NASA’S Jet propulsion laboratory selects a Chennai based NRI as a Solar System Ambassador


Kailash Kalidoss at the SOFIA event at NASA Ames in October 2019 – Photo Credit: Dar Bahatt

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US Bay Area resident Kailash Kalidoss, was selected as the newest Solar System Ambassador by NASA. He is one among 1000 Solar System Ambassadors worldwide.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — US Bay Area resident Kailash Kalidoss was selected as the newest Solar System Ambassador by NASA. He is one among only the 1000 Solar System Ambassadors worldwide. Kailash Kalidoss will receive exclusive NASA training to conduct free Solar System Ambassador presentations and activities at libraries and schools across Alameda County and also present activities over the web across the world, including India.

Kailash hails from South India and had lived and worked at Chennai for a significant time. His childhood and schooling were at Bengaluru. He moved to the US in 2016.

Kailash Kalidoss is also an Aerospace Education Officer and Safety Officer for San Jose Senior Squadron 80 of the Civil Air Patrol and contributes to the Emergency Services mission of Civil Air Patrol by holding the Mission Scanner rating and is training for the rating of Mission Observer. He was recently awarded the grade of Second Lieutenant. Civil Air Patrol is the civilian volunteer wing of the United States Airforce. Outside of Civil Air Patrol, Kailash Kalidoss is a student pilot, holds multiple academic degrees including an MBA and a Master of Science in Engineering. Professionally, Kailash Kalidoss works in the medical device industry where he contributes his talents in multiple phases of the release of new products.

“I’m tremendously honored to represent both Civil Air Patrol and NASA who fuel my passion for learning and sharing aerospace knowledge to the community. My father’s long work experience in the aviation industry truly inspired me. I have been lucky and grateful to be surrounded by friendly and knowledgeable colleagues who help me keep motivated. I would strive to make a positive impact.” – Second Lieutenant Kailash Kalidoss

The Solar System Ambassadors (SSA) program from NASA works with motivated volunteers across the nation to share NASA science and mission discoveries through a variety of events that inspire their communities. This competitive program only accepts applications once per year, which are then vetted by NASA JPL staff for applicants with the right combination of presentation, motivation, and ideas for community engagement events. Since the Solar System Ambassadors program was reorganized in 2000, volunteers such as Kailash Kalidoss have conducted over 40,000 events that reached more than 9 million people directly through in-person events.
Kailash Kalidoss hopes to use his passion for aerospace and his presentation skills to excite and engage groups of all ages about aviation, astronomy and space exploration.

The SSA program of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers information and excitement about real missions that explore our solar system. SSA volunteers in communities throughout the country are selected by NASA JPL and trained with educational material. However, the opinions of the SSAs are not necessarily those of NASA or JPL. Further information about the Solar System Ambassador program is available at JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA.

About Civil Air Patrol:
Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is the newest member of the Air Force’s Total Force. In this role, CAP operates a fleet of 560 aircraft, performs about 90 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited by the AFRCC with saving an average of 80 lives annually. CAP’s 61,000 members also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. In addition, CAP plays a leading role in aerospace/STEM education, and its members serve as mentors to over 26,000 young people participating in CAP’s Cadet Programs. Visit or for more information.

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Emmy-winning Editor Lee Percy, ACE, Returns as Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Next Artist in Residence

Students will have the opportunity to work with the editor of “Boys Don’t Cry” for the March Six Week Intensive workshop

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), the cutting-edge, digital-training destination for post-production specialists and content creators is proud to announce the upcoming Artist in Residence for the March 2nd class will be Emmy-winning editor Lee Percy, ACE.** Lee was previously an Artist in Residence at MEWShop over a decade ago and has since had tremendous success in his career on both television and film projects. Lee has a unique origin story for an editor, since he studied acting at Juilliard before finding his way into editing. Lee believes his experience there granted him the distinct skill to select the best moments from an array of performances in the cutting room. Lee's eye for strong performances has been a valuable asset to him, and three of the films he has worked on have won an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress. "A background in acting enhances a film editor's ability to shape a film's narrative and make the most of any actor's performance," says MEWShop President Jason Banke. "Providing one-on-one time to our students with such a distinctly qualified and successful editor like Lee is why our Six Week Intensive remains the only class like it."

The next installment of MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop begins on March 2nd, 2020 and will be held Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. For more information on MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop or to register, please visit MEWShop’s early bird pricing for $350 off ends on February 21, 2020.

About Lee Percy: Lee Percy, ACE has worked with director Barbet Schroeder from the Academy Award-winning film, "Reversal of Fortune" to "Murder by Numbers." Lee also edited the Academy Award-winning "Boys Don't Cry," and the critically acclaimed film, "Maria Full of Grace." He also worked on "The Ice Harvest "for director Harold Ramis, Oliver Stone's "Snowden," as well as Sundance Film Festival 2009 nominee and Emmy-winning "Taking Chance." Lee's recent work includes the remake of the classic horror film "Carrie," along with such films as "Amelia," HBO's "Grey Gardens," "The Kindergarten Teacher" starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and “The Mountain Between Us” with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.

About Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop: The post-production industry is highly competitive, and knowing the industry standards – Premiere Pro, After Effects and Avid Media Composer – is critical for success. MEWShop offers in one comprehensive six-week course, the training that young post-production professionals need in each of these editing applications, taught by certified instructors. No other program guarantees more time in the classroom or more working on one’s own computer. The Six Week Intensive Course will take students through each program as they work on various real-world projects to illustrate the distinct strengths and nuances of each NLE software. MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive is the only course of its kind that allows students to choose the footage they want to edit on the platform they prefer. This program also is the only Six Week program where students can have the opportunity to become a Certified Avid User, through certified training and exams.

Beyond the creative and technical aspects of editing, a portion of the Six Week Intensive Workshop is focused on the best strategies to secure a job once the class ends. Students will draft cover letters and resumes, which will be refined over the span of the class, and also discuss with instructors about interview strategies and job applications, as well as how to appropriately set rates and find the right work for each graduate’s unique interests.

MEWShop also continues its successful intern/entry level referral program, where we connect students to top post houses and companies in the New York area. Upon completion of the Six Week Intensive Workshop, students will be provided with links to MEWShop's industry contacts in order to apply to paid editorial internships and entry level positions – via resumes and work samples – where students will be given the opportunity to utilize their training and pursue a career in post-production.*

*Manhattan Edit Workshop cannot guarantee students will be hired or granted an interview as a result of the Six Week Intensive Workshop. **Artists in Residence are schedule permitting.

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Ralph Chapa Breaks Down the Differences Between Crimes and Torts

Ralph Chapa Farmington Hills

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — If you watch courtroom dramas on television or like to read legal thrillers by the likes of John Grisham or Lisa Scottoline, you’re probably familiar with at least some basic concepts of criminal law: Miranda rights, what a district attorney does, how a mistrial happens, how jurors are selected, and so on, explains Ralph Chapa. In books and on TV, trials are exciting. But the vast majority of legal procedures take place outside the courtroom, and may not involve criminal charges at all.

There are essentially two main branches of law: criminal law and civil law, also known as torts. Experienced litigator Ralph Chapa explains some of the key differences.

How Is a Crime Defined?

Crimes — assault, burglary, tax evasion, driving under the influence, theft, and drug trafficking, just to name a few — are wrongful acts that have been deemed a crime by the government. In criminal cases, the “plaintiff” is usually the federal government or the state in which the crime took place, Raph Chapa says. (That’s why you sometimes hear a bailiff, attorney, or judge speaking of “the State vs. Jane Doe.”)

However, Ralph Chapa explains, they are bringing the charges as a representative of the people of that jurisdiction. The person who makes the opening and closing statements, presents the State’s evidence, and performs the direct- and cross-examination of witnesses is the District Attorney (or multiple lawyers from the D.A.’s office).

In a criminal case, the defendant can make a plea deal, go to trial before a jury of his or her peers, or have what’s called a bench trial, in which only the judge is present and makes the determination of guilty or not guilty, explained Ralph Chapa. If the accused is found guilty, they may face incarceration, fines, and other punishments depending on the crime. These include but are not limited to mandatory community service, the revocation of a driver’s license, registration as a sex offender, drug or alcohol treatment, or probation or parole.

What Is a Tort?

Like a crime, says Ralph Chapa, a tort is also a wrongful act, but in this instance, it’s one that injures or harms a person or property. Civil proceedings may be settled out of court or go to trial; however, the vast majority — some 95% percent — are not tried. They are intended as a way for the victim, or plaintiff, to be compensated for the harm they have experienced. If the defendant is found guilty in a civil case, they will be ordered to pay damages to the plaintiff.

In order to win a civil case, the plaintiff must prove two things. First, that the defendant did commit the wrongdoing, or tort; second, that the plaintiff or the plaintiff's property was harmed or injured.

The Burden of Proof

According to Ralph Chapa, one of the key differences between civil and criminal proceedings has to do with the burden of proof. In a criminal case, the prosecution must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the accused committed the crime. Reasonable doubt exists when a juror or other party cannot claim with moral certainty that the defendant is guilty.

In civil cases, the burden of proof is quite different — in fact, it is much lower. Here, the plaintiff must convince the opposition that there is a greater than 50% chance that the defendant committed the act in question.

Crimes and Torts Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Interestingly, crimes and torts are not mutually exclusive. An individual can face both types of charges for the same incident, explains attorney Ralph Chapa. A famous example of this is O.J. Simpson. In 1995, the former football star was acquitted — found not guilty — in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The families of the victims then filed wrongful death suits against Simpson, and two years after the criminal acquittal, the jury in his civil trial unanimously found him guilty. The families were awarded compensatory and punitive damages to the tune of $33.5 million.

Naturally, there is much, much more to understand about the differences between civil and criminal charges, settlements or trials, and verdicts. Is there any particular facet of the law that you’d like to learn about in future blog posts? Drop a comment below and we’ll ask Ralph Chapa to put your question on his to-do list!

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Ralph Chapa of Farmington Hills

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Dr. Mark Fleckner Explains 5 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Mark R Fleckner MD

GARDEN CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — Not only are eyes the windows to the soul, but they can also offer a glimpse of a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Ophthalmologists like Dr. Mark Fleckner say getting regular eye exams is crucial as doctors can prevent and treat issues more effectively with early detection. In between eye exams, you should also take charge of your health by keeping an eye out for unusual changes which could be signs of serious trouble.

Dr. Mark Fleckner cites the American Academy of Ophthalmology which recommends people ages 18 to 60 have an eye exam every two years, at least, while people over age 60 should have them more frequently. People under age 60 with certain risk factors, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or genetic predisposition to eye ailments such as glaucoma, should also have eye exams more frequently.

During an eye exam, the doctor will of course check for problems within the eye itself, such as enlarged blood vessels, leaking, or vision changes, which may indicate issues such as glaucoma or retinal tears. However, the doctor may also be able to detect ailments such as irregular thyroid, high blood pressure, or diabetes, Dr. Mark Fleckner says.

Mark R Fleckner MD says to pay close attention and see your eye doctor right away if you experience the following symptoms:

Floaters: Floaters are fairly common and resemble gnats or web-like squiggles. While the occasional floater is normal, if yours don’t go away, this is cause for concern. They may also be accompanied by flashes of light. These symptoms may be a sign of posterior vitreous detachment or something more serious, like a retinal tear, which can be blinding if not treated.

Eye Pain: Eyes should never hurt, so this should always be taken seriously. It may be a sign of undiagnosed glaucoma, optic neuropathy, or inflammation. Or, it may be a symptom of injury from something such as extreme heat (ex., lighting fireworks or working with a blowtorch without safety gear). Don’t try a DIY method to relieve the pain, such as rinsing or drops, as this may exacerbate the condition.

Blurry Vision: Vision change is normal, particularly with age. However, sometimes a change in vision can be a symptom of a problem more serious than age-related vision decline. One of the most common issues, and the leading cause of blindness worldwide, is glaucoma.

Redness: Redness can be a sign of something benign like allergies or lack of sleep. While unhealthy, these factors are not a threat to your permanent vision and wellbeing. However, if you wear contacts and your eyes become red, watery, and painful, it may be a sign of infection. Stop wearing contacts immediately and see your doctor. Untreated, eye infections can cause permanent damage. One way to prevent this is to never, ever sleep in your contacts, Dr. Mark Fleckner says. Get in the habit of taking your contacts out at the end of the day and switching to glasses instead.

Double Vision: Double vision may be caused by having a few drinks, but if you’re experiencing it while sober, it may signal something more sinister. If your double vision is in one eye, it may indicate an issue with the cornea. In both eyes, it may signal a neurological issue. If you have double vision along with slurred speech or pain, it may be a sign of a stroke; go to the hospital immediately, says Dr. Mark Fleckner.

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Dr. Mark Fleckner

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Keeping Up-to-Date on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; 2,000+ Tweets

JoAnn M. Laing

Tweeting, 20+ years in robotics, AI world, JoAnn M. Laing’s prescient tweets offer observations on the latest technology breakthroughs, workplace advances.

Keeping on top of changes is proving almost insurmountable to busy professionals,” Laing said. “That’s why I started these tweets, curating the latest information to help others stay informed.”

— JoAnn M. Laing

RIDGEFIELD, NJ, US, February 18, 2020 / — The swirling robotics and artificial intelligence world is proving almost too time consuming for those seeking to stay ahead of how it is affecting business practices and creating opportunities.
As robotics and AI integration grow 38% per year, today's and tomorrow's work habits, fulfillment, management are changing …by 2025 there will be 58 million net new jobs created, according to Forbes.
While some cross-sector participants (private, public, government) are aware how these changes are already disrupting every aspect of work and redefining productivity, others are seeking information.
Tweeting for 8+ years and participating for two plus decades in the evolving robotics and AI world, JoAnn M. Laing’s prescient 2000+ tweets offer observations and insights highlighting the latest technology breakthroughs and how they advance the workplace.
Her daily tweets cut across industry sectors, including: Agriculture, Business Services, Consumer Products and Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Transportation and Warehousing, among others.
“Keeping on top of these changes is proving almost insurmountable to busy professionals,” Laing said. “That’s why I started these tweets, curating the latest information to help others stay informed.”
JoAnn’s tweets can be found on Twitter at or on the National Robotics Education Foundation website (

About JoAnn M. Laing: She has 21+ years of experience with advanced technologies (robotics, AI, machine learning, NLP). She is Chairman of The National Robotics Education Foundation and Information Strategies, Inc.

Donald Mazzella
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Wim Stocks


Wake Tech students, with its recent eSports athletic announcement look forward to hearing from Wim as a progressive leader in the eSports arena”

— Professor Cindy Foster, Program Director, Simulation and Game Development

RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — Wim Stocks is leading the esports business, strategy, programming initiatives, sponsorship/partnership sales, and investor relations for the WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague. He has been a progressive leader in the online gaming and esports businesses since 1990. In 2010, he was recruited to join the executive management team of Virgin Gaming (now WorldGaming) as Executive Vice President. In this role, Wim helped launch the company and platform, as well as developed strategic investor, technology, game publisher, retailer, and other brand partnerships. In March 2008, leading games publisher THQ purchased Elephant Entertainment, an entrepreneurial online gaming publishing business Win started two years previously. He assumed the role of EVP and leader of the Online Gaming division and related digital gaming initiatives. From 2001 to 2006, Wim was Executive Vice President of the “new” Atari Inc., leading and managing one of the broadest-reaching interactive entertainment publishing networks in the world.

Wim currently serves as an Advisor to the Special Olympics International; an Advisor to Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainmentand Ryerson University’s ‘Future of Sports Lab’; Board member of Wombo Sports, a sports/gaming influencer agency; Advisor and part of the ownership group of Andbox, parent company of the New York Excelsior, the professional NYC-based franchise in the Overwatch League and the NY Subliners, professional NYC-based franchise in the Call of Duty League; is a Board Member of National Public Radio’s ‘Marketplace’ programming; and is also a Trustee and on the Board of Directors of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Wim is also Chairman of the Board of HPPS Ltd, and has served on the boards of Allina/Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) is the leading forum for game industry professionals and students on the East Coast. ECGC’s goal is to provide attendees the opportunity to network, share industry trends, and build careers as well as look to the future of the industry. The conference features panels and lectures by game industry experts covering a wide variety of topics, and includes an exhibit hall, career lounge, and social events. Registration is now open at:

Walter Rotenberry
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Dr. Judith Osterhage of Parenting Matters Consulting to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — Raising children is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs we will ever have to face. Between juggling a hectic work schedule and our busy day to day lives, trying to raise happy well -adjusted children in a technology driven chaotic world can be tough. Fortunately, there are ways to shift your approach as a loving parent and create that solid healthy relationship with your child that you’ve always dreamed of.

Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage is an expert Certified Parenting Coach and founder of Parenting Matters Consulting with over 40 years working with families in need.

“My objective is to provide parents with the most successful strategies and practical tools so families truly connect and enjoy more fulfilling happier lives,” says Judy.

Judy’s clients range from single moms, adoptive parents, nannies, teachers, caregivers, grandparents acting as parents, foster parents, and moms in recovery. Skillfully assisting her clients to navigate the ins and outs of parenting with a heart centered compassionate approach, Judy aims at building and strengthening parent-child relationships. By encouraging parents to be skillful communicators and develop self-confidence, kindness, self-reliance, and empathy she literally helps families thrive. According to Judy, because children mirror adult’s behavior it is essential parents set the example and this starts right in their own home.

“It’s critical that kids acquire life-long skills so they can grow up to be empowered responsible adult citizens,” says Judy. “With proper nurturing and positive reinforcement parents will genuinely and effortlessly bond with their kids. I help them navigate the process with a solution focused approached for achieving life-long relationships.”

Judy says the importance of building solid relationships is critical in connecting with your children. Parents should allow their kids to make mistakes so they can learn. It’s not only about the child’s behavior it’s about the parents knowing how to navigate it that truly makes a difference.

Prior to becoming a coach, Judy experienced the emotional frustrations of raising her own children while as a single mom – juggling a full time demanding career, so she understands firsthand what it’s like. When her seventeen-year-old son tragically passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition five years ago, she not only had to come to terms with the overwhelming grief but suffered two heart attacks and slipped into a coma. Soon after, her younger son was in heart failure and in rapid decline.

After miraculously making an amazing recovery, feeling inspired to go on and make a difference in the world, Judy obtained her doctorate degree and became certified as a parent coach. She started her business Parenting Matters Consulting to help other families create better lives that are just peeking at them around the corner and right within their reach. With a renewed sense of purpose and realizing it is not over yet she tells herself – “Such a time as this!”

“In my life’s journey I learned all things are possible,” says Judy. “My belief is that with healthier families we all live more joyful lives and we can accomplish anything when we support one another. When we stay connected with our kids we create life- long positive influence on them.”

Well-balanced healthy families tend to have kids who do better in school. Parents sometimes are not certain on what to do, it’s not that they are bad parents. Judy also conducts expert training and workshops in schools and trains teachers training in classroom management with a similar philosophy. Strong families produce kids who perform well in school leading to stronger schools and communities.

Judy has worked for almost 25 years with foster families and foster youth moving towards emancipation. Her Doctorate in social justice – leadership for change supports her work with her dissertation – The Importance of Trauma Informed Education for Foster and Adoptive Parents – highlights the crucial need of trauma informed education especially with her work with sex traffic survivors.

Aside from her life changing parenting work, Judy is also a human sex trafficking educator, instructor, advocate and a powerful voice in raising awareness. On her website Judy offers a human trafficking awareness training course which is mandatory for employees of the hospitality industry. Judy’s hope is by raising awareness one day we will eradicate the horrors of human trafficking once and for all and she is determined to make that come to fruition.

“I’m a teacher, a proud mom, an advocate for a better world, experienced in the heartache of loss and have been inspired by my experiences,” says Judy. “Throughout my incredible life’s journey, I have learned connection is crucial and all things are possible. My unwavering belief is that with stronger families we all live better healthier lives and we can accomplish anything when we wholeheartedly connect and genuinely support one another.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Judith Osterhage in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday February 20th at 1 p.m. EST and with Doug Llewelyn on Wednesday February 26th at 3 p.m. EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on our guest please visit and

Written By Beatrice Maria Centeno

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Chicago Ad Agency SOCIALDEVIANT Launches "Kindness In The Wild" Campaign As Part Of Random Acts of Kindness Week

SOCIALDEVIANT crew adds Kindness Post-it Challenges to "Kindness In The Wild" campaign board.

SOCIALDEVIANT Team sets about spreading Random Acts of Kindness in Chicago’s Thompson Center.

Kindness Challenges for passers-by to take.

“Kindness In The Wild” challenges cover Kindness mural as effort is about to launch.

A close-up of the yet-to-be-fully-revealed mural by Emmy Star Brown.

The Kindness message in mural by Emmy Star Brown to be revealed as Post-Its are removed.

"Wilding" Effort Throughout City & Online Reminds People #YourKindnessCounts

I am so proud of our team for again finding a way to spread the power of kindness. There is kindness in all of us, and the world is a better place when all of our kindness shines through.”

— Marc Landsberg, SOCIALDEVIANT Founder & CEO

CHICAGO, IL, USA, February 18, 2020 / — To prove its long-held belief that everyone has an instinct for kindness, SOCIALDEVIANT today started a “wilding” spree in downtown Chicago, purposefully spreading and inspiring good deeds as part of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week, which runs Feb. 16-23.

The Chicago-based ad agency’s “Kindness In The Wild” campaign is anchored around a special, 12’ by 6.5’ mural painted by local artist Emmy Star Brown. Her work has temporarily been installed in the lobby of the James R. Thompson Center, a high-traffic building which thousands of people pass through each day, beginning Feb. 18 through Feb. 21.

The mural itself has initially been covered with hundreds of specially created Random Acts of Kindness Post-its. Each addresses the power of kindness on one side and spells out a specific good deed on the other, ranging from holding a door open for others, buying a coffee for the person in line behind you, beaming a warm smile to a stranger, making someone’s day with a kind text or e-mail “just because,” leaving a fat tip that will make your server’s day, and more.

As the Post-its are removed, the uplifting message Brown has painted on the mural will begin to be revealed. The entire activation will be captured via a time-lapse video to be released via SOCIALDEVIANT’s social channels. After RAK week 2020 ends, the mural will be donated to a local Chicago school, where its inspiring words will continue to convey the importance of kindness for years to come.

SOCIALDEVIANT has also set up an Instagram page under the handle @yourkindnesscounts ( As people carry out the Random Act of Kindness on the Post-it, they are being encouraged to share their good deeds with the world by posting a picture of the card and/or kindness in action to Instagram, challenging friends and followers to spread some kindness, too.

A SOCIALDEVIANT team will be at the Thompson Center each day from Feb. 18-21 to oversee the effort, while agency colleagues extend the “wilding” campaign to the streets of Chicago, sticking the Post-its on walls and public transportation and handing them out to the public. In total, 5,000 Random Acts of Kindness cards will be spread around the city.

Marc Landsberg, founder and CEO of SOCIALDEVIANT, personally set an ambition for the Chicago-based agency to become the world’s kindest company when he established it in 2012. “I am so proud of our team for again finding a way to spread the power of kindness throughout the city and beyond. There is kindness in all of us, and the world is a better place when all of our kindness shines through.”

Each February for the past eight years, SOCIALDEVIANT has celebrated its anniversary by supporting Random Acts of Kindness Week, actively encouraging its entire staff to give back to the community. This has included paying it forward at local coffee shops, schools and senior residences, in addition to volunteering to pack food at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Founded in Chicago in 2012, SOCIALDEVIANT is a modern agency for modern brands, delivering high-impact, collaborative creativity while taking time and cost out of the system. In mid-2019, the agency opened All Oars, an in-house "content-studio-maker-lab-think-shark-tank" that takes thoughts and turns them into wildly creative things. Agency revenue continues to post impressive year-on-year gains given its continued new business success.

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Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance Opens Satellite Office at The Undercroft

cybersecurity  cyber Ybor City

Abacode Joins The Undercroft Cybersecurity Guild

Abacode, Inc., a Cybersecurity and Compliance services firm announced a satellite office in historic Ybor City, FL at The Undercroft.

We are a member-driven organization on a mission to grow the cybersecurity sector leveraging our guild for the continuous development of cybersecurity professionals and organizations.”

— Adam Sheffield, CEO of The Undercroft

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 / — Abacode, Inc., a Cybersecurity and Compliance services firm based in Tampa, FL, announced today they have established a satellite office in historic Ybor City, FL on the heels of a $4.85 million Series A investment. Abacode will join other industry leaders with offices at The Undercroft. Through spaces like The Undercroft and its' associated guild, Abacode will be able to rapidly access talent and further enhance their technology-enabled services.

Chief Delivery Officer and Partner, Michael Brooks, commented: "As cyber-threats and compliance mandates increase, we are committed to growing our ecosystem of relationships and geographic locations in order to remain in front of the global threat landscape. Our partnership with the Undercroft and other centers of excellence throughout the United States creates a win-win for our clients, our community and our industry", said Mr. Brooks.

As the threat continues to grow, we find our communities and organizations in the crosshairs. Cyber-attacks occur every 30 seconds with over 4.3 billion internet users affected last year. This extreme threat has created a growing demand for new capability and talent. The cybersecurity talent gap will grow to an estimated 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021.

"This need is what drove us to start The Undercroft and pursue Ybor City as a cybersecurity hub. We are a member-driven cybersecurity guild that brings together companies like Abacode connecting talent and capability. We are on a mission to grow the cybersecurity sector leveraging our guild for the continuous development of cybersecurity professionals and organizations." said Adam Sheffield, CEO of The Undercroft.


About Abacode
Abacode is a next-generation cybersecurity and compliance services firm. The Company addresses client risk from a business strategy first and technologies second (product agnostic). This methodology ensures that technical and non-technical leadership are able to make unbiased business decisions that positively impact the entire organization. Abacode has become one of the fastest-growing organizations by helping companies implement a Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (CCMM) and consolidate all cybersecurity & compliance initiatives under one roof. Offices in the Americas and Europe. Learn more at

About the Undercroft
The Undercroft is a member-driven cybersecurity guild and capability development center designed to combat one of the world's greatest threats. We bring together an international community of corporations, startups, investors, and talent to foster collaboration and innovation in the growing cybersecurity ecosystem. Located in historic Ybor City, FL, we offer secure workspace, tailored resources, and security-focused programming for individuals and organizations that seek to grow and advance cybersecurity tools and tradecraft, secure innovation, and national security. To learn more about our work and initiatives, please visit us at or on social media.

Media Inquiries:


The Undercroft

Joy Randels
The Undercroft
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The Undercroft welcomes our newest resident Abacode, Inc.

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Amazon Rainforest Tribe Utilizes Modern Technology to Map 3.7 Million Acres of Ancestral Lands

Matsés woman

Matsés woman with traditional facial tattoos, piercings, and face paint. ©Alicia Fox

Matsés mapping

Matsés mapping team from Nuevo San Juan meets with Acaté staff to review maps. ©Acaté

Ancestral village

Clay pots mark the site of a longhouse that was hastily abandoned following a skirmish with Peruvian soldiers over 70 years ago. ©Acaté

Matsés river

The Matsés Communal Reserve is an integral part of an even larger bi-national area of intact rainforest that holds among the highest densities of stored carbon, record biodiversity, and protects isolated tribal groups. ©Acaté

Giant River Otters

Headwaters of the Matsés territory are refuge for endangered Giant River Otters. ©Acaté

Matsés Indigenous People of the Peruvian Amazon Complete Historic First Mapping of 3.7 Million Acres of Ancestral Lands

IQUITOS, LORETO, PERU, February 18, 2020 / — On the 50th anniversary of sustained contact with the outside world, leaders of the Matsés tribe of the Peruvian Amazon assembled to unveil the first completed maps that demarcate their ancestral territories. The gathering, held on August 28 and 29, 2019 at the village of Remoyacu, in the remote frontier divide of northeast Peru and Brazil was the culmination of an extraordinary indigenous-led initiative that required five years of work to complete. The resultant maps, written in their language, are comprehensive cartographic records of their ancestral territory, history, land use, and culture.

The ancestral lands of the Matsés in Peru comprise an area of 3.7 million acres and contain among the most intact, biodiverse and carbon-rich forests in the world. Their communities shield some of the last remaining uncontacted tribes from unwanted encroachment by the outside world. With the accelerated rates of deforestation and fires in the Amazon Basin, this vast area of intact primary forest that generations of Matsés have fought to protect is of global significance.

Before the Matsés Indigenous Mapping Initiative, the few maps of Matsés lands were those created by non-Matsés that depict an empty landscape. A few scattered dots along the large rivers that represent their present-day settlements are the only evidence of Matsés inhabitation. Only the principal rivers are named in Spanish. To the Matsés, the caretakers of these lands, the blank areas on these maps were not voids but the living heart of their territory.

At the initiation of this project, the Matsés rich knowledge of their lands and ancestral history resided only in the memory of their living elders. The Matsés recognized the urgency to complete this initiative as the remaining elders were reaching an age where it is increasingly difficult to walk to remote cultural and historical sites. The loss of this knowledge would sever their timeless ancestral connection to their lands.

With support from Acaté Amazon Conservation, the Matsés received training in basic computing and in the use of GPS units. In an undertaking of immense scale over five years, teams of Matsés, led by elders, traveled throughout their land and deep into their headwaters to record thousands of culturally-important mapping points including locations of ancestral longhouses, sites of frontier skirmishes with Peruvian soldiers and areas of ecological importance. All of the waterways in their territory were recorded for the first time with their original Matsés names.

As most of the participants had never used a computer prior to the start of the project, the training began with basic computer usage, followed by word processing and spreadsheet lessons. Over time, classes advanced to use of the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping software. Through capacitating the Matsés with the ability to use the complex mapping software, the project took a major step forward from prior participatory mapping initiatives undertaken with other Amazonian indigenous groups. The ability to create and generate maps for themselves will aid the Matsés in governing their territory and protecting its resources. For centuries, the Matsés have been locked in conflict with outsiders encroaching on their lands set on resource extraction, from the rubber barons of old to modern-day multinational petroleum corporations. The maps will be a powerful tool for present and future generations of Matsés to protect their lands from extractive industry and from future attempts to dispossess them.

Acaté Amazon Conservation is a non-profit organization based in the United States and Perú that operates in close partnership with the Matsés people of the Peruvian Amazon to maintain their self-sufficiency and cultural identity as they adapt to the outside world. Operating at the frontlines on the leading edge of conservation, our initiatives have included the first indigenous medicine encyclopedia as well as projects with original methodology in sustainable economic development, traditional medicine, medicinal agroforestry, nutritional diversity, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity inventory, education, and native language literacy.

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