The Science of Colors: Do you have a Viking vision?

Viking Vision and Haidinger’s Brush

Haidinger’s Brush by DervalResearch

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The Vikings were able to see the magnetic field of earth. One of the many insights unveiled in the new online course The Science of Colors by DervalResearch.

Not all people are subject to the Haidinger's Brush illusion, but Vikings used it for navigation purposes as the gold highlights the magnetic field of earth.”

— Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, Chair of DervalResearch

TALLINN, ESTONIA, November 23, 2020 / — Assassin’s Creed series created by Ubisoft sold 255 million games and the recently launched Valhalla saga is breaking new records, immersing players in the world of Vikings. The legendary navigators harnessed a powerful optical phenomenon: the Haidinger’s Brush.

Researcher in sensory perception, Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, Chair of DervalResearch and Springer Nature author explains “The Haidinger’s Brush occurs especially on a clear sky, when the macula in the center of the retina is turning part of the overwhelming blue light into gold. Not all people are subject to this illusion, but Vikings for instance used it for navigation purposes as the gold highlights the magnetic field of earth.”

Prof. Derval also inventor of the Derval Color Test sensation, taken by over 10 million people worldwide to assess their vision of color nuances confirms “In French, we say some people have a compass in the eye, which means they always find their way. Vikings, like pigeons, migrating birds, but also wolves, monkeys, and sea otters, had the ability to perceive magnetic fields, but only under blue light conditions, as it involves eye receptors responding to ultra-violet. So you have to imagine that the Vikings were equipped with a windshield—their retina—where navigation data was displayed (maybe in the form of blue or golden paths) so that they could comfortably auto-pilot towards their target destination.”

The Magnetic Sense is one of the many insights concentrated in The Science of Colors course, that finally provides scientific answers to questions like:
– Why do some people prefer blue to red?
– How come some people prefer matte over shiny?
– Why do some people stick to black and white?
– What makes Louboutin shoes and sportscars so popular?
– What makes Tiffany blue so appealing?
– Can everybody perceive virtual reality and 3D?

“Just finished the online course The Science of Colors: from Product to Experience Design developped by DervalResearch. Really interesting findings and insights about colors. For example, Pantone 1837 or better known as Tiffany & Co. blue has been in the spotlight lately. No doubt it is a beautiful and well recognisable color but on top of that it is special because of the Haidinger's Brush effect, as explained in the course” shares Aiste Mudenaite, Luxury marketing manager, ISM/INSEEC Paris, and LVMH alumni.

Illustrated with anecdotes, real business cases (from fashion, packaging, gaming, automotive), and fun yet clear scientific explanations, the course guides marketers, designers, product managers, and innovators in developing clever product and customer experience strategies.
The Science of Colors course comes in a micro-learning Espresso 45mn format + certificate for $35 – iversity offers special packages for corporations and academia. Icing on the cake, the Science of Colors course has also just been released as a $65 bundle with latest Prof. Derval’s book “Designing Luxury Brands” – book recommended by Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management “Once again, I am very impressed with Diana Derval's new book. Through lively case studies, powerful marketing tools, and inspiring neuroscientific findings, she manages to explain the whys behind luxury mysteries. Designing luxury brands is a must read for both industry leaders and learners.”

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