A Mature Perspective on Asian Martial Traditions: New Anthologies

Some Western Pioneers in Asian Martial Arts

Newest anthology by Via Media Publishing, publishing in November 2020.

An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts

Cover of An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts, published in October 2020.

Martial and Healing Traditions of India

Cover of Martial and Healing Traditions of India, published in October 2020.

SANTA FE, NM, USA, October 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Founded 1992, the quarterly Journal of Asian Martial Arts built a world-wide reputation for articles based on high academic standards and practical experience in the martial traditions. The journal was also published in Greece and Spain. Facing an economic crisis and the rapid growth of the internet, Via Media Publishing ceased publishing it in 2012. The more than five hundred articles published in the journal are valuable to any serious scholar and practitioner interested in the Asian martial traditions. Thus, anthologies started to be published in order to keep the material available.

Since 2012 Via Media has published nearly sixty anthologies, each focusing on specific categories of styles, usually by geographic origin including China, Japan, Korean, and Southeast Asia. Some are organized by academic disciplines. These include topics relating to health, women, conditioning, business, enforcement, weaponry, literature and movies. The recently published anthologies are titled: Martial and Healing Traditions of India, An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts, and Some Western Pioneers in Asian Martial Traditions.

Martial arts are usually portrayed in the media with great hyperbole and often in either a cartoonish or a violent fashion. The anthologies published by Via Media offer an alternative, presenting all aspects of Asian martial traditions. The truely combative aspects include the practical skills for self-defense, law enforcement, and military training. Such applications reflect the original purpose of the combative arts. The centuries of development proved these arts also have other uses, especially for nourishing health. Many today choose to study a martial are purely as an exercise. Others incorporate the movements into dance choreography, as in classical Asian opera or modern experimental theatre.

Anyone with a genuine interest in Asian martial traditions, especially scholars and practitioners, benefit in numerous ways by reading the anthologies, since they discuss the arts as vital threads in the fabric of cultures. The authors present all facets of the arts, including theory and practice, and the spectrum of perspectives that readers will find suiting to their personal interests. The books and anthologies by Via Media Publishing will be available at 25% discount throughout the holiday season.

Michael DeMarco
Via Media Publishing
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Video for the anthology: Martial and Healing Traditions of India

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Clifton Taulbert keynote speaker at launch of Southwest Tennessee Community College's Entrepreneurship Institute Nov. 4

American author and international businessman Clifton Taulbert will give a keynote speech at the launch of the M.O.S.T. Entrepreneurship Institute Nov. 4.

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned American author, international business consultant and acclaimed speaker Clifton L. Taulbert will be the keynote speaker at the virtual launch of Southwest Tennessee Community College’s M.O.S.T. (Men of Southwest Tennessee) Entrepreneurship Institute Nov. 4, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Taulbert is a Pulitzer nominated author of 14 books, including the international best-seller Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, selected by the U.S. government as a gift to Nelson Mandela when he was released from prison. His Eight Habits of the Heart: The Timeless Values that Build Strong Communities prompted Justice Sandra Day O’Conner to invite him to address the U.S. Supreme Court, and his The Last Train North garnered him the Doubleday New Author of the Year award and first African American to win the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award for Non-Fiction. Recognized as a thought leader on community issues, CNN invited Taulbert to the be the “Voice of the Community” at the turn of the millennium.

Taulbert also is president of the Freemount Corporation, a human capital development company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, serving clients from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, federal agencies, professional organizations and post-secondary institutions. Time Magazine recognized Taulbert as one of America’s outstanding black entrepreneurs and his consulting philosophy has been embraced by many companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Bank of America. Additionally, Taulbert is the President and CEO of Roots Java Coffee – an African American owned national coffee brand.

Project M.O.S.T., now in its 10th year, received $600,000 of renewed funding by the U.S. Department of Education’s Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI) grant to continue its efforts to help first-year African American male students adjust to the college environment, as well as aid in retention and graduation efforts. The Entrepreneurship Institute, an outgrowth of their work, is seed-funded by a $8,500 grant from Southwest’s Student Success Council and designed to infuse an entrepreneurial mindset among all students and the culture of the college through curriculum development, experiential learning opportunities, online ed2go courses, workshops, events and activities, with foundational support from faculty and community stakeholders.

“Our desire from the start in creating the institute is to enhance the retention and graduation efforts of Southwest students by introducing a new way of thinking about themselves and the world that is fueled by a spirit of enterprise,” said Kariem-Abdul Salaam, director of Project M.O.S.T. “The institute is presently for students; however, we intend to make it a permanent part of the college that the entire community can embrace as a center for entrepreneurship.”

To register for the virtual Nov. 4 kick-off event, visit Eventbrite.com and enter Entrepreneurship Institute Kick-Off or access this link:


For more information about the Entrepreneurship Institute, contact Kariem-Abdul Salaam at atksalaam@southwest.tn.edu.

Diana Fedinec
Southwest Tennessee Community College
+1 901-333-4247

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Legendary Aardvark Jazz Orchestra to Hold Livestream CD Celebration, Faces of Souls

Famed Aardvark Jazz Orchestra celebrates its 48th season this Fall

The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra’s new CD release, Faces of Souls, is a striking collection of compositions by Harvey

Mark Harvey and his Aardvark Jazz Orchestra have been called “a bracing walk on the wild side of the big band spectrum” (Jazz Times)

Renowned composer Mark Harvey will discuss his Aardvark Jazz Orchestra's new CD and play excerpts in livestream interview with jazz journalist Bob Blumenthal

Fresh….unconventional, The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra proves once more its reputation as one of the best jazz ensembles in the world.”

— Jazz Podium, Germany

CAMBRIDGE, MA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Called “stunningly beautiful and adventurous” (The New York City Jazz Record), The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra continues its 48th season with a livestream celebration of the band’s new CD, Faces of Souls on Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Distinguished jazz journalist Bob Blumenthal will interview Mark Harvey, internationally acclaimed composer and founder/director of The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra, and they’ll play excerpts from the CD. The album is a striking collection of works by Mark Harvey on themes of democracy, justice and equality, with powerful relevance today. Faces of Souls is Aardvark’s 16th CD and the band’s 10th release on Leo Records, one of the world’s leading independent labels.

The event is sponsored by MIT Music and Theater Arts and is free an open to the public, and everyone is invited to a Live Zoom reception after the event. Registration is required. Click here to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aardvark-virtual-livestream-interview-and-cd-release-tickets-124432792833

Jean Buzelin (CultureJazz.Fr) hailed the new CD, Faces of Souls, writing: “The most beautiful big band in the world…Mark Harvey has an uncanny mastery for balancing and opposing orchestral masses, and he daringly creates unusual associations and complex rhythms. His orchestra “rings,” the nuances stand out, the colors vibrate, the power is expressed fully.” Troy Dostert (Free Jazz Collective) called the album "expansive…gorgeous…stirring."

Faces of Souls takes listeners on a captivating journey through seven of Harvey’s masterful compositions, from elegies that draw on small-ensemble work, to sweeping orchestral masterpieces that weave complex tapestries of harmonies, rhythms, colors and textures. Harvey’s brilliant cast of musicians, many with 30+ years on the Aardvark bandstand, shine equally in consummate section work and inspired solos. The title track takes its inspiration from the Shaw Memorial in Boston, Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ powerful sculpture of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and his 54th Massachusetts Regiment, who were among the first African Americans to fight in the Civil War. The other pieces expand on the album’s themes of social justice and democratic values.

Click here to register for The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra's November 15 Livestream CD celebration:

Founded in 1973, The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra has premiered more than 180 works, and has performed extensively in clubs, concert halls, festivals, colleges, universities, and other venues. Praised for “exuberance, imagination and sheer brio” (Jazz Review, UK), the band has been called “one of the best jazz ensembles in the world” (Jazz Podium, Germany). Aardvark guest artists have included such notables as Sheila Jordan, Jaki Byard, Ricky Ford, Geri Allen, Jimmy Giuffre, Matt Savage and Dominique Eade. The orchestra is managed by Americas Musicworks. Visit the Aardvark Facebook page.

Founder and music director Mark Harvey, winner of the 2019 Roy Haynes Award, has performed as trumpeter with jazz greats Claudio Roditi, Gil Evans, Howard McGhee, Kenny Dorham, Sam Rivers and others, and has recorded with George Russell and Baird Hersey. Among his 200 works are pieces written for and premiered with jazz legends Joe Lovano, Sheila Jordan, Steve Turre, Jimmy Giuffre, and Ran Blake. Dr. Harvey teaches jazz studies at MIT.

Aardvark is: Arni Cheatham, Peter H. Bloom, Phil Scarff, Chris Rakowski, and Dan Zupan, woodwinds; KC Dunbar and Jeanne Snodgrass, trumpets; Bob Pilkington, Jay Keyser, and Jeff Marsanskis, trombones; Bill Lowe, bass trombone and tuba; Richard Nelson, guitar; Rob Bethel, cello; John Funkhouser, piano and string bass; Harry Wellott, drums; Jerry Edwards and Grace Hughes, vocalists (not performing on Faces of Souls); and Mark Harvey, piano and music director. Also on the CD are Allan Chase, Michael Heller and Alex Mekelburg, woodwinds; Tom Plsek and Randy Pingrey, trombones.

Rebecca DeLamotte
Americas Musicworks
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The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra performs Mark Harvey’s piece No Walls, the band’s anthem of inclusivity

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Bren Simon: Empowering Women for a Better Global Future

Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation Logo

Continuing a legacy of respect, kindness, and compassion

Adapted from an article on BrenSimon.com regarding empowerment of women. See https://brensimon.com/empowering-women-for-a-better-global-future/ for more.

Every country deserves to have the best possible leader and that means that women have to be given a chance to compete.”

— Madeleine K. Albright

CARBONDALE, CO, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The following is adapted from a previous posting from Bren Simon regarding the empowerment of women globally. Please visit https://brensimon.com/empowering-women-for-a-better-global-future/ for more information.

What’s going on?

It’s the same story that we’ve heard for decades. Women are underrepresented. We know, we’ve heard it before, images of Rosie the Riveter are flashing in your head. Why does gender equality matter?

Despite the fact that women make up over fifty percent of the global population, they are underrepresented in governments, civil activities, and domestic decision making. While this unfortunate reality is clearly detrimental to individual females looking to make progress in their societies; it is equally harmful to society at large. When women are empowered the nation as a whole reaps the benefits.

Want to know more?

Here’s a little more food for thought. Both developing and established nations need to focus on female education. This targeted focus is critical because as female education grows, the higher levels of valuable contributions this group will be able to make within society correspondingly increase.

Additionally, it is important to lower the salary gap between men and women. By allowing women to earn to their full potential, they have more incentive to work productively and strive for new opportunities. Finally, children should be taught practices of equality and dual promotion of both sexes instead of reproducing old habits of inequality, younger populations practice what is modeled for them. Society cannot expect new generations to develop an equal perception of the genders and implement those practices if it is not modeled for them in some fashion.

Where are the facts?

The World Bank ’s World Development Report says gender equality is critical for the fiscal growth and social progression of a society. Growing the gender equality of a society has economic benefits that lead to heightened productivity. Additionally, structural development hinges on the equal participation of women.

In case you are a numbers person, gender equality grows efficiency in several tangible ways. Since women comprise about 40 percent of the world’s work force and over 50 percent of university enrollments, societal productivity will expand exponentially if these dedicated women’s aptitudes are nurtured and supported. Additionally, women have a strong track record of promoting honest operations, particularly in government. In nations where women are given opportunity for leadership a lower level of societal corruption exists. From a societal health standpoint, women are also committed to local policy that targets disadvantaged groups, giving more voice other populations needing attention.

What should we do?

Better than just talking about the problem, we have a solution.

The movement to help women can start from both the top, with the government, and from the bottom, with a groundswell of support for those seeking to move forward and contribute positively to society. From a governmental perspective, focused policies have a strong impact. By slowly integrating gender equality into current policies, governments will begin to see a global change towards improved economic development and societal progression.

Why are we involved?

We care and see an opportunity to make a difference. At The Bren & Melvin Simon Foundation, we believe that by incorporating issues of gender equality into our policy decisions and social practices, we can allow our global communities to grow and secure the benefits available when a nation’s resources are fully utilized. When women are empowered, the country reaps the benefits.

To support the goal of empowering women and achieve global benefits for society, The Bren & Melvin Simon Foundation has provided the National Democratic Institute (NDI) with funding to support global organizations in over 70 countries that help women become involved and succeed in politics. Specifically, our funding goes to support the Madeline K. Albright grant in addition to other initiatives.

NDI helps women acquire the tools necessary to participate successfully in all aspects of the political process. NDI programming ranges from challenging environments on the cusp of democracy to flourishing societies where women engage in legislatures, traditional political parties, and civil society leaders. All programming creates an environment where women can advocate on matters of policy, run for political office, be elected, govern effectively, and participate meaningfully in every facet of civic and political life.

The Bren & Melvin Simon Foundation, in coordination with NDI, is working to improve the quality of life for women, establish equal gender opportunities, and foster an environment where women can contribute and participate in all aspects of life.

“Every country deserves to have the best possible leader and that means that women have to be given a chance to compete. If they’re never allowed to compete in the electoral process then the countries are really robbing themselves of a great deal of talent.” – Madeleine K. Albright, NDI Chairman


World Development Report:


International Monetary Fund:


UN Women


Dan Rene
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Kimlin Johnson, Acclaimed Civil Rights Activist, Speaks On A Step Towards a Solution to Systemic Racism

Acclaimed Author & Civil Rights Activist Kimlin Johnson

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a Black woman, Kimlin Johnson has endured systemic racism in every aspect of her life as detailed in her book Authenticity, Accountability &. Ambitions (AAA). She believes as minorities we attempt to both ignore and pretend away the blatant systemic racism because we have bills to pay, our kid’s academics are so good or we are trying to reach our goals. Therefore, we come up with all these sayings like, 'the devil you know is better than the one you don’t, don’t leave the fire and go to the pit and many more'. All of these are just coping mechanisms because of all the responsibilities and lifestyles we have."

Johnson believes that "We as Black People have work to do in our communities. It is not just a Black or White problem, the problem is economic (#gree- What does this hashtag mean?)." Kimlin’s step towards a solution to systemic racism is financial education, wealth building & proper protection. Please join Kimlin as she hosts her first economic event on Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 12 PM PST on zoom (Zoom Meeting ID: 951-212-4075 Password: 457767). Tracie Weathers, Kimlin’s mentor and business coach, will be sharing part two of How Money Works? Tracie states, “ The new civil rights movement is all about economics." Kimlin believes, systemic racism is a major symptom of the lack of intergenerational wealth opportunities for Black people. This November 7th event is just the beginning to financially educate and elevate the mindset of all attendees.

Kimlin worked as an Engineer for over 20 years at the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and she states, “Engineers are trained to solve problems.” Throughout Kimlin’s book, AAA, she documents various experiences related to the racism she has endured. Kimlin states, “Even though I endured racism I have never gotten stuck in it. I will achieve some major goals and I am called to help the Black Community, which will ultimately help the world.” August of 2020, Kimlin celebrated the two-year anniversary of her book, "Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions" (AAA).

AAA is expertly broken up into four key sections that teach readers about the “untaught history of America,” Johnson’s personal challenges and triumphs as a strong Black woman, mother, and wife, as well as a myriad of ways that Black Americans can empower each other and themselves. AAA uncovers a raw Kimlin as she unapologetically stands for being brave to address her challenges and concerns faced in her life. Any Human Being, regardless of age or race, will find significant value in the book’s integral message of civil unity, the target audience is geared toward college students, who are our nation’s future lawmakers and leaders. To book Kimlin for your next Zoom Event or Podcast please contact Michael Levine Media.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
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How an Award-Winning Teacher is Using Seasonal Activities at IDEA Lab Kids to Promote Supplemental Learning

STEAM-O-WEEN, IDEA Lab Kids’ new educational concept pairs science and math activities with in-person Halloween pageantry and fun on Saturday, October 31.

2020 has been a frightening year for children and families, but one franchisee is finding IDEA Lab Kids’ concept to be a good fit for uncertain times.

THE WOODLANDS, TX, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — After sending her children to IDEA Lab Kids, a supplemental education program that focuses on science, technology, engineering arts, and math, Isabel Hejazi knew it was time to bring the concept to her Houston neighborhood by becoming its newest franchisee. Now, as students continue to adapt to changing learning environments, Hejazi and IDEA Lab Kids are bringing back in-person learning with STEAM-O-WEEN.

STEAM-O-WEEN, IDEA Lab Kids’ new educational concept pairs science and math activities with in-person Halloween pageantry and fun on Saturday, October 31.

IDEA Labs Kids has taken a scary situation and made the best of it. While strictly adhering to local COVID-19 guidelines including temperature screenings and small class sizes, IDEA Lab Kids and Hejazi have managed to keep kids coming back for hands-on learning in physical locations. For STEAM-O-WEEN, students will move from classroom to classroom and use candy and Halloween-themed experiments to explore key scientific concepts.

Hejazi plans to have groups of 10 children at a time take on spooky experiments, like engineering marshmallow monsters, using lights and batteries to make “Spooky Eyes,” pumpkin slime, dirt cups with layers of pumpkin and worms, and exploring “Vampire Blood,” where students learn the inner workings of a blood cell.

The kids in attendance will have their temperature taken and parents will be asked to wait outside to reduce crowds. In the spirit of the holiday and keeping things COVID-friendly, kids are encouraged to come in costume, don scary masks and wash their hands frequently.

Hejazi hopes the holiday fun will present a welcome break for parents who have had their share of scares this year with the uncertainties of the pandemic. Hejazi set out to offer summer classes in January 2020, but the pandemic had other plans.

“When everything happened people started canceling and we wanted to make sure people felt comfortable. For the summer we had 16 kids each week, but were supposed to have about 60. We followed all of the precautions and had no cases at our centers,” said Hejazi.

Additionally, Hejazi feels the service she offers with IDEA Lab Kids has helped parents as schools no longer contribute to in-person childcare. Even before the pandemic, parents in Houston struggled to find quality afterschool programs like the ones provided by IDEA Lab Kids. Now she sees her service take on even more importance.

“It has been so great to support those families who are struggling with online programs and being able to support those working parents. They want their kids to have the education experience and socialization while they’re working to support them. We have first responders, people in the medical field who need to go to work,” she said. Hejazi is happy to support those families with safe, educational opportunities for their children while they work on the frontlines of the pandemic.

IDEA Lab Kids began franchising in 2017. It has since grown to 106 locations and operates across 8 countries. Unlike its competitors, the supplemental education brand focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) educational opportunities, which together comprise the hottest areas in education.

Hejazi, a Ph.D. student and a mother of two, has always understood that learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings, or even when a global pandemic shuts down schools.

“I have been in education for 15 years and been a teacher for nine years,” said Hejazi. After three short years in Houston’s third-largest school district, Hejazi’s experience paid off in an unprecedented way when she became the first pre-k teacher to win district teacher of the year.

“I’m always looking for activities beyond the classroom, and there’s not a lot of places where you can do these kinds of programs,” said Hejazi. Despite the pandemic, Hejazi says the sky's the limit now for growing IDEA Lab Kids in Texas.

“A lot of engineers in the area work at Exxon and these are engineer parents who are excited about teaching kids STEAM. Our goal is to open new franchises in the future, purchasing the rights for Northeast Houston territory,” she said.

Fernando Martinez
IDEA Lab Kids
+1 2819825126
Visit us on social media:

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Dream Academy Foundation Partners With Smart Money App GoalSetter for a Financial Seminar for Kids

Dream Academy Foundation and GoalSetter to host Financial Seminar

Dream Academy Foundation and GoalSetter to host Financial Seminar

$40 Giveaway to Youth Nationwide

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Dream Academy Foundation, in partnership with GoalSetter, is proud to announce the Dream Academy Financial Seminar! Staying true to one of the mainstays of providing youth with information, opportunities and resources to become financially literate, invested and free, this event allows the non-profit to partner and share in the experience of educating our local communities about how to properly bank & manage their money in a fun, virtually interactive way!

During the seminar, youth ages 8-18 years old will be able to learn about banking through educational resources provided by the GoalSetter team. GoalSetter is an innovative Smart Money Saving mobile app service that keeps banking simple for youth. Our goal is to donate at least $40 to 200 youth through this nationwide initiative! The event will also feature giveaways from sponsor Urban Intellectuals! Our mission is to empower the youth of today, to fulfill their Dreams of tomorrow!

About GoalSetter: Goalsetter is the best savings and financial literacy app in the market for kids and families. Led by a Black entrepreneur with two Engineering degrees from Stanford who was a former ESPN and Nickelodeon executive, Tanya Van Court launched Goalsetter because she has a burning passion around closing the wealth gap in Black and Brown communities.

Goalsetter uniquely engages kids from all backgrounds in understanding how to build wealth and learn financial language by offering fun, quiz-based games that are developed using memes and gifs from hip-hop artists, social media influencers and pop culture personalities. Earlier this year, Goalsetter launched a movement to help 1 Million Black kids open savings accounts with and is now partnering with corporations and financial institutions to reach every kid in America.

About Dream Academy Foundation: The Dream Academy Foundation is a mentoring program for youth ages 8-18 years old. The foundation stands on four pillars: S. T. E. A. M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), Mental Health & Life Development, Entrepreneurship, and Service (Love On Purpose Movement). The Dream Academy Foundation believes that urban youth will not be a statistic, but will rise above the status quo. The foundation combines mentoring with mental health development, to ensure that each of our youth are being catered to as whole human beings. The Dream Academy Foundation helps youth DREAM IT! BELIEVE IT! ACHIEVE IT!

Dream Academy founder Dominique, has over 20 years experience in the non profit sector. Ms Bryant has also remained a pillar in her community. From volunteering with children at the Ronald McDonald House, to passing out food and blankets to those in need in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas, Bryant’s passion for people and service is a direct reflection of her heart and is expressed through her work with and for the Dream Academy Foundation youth and parents.

Upcoming Events/Programs
Annual Holiday Toy Drive and Giveaway
Virtual Mentoring Program
Outreach Programs
Vision Board Party

Past Events includes:
Public Speaking Program with Toastmasters International
Adopt a Senior Giveaway
#HeroKits Event for Essential Workers
Giveaway for Displaced and Essential Workers
Dreamers Create Paint and Sip
Virtual Mentoring Program
Tea Party
Coat Drive and Giveaway
Holiday Party and Toy Giveaway
Various Service projects

For more information about how to get involved with the foundation, press opportunities, and sponsorship information, please visit www.dreamafoundation.org

Dominique Bryant
Dream Academy Foundation
+1 312-656-3442
email us here
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2x Breast Cancer Survivor Retired Military Veteran Surprise of her Life Delivering 30-day Chemotherapy Care Packages

Tanja with the Hematology/Oncology Team at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital as they rolled out the red carpet. They made me feel like a celebrity.

Tanja with the Hematology/Oncology Team at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital as they rolled out the red carpet. They made me feel like a celebrity.

Tanja shares with Gloria Benton, RN Head Nurse in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic why she made the 30-day Chemotherapy Care Packages, "I made the packages to give the ladies something to do during their 3-4 hour chemo treatment"

Tanja shares with Gloria Benton, RN Head Nurse in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic why she made the 30-day Chemotherapy Care Packages, “I made the packages to give the ladies something to do during their 3-4 hour chemo treatment”

The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Team these are the medical professionals that are on the front line to make us all safe.

The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Team these are the medical professionals that are on the front line to make us all safe.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Breast Cancer Beetle Bug Car delivers 30-Day Chemotherapy Care packages to Military Hospital

LEESBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tanja had several delivers to make on October 23, 2020, and wanted to make sure she got them all delivered before the hospitals closed. Fort Belvoir Community Hospital was 2nd to last stop on her route. Fort Belvoir Community Hospital holds a special place in her heart, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer the 2nd time in 2010 her breast cancer reconstruction surgery was at this hospital. Tanja was one of the 1st patients at the hospital in October 2011 and can remember the great care she received. As she was pulling up at the delivery point, she said, “I'm going to drop off these 30-day chemotherapy care packages and keep it moving.” But no, the hospital had other plans. When Tanja drove up in the breast cancer beetle bug car, there were cones with the non-profit name attached. Then suddenly radiology and oncology medical staff, the red cross, hospital photographer, public affairs, and the hospital commander and others came out to thank her for the donations. Tanja was in the limelight with staff thanking her for the chemotherapy care packages. She said, “I was in total shock, I felt like a celebrity on the red carpet, they treated me like a gem.”

Tanja is a 2x breast cancer survivor and retired military veteran. She is the founder of The Breast Cancer Move Foundation, a non-profit organization, TEDx speaker, and organizer. For Tanja this is here way of giving back to her community. She’s the author of What to Expect When you Weren’t Expecting Breast Cancer, that encompass her raw, vulnerable pictures of the day-to-day struggle she took to take back her life. She knows 1st hand how it feels to hear the words, “You have breast cancer” it changed my whole mental mindset. That is why Tanja started the Breast Cancer Move Foundation (BCMF) 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization. I don't want another woman to feel they have received a death sentence and to be alone during this journey. The organizations mission is to support women, so they don’t have to live in fear, shame, or secret due to a breast cancer diagnosis. For Tanja it all about CAREate, which stands for Communicate, Advocate, Resonate, Educate, you will often hear Tanja say, “early detection saves lives, it saved my life twice.”

Tanja was first diagnosed in 2005 with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ) and HER2+ breast cancer in both breast. Ironically, 14 months prior to her 2005 diagnosis, she had a baseline mammogram which was negative for breast cancer. In that short period of time it had spread throughout both breast and there is no family history of it in her family. At the time the standard of care was a bi-lateral mastectomy, lymph node, skin sparing for reconstruction surgery, with no chemotherapy or radiation.

For a number of years, Tanja didn’t see herself as a breast cancer survivor, “I could hide my breast cancer diagnosis because I didn’t go through chemotherapy or radiation.” In 2010, she found a lump on her left breast, “all I can remember saying to the doctor was it’s not supposed to be there.” This time it was invasive HER2+, with estrogen and progesterone positive receptors. With the 2nd diagnosis, she had chemotherapy, radiation, and for reconstruction she decided on a TRAM flap to reconstruct her left breast. She could no longer hide her diagnosis; she decides to lean into this disease with both feet.

Tanja is a transformational speaker, conflict coach, and breast cancer advocate. She delivered a vulnerable TEDx Talk, “From Tragedy to Triumph” laying it on the line of her journey with breast cancer. Tanja helps women to take control of their lives through mental mindset transformation, empowerment, and conflict resolution skills.

For more information about The Breast Cancer Move Foundation or to book Tanja for a speaking opportunity please visit



Facebook: Tanja Thompson

Tanja Thompson
Breast Cancer & Transformational Resolution
+1 301-437-9491
email us here
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Sight, Sound & Story: Live Goes “Inside the Cutting Room of Sam O’Steen” on November 19th

The Sight, Sound & Story: Live monthly event series continues in November with Author & Film Historian Bobbie O’Steen and a panel of seven editors

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Manhattan Edit Workshop’s “Sight, Sound & Story: Live” monthly online event series continues in November with an in-depth look at the work of legendary editor Sam O’Steen.

Inside Episode V: This panel will honor legendary editor Sam O’Steen. He first found acclaim for his work in the late 1960s, at a time when the studio system was crumbling, and independent filmmakers were captivating young audiences with personal, provocative narratives and experiments with sound, music, cinematography, and editing. These shifts all elevated the status of the editor. Bobbie O’Steen, who was Sam’s wife and collaborator, is a film historian whose book, "Cut to the Chase," is filled with Sam's behind-the-scenes stories on such landmark films as “The Graduate,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and “Chinatown.” She will moderate the panel of seven editors, who will share and discuss specific scenes that show how Sam’s work inspired them.

Panelists for this event will include Michael R. Miller, ACE (“Miller's Crossing, Armageddon”), Darrin Navarro, ACE (“Ballers,” “Mozart in the Jungle”), Suzana Peric (“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Pianist”), Terilyn Shropshire, ACE (“The Old Guard,” “Eves Bayou”), Zach Staenberg, ACE (“The Matrix” Trilogy, “Pacific Rim: Uprising”) & more!*

All attendees who register for this event will receive a link and password to Vimeo Live an hour prior to the event. The event will be live at 5:00 PM EST/ 2:00 PM PST on November 19th. This will gain free access for all attendees who register.

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Lundin Family Giving $2M to UArizona Mining and Mineral Resources Programs with Challenge that Could Bring Millions More

University of Arizona campus

University of Arizona campus

The gift helps the university upgrade facilities, provide support to students and work toward an interdisciplinary school of mining and mineral resources.

We are very excited to be supporting such an important initiative. The drive toward a safer, more sustainable and efficient mining operation requires the very best talent across many disciplines,.”

— Jack Lundin, president and CEO of Bluestone Resources Inc.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The family of two University of Arizona alumni have donated $2 million to help the university expand its highly ranked mining and geosciences programs and set the stage for an interdisciplinary school of mining engineering and mineral resources.

The Lundin family has made a $2 million commitment and will provide up to $2.5 million in addition in a challenge grant to match funds raised by December 2022.

The family leads the Lundin Group, which comprises 14 publicly traded companies in the natural resource sector that operate in more than 25 countries.

"We are very excited to be supporting such an important initiative alongside the University of Arizona. The drive toward a safer, more sustainable and efficient mining operation requires the very best talent across many disciplines, not just mining engineering and geology," said Jack Lundin, president and CEO of Bluestone Resources Inc., one of the group's companies.

Lundin earned a master's degree in mining, geological and geophysical engineering at the University of Arizona in 2016 and has served on the board of directors for the university's Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources since 2017.

"While most universities' mineral resources programs are shrinking or not keeping pace with change, the University of Arizona has demonstrated a vision and commitment to enhancing natural resources education. This gift is intended to catalyze the resources necessary and to attract industry support to make this vision of creating the best mineral resource program in the world into a reality," Lundin said. "We believe this partnership with the University of Arizona to create a new interdisciplinary school of mining and mineral resources will bring the kind of energy and excitement needed to attract the very best talent, and to prepare students to positively impact the future of mineral resources."

Supplying the Best Possible Workforce

At the core of expansion initiatives is an unwavering commitment to keeping the industry pipeline filled with well-rounded, highly skilled professionals. Thus, the new school aims to prepare a new generation of professionals to enter the mining industry from a broader range of educational disciplines, including finance, law, computer science, environment and social sciences. The College of Engineering, the College of Science and the Lowell Institute are sharing the gift and working together to develop interdisciplinary curriculum and update research and teaching facilities, such as the San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory.

The University of Arizona – home to one of only 13 mining engineering programs in the nation sanctioned by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc. – is well positioned to advance mining and mineral resources education. In fact, the QS World University Rankings place the university's mining engineering program at No. 3 in the United States and No. 19 in the world. U.S. News & World Report ranks the university's geosciences graduate program as third in the nation among geology graduate programs.

"We look forward to using this gift to become even better," said David W. Hahn, the Craig M. Berge dean of the College of Engineering. "The generosity of the Lundin family will allow us to upgrade our facilities, build partnerships with industry and other universities, and strengthen the department's focus in areas such as data science and artificial intelligence."

The Lundins are based in Canada and Switzerland, but the family maintains strong ties in Arizona and at the university. Lundin and his brother, Harry, who earned a bachelor's degree in mining engineering in 2010, were both at UArizona when Professor Emerita Mary Poulton, co-director of the Lowell Institute, was head of the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering.

Maintaining Commitment to Sustainability

"Mining is more critical than ever as we look toward a more sustainable future for our planet. Mined materials like copper are needed for electric vehicles, windmills and server farms for cloud-based applications," said Poulton, who co-directs the Lowell Institute with Mark Barton, professor of geosciences. "Our location amid some of the largest copper deposits on Earth, world-class faculty members and long-standing relationships with industry mean the University of Arizona has what it takes to lead. This gift will help us take our efforts to the next level."

The gift will also fund the Lundin Family Endowed Chair in Economic Geology within the Department of Geosciences.

"The establishment of this chair will strengthen our economic geology program, which is designed to apply geological research to expand our knowledge and understanding of the distribution of minerals," said Elliott Cheu, interim dean of the College of Science. "Furthermore, by helping us bring together talented faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines, these funds will strengthen the university's outstanding reputation in mineral resources."

As one of the first two areas of study offered at the University of Arizona ­– along with agriculture – mining has been an institutional cornerstone since the university's founding in 1885.

"Mining has been an important part of the University of Arizona since its very beginning as a land-grant institution," said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. "We have been preparing students for mining careers for 130 years, and our alumni occupy leadership positions at mining operations across the globe. With this generous gift from the Lundin family, and the possibility of even more through the challenge, we have an opportunity to significantly advance our world-renowned efforts to ensure safe and sustainable extraction of the important materials we rely upon every day."

"The Lundins' transformational gift is shaping an incredible future for mining and mineral resources at the University of Arizona," said John-Paul Roczniak, president and CEO of the University of Arizona Foundation. "We look forward to rallying additional support as part of their matching gift challenge."

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