Turning Points for Families as a Highly Effective Intervention to Treat Parental Alienation

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Turning Points for Families (TPFF) is one example of a highly effective intervention to treat severe and moderate cases of alienation.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and the Steel Partners Foundation today announced that Linda Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-R, will be speaking at the 2021 virtual parental alienation conference, “Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation.” The conference will take place on May 14-16, 2021.
The Experts have repeatedly opined, “Traditional reunification therapy models are contraindicated for severe cases of alienation and many moderate cases as well.” Moving to the courtroom setting—to obtain an order for an effective therapy—lawyers must argue, “Your Honor, the traditional form of reunification therapy being considered or recommended for this case is not only ineffective; but the therapy is contraindicated— meaning forbidden.” The inescapable question then becomes, “Okay, Counselor or Expert, what form of therapy do you recommend for the Court to consider?”

This presentation is designed to answer the Court’s inescapable question. It is hoped that attorneys and expert witnesses participating in this conference will acquire a working understanding of the necessary elements in a successful treatment model for severe alienation to present to the Court; that alienated parents will be able to suggest to their reunification therapist an effective intervention; that therapists will be able to expand their repertoire of interventions.

Linda Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-R, has had 40+ years of education and experience providing clinical treatment services to families of all compositions, orientations, and developmental stages. She has treated the wide spectrum of problems, issues, and dysfunctional family interactional patterns that are challenging for families. She has expertise in emergency services that have included intensive, home-based, crisis-intervention to prevent the psychiatric hospitalization of a child. Since 2003, Linda has focused her clinical practice on families undergoing parental separation/divorce to help the parents develop a civil and respectful co-parenting relationship. This focus includes the highly specialized area of assessing for and treating parental alienation.

Ms. Gottlieb also provides consultation services on Parental Alienation—to rule it in or to rule it out. And she has also served as an expert witness on such cases. She has been qualified in 20 states and 30 jurisdictions. She has been qualified in family therapy, family dynamics, alienation, estrangement, child abuse, and domestic violence.

Turning Points for Families (TPFF) is one example of a highly effective intervention to treat severe and moderate cases of alienation. TPFF was inspired by the principles of Family Systems Therapy—founded by the world-renowned child psychiatrist, Salvador Minuchin, and his colleagues. TPFF is an evidence-based intervention model— having incorporated the accumulated knowledge from 70 years of research and peer-reviewed clinical literature written by the child psychiatrists and other outstanding clinicians who had founded the family therapy movement in the 1950s and by subsequent generations of family therapists.

First and foremost, a case must be made to the Court that it is settled science that alienation is a profound form of psychological child abuse. The court order must include a stipulation for child protection—meaning a protective space for the child away from the alienating parent until and unless the alienating parent relinquishes the offending behaviors. This is the reason that TPFF and the other successful reunification programs require a court-ordered stipulation for a no-contact period in any form between the child and alienating parent and with any co-alienators. Only when the Court frees the child from the abusive “loyalty conflict”—as defined by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC)—will the child be able to reconnect with her or his powerful instinct for the alienated parent and be able to invest in the alienated parent without fears of reprisals from the alienating parent.

This presentation will describe how the child’s instinct for a parent—a principal ingredient in TPFF’s recipe for successful reunification—is capitalized upon in the icebreaker, “memorabilia intervention.” Because of our protracted dependency period, the instinct for a parent is part of the survival instinct. TPFF recognizes the child’s instinct for a parent as a “co-therapist” and thereby anoints the alienated parent to be the child’s true healer. The TPFF intervention capitalizes on another philosophical treatment underpinning family systems therapy—that of the unmatched efficaciousness of experience over words to produce change.

Registration information and conference details are available at www.familyaccessfightingforchildrensrights.org/helping-courts-understand-the-phenomenon-of-alienation-nc-conference.html

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