Youth Filmmakers Share Hopes for the Future and Social Justice at BHERC Youth Diversity Film Festival Closing Ceremony

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BHERC Diversity Youth Film Festival Logo2

What's Going On Video Cast (Partial)

What’s Going On Video Cast (Partial)

11th Annual Youth Diversity Film Fest Films (Partial)

11th Annual Youth Diversity Film Fest Films (Partial)

Defying limits of Pandemic, youth filmmakers reach across language states and oceans to create cultural bonds, and share hopes for a brighter future thru film.

Incredible festival! Amazing films! Youth Diversity Film Festival was really great to be part of. We saw some wonderful independent films and learned lots from other filmmakers. Absolutely fantastic!”

— Evangelina Sarett, Filmmaker-Russia “Adventure in Parallel Universes”

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, January 29, 2021 / — The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) announced today the closing programs of the 11th Annual Youth Diversity Film Festival (YDFF). In its mission to recognize and support the unique talents and voices of youth with the provision and promotion of this visual platform — traditionally brought to the community annually as a live event – the YDFF concludes its 2021 run with two events, “What’s Going On“ Social Justice Video and Panel Discussion, Saturday, January 30th, 1:00PM (PDT) and YDFF Closing Ceremony, Sunday, January 31st, 2:00PM PDT online on BHERC.TV.

The event scheduled for Saturday, January 30th, showcases the 20th anniversary remake of the All-Star video of Marvin Gaye’s agonizingly relevant 1971 hit song “What’s Going On.” This video produced by veteran filmmaker Alcee H Walker, President, Chasing My Dreams Film Group (CMDFG), spotlights youth in the remake. When Mr. Walker put out a casting call, young people from Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Philadelphia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island answered the call to participate in this moving and collaborative rendition of a song – made before they were born — still represents their sentiments of the issues of the times that they face today as the world explodes around them. After the screening of the video, both the producer and several of the youth cast will participate in a “Making of Panel” moderated by Sandra J. Evers-Manly, President and Founder of BHERC. The students will share their views on social justice, their hopes for the future and what message they hope to send with the video.

Chasing My Dreams Film Group (CMDFG) is a kid-based film production company that provides opportunities for kids from different communities in the film industry. As the leader of CMDFG, Alcee H. Walker is committed to stories that focus on social issues that are authentic and connect to the younger generation. CMDFG films are used as educational tools by holding screenings at schools and by providing lesson plans that align with the schools’ health and wellness curriculum. CMDFG strives to create stories that address social issues that impact our community the most. Tackling issues about families, incarceration, police brutality, violence, kids in school and bullying. The films CMDFG creates are raw and unfiltered and aim to make the audience feel uncomfortable so they can question their perspective and beliefs.

Sunday, January 31st at 2:00PM, the YDFF will hold the Closing Event Moderated by the President and Founder of BHERC Sandra J. Evers-Manly, this special event will spotlight several of the gifted and remarkable youth filmmakers selected from the US and abroad who will share their views and hopes for the future as well as how filmmaking can make a difference and impact the world around them.

The BHERC YDFF was pleased to host the 60 plus films selected for 2021 that were as diverse as the areas they hail from and the young filmmakers they represent including the US, and 14 countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Bangladesh, Korea, Denmark, India, Hungary, and Iran. The filmmakers shared their perspectives with each other online through online social media, round tables, and panels. Discussing their approach to filmmaking, how they got started, who their mentors are and where they want to go in the future with their filmmaking. Supporting each other and sharing their journey. For many, they tackled heavy topics close to their hearts such as social justice, mental health, racial injustice, horror, suicide, and on the lighter side skateboarding, wanting a pet, rap battle, and comedy. The online audiences have been extremely affected as well. Below are a few comments from filmmakers:

• Inam Inam, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India: “Charisma” – “We feel happy to see more creative films of talented filmmakers. This is the great platform for all growing generations.”

• Greta Kerkoff, – Mittleton, Colorado: “Leena and Claudia” – “It was wonderful to see so many other people my age who all share a passion for what they do. Everyone’s creativity and expertise has inspired me to move on to my next projects.”

• Luis Lopes, Brockton, Massachusetts: “Hope” – “This festival is a great chance to learn and to teach what you learned to your fellow filmmakers.”

• Alexander McDaniel, Sherman Oaks, CA: “1619” and “Bully Proof Vest” – “As young filmmakers, we can feel a sense of delight watching our films and talking about them!”

• Evangelina Sarett, Novosibirsk, Russia, Russian Federation: “Adventure in parallel Universes” – “Incredible festival! Amazing films! Youth Diversity Film Festival was really great to be part of. We saw some wonderful independent films and learned lots from other filmmakers. Absolutely fantastic, thanks!”

• Beatriz Velloso, Vieira de Ouro Filmes, Sao Paolo Brazil: “My diary at the end of the world: Football Edition” – “I and everyone on the team, we are very happy to participate in this wonderful festival. I have watched every movie and classrooms. And I get tears in my eyes when I see people so passionate about art. That shows us the beautiful cultural diversity, and that we are all human. I learn a lot about culture and what moves people on this small planet. Thank you very much and JESUS bless. In particular I send hugs to the Brazilians who are here too. I loved to know.”

BHERC invites youth, members of the community and industry professionals from the US and across the globe, to join us for this great festival of incredible films online thru Sunday, January 31st. For additional information about BHERC and all of its programs visit

Take the time to BE ACTIVE – ENGAGED – INSPIRED – www.BHERC.ORG.

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