Jessica Rose Bocko Explains why She Gives a Percentage of Foxy Fido LLC Proceeds to Road Dogs and Rescue

Jessica Rose Bocko

Road Dogs & Rescue works to help rescue bulldogs from unsafe environments; Jessica Rose Bocko gives a portion of profits to help from her company Foxy Fido LLC.

TALLAHASSEE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2020 / — Jessica Rose Bocko cares a great deal for dogs of all breeds, wanting to give them a better life. In order to help dogs better, she formed the company Foxy Fido LLC, hoping to help alleviate some of the issues dogs face, such as the fact that a majority of shelter dogs — around one million — are euthanized. One thing that Jessica Rose Bocko does with her company is support Road Dogs and Rescue, a company that helps rescue bulldogs from unsafe environments, by donating a portion of profits from sales at Foxy Fido LLC. She explains why she supports Road Dogs and Rescue specifically.

Why Road Dogs and Rescue Appeals to Jessica Rose Bocko so Much

Any means by which to support dogs in need is well worth it to Jessica Rose Bocko, which is a part of why she wanted to do something to help them out by starting Foxy Fido LLC. But why, exactly, did Road Dogs and Rescue stand out to her so much? Well, Jessica appreciated what they specialize in, which is rehabilitation for bulldogs who were abused, medically tested, or who had birth defects. Their services, Jessica Rose Bocko points out, do not just go to help the bulldogs with physical rehabilitation but also emotional rehabilitation. This will help the dogs become more able to be given to their forever home, who they hope will treat them with the kindness and respect that they deserve. In addition to their adoption services, Road Dogs and Rescue also offers merchandise for the company, featuring various bulldogs on merchandise such as apparel and mugs. Jessica Rose Bocko puts a lot of value in people and organizations who apply the same level of compassion and kindness to dogs that she holds for them, and as such, she holds Road Dogs and Rescue as her favorite nonprofit.

Much like Road Dogs and Rescue, Jessica Rose Bocko and Foxy Fido LLC work hard to contribute to the betterment of canine health, combatting ailments that dogs suffer from as well as how certain remedies, such as cannabidiol, may be beneficial to canine health, noting that the therapeutic properties that humans benefit from, canines may benefit as well. Jessica Rose Rocko is also an advocate for rescue dogs, encouraging people to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter instead of purchasing one from a pet shop or breeder, namely because in adopting a dog, you are also saving that dog's life, due to the aforementioned use of euthanasia in order to make room for more dogs. Jessica Rose Bocko and Road Dogs and Rescue hope to reduce the number of dogs euthanized the best they can.

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