Klassroom’s Teacher Certification Program provides new college graduates with an affordable path to teacher licensure

While college graduates face an unpredictable job market, an online teacher training program provides a promising and secure career in education.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is bracing for a major economic downturn with the unemployment rate expected to peak at 25%. New college graduates are entering the job market with the worst prospects since the 2008 economic recession and will likely be forced to look outside of their chosen career paths.

While college grads face a job scarcity, K-12 schools across the country continue to function with a surplus of unfilled jobs. The economic health of the country presents a unique opportunity to retrain unemployed educated professionals and address the ongoing teacher shortage with alternative paths to teacher licensure.

By removing the time and expense of traditional teacher training, Klassroom’s Teacher Certification Program (TCP) provides just this.

Created by Klassroom, the domestic brand to international education company, Teach Away, TCP is recognized by the national accrediting body, Association for Advancing Quality in Education Preparation (AAQEP), as an approved teacher certification program that adheres to association standards for teacher licensure. TCP was designed to fill teacher shortages throughout the U.S. by helping aspiring teachers get into the classroom at an accelerated pace, without barriers like price, in-person learning, and long-term program commitments.

As history has shown us time and time again, teaching is one of the most recession-proof jobs in the United States. But even beyond its economic value, teaching is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. Particularly at a time when students need more support than ever to help meet their learning goals.

Unfortunately, traditional on-campus certification programs can be lengthy and expensive, which creates barriers to licensure for aspiring teachers. TCP only takes nine months to complete at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs with payment options available to help offset any financial roadblocks.

A team of education experts developed TCP’s breakthrough program that bridges traditional and progressive learning. The program’s core curriculum is self-paced, delivered 100% online with asynchronous lessons, and includes support from online instructors. An in-person clinical placement makes up the second half of the program, however, this can be completed anywhere in the county.

As schools navigate through the impact of COVID-19, specifically school closures, online instruction, and student learning outcomes, we’re working closely with TCP students to mitigate the impact on their teacher training. Specifically the reduced access to in-class experiences, in addition to instruction for online learning.

After completing the Teacher Certification Program, students can apply for a state teaching license. As most states offer teacher license reciprocity there are limitless career options for new teachers within the US, online and abroad (once it is safe to travel).

Teachers can also find their next great teaching job in the U.S. using Klassroom’s state-of-the-art recruitment platform and regularly updated job board.

About Klassroom and Teach Away:

Since its inception in 2003 Teach Away has dedicated its energy to ensuring every student experiences the power of a great teacher.

After 13 years in business, it became apparent that the teacher shortage challenges facing communities overseas, were now impacting students and families here at home. In 2019, Klassroom was founded to continue to connect students with life-changing teachers, and help those teachers live their dreams right in their hometown.

There is no one, single solution to the teacher shortage crisis we’re facing. That’s why Klassroom offers both unique pathways to a rewarding careers for teachers, as well as world-class recruitment and hiring solutions for schools.

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Source: EIN Presswire