Isabelle Henriquez: New Tech Empowers Children with Learning Disabilities for Increased Success in the Classroom

Tech today is opening doors many students once found closed or difficult to open, says Isabelle Henriquez.

DENVER , COLORADO, UNITED STATES , June 17, 2021 / — In the world of tech, things are developing rapidly.

Isabelle Henriquez is currently a senior about to graduate with her BSBA at the University of Denver. She recently spoke on how technology is providing certain educational access to students who may not be able to learn as easily without it.

Tech offers ways for students to communicate in situations where they may not have verbal abilities or may feel intimidated by the classroom. Through technology, students can use pictures or type their words to express what they are thinking. This can include a range of expressions from basic emotions and needs to complex theories and assignments.

Henriquez says that while there has been a lot of media focus on the bullying dangers of virtual social platforms, it can be a supportive tool as well. Technology can help students with learning disabilities form friendships easier because they are able to build social skills in a more structured environment.

“Some students learn better when there is a gaming aspect involved,” observed Isabelle Henriquez. “Students may not struggle as much to participate in the lesson and learn the material if they feel the draw of being rewarded through a gamification adaptation to the lesson. It can make learning fun for someone who struggles to focus or block out distractions.” this was evident with the shift to online learning with the pandemic.

In some cases, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) can be used to help engage students even further by putting them in a virtual setting for the lesson. Changing the setting can help reduce the boredom that can make it hard for some students to learn. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, many classrooms took virtual field trips using a form of virtual reality.

Wireless technology can make it easier to access the internet and keep sound limited to headphones to avoid overstimulation of multiple devices. Without the wires, there is less limitation to the number of devices that can be used and less potential for the devices to go badly by wires getting pulled out by mistake.

“Education should be available to anyone who wants to pursue it,” says Isabelle Henriquez. “There are a lot of kids who benefit from learning but don’t learn the material as easily with traditional methods. The current advancements in tech are really changing things up and that’s exciting to see.”

The pandemic has shifted the world’s focus to education beyond the typical classroom setting. Isabelle Henriquez says many realized just how crucial the role of the teacher is and how much they valued the in-person group connection. But, she says, there was also a realization that technology could be playing even more of a role. Teachers have known this, but implementing new tech often comes down to a budget issue.

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