Business is Expanding for the Hobby of Collecting Stock and Bond Certificates (Scripophily) during the Pandemic

Scripophily - The Gift of History

Scripophily – The Gift of History

Bear Stearns

Bear Stearns

Collect U. S. Savings Bonds

Collect U. S. Savings Bonds

Hobby of Collecting Stock and Bond Certificates (Scripophily) Makes a Great Gift for the Holidays. We Buy and Sell Old Stock and Bond Certificates.

Business is Booming for the in Collecting Historic Stock and Bond Certificates (Scripophily) during the Pandemic”

— Bob Kerstein, Founder

FAIRFAX, VA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 / —® / RM Smythe®, the Internet’s largest buyer and seller of collectible stock and bond certificates has seen its business change significantly since the pandemic began and families are homebound. "We are excited in the increased interest in the hobby of Scripophily and believe the educational value will help educate young and old investors as to how companies issue stocks and bonds," said Bob Kerstein, Founder of

Parents are using collectible stock and bond certificates as learning tools to explain to their kids how the stock market works. These authentic historical stock certificates conveyed real economic value in a pre-digital age. Many of the businesses featured on the certificates were central to economic and political change in the United States. Due to the computer age, more and more stock and bonds are issued electronically, which means fewer paper certificates are being issued. As a result, the supply of paper certificates is decreasing. has had items on loan for display in museums around the world including the Museum of Financial History in New York, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. has also partnered with the Museum of American Finance on stock giveaways for New York area teachers and students.

Scripophily,com has been featured on CNBC, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Nightline, Today Show, Baltimore Sun, and Washington Post and in many other media publications. is the world’s #1 old stock research service at / and offers high resolution scans for publications and has over 16,500 selections on its website.'s RM Smythe Research Service is the world's leading provider of Old Stock and Bond Research Services,'s Old Company Research is the successor to all material published by the Marvyn Scudders Manuals, the Robert D. Fisher Manuals, and Herzog & Co., Inc. obsolete research services, which have been performed continuously since 1880. Our clients include attorneys, CPA's, corporations, institutions, stock brokers, trustees, estates, banks, executors, museums and individual stock and bond certificate holders worldwide. Company Research Service is the successor company to R.M. Smythe stock research service, and the Herzog & Co., Inc. obsolete stock research services. These services have been performed continuously for over 140 years since 1880. and Old Company Stock Research Services was founded by Bob Kerstein ( Bob is a CPA and CGMA, and has more than 42 years of senior management experience in the Cellular, Cable TV, Satellite, Internet, Professional Sports and Entertainment Industries. He is also the president of the Professional Scripophily Traders Association (PSTA) and a director of the International Bond and Share Society. Bob is also a member of the AICPA, Chartered Global Management Accountants, California Society of CPAs and the Virginia Society of CPAs. For more information, visit or call 703-787-3552.

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