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When it comes to custom cartoons, your imagination is your only limitation”

— Dan Rosandich

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — Cartoons are provided for professional licensing and offered by where authors, editors, consultants, creative and art directors can browse over 60 different categories of cartoons. For instance, if an editor or author who writes medical content needs a good medical cartoon, they can navigate to the medical cartoons catalog.

If a business consultant has a newsletter and needs a specific kind of business related cartoon, they can navigate to the business cartoons catalog. Dentists who might be looking to add some unique dental cartoon humor to their social media page can browse the dental cartoons category and so on.

If for instance an art director at an ad agency is working for a client who has a print project involving computers or technology, there is a catalog consisting of computer cartoons that would be ideal for looking through. The owner of this cartoon image licensing database is Dan Rosandich. Rosandich offers great flexibility. Unlike similar sites, Rosandich indicates if visitors find certain cartoons they would like to have re-captioned, no problem.

If a specific cartoon would be better in color, that can be done. Or any existing panels that need to be re-drawn, that can be accommodated to the request of the art director or editor. Many other variables exist where a group of cartoons can be purchased in multiple numbers and bought at a reduced rate that will be negotiated as a "multiple image discount".

The fees listed for licensing on the pages where the cartoons are located are for a single one-time license but if there are questions regarding certain panels, Rosandich asks that a phone number be provided where the call can be returned to discuss various questions you may have. Gag cartoons which are seen throughout the cartoon licensing database are also offered as a portfolio in a sense. Meaning that professionals may also get ideas for cartoons of their own which may relate to their own business.

This means that any idea you have, can be provided as a rough sketch concept of your idea or ideas, can be shown in follow-up emails. You can go over the roughs, and if you like what you see, that artwork will be given a finished inking and formatted to your intended usage. There are over 5000 different cartoons throughout the various 60 different catalogs in the categories offered for viewing. Other services provided at DansCartoons are the offering of custom cartoons and customized humorous illustrations.

This is available to anyone. Art directors, marketing directors, creative directors and graphic designers included. Editors and authors can also get cartoons created, based on a scenario or information they provide in a rough outline. As was mentioned with gag cartoons, Rosandich can create a rough sketch and show it in a follow up for your consideration. If the rough sketched art is acceptable for a finished inking and / or colorizing, then you will receive a high resolution image file and an invoice based on the negotiable amount that was agreed upon. Using custom cartoons in any commercial ventures is endless.

Your imagination is your only limitation! Custom cartoons are ideal for use in company calendars, postcards, greeting cards and posters. Corporations can use cartoons as an emphasis to employees about the importance of safety. Dentists can use color dental humor to place in their waiting area. Similar concepts could be considered by physicians or pediatricians for their waiting areas. Other ways cartoons can be used (existing ones or custom created illustrations) are on social media pages that represent your company or business.

They can make a point and at the same time entertain your members, employees and visitors. The same usage could apply to a traditional web site or company page. Cartoons by Rosandich have appeared in many books. A few can be seen by seen by visiting the Amazon site and typing Dan's name into the search box. If an author, needs images created, a custom created illustration that's placed at he beginning of each chapter in a book would help set the stage for the reader.

Cover designs are also something to consider which Dan also has experience with. As mentioned, all image files can be supplied quickly and effortlessly and as soon as you need them. Dan has over 40+ years experience and will adapt his drawing style to your requirements. Many of his cartoons have appeared in Reader's Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, Boys' Life, Saturday Review, The National Review, Woman's World, Good Housekeeping and Better Homes & Gardens magazines plus a variety of trade publications, newsletters and catalogs.

Of particular interest to web designers and webmasters who specialize as web editors or who may be building web sites, is a daily cartoon that is also available. You can add this daily auto-updating web cartoon very easily to any web site. All that's needed is a simple line of code that will be provided that is pasted into your html where you want the cartoon to appear. Once done, the feature is added and begins it's journey of entertaining your visitors.

All cartoons scheduled, are guaranteed 100% family-friendly. You can review 30 cartoons that are scheduled, to judge the feature itself. A new cartoon replaces the old one, every 24 hours on the web host's server where DansCartoons resides. Newspaper editors can also receive packages of cartoons if they decide to forego any syndicate usage. Visit the cartoons for newspapers page for more information. If you seek quality cartoons, cartooning services and much more, please visit and bookmark DansCartoons for all of your cartoon needs!

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