Nexgen Introduces neoPrep+

neoPrep+ for Middle School and High School English Language Learners

neoPrep+ for Middle School and High School English Language Learners

A suite of mobile courses focused on the needs of middle and high school students who require English skills to succeed in academic-learning environments.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Nexgen English Online Co. (nexgen) launched neoPrep+ a multi-level mobile English learning program. Following the release of its robust, neo+ solution for adults earlier in 2020, nexgen focused its attention on the needs of middle school and high school students who must learn English to succeed in educational programs that have English level requirements. neo's powerful and flexible ecosystem provides a fully mobile solution that adapts to each student using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced speech recognition (SR) technology.

“Educational organizations around the world can implement neoPrep+ for their in-class or remote learning needs and can track student placement, progress, scores, and certificates earned, all while learners study English from their preferred safe environment. To securely manage student records, teachers and administrators have access to neo’s powerful Universal Dashboard,” says Ian Adam, CEO of Nexgen English Online Co.

Based on 30+ years of deep data collected from over 25 million English language learners (ELLs) from around the world, neoPrep+ provides learners with the academic English skills they need to excel in subjects like math, science, and history, as well as with the conversational skills needed for a school’s social environment. “In addition to its focus on academic listening and speaking, neoPrep+ develops reading skills and strategies through highly interactive text-based activities,” says Dr. Andrew Blasky, head of product development.

neoPrep+ is part of neo’s impressive ecosystem which includes the neo Study App, a robust AI- and SR-driven application that allows learners to advance at their own pace and move forward only when they have mastered the skills for each level; neo Live, an integrated online one-on-one coaching platform, which enables private coaching sessions with native or bilingual coaches to help accelerate the speed of fluency; and myneo App, a productivity app designed to help learners stay focused on their English-language goals by keeping all of their neoPrep+ information in one place.

nexgen provides learners with internationally accepted English certification from DynEd International. Certification levels are fully-aligned to the Common Europe Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) and correlate with widely known English-proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. Each of the 11 CEFR levels in neoPrep+ takes three months or less to complete.

About nexgen
nexgen is a Silicon-Valley company based in San Jose, California. nexgen is dedicated to providing English language learners with sophisticated learning content, which when combined with real-time advanced AI allows learners to achieve their English goals–guaranteed.

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Mercy College & Rockland Community College Announce Dual Admission Agreement to Foster Seamless Academic Transition

Mercy College President Tim Hall and Rockland Community College President Dr. Michael Baston signed a dual admission agreement on November 30th.

Mercy College President Tim Hall and Rockland Community College President Dr. Michael Baston signed a dual admission agreement on November 30th.

Rockland Community College is based in Rockland County New York.

Rockland Community College is based in Rockland County New York.

Mercy College is located in Westchester County, New York

Mercy College is located in Westchester County, New York

Rockland Community College and Mercy College have signed a Dual Admission Pathway agreement, allowing for seamless transfer to junior standing.

Students want to stay local and receive an affordable education. We want to ensure they have access to as many opportunities as possible regardless of the career path they choose.”

— Dr. Michael A. Baston, President of Rockland Community College

SUFFERN, NEW YORK, USA, December 1, 2020 / — Rockland Community College and Mercy College have signed a Dual Admission Pathway agreement, allowing students to have a seamless transfer process from RCC to Mercy College and enabling students to transfer with junior standing. The agreement, signed on November 30th by both College Presidents, will commence for the spring 2021 college term.

As part of the agreement, Rockland Community College students must fulfill particular requirements, regarding GPA, prerequisites, clinical experience, etc. that may be in place for certain academic programs at the College, including Communication Disorders, Design and Animation, Music Production and Recording Arts, Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Social Work, and Veterinary Technology with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 will be guaranteed acceptance to Mercy College.

For the transfer students, a maximum of 60 credits from an Associate degree (A.A. or A.S.) will be applied toward the completion of the relevant Mercy Bachelor’s degree programs. A maximum of 75 credits can be applied toward the completion of the articulated bachelor’s degree. Additionally, multiple scholarships from Mercy College will be available to eligible transfer students.

“This partnership provides RCC students a seamless pathway to the next level of their educational journey and receive a four-year degree at Mercy College,” said Mercy College President Tim Hall. “This is a wonderful partnership between two institutions who share a similar mission to serve students and prepare future leaders in our shared community."

President Timothy Hall also noted that RCC graduates have more 90 degrees and programs to choose from at Mercy; opportunities to get involved in more than 40 clubs and organizations across three campuses in Dobbs Ferry, the Bronx, and Manhattan. In addition, all transfer students will receive a PACT mentor that will help them navigate degree requirements, register for classes, track academic progress and develop leadership skills.

"This is an exciting partnership that will benefit Rockland Community College students,” said Dr. Michael A. Baston, president, Rockland Community College. “We are living during a time when students want to stay local, receive an affordable education, and be prepared for a viable career. One of our main goals is to ensure that RCC students receive a strong foundation here at RCC and have access to as many opportunities as possible regardless of the career path they choose. This agreement with Mercy College provides our students the ability to easily transfer to a prestigious four-year institution and take the next step in their career journey,” states Dr. Baston.

RCC students committing to Mercy will have access to academic counselors to maximize course offerings and to ensure a smooth transfer process. Transfer students will also be able to tap into thousands of internship and career placement opportunities offered through Mercy’s Department of Career Services.

During the Zoom call where the agreement was signed by both presidents, Dr. Michael Baston presented Tim Hall with a certificate commemorating the donation of 100 trees to be planted in upstate New York to celebrate the partnership that he hopes will help students grow, thrive, and succeed. Hall said he was honored by the gift and that it demonstrated the living relationship between the two institutions which would benefit students across the region.

About Mercy College: Mercy College is committed to providing motivated students the opportunity to transform their lives through higher education by offering liberal arts and professional programs in personalized and high quality learning environments, thus preparing students to embark on rewarding careers, to continue learning throughout their lives and to act ethically and responsibly in a changing world. More information can be found at

About Rockland Community College: Rockland Community College, State University of New York, offers a safe, supportive learning environment for thousands of students from diverse backgrounds who appreciate small class sizes and personal attention from a distinguished, award-winning faculty that includes Fulbright scholars and SUNY Distinguished Professors. Thanks to the school’s affordable tuition, students who begin their career journey at RCC and then transfer to a four-year college can save up to $100,000 on their education. RCC is also proud to provide career training and professional development to adult learners looking to change careers or upgrade their skills through its Career Skills Academy. More information can be found at
# # #

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Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Discusses the Value of Doctors Without Borders

Leah Boone Howard

Leah Boone Howard

Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Discusses the Value of Doctors Without Borders

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — When It Comes to Medical Charity, There Are Few Organizations That Can Compare to Doctors Without Borders and Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Is Here To Discuss its Benefits

During the past few years, there have been major advances when it comes to medical diagnostic and treatment options. At the same time, there are still countless people who go without the healthcare they need on a regular basis. This is where Doctors Without Borders is beneficial. This is an organization that is dedicated to providing medical care to underserved populations. Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County is an industry expert and is here to discuss the major benefits of this charitable organization.

Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Discusses the Medical Care Provided by Doctors Without Borders

First, it is important to discuss the medical care provided by Doctors Without Borders. Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County knows that the medical care this organization provides to underserved parts of the world is essential. Without Doctors Without Borders, Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County knows that there are countless individuals who would die from diseases and illnesses that are otherwise preventable. The organization works hard to procure essential treatments for diseases that are rarely seen in the developed world. In this manner, Doctors Without Borders is saving lives.

Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Discusses The Training Provided by Doctors Without Borders

In addition, Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County knows that the training provided by Doctors Without Borders is essential. Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County knows that the field of medicine is only as great as the next generation of doctors who are on the horizon. Doctors Without Borders generously takes in younger doctors and allows them to train with the program. Younger doctors have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world to see what medical care is like in these locations. Furthermore, Doctors Without Borders also provides inspiration for younger doctors to join the organization as well.

Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County Discusses the Awareness Raised by Doctors Without Borders

Finally, it is also important to discuss the awareness that Doctors Without Borders is raising for some serious issues in the field of medicine. Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County knows that many of these issues would be overlooked without someone bringing attention to the disparities in healthcare. Doctors Without Borders consistently works to educate the medical field and the general public about the massive disparities that still exist in the world of healthcare today. While Leah Boone Howard Montgomery County is not sure what the future holds when it comes to medicine, she continues to encourage medical professionals to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. There are few experiences that can truly compare to serving the underserved, providing them with medical care they nee to survive. 

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Dr. David Hastings shares worrying statistics surrounding human impact on the world's oceans

Retired college professor Dr. David Hastings presents an alarming insight into the devastating impact of humans on the ocean environment.

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , December 1, 2020 / — A direct result of pollution, overfishing, and ocean acidification, among other causes, only 13 percent of the planet's oceans are now believed to be pristine, unaffected by the harm caused by industrial activities, human activities, and increased greenhouse gases which cause global warming. That's according to marine geochemist, chemical oceanographer, and retired college professor Dr. David Hastings as he offers a closer look at the ongoing damage occurring to the world's precious ocean environments.

"In a 2018 study, researchers reported that almost all of the planet's oceans had been negatively affected to some degree by human impact," reveals retired college professor and environmental advocate Dr. David Hastings, referring to a study undertaken by UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission – the first systematic, planet-wide analysis of the ocean environment ever to be carried out on such a scale.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization study, first published just over two years ago, found that only 13 percent of the world's oceans—largely in the remote Pacific and at the poles—remained untouched by what the specialized UN agency called at the time, 'damaging impacts of humanity,' Dr. David Hastings reports.

More worrying still, Dr. David Hastings goes on to point out, is that indicators show that the situation continues to deteriorate since the publication of the report. About two and a half years later, it is believed that the figure is now closer to 10 percent, as far as untouched portions of the world's crucial ocean environments are concerned, could now be closer to just 10 percent, according to the retired college professor.

An alarming reflection of the devastating damage caused by colossal fishing fleets, pollution from land, air, and elsewhere, global shipping, climate change, and more, these and countless other aspects of human impact mean that the planet's precious seas have never been in more grave danger, says Dr. David Hastings. "So little untouched wilderness remains in our oceans that, if we don't act now, we risk losing entire swathes of the vibrant life which calls this vast ecosystem home," Dr. Hastings reveals.

Keen to share a number of further worrying statistics surrounding human impact on the world's oceans, Dr. David Hastings also goes on to reveal that so-called dead zones in the planet's seas have quadrupled since 1950. "Half of the world's oceans are now industrially fished, too," adds the expert. Never before in human history have our seas been so under threat, says retired college professor Dr. Hastings.

"We must fight, for nature's sake, to stop further damage, and work to repair the harm that's been done already," adds the conservationist and marine geochemist. "If we're to ensure the future of our oceans and the ecological processes that take place across our seascapes—something that's central to how our climate and, indeed, our entire planet functions—we must act now," he goes on, "or risk witnessing the inevitable knock-on effects which will likely be drastic and bring with them all manner of other dire consequences."

Conservationist Dr. David Hastings is a marine geochemist, chemical oceanographer, and retired college professor. Outside of his conservation efforts and his work within marine science, Dr. David Hastings enjoys singing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. He currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.

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Become a Home Nurse Entrepreneur with New Online Learning Programs

Health Wealth Academy nursing business home healthcare

The Health and Wealth Academy offers what you need to know for pursuing a business in nursing!

DaveTheNurse Nurse Entrepreneur home healthcare business

DaveTheNurse, a Nurse Entrepreneur, is now offering online courses to help people start nursing businesses.

The Health and Wealth Academy offers courses designed to educate nursing professionals and entrepreneurs on how to pursue a business in nursing.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — A new online learning system for aspiring home nursing entrepreneurs is launching online this week to help RNs, Nursing Students and other healthcare professionals to become their own boss in entrepreneurial ventures.

The Health & Wealth Academy is a new online video teaching system that offers courses, lessons and positive inspiration to nurses and other healthcare workers to learn how to launch their own businesses utilizing their healthcare background. It’s an all-in-one education and teaching opportunity for those healthcare nurses looking to advance into home healthcare work.

Designed by active entrepreneurs and experienced medical and healthcare professionals, The Health & Wealth Academy is aimed at nurses and other healthcare professionals eager to move their career into new entrepreneurial pursuits. Typical users might include:
* Current Nurse entrepreneurs (under 3 years)
* Seasoned entrepreneurs (3+years)
* New entrepreneurs (do not have to be a clinical entrepreneur)
* New or current nursing graduates or those thinking of becoming a nurse

The courses at The Health & Wealth Academy are run by Dave Soltau aka DaveTheNurse, a Registered Nurse and entrepreneur who inspires, educates and guides nurses and aspiring entrepreneurs. DaveTheNurse has deep experience in being an entrepreneur and a nursing professional. Dave’s goal is to use his teaching methods and online courses to create both a confident clinician and help grow a successful nursing business.

The Health & Wealth Academy offers a series of informative online courses. Check out the free Starter Course to see what it’s all about, or jump right into the VIP Master Course Bundle, which includes everything you need to Start A Nurse Staffing Company.
There is also a library of courses that dive into a wide variety of topics, like:
* how to plan a business
* preparing to launch your nurse staffing business,
* keys to marketing for success and
* how to staff and train employees.

If you are a healthcare professional working in nursing, immunization, corporate wellness, hospital work or similar, and are looking to become an entrepreneur, then look to joining The Health & Wealth Academy. Becoming a member can help you utilize your healthcare background into becoming an entrepreneur from the knowledge and insights you will gain in its informative online videos and related content.

Are you asking yourself these questions?
* What are you looking for in your life and career?
* Do you want to move ahead?
* Are you seeking a more fulfilling mission for yourself in this life?
* Are you looking to transition into a new opportunity, a new career and a new life?

If you answered yes to these questions, and you are transitioning from the medical and healthcare industry, then The Health and Wealth Academy has the information you need to achieve your goals! Learn more today at

Dave Soltau
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Shooting Out the Gate With a 5 Star Rating the Book Perfect Passing Is the Truth in Grading a QB’s Passing Performance

Perfect Passing

Perfect Passing gives you a better understanding why today's QB rating are failing and collapsing featuring the RPRS the only system that is 100 % accurate

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Coming out the gate on Amazon with a 5-star rating in its second week. The Book Perfect Passing is the truth Featuring the RPRS the only passer rating system that grades a quarterback's passing performances with 100 percent accuracy and can prove its accuracy. See it destroy the NFL passer rating system in a head-to-head battle on passing efficiency and put all 77 members of the 158.33 club in order 1 to 77 showing who is the best passer is of all time. The RPRS grades perfection at its maximum that way you will always know who the best is.

Perfect Passing supplies you with the knowledge of why the other systems are failing and collapsing. The RPRS is so accurate you can see the accuracy in the passer's standings. With skills, the RPRS has truly made it without a doubt the true standard in grading a quarterback's passing performances. The keys are here are you ready to drive this car.


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Introducing the Smart Career Planner: The Number One Resource To Visualize and Pave a Path To Success

Smart Career Planner

Smart Career Planner Provides A Guided Process Helping Thousands Turn Their Dreams Into A Reality

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 1, 2020 / — The digital age has transformed the way individuals and corporations conduct business and reach their goals. That being said, some of the most beneficial tactics used to visualize, strategize, and track success remains physical. Ragid Kader, technology evangelist and certified career coach know this necessity first hand. In 2016 Ragid was in a period of personal growth where he designed an effective and efficient method to streamline his growth and success through creating his self-help guided planner. After seeing massive success in his own life and personal journey, Ragid sought to share his tactics with the world and is proud to announce the release of the Smart Career Planner.

Available on Amazon, and directly through the website, the Smart Career Planner is rapidly becoming the hottest commodity for career growth as the well-designed roadmap to finding massive success. As every successful professional will explain, there is far more involved with success than meets the eye. Ragid’s exclusive method guides users on how to properly visualize, strategize, and integrate a mindset that involves every area of one’s life.

This unique planner has enough space to cover 18 weeks and includes a weekly task planner, reviews, and daily updates to make this a well-curated scheduler for any vision. Smart Career Planner is meant to help driven individuals figure out which way they want their career to go, create a vision, define the short and long-term goals, and incorporate them into both work and lifestyle.
This one-of-a-kind strategy planner helps users stay focused, resulting in increased productivity and better time management. Some of the key sections the planner features include:

– Weekly priority planning sections to focus your work on your most important goals.
– Weekly reflection sections to track steady improvement.
– Career development competencies and strategy assessments
– Personal development checklist
– Work/life balance assessment to keep every area of life immersed in the success planning
– A Habit Planner section that will lead users to set and achieve goals in their career, and also their personal life; bringing healthier habits and positive daily rituals into one’s life.

“My mentors always taught me that my successes would be delighted by helping others achieve their dream careers. I created this smart Career Planner in 2016. It started as a personal planner to self-organize, set career goals, and create a plan to achieve them. Once I realized the results from my planner, I wanted to help others to get benefit from it as well. I wanted to motivate them and tell them loud & clear, “You’re only a good plan away from your goal, your dream career.” -Ragid Kader, Founder & Creator of Smart Career Planner

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping others succeed; Ragid’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Smart Career Planner.

To learn more about the Smart Career Planner, please visit:

About Smart Career Planner

Smart Career Planner is the world’s number one self-help resource to help individuals pave a path to success in their careers. Founded in 2016 and developed by Ragid Kader, technology evangelist and certified career coach based in Dubai, the Smart Career Planner is designed to inspire technology enthusiasts, and help them explore related career opportunities to solve the most demanding business challenges. The vision for the Smart Career Planner Bega when Ragid Kader created his guided journal to organize his tasks, set career goals, and create an efficient plan to achieve those goals. The Smart Career Planner does exactly what its name suggests: motivates you to create a smart career plan for your next best move.



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Songwriter Says His Song About Defeated, Outgoing President Trump is "To Help America Sing Again and Re-Unite"

James E. Shaw Photo

The Song "Trumpty Dumpty" is to Help Americans Ponder How Trump, a Tyrant and Mocker of Democracy, Even Made it to the White House

Trump should be served with lawsuits for dereliction of duty and negligent manslaughter over his incompetent, ignorant mishandling of the COVID virus that has cost this nation nearly 300,000 lives.”

— James E. Shaw, Ph.D.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Concerned and disturbed about events in the White House since President Trump’s 2020 meteoric campaign loss, James E. Shaw wrote the music and lyrics for “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” The song is registered with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) and distributed by iTunes, Pandora, AmazonMusic, GooglePlayMusic, and some 46 other internet music-streaming sites. The song pulls no punches as Shaw’s group EARTH DANCE’s Puerto Rico-born singer belts out the sizzling hot lyrics amid a searing cha-cha dance beat.

Shaw says “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” “is a protest song to remind all Americans” that "democracy is a precious tool" that led to the "overwhelming and irreversible defeat of Trump." Shaw says, "Fake President Donald Trump is the biggest loser and unparalleled–a virtually thoughtless anti-American tyrant who crossed political borders" and, sadly, "forged his alliances with white supremacists and erected his own personal wall to shut out the nation’s minorities , diverse cultures, and anything else that frightens him.”

Shaw says that American people have a “well-documented history of virtually, automatically” learning and predicating their responsive behaviors around national protest songs that eventually become classic anthems. “If one analyzes popular American songs, including protest songs, there are ideas, truisms, calls to action, and a foundational spirit inspired and cemented by optimism and faith inherent in almost all of America’s renowned songs.” Shaw says, “I am deeply appreciative” that American protest song icon, Bob Dylan, “tweeted me that he likes my song, ’Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!’”

Shaw says, “I am honored that The U.S.A. Songwriting Competition has presented me with its “Finalist” award, and that a host of internet music-streaming websites have signed on to distribute “Tumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great.” Shaw adds: “What more can a songwriter ask than for listeners to sing and dance to spoken truths embellished by powerful rhythms and true events-based lyrics, eloquently and elegantly conveyed by a group such as EARTH DANCE? Protest songs are an American tradition, and what a great American tradition we have, without a doubt, in our United States!" Shaw's song ends with the singer telling Trump that the people want him to go back to where he came from.

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Rochelle Lee of Pivot Consulting & Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 1, 2020 / — To be able to pivot is the ability to adapt and shift our thinking and perspectives.

Rochelle Lee is the founder of Pivot Consulting & Coaching, dedicated to supporting individuals to reach their full potential. Through counselling and therapy services to clients of all ages, as well as life coaching and professional development services, Rochelle assists individuals in moving forward to meet their goals and create meaning in their lives.

“With the pandemic, we've all had to pivot very quickly to a new normal,” says Rochelle. “I'm finally able to follow my passion to blend these services and help people.”

Though she began her career as a social worker with the intention to focus on therapy, Rochelle has spent the last 20 years in leadership positions, including director of children's mental health at a hospital in Ontario.

Five years ago, she was introduced to coaching and embraced the coaching modality. The pandemic offered Rochelle an opportunity to reinvent herself.

“Coaching is very forward-focused,” says Rochelle. “Part of my job is to say let's just have a conversation. Maybe therapy is not what you need. Maybe you know what your vision is, but you need help getting there.”

As a coach, Rochelle assists individuals in moving forward to meet their goals and create meaning in their lives. She asks her clients powerful open-ended questions to shift their thinking.

“When you connect with a person on a human level, you're creating space for them to share their story,” says Rochelle. “A skilled coach or counselor is usually able to dissect what is said and what is left unsaid. One of the fundamentals in coaching is that the client already has the answer, so it’s about empowering people to find their own solutions. The most rewarding part is seeing the light bulb go off in someone's head, the Aha! moment where they find power.”

As a consultant, Rochelle offers transformative professional development and training services for midsize to large organizations in the areas of leadership and building positive workplace culture.

“In leadership positions, you have to be able to pivot very quickly because anything can be thrown your way,” says Rochelle. “We need people in the world who are ready and willing to put on their armor and step up to the plate to help people do that.”

Close Up Radio will feature Rochelle Lee in an interview with Jim Masters on December 3rd at 12pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on December 10th at 12pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit

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El 48 A Disruptive Virtual Reality Experience Gives Vivid New Life to Crucial History

El 48, an interactive VR experience, recreates the moment Costa Rica’s President, José
Figueres Ferrer struck the wall of the Cuartel Bellavista.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Spark Media has just unveiled El 48, a museum experience like no other. In an event billed as “una experiencia para revivir la historia” (an experience to relive history) Costa Rican museum-goers are taking their first-ever leap into a fully immersive, 360 virtual reality experience. Using state-of-the art Oculus Quest 2 head-mounted displays, viewers can interactively navigate simulated environments where they freely peruse and virtually move toward a dramatic historical climax, crafting their own unique experience along the way. With realistic character animations and game mechanics, users are transported across seven decades to a mid 20th-century present that finds President José Figueres Ferrer moments away from his fateful sledgehammer strike on the stone walls of the country’s largest military fortress.

Spark’s virtual reality exhibit is a first in Costa Rica, making El 48 a historical event in its own right. El 48 premiers December 1st at the National Museum, formerly known as the Cuartel Bellavista. The VR experience is the brainchild of Andrea Kalin, founder and creative director of Spark Media. In 2016 Kalin wrote, produced, and directed the award-winning feature documentary, First Lady of the Revolution, the remarkable story of Henrietta Boggs, a young Southern woman who fell in love with a foreign land and the man destined to transform its identity. Her marriage to Jose ‘Don Pepe’ Figueres Ferrer in 1941 led to a decade-long journey through activism, exile, political upheaval and, ultimately lasting progressive reforms.
Kalin describes the vision behind her latest project: "In El 48, Don Pepe's avatar turns to offer that famous hammer to the user and declares, ‘It's your turn.’ Our goal is to encourage more and more people to take their turn, to break down the walls that separate us. No other medium allows for such a visceral experience and conveys this transcendent story more richly to a new generation.”

El 48 and First Lady of the Revolution Producer, James Mirabello adds:
“To understand that momentous event on December 1st 1948, we need to actually put ourselves in the moment. That is the true educational value of virtual reality”

El 48 is an international and historic project that has received the "Evento Esencial Costa Rica" seal of approval from the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency. The goal of this groundbreaking VR experience is to broaden project participation to international festivals, interactive virtual reality meetings, educational settings and, of course, virtual social spaces where everyone can experience and be inspired.

Exhibiting in virtual reality: A timely first for Costa Rica
El 48 will be the first VR exhibit in any Costa Rican museum, and the first anywhere that explores one of the most impactful moments in the country’s history which continues to inspire the world.

Rocio Fernandez, the General Director of the country’s National Museum explains "Offering innovative educational experiences is always a challenge for museums. EL 48 is an innovative way to appreciate one of the most significant historic events in the democratic history of Latin America.”
In COVID times, safety of the experience is paramount. The Oculus Quest VR equipment will be sterilized by a UV-light disinfection chamber, newly designed by Plasma Innova for decontaminating N95 masks. The UV-light chamber deeply and quickly disinfects without using chemicals, damaging surfaces or affecting electronic components.

A fusion of U.S. and Costa Rican talent
Spark Media produced El 48 in association with the Costa Rican studio UXR Tech and prominent Costa Rican journalist Glenda Umaña, assembling a leading-edge production team that combined VR and 360 technology with artistry and narrative filmmaking.

Reinaldo Venegas, general manager of UXR Tech shares that, "El 48 represents a new standard. It has been an honor for my team to contribute 100% Costa Rican talent in the creation, production and logistics.”

Umaña highlights that “When Andrea Kalin asked me to be part of this extraordinary project, I was really excited. It is an innovative and intimate way for all generations, both in our country and abroad, to experience that dramatic moment when the army was abolished.”

“All are invited to enjoy the journey.” Kalin concludes, “Now more than ever we need vision, tenacity and perseverance."
The El 48 experience is free and open to the general public at the National Museum of Costa Rica this December and in January 2021. In Spring 2021, it will tour internationally and will be made available on a broad spectrum of VR and 360 video platforms.

About Spark Media
Andrea Kalin is an accomplished filmmaker, creative thinker, ​digital innovator and founder of Spark Media, an award-winning production company that specializes in producing documentaries and digital media projects that impact social change. Under Kalin’s helm, Spark Media has garnered over 100 industry awards for its productions, including a Prime Time Emmy and Golden Globe and WGA nominations. Spark's seasoned team has developed educational games, mobile apps, interactive websites, and has recently received a series of grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop Search for Harmony, an educational game fusing history, classical music composition and forgotten musical prodigies of color.

Spark Media's documentary, First Lady of the Revolution, the inspiration for El 48, was broadcast as part of PBS’ Reel South series and aired on PBS’ World Channel. Each month PBS reaches nearly 100 million people through television and nearly 33 million online. The documentary also enjoyed a theatrical run on commercial screens in Costa Rica and Mexico. The film garnered ten documentary awards on the film festival circuit including Best Documentary and Audience Choice awards. First Lady of the Revolution, is also the centerpiece of a groundbreaking agreement among Spark Media, the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and the Centro de Cine, allowing the film to be enjoyed at embassies and consulates around the world to celebrate the abolishment of Costa Rica’s standing army. To date, the film has been screened over 25 times in 22 different countries and has been translated into 10 languages.

Lisi Linares
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