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Infinity Group Australia CEO Graeme Holm preaches accountability and education to pay off mortgages faster

Graeme Holm was named ‘Finance Broker of the Year – 2019 by The Adviser, and recognized by Australian Financial Review as the #4th most innovative financial services company”

— Elissa Doyle

CRONULLA, NSW, AUSTRALIA, November 19, 2019 / — We’ve all heard the adage that something is “too good to be true.” And, when reading the reviews for Infinity Group Australia, one might think the same. The Multi-award winning finance brokerage company was started in 2013 by Graeme Holm – aka The Money Mentor – who gives a client-first, ‘tough love’ approach to spending and saving money. And, the results and the clients speak for themselves. On average, Infinity clients pay off $50,000.00 in debt principal per year, with countless testimonials mentioning their improvement not just in finances, but also decrease in stress and more happiness in family and marriages. It is no surprise that since the company’s beginnings in 2013, Infinity has earned numerous awards for customer service, and is among the ranks as one Australia’s top brokerage firms, winning The Adviser’s prestigious 2018 “New office of the year award. Recently, Graeme Holm was named ‘Finance Broker of the Year – 2019 by The Adviser, and recognized by Australian Financial Review as the #4th most innovative financial services company, on the publications annual list moving up 54 places from 58th in 2018.

During his 10 years of working within the Big Four Australian banking system, Graeme saw first hand how modern financial institutions work with clients – the impersonal relationships, the one-size-fits-all packages for borrowing, and the lack of knowledge clients receive when borrowing for homes and investments. Clients were obliged to payments that were outside their monthly income and racking up interest charges on credit. It was not uncommon that clients who took out mortgages six to eight years prior, and yet had still not reduced their principal to any significant amount and were now paying more than the original loan after refinancing for various requirements.

Graeme was also keenly aware of the toll that financial stress can have on an individual, marriage, or family. He came from humble beginnings in Wollongong on the NSW far South Coast around 1 hour south of Sydney, raised by his grandparents and a single mother. This lead to his profound motivation to help people, and he set out to do that, with a career in finance at the age of 18. Graeme has since become an MBA Top 100 Broker in 2017 and 2018, a financial educator, motivational speaker, and acclaimed author of The Money Mentor: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in as Little as 7 Years Without Becoming a Hermit that became an international bestselling book.

When he started Infinity Group with his partner Rebecca Walker, Graeme’s goal was to share the knowledge he had learned about investing and financing with normal everyday Australians, so they have the power to manage their money, get ahead, achieve their financial goals, and secure their families financial futures. The first step in this process is getting to know the clients on a personal level. The finance managers at Infinity group go through a series of three to four consultations with clients, knowing that every borrower is different. Through the consultations they gain a clear understanding of each client’s cash flows and spending, financial struggles, and their goals for the future. After this, a personalized plan is created, a new regimen that is tailored for their budget, with goals that are achievable. Clients can see results in as little as 30 days, and they make large strides in paying off their debts and mortgages as fast as possible.

The Infinity method that was developed by Graeme and Rebecca is extremely hands-on, for both managers and clients. In his previous work, Graeme noticed that most mortgage brokers only speak to their clients during the initial loan period, and then rarely is there more than an annual check in or phone call afterwards. At Infinity, clients receive side-by-side coaching, much like personal training for fitness.

The biggest factor affecting a client’s finances is their discretionary spending. This must be managed meticulously and curbed, which is the focus of Infinity Group’s approach. Graeme encourages clients to not spend outside of their monthly income, and to never purchase anything on credit, saying “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it!”. He knows this is tough love, and sometimes it is difficult for clients to hear. But he says it is what they need to break their destructive spending habits.

At Infinity, Graeme and Rebecca are transforming the financing industry. To many, it is a cold, impersonalised world of ongoing debts and payments and the standard 30-year mortgage. However, with thousands of client testimonials, Infinity Group has earned a different reputation and has become one of Australia’s fast-growing debt reduction and money management services. Clients are reporting outstanding results and overwhelmingly positive reviews. An almost unbelievable number – 100% – of clients report that they paid off more of their debt in the first three months with Infinity, than they had in the previous 12 months prior. The company also reports an average of $50,000.00 of debt repayment annually per client. Clients who had 30 year mortgages are able to pay them off in as little as seven to 10 years. Not surprisingly, clients also tout the level of personalised customer service they receive with Infinity, saying they feel “very comfortable”, or “like family,” with the one-on-one coaching and support they receive. Other reviews mention that financial burdens are reduced, and that they are happier and healthier in their personal lives. The Infinity personal finance trainers are there every step of the way, as clients pay off mortgages faster, achieve their goals and build their futures.

Think the results are too good to be true? See for yourself, and contact Infinity Group Australia for your first consultation.

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