Sadigh Gallery Displays and Sells Beautiful Medical Instruments Covered in Bronze

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 25, 2021 / — An alluring collection of ancient medical instruments from the Greco-Roman world are now on display at New York’s Sadigh Gallery, which is also offering the bronze instruments for sale.

The collection of medical instruments that are currently on display include spatulas, hooks, forceps, catheters, bone drills, and scalpels. All of these items were showcased in the popular Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazine.

According to Sadigh Gallery, Classical World physicians were able to access various surgical and medical instruments designed to help them to care for the sick. Although each instrument’s initial date of use may not be known, the majority of the instruments appear to have been used by physician Hippocrates, who was born around 460 BC. Physicians in the latter part of the Roman Empire continued to utilize the instruments, with several looking like the instruments used today.

For instance, bone drills in the Greco-Roman world were used for removing thick foreign objects, such as weapons, and bone tissue that was diseased. In addition, hooks were frequently used for holding and lifting small tissue pieces to be extracted. These instruments were also helpful for retracting wounds’ edges. Meanwhile, spatula probes were used to mix, measure, and apply various medications.

Sadigh Gallery recently acknowledged that only a handful of medical men actually earned respect in the Greco-Roman world. In fact, the majority of them carried statuses that were not much better than those of slaves. After a while, Roman medicine ended up losing the virility it had once possessed. However, ancient Greco-Roman instruments have soared in popularity among today’s most avid antique collectors around the world.

Collectors who are interested in purchasing Sadigh Gallery’s ancient Greco-Roman medical instruments can shop for the antiquities by phone, online, or in person. Feel free to contact Sadigh Gallery at (800) 426-2007 or, or visit to start shopping today.

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Source: EIN Presswire