Konstantin Lichtenwald Assesses New Not-for-Profit Reporting Requirements

Konstantin Lichtenwald

CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald assesses new reporting requirements for not-for-profit companies.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The latest not-for-profit reporting requirements for CPAs are unusual. That's because, as opposed to requiring more detail, these requirements generally ask for less detail to be reported in statements. This means adjusting to the new requirements should be easy for nonprofit companies and their CPAs. However, CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald outlined some of the new reporting requirements not-for-profit companies do not want to overlook.

"One major change CPAs will see is that all private nonprofit organizations will now be expected to use one single format for reportings," Konstantin Lichtenwald said. "Organizations like museums and universities will now adhere to the same reporting standards as trade associations and hospitals."

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that, after time, this should be easier for CPAs and nonprofit organizations, as the industry will have a uniform reporting format for all industries. Konstantin Lichtenwald added that another change made was in regard to the reporting of expenses. Per these new regulations, all nonprofit organizations will report expenses by natural and functional categories. This reporting was previously only required for welfare and voluntary health organizations, but it will now apply to all nonprofits.

"CPAs will notice that nonprofit organizations reporting cash flow from operations using the direct method will no longer be required to provide a reconciliation of changes in cash flows and net assets," Konstantin Lichtenwald said. "We can expect to see more organizations choosing the direct method as it requires less time, effort, and length when preparing the statement."

Konstantin Lichtenwald added that nonprofits will now be able to report investment returns net of expenses related to those investments. Previously, nonprofits were required to report investment expenses separately. This update to the reporting process should make reporting investments easier for nonprofit companies. It will also allow the internal and external investments of multiple nonprofit companies to be compared more easily.

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that changes commonly occur in the reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations. Having a qualified CPA, like Konstantin Lichtenwald, with a specialization in taxation, corporate finance, and financial reporting for nonprofit and for-profit businesses can take the uncertainty out of your reporting process.

Lichtenwald is equipped with more than 15 years of finance and accounting experience, and he is able to offer a hands-on approach to helping your nonprofit financial team understand new reporting requirements and potential future changes as well.

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Virtual 5K for Detroit Nonprofit Humble Design Receives Support from Red Wing's player, Darren Helm

Red Wing's Player Darren Helm Runs in Humble Design Virtual 5K

Detroit Red Wing’s Player Darren Helm Supports Humble Design Virtual 5K

Darren Helm and family participate in Humble Design's Virtual 5K to raise money to furnish and design houses for those leaving shelters.

Red Wing’s Player Darren Helm and Wife Devon Run in Humble Design’s Virtual 5K

This is the national logo for Humble Design, Inc. The symbol is a lower case "h" with a "roof" intersecting the top of the "h" with the tagline underneath, "Togetherness to End Homelessness"

Humble Design Togetherness to End Homelessness

After seeing firsthand how designing and furnishing a home can change the lives of a recently homeless family, Darren Helm, and his wife Devon, wanted to help.

It's important for me, my wife, and our kids that we do what we can during this time”

— Darren Helm

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Local Red Wing Player, Darren Helm and his family, want to share their support for a local nonprofit, Humble Design. Several years ago the Detroit Red Wings, and the Lady Wings, teamed up to completely furnish the home of the Finley’s who had been staying in a homeless shelter until they could transition to permanent housing. After learning that the Finley’s had nothing but an air mattress, a few camp chairs, and not much else, they volunteered to work for a day putting together all the things the Humble Design team had curated from their warehouse. It was an unforgettable experience for Darren and his wife, Devon. When they heard that Humble Design was hosting a Virtual 5K August 31-September 7, they wanted to help. Darren told us, “It’s important to me, my wife, and our kids that we do what we can during this time.”

Humble Design now has locations in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, San Diego, and Seattle where they use donations of furniture and household goods from their local communities and businesses to fully design, and furnish the houses of those exiting homelessness. Planning virtual events to help raise the needed funds to help more families devastated by homelessness, is one of the ways they are addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

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Humble Design Virtual 5K

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YMCA of Metropolitan Washington Steps Up to Help Working Parents by Providing Virtual/Distance Childcare Learning

We’ll not only assist children with their distance learning needs and homework, we’ll also provide character building and recreational activities.”

— Reynard Eaglin, VP youth development and operations

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — While some schools in the Washington Metropolitan area have decided to hold virtual and distance-learning classes this fall, others have chosen to bring children back to school on an alternating daily schedule. All of this has left many parents struggling to figure out how to juggle work and children. “The Y has made the decision to serve our members and community in meeting their needs for full day and half day childcare options. The demand for childcare is high and our plan is to support children through virtual and distance learning in a nurturing environment. We want to ease parents’ stress so they can return to work and provide for their families,” said Reynard Eaglin, vice president of youth development and operations.

In order to meet member parents’ needs, the Y will have programs for school-age children that support distance learning including learning hubs while collaborating with schools across the region. “We surveyed our members and the feedback has been overwhelming as many parents are trying to figure out their work and their children’s school needs,” Eaglin added. In addition, the Y is partnering with school districts and is looking for other sites around the region that might also be able to serve as many children as possible under the COVID-19 guidelines.

Recently, the Y opened several of its sites to operate traditional summer camp to help parents who need childcare as they return to work. The Y’s Traditional Summer Camp program is providing children with the opportunity to engage in fun activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, outdoor play and sports while following COVID-19 protective guidelines. “We’re anticipating that our fall childcare will look much like our popular summer day camps,” said Eaglin. “We’ll not only assist children with their distance learning needs and homework, we’ll also provide character building and recreational activities.”

To keep children safer, the Y has implemented the following safety precautions:

• Strict limited capacity based on local licensing guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and local mandates.
• Daily health screenings for children and staff upon arrival, mid-day and at departure.
• Children should follow local guidelines in regards to wearing masks.
• Masks and personal protective equipment will be worn by all staff and extensive cleaning procedures implemented throughout the day.
• The Y will also be limiting contact between students and student groups.
• Per the local and CDC guidelines, all students will be in small groups.
• Each child will receive individual fun activity learning packs – no materials will be shared.
• All program areas will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
• All centers and classrooms are inspected to have appropriate signage and room arrangements.

To further ensure a safer environment, the Y’s employees overseeing the children have all completed training in COVID-19 health and safety, child abuse prevention, parent communication, and training provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Final schedules and locations across the area are still being decided. For more information and updates, go to www.ymcadc.org.


About YMCA of Metropolitan Washington
The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is a not for profit 501©3 charity organization that has been serving the communities and families of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia in the areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, for nearly 168 years. Through opportunities in wellness, aquatics, youth sports, summer camps, childcare and more, the Y engages more than 250,000 individuals and families. Visit www.ymcadc.org for more information. Members are asked to stay with the Y during this critical time to maintain charitable services for every community. #StayWithUs

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Whether Distance Learning or Learning in the Classroom, Academic Decline Could be a Sign of Hearing Loss

Children with hearing loss may struggle with distance learning

Unfortunately, we continue to see children identified as having a learning disability when they actually have untreated hearing loss.”

— Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., president of the American Academy of Audiology

RESTON, VIRGINIA, USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As parents and children across the U.S. get back to education, whether that will be in-person, virtual, or some mix of the two; the American Academy of Audiology recommends that parents and teachers pay close attention to children’s hearing ability. Education is primarily delivered through auditory input, whether in person or virtually, and even a mild hearing loss can impact a child’s success in school. Children with untreated hearing loss use more cognitive energy to understand what is being said or may appear to not be paying attention because they are missing what was said. A drop in academic performance could be a sign of hearing loss. According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, about two to three out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. The total number of children with some type of hearing loss is unknown and many cases may go undiagnosed.

The American Academy of Audiology recommends that any parents concerned with an otherwise unexplained decline in their children’s academic performance or any sign of hearing loss should take them to an audiologist to have their hearing tested.

While most infants’ hearing is tested within hours of birth, hearing loss can be progressive and start in early childhood. In addition, ear infections and exposure to loud sounds as well as various illness can cause hearing loss.

“A child with minimal hearing loss may be missing a significant amount of the classroom discussion,” said Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., president of the American Academy of Audiology and professor, University of Pittsburgh and director of audiology for the UPMC Health System. “Unfortunately, we continue to see children identified as having a learning disability when they actually have untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss should always be ruled out when there are academic and speech and language issues. We want to treat the hearing loss first since untreated hearing loss can disrupt all aspects of educational success.” Palmer continued, “Virtual education is a new challenge. Parents and teachers will want to make sure that the auditory signal coming through the computer is good quality. The child’s audiologist can assist in connectivity from the computer audio signal directly to the hearing aids. For some children with hearing loss, the virtual environment may be preferable at this time because the teacher and other students don’t wear masks when interacting virtually.” Masks block the visual signal that assists a person with hearing loss in understanding speech. In the in-person environment, it will be ideal if teachers wear masks with a clear piece that allows visualization of the mouth.

Lack of hearing can lead to behavioral issues, lack of focus, even depression in children. Children with hearing loss often don’t recognize that they can’t hear and parents may not know the signs.

Here are some of the signs parents and teachers should look for:
• Child has difficulty following through with assignments and often doesn’t seem to
understand the task.
• Child often doesn’t understand questions and either does not respond or doesn’t respond appropriately.
• Child’s speech is different from other children the same age. He/she may struggle to pronounce simple words or is unable to repeat a phrase. May have problems articulating or may have language delays.
• Child often asks you to repeat things or watches your face intently trying to understand what you’re saying.
• Child has difficulty hearing on the phone.
• Child speaks loudly when not warranted.
• Child has chronic ear pain.
• Child often complains of noises he/she cannot identify.
• Child cannot keep up academically.
• Child appears exhausted at the end of the school day (more so than other children.)
• With distance learning, children with hearing loss may turn up the volume on the computer or headphones louder than expected for typical communication.

“Often parents and teachers don’t realize that a child’s behavior may be a sign of hearing loss,” Palmer explained. “If parents suspect an issue, they should have their child evaluated by an audiologist. Audiologists have the tools and training to identify hearing loss, degrees of hearing loss, and can recommend solutions for children of any age. Hearing clinics are open and have detailed protocols and safety measures during the pandemic.”

The American Academy of Audiology provides a list of licensed audiologists on its website: www.audiology.org. Click on “Find an Audiologist.”

# # #

The American Academy of Audiology is the world's largest professional organization of, by and for audiologists. Representing the interests of approximately 14,000 audiologists nationwide, the Academy is dedicated to providing quality hearing care services through professional development, education, research, and increased public awareness of hearing and balance disorders. For more information or to find an audiologist, go to www.howsyourhearing.org.


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Strategy Execution Management in a Nutshell: New guide offers alternative to outdated strategy management methods

The book 'Strategy Execution Management in a Nutshell'

The book ‘Strategy Execution Management in a Nutshell’

Flemming Videriksen, CEO and founder, DecideAct

Flemming Videriksen, CEO and founder, DecideAct

Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson, CSO and founder, DecideAct

Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson, CSO and founder, DecideAct

Flemming Videriksen and Bjarni Jónsson have helped companies worldwide implement business strategies. Now they release a guide to Strategy Execution Management.

A must-read for anyone who wants to adapt to a new business situation and ensure an organization that thrives”

— Omar Valdimarsson, CEO, COOP Island

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With their decades of experience to draw upon, Videriksen and Jónsson have mapped the way to create the ideal infrastructure for successful strategy implementation. In their new book, Strategy Execution Management in a Nutshell, they share their knowledge about how to make business strategies succeed and flourish.

Written in a no-nonsense style, the SEM Guide explains step-by-step how to use the latest digital tools for strategy management. And it doesn’t stop there: the authors also show how to create an action-oriented culture, with all team members committed to the strategy’s success.

"Time has stood still in the area of strategy," says Videriksen. "The methods and tools in the field have basically not changed since the 1950s, while technology has revolutionized all other management disciplines. These outdated methods, with their sporadic follow-up meetings and dusty ring binders, have gotten us where we are today: 75% of all business strategies fail. This book is an easy-to-read guide on how to avoid being a statistic and use the best tools to succeed in the digital age.”

Strategy Execution Management in a Nutshell is available as a free download for a limited time at https://hubs.ly/H0v4w270. Later in the year, an expanded version will be available in both print and electronic versions.

"An excellent leadership guide that captures not only why SEM is mission critical to any business, but also covers the essential elements of WHAT and HOW SEM must be implemented." —Claus Maron, CEO, Blue Note Consultants

"A must-read for anyone who wants to adapt to a new business situation and ensure an organization that thrives." —Omar Valdimarsson, CEO, COOP Island

"Shows how to create a connection between strategy and implementation using a simple and effective tool." —Guðrún Erla Jónsdóttir, CSO, Reykjavik Energy Group

Flemming Videriksen
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Every minute 3 million Dollars are wasted globally on failed strategies

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Genius 100 Foundation celebrates the life of Education Visionary Sir Ken Robinson

G100 Sir Ken Robinson address – Montreal, Canada

Robinson’s G100 Vision for the Future is being released publicly for the first time, in his honor

He left an indelible mark on humanity. Particularly now, when thought-leadership, creativity and innovation is greatly needed, we hope that the impact of his Education theories will be a guidepost”

— Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of G100

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Genius 100 Foundation (G100) will celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Ken Robinson, the world’s most well-known education luminary, by releasing his vision statement included in the 3D publishing milestone Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, publicly for the first time, as well as his keynote address at the inaugural G100 event. Sir Ken was a founding Visionary of this globally renowned curated community.

It is no accident that Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk entitled “Do Schools Kill Creativity” is the most-watched of all-time with more than 66 million views. “We were fortunate to be given this gift of his moment. Only recently could an individual so rare have a conversation with so many so quickly,” Richard Saul Wurman, Creator TED Conference. “He was able to give these millions of individuals permission to embrace their curiosity. He was able to communicate his vision to choose memory over memorize and to hug his waking dream of a land, of a life, of a world in which we can individually embrace learning. The love that comes from this message is only in its infancy with his passing. This moment of the few moments we will remember is a rare gift.”

His influence on the thinking of educators around the world is unparalleled in history and his legacy of critique about schools will have a lasting and profound impact for decades to come.

“Sir Robinson was a very special and influential member of our community,” states Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of G100. “He was with us from the beginning. His passing has left such an indelible mark on humanity. Particularly now, at this time when thought-leadership, creativity and innovation is so greatly needed, we can only hope that the impact of his theories on Education will be used as a guidepost, as well as an opportunity to honor him by reflecting and acting on his wisdom.”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

G100 was born out of the centennial celebration of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The organization, first called The Einstein Legacy Project (ELP), was launched in 2017, with a celebration titled ‘Century of Genius’ which attracted some of the world’s brightest and most innovative minds, including many of the 100 visionaries, such as Deepak Chopra, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michael Bloomberg and Wynton Marsalis and, of course, Sir Ken Robinson, who contributed their vision statement in the publishing milestone Genius: 100 Visions of the Future.” In 2018, the ELP became the Einstein Foundation strictly used for academic purposes at the Hebrew University. And, in 2019, the G100 was created.

In honor of Sir Robinson, G100 would like to share, for the first time publicly, his vision statement that is included in the 3D publishing milestone, Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, as well as excerpts from his address at the ‘Celebrating a Century of Genius’ weekend event in Montreal, Canada.

“It is imperative that we continue strive to think outside the lines and innovate,” states Aharoni. “as well as share the prolific words of wisdom from some of the world’s most brilliant minds. It is through the examples set by Einstein and all those that have come after him, including our friend and esteemed colleague, Sir Robinson, that we will continue to make the world a better place.”

About G100
Based in Toronto with a global footprint, Genius 100 Foundation is an active and engaged community of exceptionally imaginative and impactful human beings. These accomplished, compassionate minds have joined together to re-imagine the future – and to implement creative initiatives to improve our world. These great visionaries raise the bar on what is achievable within their fields. Collectively, in collaboration, they can make the impossible possible.

G100 Mission
To support humanitarian and environmental initiatives within the G100 community through funding and partnerships.

Genius 100 Foundation is a registered Charity in Canada and a 501c.

Genius 100 Foundation
Helen Hatzis
Chief Community Officer
E: helenis@genius100visions.com

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The Making of the 3D Publishing Milestone: Genius: 100 Visions of the Future

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Jenesse Center launches its very own app

Jenesse4Hope provides articles, quizzes, and podcasts to help users understand and take action against domestic violence, as well as, human trafficking and substance abuse. Users may also contact 911 via the app, in the event of an emergency.

Jenesse4Hope provides articles, quizzes, and podcasts to help users understand and take action against domestic violence, as well as, human trafficking and substance abuse. Users may also contact 911 via the app, in the event of an emergency.

For the general public, Jenesse4Hope features quick access to Jenesse’s trauma-informed hotline operators 24/7, via chat, email or phone allowing users to learn more about the center’s programs, services and shelter options.

Karen Earl, CEO Jenesse Center

Karen Earl, CEO Jenesse Center

Jenesse4Hope is FREE and available in The App Store for iPhone users and in Google Play for Android users.

We are proud to have this new resource in place to meet the need of our clients and the communities we serve.”

— Karen Earl, CEO Jenesse Center

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jenesse Center, Inc., a domestic violence prevention and intervention program, is proud to announce the development of a new app, Jenesse4Hope to reach and assist victims of domestic violence.

Karen Earl, Jenesse CEO said, “We are proud to have this new resource in place to meet the need of our clients and the communities we serve. The app extends Jenesse’s reach beyond our traditional geographical limits by providing a digital solution for both clients and the public at large who can benefit from our culturally sensitive, trauma-informed programs and services that combat the effects of domestic violence. We are virtual-world ready to help those who need us. Jenesse staff understand that when they see a need or opportunity to serve and have an idea to implement, they will be supported by the team. I’m grateful that everyone understands our work goes beyond the obvious and into non-traditional spaces and places to make the maximum impact."

Jenesse4Hope is FREE and available in The App Store for iPhone users and in Google Play for Android users. Jenesse4Hope provides articles, quizzes, and podcasts to help users understand and take action against domestic violence, human trafficking and substance abuse. Users may also contact 911 via the app, in the event of an emergency.

For the general public, the app features quick access to Jenesse’s trauma-informed hotline operators 24/7, via chat, email or phone allowing users to learn more about the center’s programs, services and shelter options.

For Jenesse’s clients, the app enhances the already comprehensive services provided by the agency to include one-click safety check-in, digital journaling, appointment scheduling and document management, as well as, a contact book of key Jenesse Center, Inc. personnel.

Earl reflected, "With COVID-19 and all the challenges we face centering marginalized communities, I’m very hopeful because there are so many people and organizations collaborating together to bring light to new ideas.”

To learn more about Jenesse Center, visit us online at www.jenesse.org or call 323-299-9496.

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Libertarian Party VP to Speak at Empowerment Park on Thursday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

California’s government has encroached on you and with disastrous results: people and businesses fleeing for greener pastures, rampant homelessness and a growing gap between the rich and everyone else”

— Jeremy "Spike" Cohen

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Libertarian Party of California proudly announces that Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, the 2020 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President, will speak at a rally in Oakland, California this Thursday, September 3, 2020 at Empowerment Park, 462 Belleview Ave. Spike is running with the Libertarian Presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, and together they are promoting pragmatic libertarian values. More about the Jorgensen-Cohen ticket can be found here at the campaign’s official website: https://jo20.com.

Throughout the tour, Cohen has been emphasizing the campaign’s mission of reducing big government in such areas as criminal justice, gun rights, government spending and debt, and creating a truly free market in healthcare.

Mr. Cohen shared, “I’m so excited to be stopping in San Diego, Huntington Beach and Oakland to speak with Californians about the issues they are facing. For far too long, California’s government has increasingly encroached on your lives, rights and properties and we’ve seen the disastrous results: people and businesses fleeing for greener pastures, rampant homelessness and a wide and growing gap between the rich and everyone else. California will rise again if we vote for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen.”

Regarding race relations and social justice: “Republicans and Democrats fighting over who has the Black vote is demonstrative of the two-party system today”, Cohen explains. “An entire race of people isn’t a voting bloc that you can trade back and forth with empty promises. Individuals are more than that.”

Mimi Robson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of California said, “I’m excited to welcome Mr. Cohen to the rally stage in Oakland to show local voters a candidate who will go to Washington to effect real change for real people.” Pointing out that the criminal justice system has been unequally administered against marginalized minorities, Robson lamented the Democrats and Republicans in Congress merely pay lip service to their constituents. “The Jorgensen-Cohen ticket on the other hand, has doggedly promoted practical solutions that would end systematic racism. Policies like abolishing the racist drug war, ending qualified immunity for law enforcement and lifting barriers to job creation such as daunting occupational licensing requirements.”

Register for this event with Eventbrite here:

The Facebook page for the event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/656210568586954/


About the Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is the third largest political party in the United States. The Libertarian Party seeks to expand personal freedoms, dramatically reduce taxes, decrease interference in the economy, and avoid meddling in overseas conflicts. The Libertarian Party of California is an affiliate of the National Libertarian Party. www.ca.lp.org

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The Emotional Crisis for our Students is Here, and Our Schools are Ill-Equipped

CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eight-year-old Mandy keeps asking her mother when she can go back to school. She misses her friends and her teachers but also feels afraid about returning to her large elementary school in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. She questions her mother, "Mommy, can I get sick? Are there bad germs in my school?"

Life for children in the age of COVID-19 is challenging. This is especially so because, as our children return to school, online or in-person, schools are ill-equipped to handle this crisis. In part, it’s because teachers were taught how to teach the ABCs, not how to handle tears and terrors. In part, it’s because the strategies and protocols educators have access to deal with the crisis offer complex, arduous, difficult-to-implement plans.

Ideally social-emotional learning (SEL), now a multi-million dollar industry, should be the foundation in the classroom to make children feel connected, safe and secure. Universities have opened departments to study and promote SEL, and corporate and foundation donors pour millions into this arena.

Yet, if teachers want more information on SEL, finding it can be daunting. Take for example our country’s leading SEL organization, The Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning (CASEL). On July 9, 2020, CASEL released their “Reunite, Renew, and Thrive: Social Emotional Learning Roadmap for Reopening School” plan. This link takes the reader to a 52-page overview that references the “over 40 organizations” with whom they’ve collaborated.

As you move through this overview, you are offered about 200 links to other organizations offering more resources. As I followed many of these links, I counted more than 2,000 pages of reference materials and links to even more before I had to stop counting, all of which would take me countless hours to sift through, understand, and require training for the teachers before anything is delivered to students.

I’m sure your head is spinning. Mine was!

CASEL’s data dump is akin to throwing teachers into the haystack and assuring them that the needle is in there somewhere. I couldn’t find one protocol on CASEL’s recommended programing that can be easily implemented during this fall semester. I’m sure it’s there. After all, I once found Waldo.

Will enough administrators, student service directors, teachers or school psychologists have the time to navigate this site, especially now during COVID? I think not.

Schools need simple life skill lessons that can be used by teachers and parents. Here are a handful of effective life skill lessons for students that teachers or parents can quickly deliver.

Hot Thoughts or Cool Thoughts: When a student is angry, the teacher provides a worksheet with two street signs: one sign says Hot Thoughts; the other street sign says Cool Thoughts. The students write their thoughts on side streets branching out from both.

For anxiety, street signs might be named: “Big Problem or Little Problem.”
For academic performance, street signs might say: “Routines That Waste Time or Routines That Get Things Done.”
In my practice, I often ask students, “Are you in Danger or Discomfort?” If they don’t fear being infected with COVID, they might respond “I’m in discomfort.” If they fear being infected with COVID, they might respond, “I’m in danger.” From there, we discuss how to tolerate feeling anxiety and strategies to cope with it.

This school year let’s embrace the less-is-more philosophy and keep it simple for our students. We can do so by offering simple strategies to better reduce stress, make friends, and feel happier. For those students who need more support and intervention, our talented mental health professionals can implement more complex strategies.

Student Life Skills: Two Minute Lessons to help children reduce worry and anger, develop life skills to increase happiness and health – www.StudentLifeSkills.com

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence – Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19: Tips for You and Your School Community

Social-Emotional Learning: Not Just for Kids. In this post on The Cult of Pedagogy, Wendy Turner explains how she models the five core SEL competencies in her classroom and why teachers should lead by example.

Common Sense: Emotional Intelligence Apps and Games – https://www.commonsense.org/education/top-picks/emotional-intelligence-apps-and-games

Elementary School Counseling: Identifying and Expressing Feeling – http://www.elementaryschoolcounseling.org/identifying-and-expressing-feelings.html

Paul Sweetow
Student Life Skills, Inc.
+1 8474410200
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Exciting New Partnership Announcement for eXact iDip® & ReefTrace Live™ in the Marine Aquarium market

The eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit and Reeftrace Live app

Two great smartphone apps make one great solution for the Marine Aquarium market.

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ITS, manufacturers of the eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit, announced an exciting partnership with ReefTrace Live™ for premier testing of marine aquariums using a smartphone.

The eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit is an on-site, easy-to-use water quality test kit preconfigured with exactly what’s needed to start testing marine water and uses the eXact iDip® app to collect values. The ReefTrace Live™ app enables users to export logged test values and seamlessly works with the eXact iDip® app that assists Marine water users in managing multiple saltwater aquariums. With ReefTrace Live™, users log all of their test results to track crucial marine water parameters efficiently and reliably. You can choose statistics from the menu to view overall test results, compare measurements and inputs.

The Marine Kit comes packed in a durable plastic case with secure fasteners and padded compartments, allowing for easy storage and travel. The eXact iDip® 570 photometer is waterproof (IP67). It incorporates a permanent built-in sample cell that eliminates loose parts, streamlines the test procedure, and improves accuracy features integrated patented 2–way wireless communication with any compatible iOS or Android smart device. Using these Bluetooth capabilities, the user can track, share, and store their results straight from the eXact iDip® app.

The kit contains patented reagent tests including 25 tests for:
Calcium Hardness
Total Alkalinity
Total Hardness

The free downloadable eXact iDip app comes with pre-installed tests: pH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity. Extra test parameters are available for purchase and downloaded in-app at $4.99 each or as a bundle (570 Marine Bundle) for $23.99.

The eXact iDip app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the minimum iOS system version 9.0 and Android version 5.0 with Bluetooth® 4.0. Using both apps is the perfect testing solution for saltwater tank owners!

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Source: EIN Presswire