"Happy Halloween, Happy Vote" Campaign to Provide Happiness to Voters and Families Facing Hardships Due to Lockdowns

“Happy Halloween, Happy Vote” Campaign Yard Signs & Website

ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The candidates of the 2020 Congressional election aim to bring some joy to voters with the ‘Happy Halloween, Happy Vote’ Campaign. The campaign website will have online content that can be enjoyed by voters and their family members, (i.e. children who can’t go to school, parents who must stay home with their kids, etc.)

Voters of the 2020 election are tired and stressed due to the lock-downs brought on by the pandemic. The candidates need to think about the importance of Halloween, which will take place a mere three days before the election in November. Parents are most likely worried about disappointing their children who will be looking forward to a fun and exciting holiday.

The "Happy Halloween, Happy Vote" campaign will help parents with exactly that. The campaign website will provide a variety of content and materials that parents can use to entertain their children and pass the time during the pandemic. Children can follow along with the animations online to increase their physical strength through exercise, mental capacity via educational materials, and develop an overall sense of love and respect for family. The website will even include meditation audio tracks to reduce stress levels and create a peaceful, satisfied atmosphere at home for the voters.

The campaign will give voters good reason to remember the candidates’ names during the election. This is especially true for non-party voters who have yet to decide which party candidates they will elect. The features of the website are designed to help voters remember a specific candidate while enjoying Halloween with their family members. Simply put, when voters think of Halloween, they will immediately think of the specific candidate as well.

As the upcoming 2020 election will take place amidst the pandemic, a significant increase in postal voting is expected. According to recent data, those who may vote via mail-in ballots make up 83% of the voting population. The campaign website will allow candidates to reach voters safely in their homes while simultaneously entertaining the voters’ families for Halloween. Regardless of their method of balloting, voters will be grateful to those candidates who helped them get through the holiday. As a result, the voters are more likely to vote for said candidate.

According to basic theories of persuasion, the person who gives the gift is twice as likely to remembered and supported than those who receive them. This campaign will be a stark contrast to other existing candidates who simply ask for votes without providing anything, making it a new and innovative way to reach voters. The website provides a solution for voters going through the pandemic and who are worried about how to celebrate Halloween with their children this year. By providing for the voters first, the candidate will effectively receive the voters’ help in return. The website also includes a special feature that will allow voters to recommend the candidates’ website to their friends and other family members, keeping the campaign momentum going without any additional resources from the candidate. With all the hardships and difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be time for a new form of campaigning in which the candidates ask not what the voters can do for the candidate, but what the candidate may do for the voters.

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