Author Patrick Anthony Cardin Announces Release of Children’s Book Urging COVID-19 Hygiene Awareness

Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean

Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean

Important Book for Children is a Valuable Guide to Good, Lifelong Cleanliness

REDBANK, N.J., USA, February 26, 2021 / — Today, author Patrick Anthony Cardin has released his children’s book, “Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean,” published by Newman Springs Publishing. Cardin was inspired to take action by the abrupt arrival of the coronavirus. The subsequent, ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was his impetus to teach children about valuable personal practices for excellent hygiene. The author saw the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about how germs are spread, what hygiene is and how to be the best at keeping clean.

“If children can learn hygiene, and parents can be reminded of its vital importance, our communities will be safe and happy,” said Cardin. “We all have to work together by doing our part to stay healthy and safe for each other and every one of our friends. I hope that Teacup Pup will be a great example to children and grown-ups. Teacup Pup is a fantastic and fun way to inform children about the COVID-19 pandemic in a direct-yet-appropriate manner, through a friendly and relatable character because right now, dealing with the pandemic can be a lot of work, physically and emotionally.”

As Cardin sees it, personal hygiene is a learned skill. It is apparent that many adults themselves are unaware of how their less-than-ideal personal habits and lack of cleanliness are infecting those around them. The book discusses bathroom hygiene, sneezing, being clean in public, not sharing personal items and not touching anything with dirty hands that might affect others.

The book helps parents and children deal with an uncertain world, where there are many unknown facts about the coronavirus and its multiple mutations. Cardin added, “Adults can absolutely not let our guard down. We should be mindful and help protect our children and all people from COVID-19. ‘Teacup Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy and Clean’ is informative and its message is easy to understand. The book will help you and you loved ones take prevention seriously. Knowledge is power. Power to keep our kids safe.”

The friendly tone of the book is perfect for teaching children about hand washing, wearing masks, how to sneeze into the crook of the elbow and more. Cardin includes tips on how to be clean and how being mindful of knowing when to wash and why it is important. The book helps children understand how their personal behavior affects those around them. The character, Teacup Pup, teaches kids how to be aware of how others’ behavior, such as what they touch and how they wash or don’t wash their hands. It gives readers a reason to wash one’s own hands, one more time, just in case. No matter what, the best option is always making sure that one’s hands are clean.

Cardin believes that adults need to inform children about the realities of the pandemic in a way that children can understand. With the help of Teacup Pup, parents, family members, friends and teachers can help children adopt a healthy routine to achieve excellent hygiene at school, at home and in public. If children can learn hygiene and parents can be reminded of its vital importance, our communities will be safe and happy.
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