CHRISTAFARI Launches Ascend Masterclasses, Offering 40 Free Classes to Equip the Next Generation of Musicianaries

CHRISTAFARI’s Ascend Masterclasses

Taught online by chart-topping Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI members, Ascend Masterclasses is a 4 week, 40 class offering and it is absolutely free.

This is our boldest endeavor yet.”

— CHRISTAFARI founder Mark Mohr

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Chart-topping Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI have announced Ascend Masterclasses, equipping the next generation of musicianaries to grow and go! Taught online by CHRISTAFARI members, this four week, 40 class offering kicks off on Monday, June 1, and it is absolutely free. Sign up now at

"This is our boldest endeavor yet,” says CHRISTAFARI founder Mark Mohr. "So many other masterclasses and online tutorials and workshops and seminars and things like that are things where they give you just a little bit for free and then they want to charge you. Every one of our classes is free. You can go sign up for one, or you can sign up for all. You can sign up on the first day, or you can sign up on the last day. The only thing you have to have is Zoom, a device you can Zoom on, and an email address to sign up.”

The classes are taught from a biblical and evangelistic perspective. The first 45 minutes of each class is going to be a monologue, and the second 45 minutes is going to be a dialogue where the instructors answer questions.

"Our ultimate mission is to encourage others to equip others across all the nations to grow so they can ascend in their talents, their giftings, to go into all the world,” says Mohr.

Register for free at

Ascend Masterclasses Full Curriculum:
How To Do Reggae Worship – June 1 – 3 PM
Sermon Translation – June 1 – 5 PM
Reggae Drums – June 2 – 3 PM
Reggae Keys – June 2 – 5 PM
Live Percussion – June 3 – 3 PM
Cinematography – June 3 – 5 PM
Afro-Fusion Dance – June 4 – 3 PM
Management – June 4 – 5 PM
Reggae Bass – June 5 – 3 PM
Band Leading – June 5 – 5 PM
Reggae Guitar – June 8 – 3 PM
Songwriting – June 8 – 5 PM
Lead Guitar – June 9 – 3 PM
Live Keys – June 9 – 5 PM
Sound Engineering Fundamentals – June 10 – 3 PM
No Budget Music Videos – June 10 – 5 PM
Social Media – June 11 – 3 PM
Vocal Basics Lead and Background – June 11 – 5 PM
Youth Ministry and Teaching – June 12 – 3 PM
Teaching Experientially – June 12 – 5 PM
Tour Management – June 15 – 3 PM
Song Mixing – June 15 – 5 PM
The Power Of A Chord Progression – June 16 – 3 PM
Live Sound – June 16 – 5 PM
Worship Keys – June 17 – 3 PM
iPhone Filmmaking – June 17 – 5 PM
Building Beats/Programming A Song – June 18 – 3 PM
Promoting An Album/Concert – June 18 – 5 PM
Brass and Woodwinds – June 19 – 3 PM
Sermon Writing – June 19 – 5 PM
Building A Song From Scratch – June 22 – 3 PM
Personal Evangelism – June 22 – 5 PM
Rocksteady/Ska Drums – June 23 – 3 PM
Vocal Recording – June 23 – 5 PM
Ministering to Mormons – June 24 – 3 PM
Album Production – June 24 – 5 PM
Reggae Ukulele – June 25 – 3 PM
Concert Booking – June 25 – 5 PM
Becoming a Full-Time Missionary – June 26 – 3 PM
Fundraising 101 – June 26 – 5 PM

**All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST)**

ABOUT CHRISTAFARI: The band was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Mark Mohr in 1989. Avion Blackman joined as vocalist and bassist in 2003 shortly after she met Mohr in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. CHRISTAFARI continues to be a dominating force in world music, with six albums debuting at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart since 2012. After three decades, the Reggae pioneers are the all-time top-selling Gospel Reggae act worldwide. The legendary group has performed in 46 states, over 85 nations, at two Olympic Games, and at a Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. The band has performed at most major Reggae and Gospel/CCM festivals with the top artists in the genres, and they’ve had the privilege of performing at many of the country’s most prestigious venues such as L.A.’s Greek Theater, Dodger Stadium, and the steps of the United States Capitol before a crowd of 500,000. The band has been featured on The 700 Club, CNN, MTV, MTV Brazil, ABC, TBN, JUCE TV, BET, TBS, and many more. Their music is even featured in the current curriculum taught at Carnegie Hall. The band's popular YouTube channel receives millions of views monthly, and continues to grow. For more information, visit

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Source: EIN Presswire Recommends Transfer of Distributed Computing Resources to Rosetta@Home Rosetta image

Screenshot of the Rosetta@Home Software Analysing Data from the Carlkruse.Org blog

Idle computer time could be used to help battle serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, HIV, Malaria, and even COVID-19.

MIAMI, FL, USA, June 1, 2020 / —, a blog focusing on non-profit groups and scientific volunteerism, recommends to its followers and friends to engage with the Rosetta@Home distributed computing project.

Rosetta@home is a scientific initiative stemming from the University of California’s BOINC system that uses global volunteers to build a virtual supercomputer network to help crunch data. Rosetta@Home is run from the University of Washington’s Baker Lab.

As we all know, proteins are the building blocks of life, and understanding them leads to new developments and treatments in the medical arena. Currently, the rate at which new protein sequences are being discovered far outpaces the speed at which predictive models are rendered. That’s where volunteers come in. By downloading a small software application that uses their idle computing power. The software runs on Macs, PCs, Linux, and even on Android smartphones, so just about everyone can participate.

The program resembles a screensaver, is small and is light on computer resources. Each user is given control over just how much of their computer power they’re willing to share, and when. There are safety protocols to protect a user’s computer when downloading and uploading packets of data. You can find other crowdsource science projects doing exemplary work in climate change, astronomy, and other fields as well.

Since its start in 2005, Rosetta@home has made breakthroughs in treating a range of diseases. Recently, interest has increased as Rosetta turned its attention towards beating COVID-19. There has already been promising work done on creating a protein that would effectively stop the virus from invading healthy cells, currently being tested on mice.

For further information on Rosetta@Home visit the Carl Kruse blog at Carl Kruse Discusses Rosetta@Home

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Twenty Leaders Featured in New Book on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership

EQ book helps uncover leadership superpowers

New Book Helps Raise Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) “Smarts”

Authored by Cheryl O'Donoghue

Available on Amazon 6/01

Through powerful storytelling, self-assessments, and exercises, readers discover and activate their emotional intelligence leadership “superpowers”

When we read stories about others, we receive clues about our own emotional intelligence leadership abilities, as well as uncover new ways we can put those superpowers into action.”

— Cheryl O'Donoghue, MS

DES MOINES, IA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — With the demand for emotional intelligence skills set to increase six-fold in 3-5 years according to recent research by Capgemini, the need for emotionally intelligent leaders on the rise. The new book How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader (While Crushing Your Goals) was created to “help you unlock the best kept secret to a long and prosperous career—your own emotional intelligence—and how you can use it to lead yourself and those around you in a way that makes you relevant, respected, and indispensable.”

In Section I of the book, readers get to take one of the self-assessments author, Cheryl O’Donoghue, uses in her corporate training programs to help uncover what makes you an emotionally intelligent leader—your emotional intelligence attributes or superpowers. She also guides you through a series of exercises to raise further your emotional intelligence leadership abilities.

Section II features twenty individual Profiles of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders. “These are fascinating people who represent a diverse group of leaders of all ages and backgrounds," says O'Donoghue. "Many of us don’t know what emotional intelligence leadership strengths or superpowers we possess. When we read stories about others, we receive clues about our own emotional intelligence leadership abilities, as well as uncover new ways we can put those superpowers into action.”

The leaders profiled in How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader are (in alphabetical order):

• Lorraine Bassett, WWPS Principal Technical Business Development Leader for Amazon Web Services IoT

• Dan Boynton, Senior Vice President at GrupoNGN, Inc.

• Paige Clancy, Director of Sales at Link121

• Carrie Ferrero, Sales Engineer, Connected2Fiber, Inc.

• Blythe Girnus, Director, Education at a leading not-for-profit technology trade association

• Ariana Goldstein, CORE Team Member at GirlCon Chicago, Co-Founder and Co-President of GirlsCode, and Code Coach at the CoderSchool

• Dede Haas, Channel Sales Strategist, Practitioner, and Coach, DLH Services, LLC

• N. Hayden, CEO and Founder at Arete Consultants

• Rokeya Jones, Senior Director at Microsoft, 5G Program Technologist, CEO at AGNM, INC., and serial entrepreneur

• Colleen Kranz, Director of Marketing at Renodis

• Mary Kurer, Learning and Development Consultant, Coach, and Professional Trainer

• Jaclyn Lindsey, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

• Heather K. Margolis, Founder and CEO at Channel Maven Consulting

• Lisa M. Masiello, Chief Marketing Officer and Founder at TECHmarc Labs, Inc.

• Michelle Ruyle, Vice President Digital Transformation at Intelisys, a ScanSource company

• Jacqueline R. Scott, JD, ML, Public policy innovator and Director for the Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services, Maryland

• Cheryl Shapero, Self-employed Senior Leadership Consultant and Coach; Adjunct Faculty at Georgetown University; Senior Facilitator and Coach at AchieveUnite

• Brendan Sullivan, Founder of Corporate Creativity Coach

• Wayne Turmel, Co-founder at Remote Leadership Institute

• Deborah L. Ward, Owner and CEO, Televergence Solutions, Inc.

In addition to the leaders profiled, Theresa Caragol, Founder and CEO at AchieveUnite, Inc. ( contributed the book foreword. “Cheryl’s book goes right to the core of emotional intelligence leadership. It doesn’t dance around the sidelines,” Theresa says. “It’s insightful, often funny, and always poignant. What’s remarkable is that the book itself is like the Swiss army knife of pocket tools—complete with stories, exercises, guidelines, summaries, and the extraordinary emotional intelligence leadership ‘superpowers’ self-assessment. It’s an incredible resource for people to use and reference.”

All royalties earned from O’Donoghue’s books go to the charitable nonprofit Mission Sisters Who Work ( Mission Sisters provides women self-empowerment and emotional intelligence books and training, as well as scholarships needed to help take charge of their lives, so they are well-equipped to close their own gender, opportunity, and pay gaps. The organization has a special focus on serving those from underprivileged communities interested in business or STEM careers.

How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader as well as other books by the author—How to Be a Woman in Technology and How to Be a Woman in Business are available on Amazon.

Visit or for more information on the author, her books, and additional resources she has available to develop emotional intelligence leadership in companies and individuals.

Cheryl O'Donoghue
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Make Their Life Worth Living: Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues

Amudim’s Newest PSA Video

Amudim’s Newest PSA Video A Life Worth Living Addresses Growing Mental Health Crisis Sparked by COVID-19 Pandemic

Amudim CEO: “Mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun.”

Mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun.”

— Zvi Gluck – CEO Amudim Community Resources

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Even as National Mental Health Awareness Month draws to an end, it is clear that the mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun. Instead of the anticipated drop in mental health-related cases following the easing of pandemic restrictions, mental-health professionals around the USA and world have surprisingly noted the exact opposite phenomenon. As people struggle to readjust to their new realities, many find themselves contending with a scope of issues that they may have been too busy to focus on during the height of the outbreak. Domestic violence victims who were quarantined with their abusers are only now beginning to seek help; and the number of individuals struggling to overcome addictions, who were at a higher risk of relapse during the lockdown, has skyrocketed.

In an effort to address the mental health component of COVID-19, Amudim is releasing an all new PSA video titled A Life Worth Living. A not-for-profit which provides comprehensive clinical case management to people in the Orthodox community who struggle with addiction, abuse and severe mental health issues, Amudim works hard to foster public awareness and eliminate stigmas that prevent many from seeking vital treatment. Five PSA videos, two music videos, hundreds of public awareness events, op-eds and articles have opened conversation on abuse, addiction and mental health topics that were once taboo in the insular, family-centered Orthodox Jewish community. Expanding its efforts into prevention, Amudim has also introduced school-based programs to empower and educate students in grades five through twelve using social and emotional competency learning programs.

Amudim’s latest PSA video is a Multiple Outlet Production directed and produced by Yeeshai Gross, with screenwriting by the organization’s clinical advisory board. “Historically, Amudim’s award-winning videos were extremely effective tools in destigmatizing issues rarely discussed and educating the public on an array of mental health struggles,” explains Zvi Gluck, founder and director of Amudim. “A Life Worth Living is another powerful weapon in our arsenal in the war against the ongoing crisis, one that we hope will reassure viewers that help is just a phone call away.”

Amudim’s caseload since the start of the coronavirus outbreak has increased by 60 percent, which compared to the same season last year, is staggering. The need for services, including hiring additional staff to handle the increased call volume, helping those who cannot afford the cost of therapy or treatment, and identifying housing or instituting safety measures for those who cannot live at home, has soared by percentages. In addition to the incoming calls to its regular office number, Amudim’s newly launched anonymous support line has fielded over 1,850 calls since its inception on March 22nd and literally saved lives among people struggling with coronavirus-related issues including abuse and suicide. Incredibly, seventy-five percent of callers reported that their immediate mental health crisis was resolved in a single conversation with a licensed professional, while the remainder was referred for ongoing care.

With the crisis not limited to the United States, Amudim recognized the importance of availing its support line to Anglos in Israel as well. In short time, they created a hotline in Israel staffed by English-speaking mental health professionals. Since being launched, the Israeli support line has become an invaluable resource to the Anglo community, facilitating many in coping with adversity.

While working nonstop to address the mental-health needs of the Orthodox community, Gluck notes that there were many beautiful lessons gained from the experience. “Even amid the darkness of COVID-19, we’ve seen so many positives as our community rose to the occasion, addressing issues of bereavement, unemployment and hunger, and orchestrating and performing mind-blowing acts of kindness and charity.”

On the other hand, he notes, “People confronting mental health issues, domestic violence and challenges of recovery have yet to be embraced by the mainstream, a problem that we at Amudim observe far too frequently.”

Others in the mental health field have born witness to similar points. Furthermore, while there has been mention of coronavirus-related mental health issues in the media, this particular aspect of the pandemic is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Over the last two-and-a-half months, shares Gluck, “Our dedicated staff and volunteers have redefined the phrase ‘public service,’ rising to the occasion despite their personal challenges. It has been inspiring to observe multiple organizations collaborating in myriad ways, uniting and working cohesively for the betterment of all humanity; and we hope that the community at large will step up to the plate and do its part to protect those in pain. As we close the door on National Mental Health Awareness Month, we pray for an end to this crisis while continuing to do everything humanly possible to raise awareness and destigmatize these issues so those struggling can hold their heads up high and seek help without fear.”

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TRIGGER WARNING – A Life Worth Living: A Mental Health PSA by Amudim. Watch. Listen. Learn. Share.

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Empowerment Mentor Daniela Porter Announces the Launch of “It’s Time to Manifest”

Daniela Porter's “It’s Time to Manifest” new video summit starts June 1st will bring together over twenty-five experts to share manifesting methods that work.

Daniela Porter’s “It’s Time to Manifest” new video summit starts June 1st will bring together over twenty-five experts to share manifesting methods that work.

Dr. Nitya Prakash is a Learning & Development professional, an author of eleven books, Certified trainer, screenwriter and success coach.

Dr. Nitya Prakash is a Learning & Development professional, an author of eleven books, Certified trainer, screenwriter and success coach.

 Zehra Mahoon is the author of several books on the subject of the Law of Attraction and how we can control our outcomes by learning to use it properly.

Zehra Mahoon is the author of several books on the subject of the Law of Attraction and how we can control our outcomes by learning to use it properly.

Sean Si is the Editor-in-Chief of SEO Hacker, International Keynote Speaker, SEO specialist , Growth Hacker, internet marketer, copywriter and blogger.

Sean Si is the Editor-in-Chief of SEO Hacker, International Keynote Speaker, SEO specialist , Growth Hacker, internet marketer, copywriter and blogger.

 Lee Milteer an internationally recognized Best-Selling author and Intuitive Business Mentor.

Lee Milteer an internationally recognized Best-Selling author and Intuitive Business Mentor.

The video summit will bring together 25 experts sharing methods of manifesting by sharing amazing stories about healing and living life to the fullest.

When you shift your mind, everything is possible. The power is inside of you.”

— Daniela Porter, Energy Healer and Empowerment Mentor

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Daniela Porter, an Energy Healer, and Empowerment Mentor is pleased to announce the launch of her newest project “It’s Time to Manifest” a free summit series starting on June 1, 2020. The summit series will bring together over twenty-five experts, to share manifesting methods that work. To sign up for the free summit, visit

Participants will be hearing from experts and coaches from various types of industries who have experienced major successes in their life as they will be sharing their stories and giving away free gifts to those in attendance. Featured in the summit will be Nick Breau, the Breakthrough Specialist; Zehra Mahoon, author of several books about the Law of Attraction; Lee Milteer an internationally recognized Best-Selling author and Intuitive Business Mentor; Victoria Gallagher, a Certified Master Hypnotist, NLP Trainer, Transformation Meditation Teacher and Law of Attraction Expert; Kelly Lunt, an Angel Whisperer and spiritual coach along with many more.

Daniela is an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter who found her calling as a healer when her sister was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. She always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur so she could provide the best possible life for her child. However, she wasn’t making the money she deserved, and she felt like God was closing the doors on her career being a reporter.

Yet, it seems like faith wants her to live both her passions. That’s why she is bringing together professionals who are sharing amazing stories about healing and manifesting, and like her, show others how they too can heal themselves through manifestation.

Daniela’s “It’s Time to Manifest” summit series is the outcome of all the hard work she has done. It’s a collection of the very best, most efficient methods for manifesting precisely what a person wants. She is driven by force bigger than herself, allowing her to find the way and opens doors required to accomplish and to achieve.

She knows that the quickest way to heal from feeling unworthy, anxiety, and grief, and feeling as a failure is to be healed. “When you shift your mind, everything is possible. The power is inside of you,” said Daniela.

Daniela is also offering, for a limited time only, a free 30-minute phone consultation to all her clients so they can begin to feel awesome about themselves and take action for their success.

About Daniela Porter
Daniela Porter is an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter and an empowerment mentor. She helps clients align with their life purpose helping them attract the lives they desire. The skills of mantras and manifestation she teaches serve a crucial role to helping the mind reset with high frequencies of energy that will allow people’s dreams to come true.

To learn more about Daniela Porter and the services she offers, visit her official website at to sign up for the summit series, or schedule a consultation. Follow Daniela on Social Media at Facebook @LovedImperfections, Instagram @daniela.porter, and Twitter @DanielaPorterMJ.

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“It’s Time to Manifest”, Daniela Porter’s new video summit starts June 1st.

Source: EIN Presswire