community of scientists and physicians, all of whom aspire to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through advances in science, technology, and the practice of regenerative medicine. Incorporated under the Republic of Korea as a non-profit entity, the ISSCA is focused on promoting excellence and standards in the field of regenerative medicine.

ISSCA bridges the gaps between scientists and practitioners in Regenerative Medicine.
Their code of ethics emphasizes principles of morals and ethical conduct.

ISSCA’s vision is to take a leadership position in promoting excellence and setting standards in the regenerative medicine fields of publication, research, education, training, and certification. ISSCA serves its members through advancements made to the specialty of regenerative medicine. They aim to encourage more physicians to practice regenerative medicine and make it available to benefit patients both nationally and globally.

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Source: EIN Presswire