Economic Growth Causes Companies to Hire More Stay-At-Home Moms

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine sees the value of hiring home-based workers.

GRAY, TN, USA, February 25, 2020 / — Twenty years ago, when a working mom had children, she had two options; quit her job or find childcare. Not so anymore. The digital age has given companies the option to allow their workers to take their work home with them. Many engineers, insurance claim adjusters, and designers have been working from home the past decade while raising their families. Parents, while at home caring for their children, tune in via conference call or video call to take part in company meetings. Email is the primary source of communication. Hours are generally flexible, depending on the company.

Some of these families have even gone a step further and have chosen to home educate their children. Working from home and homeschooling might sound impossible, but many parents are finding that it can be done, and successfully. Home education allows for flexibility. The parent is the one taking the reins of their child’s education. They are the ones determining their child’s learning material, activities, and ultimately their schedule. This also allows them to schedule work and school throughout the day in a way that fits best for them.

According to Pew Research, 60% of Americans say children are better off when a parent stays home. Parents who do choose to stay at home to care for and educate their children have a wide variety of options even if their current job does not allow for home-based employment. As the economy continues to thrive, more companies are beginning to see the value of hiring home-based workers. The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is one of those companies. Due to many parents pulling their children out of school this past semester, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine has seen a boost in sales. “As the number of homeschooling families increase, we are seeing more people reach out to our company for help. As a result, we need to add more family-minded workers to our staff,” states Gena Suarez, publisher of the magazine.

Anyone interested in joining The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine’s sales team can find out more information by viewing their FAQ page.

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