National Precious Metals Dealer Offers Gold-Backed Sound Money Scholarships to Deserving Students

Precious Metals Dealer Money Metals Exchange has teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League to offer the first gold backed scholarship of the modern era

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, June 30, 2020 / — A national precious-metals dealer has teamed up with a sound money policy group to help students pay for the ever-increasing costs of college.

Money Metals Exchange has joined with the Sound Money Defense League to offer the Sound Money Scholarship — the first gold-backed scholarship of the modern era. Starting in 2016, these organizations have set aside 100 ounces of physical gold (worth about $180,000 based on current Gold price) to reward outstanding students who display a thorough understanding of economics, monetary policy, and sound money.

The Sound Money Scholarship is open to high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students with an interest in economics, specifically the free-market tradition. Applicants do not have to be economics majors to be eligible to receive this scholarship – and the deadline for applications is September 30.

Money Metals Exchange and the Sound Money Defense League also announced this year’s blue-ribbon panel of judges:

Dr. Will Anderson is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and professor of economics at Frostburg State University. He earned his MA in economics from Clemson University and his PhD in economics from Auburn University, where he was a Mises Research Fellow. He has been writing about Austrian economics since 1981. In 1982, he won the Olive W. Garvey Economic Essay Contest and presented his paper at the Mont Pelerin Society in the former West Berlin.

He has published numerous articles and papers on economics and political economy, including articles in The Independent Review, Reason Magazine, The Free Market, The Freeman, Public Choice, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Journal of Markets and Morality, Regulation, Freedom Daily and others

Dr. Per Bylund, PhD, is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University, and an Associate Fellow of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm. He has previously held positions at Baylor University and the University of Missouri.

Dr. Bylund has published research in top journals in both entrepreneurship and management as well as in both the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Review of Austrian Economics. He is the author of two full-length books

Larry Reed is the Foundation for Economic Education’s (FEE) President Emeritus and Humphreys Family Senior Fellow. Reed served as president of FEE from 2008-2019 after serving previously as chairman of its board of trustees in the 1990s and both writing and speaking for FEE since the late 1970s. Prior to becoming FEE’s president, he served for 21 years as president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan. He also taught economics full-time from 1977 to 1984 at Northwood University in Michigan and chaired its department of economics from 1982 to 1984.

He holds a B.A. in economics from Grove City College (1975) and an M.A. degree in history from Slippery Rock State University (1978), both in Pennsylvania. He holds two honorary doctorates, one from Central Michigan University (public administration, 1993) and Northwood University (laws, 2008).

Michael Maharrey serves as the national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He hosts his own podcast, Thoughts from Maharrey Head, as well as the Friday Gold Wrap. Michael is the author of four books and several e-books on the US Constitution and nullification.

Michael earned a degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Kentucky. He speaks at events across the United States, and frequently appears as a guest on local, national, and international radio shows advancing constitutional history and America’s founding principles.

In prior years, the Sound Money Scholarship has received entries from students attending more than 180 different schools in 44 states, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., six countries, and three continents.

The deadline to submit applications is September 30, 2020.

For more information, please visit or email

Jp Cortez
Sound Money Defense League
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Klassroom’s Teacher Certification Program provides new college graduates with an affordable path to teacher licensure

While college graduates face an unpredictable job market, an online teacher training program provides a promising and secure career in education.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is bracing for a major economic downturn with the unemployment rate expected to peak at 25%. New college graduates are entering the job market with the worst prospects since the 2008 economic recession and will likely be forced to look outside of their chosen career paths.

While college grads face a job scarcity, K-12 schools across the country continue to function with a surplus of unfilled jobs. The economic health of the country presents a unique opportunity to retrain unemployed educated professionals and address the ongoing teacher shortage with alternative paths to teacher licensure.

By removing the time and expense of traditional teacher training, Klassroom’s Teacher Certification Program (TCP) provides just this.

Created by Klassroom, the domestic brand to international education company, Teach Away, TCP is recognized by the national accrediting body, Association for Advancing Quality in Education Preparation (AAQEP), as an approved teacher certification program that adheres to association standards for teacher licensure. TCP was designed to fill teacher shortages throughout the U.S. by helping aspiring teachers get into the classroom at an accelerated pace, without barriers like price, in-person learning, and long-term program commitments.

As history has shown us time and time again, teaching is one of the most recession-proof jobs in the United States. But even beyond its economic value, teaching is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. Particularly at a time when students need more support than ever to help meet their learning goals.

Unfortunately, traditional on-campus certification programs can be lengthy and expensive, which creates barriers to licensure for aspiring teachers. TCP only takes nine months to complete at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs with payment options available to help offset any financial roadblocks.

A team of education experts developed TCP’s breakthrough program that bridges traditional and progressive learning. The program’s core curriculum is self-paced, delivered 100% online with asynchronous lessons, and includes support from online instructors. An in-person clinical placement makes up the second half of the program, however, this can be completed anywhere in the county.

As schools navigate through the impact of COVID-19, specifically school closures, online instruction, and student learning outcomes, we’re working closely with TCP students to mitigate the impact on their teacher training. Specifically the reduced access to in-class experiences, in addition to instruction for online learning.

After completing the Teacher Certification Program, students can apply for a state teaching license. As most states offer teacher license reciprocity there are limitless career options for new teachers within the US, online and abroad (once it is safe to travel).

Teachers can also find their next great teaching job in the U.S. using Klassroom’s state-of-the-art recruitment platform and regularly updated job board.

About Klassroom and Teach Away:

Since its inception in 2003 Teach Away has dedicated its energy to ensuring every student experiences the power of a great teacher.

After 13 years in business, it became apparent that the teacher shortage challenges facing communities overseas, were now impacting students and families here at home. In 2019, Klassroom was founded to continue to connect students with life-changing teachers, and help those teachers live their dreams right in their hometown.

There is no one, single solution to the teacher shortage crisis we’re facing. That’s why Klassroom offers both unique pathways to a rewarding careers for teachers, as well as world-class recruitment and hiring solutions for schools.

Paula Swirla
+1 416-471-4031
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Dan Orfin Announces the Winners of His Academic Scholarship Campaign

Dan Orfin is excited to announce that three winners were selected for The Dan Orfin Scholarship Program.

TROY, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — Dan Orfin is an entrepreneur and the Founder of Orfin & Associates. In the hope of cultivating positive change and helping those in need, Dan Orfin created the Dan Orfin Scholarship Program for anyone who wishes to further their education but lacks the financial means to do so. As the application deadline was May 31st, 2020, today, Dan Orfin is excited to announce that three winners were selected for the scholarship program.

The Dan Orfin Scholarship Program, which offered three scholarships to post-secondary students in North America, just announced three winners chosen for the program on June 18th, 2020: Samantha F., Jillian G., and Kennedy A.

Dan Orfin was humbled and overwhelmed by the response to the scholarship fund, and wants to whole-heartedly congratulate the three winners on their thought-provoking, inspired, and ambitious essays.

Answering a 500-word essay on what they would do differently in 2020 to achieve their goals, each successful candidate showcased their unique skill sets and ambitions. While Dan Orfin was impressed with all of the submissions, Samantha, Jillian, and Kennedy went above and beyond in their responses. Showcasing the same spirit, drive, and motivation that drove Dan Orfin to found Orfin & Associates, Dan wishes all of the successful candidates the best as they move forward with their respective careers.

About Dan Orfin

Dan Orfin was taught from a young age to appreciate the value of a dollar. Working through his adolescence before attending Western Michigan University to study Production Operation management, Dan Orfin was fueled by his desire to start his own business and help those in his community. In 2000, Dan Orfin founded Orfin & Associates, in hopes of helping clients protect their assets, life needs, and plan for their futures.

As an approved member of the Better Business Bureau, the National Ethics Society, and the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors, Dan Orfin strives to help all of his clients plan their financial future by keeping their best interests in mind.

Dan Orfin
Orfin & Associates
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As Internships Go Remote, SkillSurvey’s Career Readiness Solution Helps Colleges Adjust with Digital Assessments

Sample of behavioral feedback in the Ability to Work Cluster

Sample of behavioral feedback in the Ability to Work Cluster

SkillSurvey enhances feedback report to include “Ability to Work Remotely”;
Study finds that 80% of students are adjusting “Very Well” or even better

BERWYN, PA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — SkillSurvey, the leading provider of cloud-based reference-checking and career readiness solutions, announced that it will provide both employers and students with enhanced visibility into students’ “Ability to Work Remotely” through a new section within Career Readiness Reports that consolidates those key behavioral skills. With SkillSurvey Career Readiness, institutions and students can assess behaviors and skills necessary for the post-pandemic ‘future of work’ including the ability to work remotely and other critical soft skills.

When internships abruptly shifted online this past spring semester, SkillSurvey partnered with 8 institutions to measure the impact. Over 600 supervisors responded to institutions through SkillSurvey with feedback on how well interns or co-op students adapted to workplace changes due to COVID-19. Supervisor feedback indicated 80% of students adjusted “very well” or even better, with 50% of students adapting to the changes “extremely well.”

However, both supervisor and coworker ratings showed students continue to fall short in critical thinking/problem solving, the competency area deemed most essential by employers in NACE’s Job Outlook 2020 Survey. Because employers indicated for the third consecutive year that internship experience is the top differentiator between two equally qualified job candidates, institutions can help by capturing meaningful feedback that can be shared and acted upon when students return to campus.

“While institutions focus on reopening, students are expected to use this time to develop and demonstrate marketable and career-ready skills through any work experience possible,” said Randy Bitting, Head and Co-Founder of Career Readiness at SkillSurvey. “Student assessment needs to be cloud-based, accessible, valid, mobile, and quick – students and their evaluators should not be overburdened during an already stressful time.”

"With federal agencies and employers transitioning to host 550 virtual interns, The Washington Center, the largest virtual academic internship program in the country, wants students to get meaningful feedback from the enriching summer experience they have been planning," said Avi Criden, TWC’s Director of Academic Internship Programs. “SkillSurvey’s enhanced Career Readiness Report will help guide our hundreds of academic partners in conversations with students about areas of strength and needed improvement, articulate the value of their experience and provide verified proof of their competency as they prepare to enter the toughest job market since the Great Depression.”

SkillSurvey Career Readiness provides career services, student employment and academic programs in higher education with first-of-its-kind data to discover insights into how ‘career ready’ their institution’s students are compared to other students nationally and to actual job candidates. Leveraging the proven behavioral science and job competency modeling of SkillSurvey’s HR technology, SkillSurvey Career Readiness is the first consistent method to obtain feedback from supervisors and coworkers following work-related experiences using behaviors mapped to the eight competencies established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Additionally, students complete a self-assessment to rate themselves on the same behaviors as their evaluators, with the Career Readiness Report highlighting level of agreement between self and evaluator ratings in each competency area. These behavioral items have been proven to predict work outcomes for job candidates who were rated by job references and later hired.

SkillSurvey was awarded the Best Competency-based Education Solution in the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards for its work with the NACE Center and more than 150 participating institutions. Since the Career Readiness solution started in 2018, more than 20,000 students have been evaluated following internships or work experiences by 30,000 evaluators from 5,000 companies.

About SkillSurvey®

SkillSurvey helps organizations hire and retain great talent with solutions that help you discover new talent and assess soft skills. SkillSurvey Career Readiness™ provides institutions a consistent method to measure workplace preparedness.

© 2020 SkillSurvey Inc. and its affiliates.

Christine Ottow
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Mychael Willon Is Featured in Exclusive Two Part Thrive Global Interview

During a two-part interview with Thrive Global, Mychael Willon discusses the value of learning from your mistakes and how he turned adversity into opportunity.

WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — Experienced educator, Mychael Willon was recently featured in a two-part interview with Thrive Global, an American company founded by Ariana Huffington that publishes inspiring media to support individuals struggling with stress and burnout.

Having received numerous teaching honors over the 38-year duration of his career, Mychael Willon had a lot of wisdom to share with the Thrive Global audience, including his vulnerability through struggles with bulimia, the joy of adoption, and how to live a more peaceful life.

Mychael launched his career in the education sector in 1977, claiming that volunteering played a significant role in determining his passion. Having volunteered with special needs students in high school, he explains that these early days foreshadowed what would become a rich and extensive career in the education sector.

While he is now retired, he shares with Thrive Global why it is important to stay engaged with your local community. Currently, he is the District Director of the Peninsula District, President of the Warhill PTSA and the Williamsburg/James City County PTA Council. For Mychael, community is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and a great way to support the development of your children.

Lastly, Mychael Willon provides valuable advice on how to avoid toxicity and negativity. Having encountered these types of people in his personal and professional life, Mychael outlines how his belief in fixing the problem and not assigning blame is one of the greatest tools in his resilience arsenal. Sharing insight into patience, diversity, compassion, and tolerance, Mychael Willon’s Thrive Global interview shares a message of hope and motivation that resonates.

For those interested in reading Mychael’s exclusive interview, please visit part one here.


Mychael Willon’s contributions to the education field have defined far more than just his career, they are his life passion. Over a period of nearly four decades, Mychael Willon is proud to have held a variety of both administrative and teaching roles in school systems around the United States. His previous titles include elementary school teacher, resource teacher, assistant principal, principal, adjunct professor, director of elementary programs, assistant to the superintendent, assistant superintendent for instruction, and superintendent. Having held roles in urban, suburban, and rural school districts, his background boasts a range of experience in education sectors across the board.

Mychael Willon
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New Mailing List Website Offers Educational Funding Seekers & Student Debt Mailing Lists

Student Tuition Assistance Prospects

Online Class Seekers Mailing Lists

College Students by Class Year Mailing Lists

Student Debt Leads for Calling or Mailing

Sprint Data Solutions is now offering a wide arrange of Educational Prospects Mailing Lists. Reach out to NEW students for traditional and online classes today.

LAS VEGAS, NV, US, June 30, 2020 / — Reach out to a wide array of Educational Prospects for Online Classes, Traditional Classes, Students seeking Tuition Assistance, Students with Student Debt that need assistance are all now easily contacted through Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. New website now providing a smorgasbord of student educational mailing lists.

A good education is one of the priorities of both parents and older students who are now looking at their tertiary education options. While a good education is not a guarantee of success, what it does allow is for many more doors of opportunity to open, giving graduates much better odds of choice and success in a variety of different careers.

However, students, and the educational apparatus that surrounds them, are also a very active, dynamic market. This is a demographic that is making some serious financial decisions about their life, often for the first time. They are making choices to exercise their financial independence and flex those muscles in ways that may make a difference for the rest of their lives. It is a highly specialized demographic, with concerns unlike any other, and to reach them effectively takes the help of experts like Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing.

The Origin Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is proud to be a 100% American business that is owned and operated by a disabled veteran. After completing duties to protect the country, it was decided the next frontier was starting a business that helped other American companies. With a management roster that has over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing and promotion industries, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started its own path in its home city and state of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company first entered the industry before the advent of integrated digital marketing, getting its start with traditional techniques such as direct mail lists. This gave Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing the crucial experience it needed to understand how vital up-to-date, relevant mailing lists can be for clients interested in growing their business. Eventually, the company became so successful it expanded its range of service, spreading throughout the entire continental United States, and then even Hawaii and Alaska. Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing serves not just the whole USA, but also other countries like Mexico and even France in Europe.

The Educational Sector
There are a lot of components to the education sector, meaning that individual interests with potential students vary, as well as the different businesses, partners, vendors, products, and services that serve this sector. From students interested in retail electronics like smartphones and laptops optimized for student work to people researching which schools would best serve their career aspirations, there is a vast spectrum of different considerations for people in this demographic, and the groups and businesses that cater to them.
This presents many different opportunities for varied business interests, charities, volunteer organizations, and others to reach out to a vital demographic that is just coming into their own. However, reaching out to students and even other potential vendors in the education sector can be daunting. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help with an assortment of lists.

Currency Is Always A Priority
One of the most critical factors in getting usable mailing lists for education is the currency of those names and addresses. After all, the average college student is out of school and in the workforce within 3-4 years, so, unlike a residential address, a listing that is five years old may no longer be relevant.
This is why Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide is committed to continually updating and collating education mailing lists. Enrollment in new schools happens every year, and with it, our commitment to refreshing our databases and ensuring that new student names are entered into it, as well as returning students. Even students who are only just beginning to research options for further education may be good candidates for certain marketing and promotional activities. When you come to Sprint Data Worldwide Solutions, you get lists for education leads that have carefully cultivated across a variety of different aspects including:

College Location
Some students will be looking at different schools based on the location, and this is valuable information for particular business interests. Getting information on which students are considering a school in a specific location opens up certain marketing and sales opportunities.

College Requirements
Other students will be looking at specific schools based on their grades or their interest of study. For businesses that are focused on art students, for example, getting a list of students interested in the arts can be lucrative. The same goes for students with a legal or medical interest.

Degree Counseling Or Tuition
Sometimes students require a bit of extra guidance or need to talk to someone familiar with educational requirements and institutions, even get a little help with studies. These services can be highly sought after, but only if students know where to go.

Career Placement & Career Counseling
Students may be young, but at the same time, they are expected to start making choices that will determine their future career track. Some students look for guidance on what those options should be or how best to apply their interests to an occupation. Lists of students looking for such advice can be very useful.

Continuing Education Requirements
Some students buck the trend and have been out of school for a while and wish to return, or are just now starting after years in the workforce. Continuing education students have their own needs and specific concerns that some businesses can benefit from providing.

Military Veterans Seeking Continued Education
Some people that have served in the military now have the opportunity, as veterans, to receive the education they deserve but might not have had the opportunity to enjoy. For businesses that want to help veterans make the most of their second chance at education, these lists can be invaluable.

We Can Help
If you’re interested in reaching out to people with an interest in education, and you’d like to do it through physical mail, email, or even other media, such as Text Messaging/SMS on phones, we can help you. Come to Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide, and you can gain access to a continually updated list with current students and different interests within the educational sector. Get a higher, more effective response rate for your efforts with more precise targeting.

Patrick Trump
Sprint Data Solutions Wordwide Marketing
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New Classrooms to Offer Free Diagnostics and Individualized Academic Road Maps to Address Learning Loss in Math

Solution can also be extended to support personalized remote instruction.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — New Classrooms Innovation Partners will make available a next-generation diagnostic assessment in mathematics that will generate a precise and actionable academic road map for each student aligned to grade-level proficiency and college and career readiness. These road maps will reflect the most relevant, foundational skill gaps from prior school years (from as far back as the 2nd grade) in addition to the on- and post-grade skills students must still master. Road maps can span one or more years, depending on students’ unique starting points and the instructional time available.

The assessment and resulting road map will be available this fall for any student in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 as well as any high school student who is enrolled in Algebra I. It will be available this fall and will be free for schools to use for the 2020-21 school year.

A growing body of research suggests that most students will enter the 2020-2021 academic year behind where they would have been if schools stayed open, with some studies predicting that students could lose a full year of learning gains. The impact will be especially acute for math learners, according to a team of researchers from Brown University, the University of Virginia, and NWEA. And racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps will most likely widen “because of disparities in access to computers, home internet connections and direct instruction from teachers,” reports the New York Times.

Even before pandemic-related school closures, the instructional levels represented in an average 5th-grade classroom, for example, spanned seven grade levels – from the 3rd grade to high school. Now researchers are predicting an even broader array in readiness, and that the lowest-achievement students may very well fall two more years behind. New Classrooms wrote extensively about learning loss in The Iceberg Problem, a report it released in the fall of 2019.

“There is a path to college and career readiness for every student,” said Joel Rose, CEO of New Classrooms. “But for those who have experienced learning loss, achieving that milestone requires a precise understanding of what skills they know, what skills they do not yet know, and what skills should be prioritized.”

Because math is cumulative, many of the mathematical skills and concepts students are taught in one school year are foundational to their succeeding in the next school year. But since not every pre-grade skill is relevant to grade-level success, the road map will include only the subset of pre-grade skills that are relevant to achieving college and career readiness – a far more manageable set of skills than what would be included in the entire curriculum from prior years.

Using Road Maps for Personalized, Remote Instruction

In addition to the diagnostics assessment and academic road map, New Classrooms will be releasing a low-cost, all-digital version of its program that will enable students to accelerate learning on their academic road map – while in school or at home. This all-digital program will include content, exit slips, and a set of instructional resources for parents to support their child’s individual acceleration.

The program can serve as a supplemental resource to support school-based instruction and personalized homework or can serve as a holistic solution for schools looking to provide asynchronous, personalized instruction during time periods when students cannot attend school because of closures or staggered schedules.

"Schools are working tirelessly to figure out how to accelerate learning while also enabling high-quality remote instruction," said Chris Rush, New Classrooms’ Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer. “We hope these new tools can be helpful for those looking to provide tailored acceleration for each of their students by meeting them where they are – both academically and physically."

For more information about these new tools, please contact Annafrancesca Fuchs at

About New Classrooms Innovation Partners

Founded in 2011, New Classrooms Innovation Partners is a national nonprofit on a mission to personalize education by redesigning how a classroom works – from the use of technology, time, and physical space to the instruction and content that engages each student. The founders of New Classrooms were the leaders of an initiative within NYC Public Schools called School of One, which TIME named as one of the Best Inventions of the Year. New Classrooms’ first learning model, Teach to One: Math, ensures each student is learning the right math lesson, at the right time, and in the right way that best meets their strengths and needs. It is used by thousands of students in schools nationwide. To learn more about New Classrooms, visit

Michael Watson
New Classrooms Innovation Partners
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New Classrooms presents Teach to One: Math

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Parental Control Software Test 2020 – Only Two Vendors Got Certified by AV-Comparatives

Parental Control Software Test by AV-Comparatives

Parental Control Software Test by AV-Comparatives

Parental Control Software Test by AV-Comparatives

Parental Control Software Test by AV-Comparatives

To get certified, a product must block at least 98% of pornographic website!

Children need to be protected while browsing the Internet. A good parental control software can help you to keep children away from inappropriate content.”

— Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder, AV-Comparatives

INNSBRUCK, TIROL, AUSTRIA, June 30, 2020 / — AV-Comparatives provides certification for parental control software. In order to be certified, a product must block at least 98% of pornographic websites, have no more than a few false alarms on child-friendly websites, and have no severe unresolved bugs (or design flaws) discovered during the review.

A certification is valid for one year and vendors can apply for certification once a year. Several vendors submitted their products for certification in 2020, of which only two reached the requirements.

Certified Parental Control Solutions

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows

SafeDNS for Windows

Peter Stelzhammer
+43 720 115542
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New: Happy Piglets book for children

Happy Piglets frontcover

Happy Piglets frontcover

Happy piglets example page

Happy piglets example page

Happy Piglets example page 2

Happy Piglets example page 2

An illustrated book for children age 1-6 years.

BRATISLAVA, BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, June 30, 2020 / — Happy Piglets is the traditional story for children narrated in a fresh, new way and accompanied with amazing watercolor images. The classic illustration plays an important role in telling the storyline. A feature like an increasing number of flowers instead of page numbers adds another dimension and level of use to this book. It is meant to get the children closer to the essential point behind the story: to enjoy and to have fun.

The book contains 17 full-page colour illustrations with curious, playful and active characters of the three piglets. The book has 38 pages, hardcover, coming in size 191 x 235 mm / 7.5 x 9.25 inches.

Find more details here.

Michal Splho
Amorandi Publishing
+421 903266820
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ArtsPR announces "organized labor" is joined by Exits & Entrances, 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera & Beyond in 2020


Photo by Kevin Kramer

Photo by Kevin Kramer

"organized labor"remains provocative throughout and sparkles with the energy of a multitude of artistic genres.”

— Davidson Garrett

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — Daniel P Quinn and ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. announce that "organized labor: Collected Poems is joined by Exits & Entrances, 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera & Beyond. For artists immersed in the world of movement, music and color, it seems a natural progression to also let their talents spill onto blank pages. Quinn achieves this beautifully. A tribute to the musicians and writers who have inspired him most and a testimony to his dedication to the performing arts, Organized Labor: Collected Poems is a dance of language across a stage of white space. He combines wordplay and spatial arrangement to create a startling array of poetry that pleases the mind and the eye.

Quinn writes, "Some of the poems are meant to be seen on the page as artworks in themselves; others are meant to be read." His poetic works span more than 20 years. His earlier poems reflect a light, whimsical style while more recent ones reveal a darker view of life. They capture his affection for musicality in creative ways, employing alliteration, internal rhyme and syncopation.

He honors his ancestors in distilled family portraits of words such as "Part II," "Labor Poem II," and "New York Trilogy." Quinn even includes early family photographs that add a rich layer of history. Sometimes poignant, sometimes edgy, "organized labor"remains provocative throughout and sparkles with the energy of a multitude of artistic genres.

Daniel P Quinn graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey and also has an MA in Performing Arts from The American University in Washington, D.C.

Among his numerous achievements, he founded ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., working to produce an up-and-coming arts festival in New York. He was the producing director of the U.S. stage premiere of BEFORE THE CRASH in 2011; Hector Berlioz' "Childhood of Christ". His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, New York Post, Irish Voice, The Montclair Times, The record, The Herald-News and New York on Stage.

His published articles have appeared in Italian Tribune, Performing Arts Journal, The Herald News and The Theater Journal, and his letters have appeared in the News York Times. Quinn served as office manager and acting director of The Writers Room in New York City. He has also published articles like Notes on a mid-career life in an American Theater in Sensations, and AudiophileVoice in Montclair.

Organized Labor:Collected Poems:
PRWeb ebooks – PRWeb
Tel: 800-839-8640 ext. 5244
Fax: 812-961-3133

Daniel P Quinn
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
+1 973-482-0747
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