Ashra Bennett of Ashra Global to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2020 / — Happiness is a by-product of being in a state of joy connected to self. In the space of allowance gratitude becomes exponential. Everything becomes a state of joy because we are allowing ourselves to be in present in the now.

Ashra Bennett advocates transformational change.

Ashra is a transformational sacred divine feminine embodiment coach, 7th generation Seer, Channel and the founder of Ashra Global.

After nearly two decades in corporate executive leadership working with thousands of direct reports, today, Ashra works with women around the world to integrate intuition and embodied wisdom into their everyday lives.

“I love working with the human spirit, bringing the best out of women and helping them unlock their highest potential,” says Ashra. “Too often, we're not actually operating in our true essence. We're allowing something or someone else to define our value. So it’s about stepping into that embodied state where there are no limitations. We’re not allowing the externalities of what the world commands to change who we need to be. If we can do that, we unlock our ability to be in a state of truest self, leading from heart and cease operating from fear.”

Ashra says the women who work her share “courageous conversations.”

“Those conversations are challenging and always unique as the women sharing them,” says Ashra. “A lot of it is around self-worth, self-validation, self-identity, self-acceptance. Who am I in the world? Well, who do you want to be? What does that look like? What do you want to experience and who do you want to share those experiences with? What legacy are you building? Sitting in your vulnerability. That’s where transformation begins.”

According to Ashra, our bodies is our greatest barometer of truth and transparency. We live very busy lives, juggling many roles in the home and in the community. Falsely we believe there's no time for downtime or introspection. It becomes a muscle that we must be willingly curious to develop. When we do, we can be attuned to the body in ways that confidently gift clarity on what to lead with intuitively, emotionally, intellectually in physicality.

“The more you can be more present with what your body needs, the acknowledgement that it needs, the more you can change your inner-reality,” says Ashra. “You are the driver of your destiny. If you change your inner-reality, new realities reveal themselves in the externality of the world you live in.”

Ashra explains that every women connects uniquely. As we all meet each moment in time in our life as far as we are ready to meet ourselves. No two people see the world exactly the same, nor should they. That's what makes women so uniquely individual in their own self-empowerment when they know how to access it.

Ashra shares: “I believe everyone should be treated uniquely as they are and that they are sacred in who they are and how they show up.”

Close Up Radio will feature Ashra Bennett in an interview with Jim Masters on October 20th at 12pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on October 27th at 12pm EST.

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