MyTEFL Internships for Non-Native English Speakers

Thai Beach

Where will our Teach in Thailand Internship take you?

MyTEFL's internships are now open to select non-native English speakers

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, October 1, 2019 / — With the world shrinking at the alarming rate it is today and becoming one global market, few careers are as in demand as those that allow one to travel and see different parts of the world on a regular basis.

One of the easiest careers to get into that center around travel and adventure is that of the TEFL teacher. TEFL teachers live and teach English in countries which have a low rate of English competency and the TEFL industry is at an all time high.

Previously being a native English speaker was a strict requirement for any and all TEFL positions around the world. However, surging demand and an influx of competent, qualified non native English teachers have considerably loosened restrictions and changed employer’s perspectives. In some ways, non-native English speakers are said to make better teachers as they themselves have learned English from a non-native perspective and are able to better understand their students and the difficulties they face.

That being said, employers do still tend to prefer native English speaking TEFL teachers. There are many great jobs out there for non-native teachers but they do have to put in considerably more time and effort to finding a TEFL job and it can be quite hard to “get a foot in the door” as a non-native.

Luckily for for aspiring non-native TEFL teachers, we have two great internship programs in Thailand and Myanmar that have recently opened to select non-native myTEFL graduates.

The programs basically consist of a week of classes and orientation in the country before being placed in a full salaried teaching position. During this week, you’ll be staying with other myTEFL interns and participating in all kinds of fun and unique cultural activities and excursions. In Thailand you’ll be visiting Elephant sanctuaries and cooking Pad Thai and some of the activities in Myanmar include Burmese boxing and meditation guided by a Buddhist monk. We also help you with other aspects of settling into your new life as a TEFL teacher like setting up a SIM card and local bank account. The guaranteed job placement will also offer a competitive salary and plenty of support.

However these programs are not for everyone and there are a few requirements to get accepted.
1) Region

Non-native applicants must be from Central and South America or Western Europe. Russians and Eastern Europeans may be considered on a limited basis. Asian and African non-natives will not be accepted. This policy is due to visa restrictions in place by Thai and Burmese governments, it is not a policy of myTEFL.

2) Test Scores

Non-native applicants must have minimum proficiency scores in at least one standardized English proficiency test. The minimum test scores are as follows;

CEFR – Minimum score of C1
TOEFL – Minimum score of 96 or higher
TOEIC – Minimum score of 700

Other English proficiency tests like the IELTS may also be accepted.

3) Neutral Accent

Applicants must have a light or neutral accent. The submission of a short audio or video clip demonstrating the applicant’s accent will be required as part of the application process.

4) Bachelor's degree

Non-native applicants will require a bachelor’s degree in any major. There will be a limited amount of non-native non-degree holders who may be accepted into the Myanmar internship but the vast majority of applicants will require a degree. Degrees issued in languages other than English will need to be officially translated.

Once an interested non-native candidate has met all the requirements and is ready to apply, the process is easy. The candidate can apply via the website on the page for the internship they are interested in. A deposit is paid and the applicant is enrolled in our 120 hour professional TEFL course which they can begin right away.

While the course is being undertaken, our internship team will reach out to the student for the documents required for application. These include things like a scan of your degree, resume, cover letter and introduction video.
Upon reviewing the entire application, students who are accepted will be notified and processed to move on to the next steps.

Rejected applicants will be given the option to have their deposit fully refunded and course deleted or to continue their course to earn their TEFL certification. Keep in mind that rejection from the internship program doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a TEFL job, you’ll just have to use a different approach.

While there are many great TEFL jobs out there for non-natives willing to put in the time and effort, our internships could be the perfect fast track route to becoming a TEFL teacher for some.

For more information about internships, you can email our internship department at

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Heidi Hartman Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — For an organization to be competitive and innovative and attract the best talent, they must build an inclusive culture where people can reach their full potential. Those that do make more money, they're more innovative and move competitive.

When organizations invest in their people to be effective leaders, that's where true growth begins. By strengthening your leaders and employees, we strengthen the organization as a whole.

Heidi Hartman is an expert at bringing the best out of people and ensuring they bring out the best in each other. Her company Heidi Hartman Consulting specializes in building better leaders and businesses from the inside out, working with CEOs and key leaders to enhance their effectiveness and execute priorities to build stronger organizations.

“My focus is helping clients improve – their leaders, their teams and their organizations,” says Heidi. “Every organization has a different culture and it should be one that attracts people that are a fit and repels those that aren't. You have to think about what's important for your organization and incorporate those values into every aspect of your process. Even the way that we speak to each other should be upholding those values.”

A Certified Executive Coach since 2014, Heidi provides instruction and facilitation on enhancing communication, managing conflict, and capitalizing on the skills and talents each employee brings to the table to build high-performance teams and high-performance cultures.

“My gift is really in those core interpersonal skills to build individuals and make organizations more effective,” says Heidi. “It helps them be better leaders in how they influence, how they motivate. It helps them in the way they think, feel, act, and relate with others.”

Heidi herself had a circuitous route to this type of work. She worked in corporate for many years. Finally, she decided to take 401K money and to go back to school to get her master's degree in human relations and organizational development.

“I think that I have a combination of gifts that make me uniquely suited for this work,” says Heidi. “I'm pretty curious and I really focus on helping others so I can find connections easily. I feel I understand where my strengths are and that allows me to pull out the strengths of others.”

Heidi says ultimately people have the answers within themselves, they just need some help in finding what that is.

“It really is about an investment in how you're going to move forward. What is it you can do to develop yourself. It's not like I have the answers. It's to work alongside them and help them figure that out,” says Heidi. “Mark Twain says two most important days in our lives, the day you're born and the day you find out why. And I like helping people find out their why. Where are they now and where do they want to go and then be along with them on that journey to really help them get there.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Heidi Hartman in an interview with Jim Masters on October 3rd at 12pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Coach and Author Lauren Polly to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — Lauren Polly is many things, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist who runs a hospital department; a Coach who empowers college students, individuals and businesspeople; a gifted speaker and author. Chiefly what she is, is an inspiration: someone who stirs people to be more proactive, find their way, and make the proverbial lemonade out of what we’re handed.

Lauren knows this all too well as she was handed quite a few lemons throughout her own life. One of the most notable was her mental health diagnosis at a young age. Back then, there were no holistic practitioners to recommend healthy alternatives like meditation, and she spent much of her life “in maintenance mode.” Her recent memoir, The Other Side of Bipolar, relates Lauren’s life story as she emerged from sickness and heavy medication, learned to love and trust herself, and developed her unique strengths. Coming out the other side, Lauren managed to pursue her Master’s degrees and then build multiple business interests, wonderful accomplishments that sprung from one another.

“Sometimes things that don’t look so good from another’s perspective can actually be good for you,” Lauren says of her past, and the way she now helps clients move beyond traumatic events.

Lauren became a coach through Access Consciousness which is an energetics-based system with practical tools for everyday life. She has been a facilitator for them since 2011.She further developed her own self-assessment tool, which can be viewed on her website, and uses it to support clients as they examine their worth, dismiss labels, and find their direction. “Trust your inner guide and lead your life,” she says is the best route to being happy and thriving.

Lauren will be sharing this kind of wisdom through a new online community she is launching. It’s just one more way this bighearted coach helps people open up, share their feelings and stories, and learn to move forward in their lives.

Laruen is very aware, so much so that she considers herself an empath. In her radio show, she will discuss her deep perception and how she uses that to bond with clients. She will also relate the story of how she broke out of the bipolar mold, learned all that was right with her, and discovered her personal power. Nowadays Lauren Polly proudly empowers others–as a team manager, speaker, stirring author and life coach.

CUTV News Radio will highlight Coach and Author Lauren Polly in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, October 3rd at 2:00pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Online Turing Platforms

online tutoring platforms

TutorEye is a pioneer in online tutoring and has a record of being successful in educating many students.

POWAY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — The digital revolution in the education industry with the development of technology has enhanced the importance and popularity of online tutoring amongst the school and college-goers. In the present competitive scenario, everyone hopes to get good grades in the tests and complete their assignments efficiently.

The students who face trouble understanding or completing their homework of one or more subjects may feel stuck. They find themselves in a position of failing or facing serious self-confidence problems. In this scenario, web-based tutoring can be one of the most comfortable and productive methods for students to improve their grades. With this method of learning, the study material is always available and students achieve their desired goals by improving their skills and learning abilities.

The tutors provide comprehensive and learner-centric tips for all the subject's courses to make the process of gaining knowledge feasible and engaging. The one-on-one sessions are interactive and rely on an advanced technological back up to make learners feel comfortable in their learning process. They can clarify their doubts as and when they come up in mind. Instant chat helps in solving the queries at once.

Some online tutoring platforms play a very important role in the education industry by offering top-notch services and solutions that offer excellent grade plans and pricing at the same time.

With the intention of helping students with their studies and complete their homework on time, a revision in the prices is done. This plunge in the prices is like a blessing with round the clock services. Completing the courses with an extra edge becomes simple with the revised rates.

In addition to building the morale of the students at a difficult time like exam preparation, it will help them gain more benefits for mastering their subjects. It is nothing less than a boon because it will help in saving money on education expenses while giving importance to other expenditures.

It will be extremely helpful for learners if they sign up for this benefit and aid their learning prospects. Also, it would most definitely help them even more at the time of exam preparation as they wouldn’t have to worry about paying more for added hours. It will pave the way for enhanced clarifications and insights with a much deeper knowledge of the subject.

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The Maritime & Port Security ISAO and Templar Executives Launch Maritime Cybersecurity Awareness eLearning Course

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, US, October 1, 2019 / — To kick-off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) activities, the Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO) and Templar Executives Ltd. are delighted to announce a strategic partnership and the launch of a new Maritime Cyber Security eLearning course. This industry tailored training allows customers to increase the cyber security competence of their workforce. It also provides a new baseline standard for cyber security awareness across the maritime industry, a mandate from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) required to be in effect by 2021.

The MPS-ISAO is a non-profit established to advance global maritime and port critical infrastructure cyber resilience headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Templar Executives, is a U.K.-based organization and founder member of the International Maritime Cyber Center of Excellence (IMCCE) encompassing the Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT) and Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM). Both MPS-ISAO and Templar Executives are trusted cyber security partners to the maritime industry. Recognizing the need to increase cyber security awareness across the industry, the partners have developed market leading content that delivers a well-rounded understanding of cyber security principals tailored to mariners, and all those involved the maritime industry, in an easy to consume format.

The Maritime Cyber Security eLearning course content covers a range of topics – from an Introduction to Maritime Cyber Security to Best Practices and Top Tips. It includes a short assessment for learners to test their knowledge and is also perfectly suited for shipboard low bandwidth communication requirements and mobile devices.

“The maritime industry has needed a course like this for a long time, because traditional learning formats which required classrooms or videos were a challenge for individual mariners to complete given the diverse operating environments throughout the industry,” said Scott Dickerson, the MPS-ISAO’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We are offering this eLearning course to the entire maritime community which meets the need across industry to provide awareness and track individual training completion.”

Dickerson continued, “Adversaries are targeting port and maritime critical infrastructure every day, so there is an urgent need to increase cyber security competency across the industry – from the very smallest to the very largest of organizations. Because the maritime industry is a globally interconnected ecosystem, cyber security best practices can no longer be optionally implemented. Protecting critical maritime infrastructure requires an all-hands approach and a cultural shift in our thinking to consider both the safety and security of maritime operations. We encourage everyone in the industry to understand what’s at risk and embrace their role as guardians.”

“Templar Executives is delighted to be partnering with MPS-ISAO to provide exclusive content for an enhanced Maritime Cyber Security eLearning course, delivered through the Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime,” stated Anu Khurmi, Managing Director for Templar Executives’ Global Services division. “The IMO has announced a series of important cyber security measures for shipowners, ship operators and ports within the ISM code which must be addressed by 2021. These include requirements that stakeholders must ’raise awareness on the Cyber risk’; and ’embed a culture of Cyber risk awareness’. Our joint eLearning course is easy to access and assimilate and provides a cost effective and sustainable response to delivering training and education that supports the awareness agenda. It also contributes to the up-skilling of individuals in an industry that is digitalizing at pace and which needs to develop a more sustainable and robust cyber resilience capability across the entire ecosystem.“

Christy Coffey, MPS-ISAO VP of Operations, added, “Since the MPS-ISAO’s inception in 2016, we have had a mission objective to improve cyber security knowledge across the maritime transportation system. MPS-ISAO customers are really enthusiastic about the eLearning course launch, and Templar Executives have been such a wonderful partner for our ISAO. We begin on-boarding existing MPS-ISAO customers with the eLearning October 7th.”

All maritime stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the partners’ Maritime Cyber Security eLearning course opportunity. Please direct Maritime Cyber Security eLearning course inquiries to

Information about National Cyber Security Awareness Month is available at the Department of Homeland Security’s website:

About the Maritime and Port Security ISAO

The MPS-ISAO, a non-profit organization, headquartered at the Global Institute for Cyber Security Resilience (GICSR), Global Situational Awareness Center at NASA/Kennedy Space Center represents a strategic public- and private-sector collaborative partnership. Established to advance Maritime and Port cyber resilience, the MPS-ISAO provides a sustainable infrastructure for the Maritime and Port sector to recognize and defend cyberspace by coordinated real-time security situational awareness threat intelligence information sharing and response, adoption of best practice and workforce education. The MPS-ISAO is a Member of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI). MPS-ISAO is a 2019 CSO50 award winner.

About Templar Executives

Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security advisory services and solutions company operating at the highest levels across the public and private sectors. We have a successful track record in helping our clients develop a resilient and business enabling Cyber Security capability and embedding best practices for competitive advantage across all industries including Maritime. Templar Executives is a founder of the International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE), encompassing the Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT) and the Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM), together with Wartsila, a global leader in smart technologies and solutions for the marine market. The IMCCE provides a collaborative platform for innovative global services including Cyber incident reporting, real-time triage and support in response to Cyber-attacks, daily alerts, international intelligence feeds, and training and education relating to Cyber and the Maritime industry.


The Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO)
IACI-CERT, Global Situational Awareness Center
Center for Space Education
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

Templar Executives
+44 (0)203 542 9075
Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime (T-CAM)
83 Victoria Street
United Kingdom

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BookNook and Young Authors Publishing Announce New Partnership to Get diverse Content in the Hands of More Students

BookNook Kids

Students read books on BookNook with a caring adult

Thousands of students will now be able to see amazing diverse content written by student authors from Young Authors Publishing

This new partnership allows us to live deeper into our core vision of believing that all kids are story-worthy”

— Leah Hernandez, founder of Young Authors Publishing

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 1, 2019 / — Young Authors Publishing and BookNook, organizations focused on furthering the potential of students across the United States today announced a new partnership that will allow stories written by diverse young authors to be distributed to thousands of students daily on the BookNook platform.

By partnering, Young Authors Publishing is gaining a new digital distribution channel that increases its reach significantly, and BookNook will increase the quality and diversity of texts in the BookNook text library.

“This new partnership allows us to live deeper into our core vision of believing that all kids are story-worthy,” said Leah Hernandez, founder of Young Authors Publishing. “We want students across the country to be reflected in the books they read and to know that they too can be storytellers.”

“There is a dearth of good books that reflect the diverse communities in America. One of our values as a company is ‘We are Our Community’ – where our technology and our curriculum reflect the communities in which we serve. This partnership allows us to further our reach into our communities because these stories actually reflect many of the populations we serve, and we couldn’t be more excited about the potential of distributing these books to the thousands of students who read BookNook daily.” said Michael Lombardo, Founder and CEO of BookNook.

The new titles from Young Authors Publishing, [If I Were President, The Helpful Duo, A Day Inside and Never Give Up ], are written by students through an 8-week Experience Program that teaches students how to write their children’s book & the fundamentals of financial literacy. royalties from Young Authors Books go into a savings account for each young author.

BookNook will digitize the books and write scaffolded and rigorous comprehension and vocabulary lessons, and then load them into their platform where they can be accessed by the thousands of students who use BookNook in school and after school each day.

About BookNook
Based in Oakland, California, BookNook helps students dramatically accelerate their reading progress with a collaborative and adaptive digital platform for K-8 reading and language.

About Young Authors Publishing
Young Authors Publishing is a not-for-profit children’s book publisher that exists to share the stories of children, many who live in undeserved communities. We believe that all kids are story worthy, and we make it our mission to share those stories.

Nate Strong
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Council Members Across Wards Celebrate Small Business Impact in Washington, D.C.

Local First Awards Logo

D.C. City Council joins local non-profit to highlight small businesses innovation and sustainability.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — Washington, D.C. – October 1, 2019 – At a time when small businesses are more profitable than ever, the outlook for their success in Washington, D.C. is strong. Government resources coupled with non-profit and private sector efforts for small business funding and resources have made the metropolitan area one of the fastest-growing regions for companies. This support has allowed many owners more freedom to innovate industries and create business models which support communities in more tangible ways. Washington D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson along with Councilmembers Charles Allen and Elissa Silverman join Think Local First DC in recognizing a group of these dynamic business leaders at the annual Local First Awards in October 2019.

The Local First Awards celebrate the heart and spirit of small businesses in Washington, D.C.

2019 Local First Award Categories and Finalists:

DC Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
Jair Lynch
Latino Economic Development Center LEDC
Mi Casa Inc
Neighborhood Development Company

Community Champion:
Black Girl Ventures
Bread For The City
Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center
Sankofa Books
Washington Informer

DC Maker:
Art Space
District of Clothing
Femme Fatale
Ice Cream Jubilee
Republic Restoratives

Green Thumb:
Casey Trees
City Blossoms
Common Good City Farm
Good Food Markets
Washington Youth Garden

High Road:
Busboys and Poets
DC Central Kitchen
Nubian Hueman
Right Proper Brewing Company
Smith Public Trust

11th Street Bridge Park
Black Restaurant Week
Capital Fringe
Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs

Ripple Effect:
A Few Cool Hardware Stores
Community Purchasing Alliance
Mess Hall
Songbyrd Record Store and Cafe
Washington Area Women’s Foundation

The Pioneer award category honors those who’ve moved off the beaten path to pave the way for new opportunities and experiences for Washingtonians. Movements like #DontMuteDC have touched millions across the country and inspired civic action beyond music. While historic organizations like Mi Casa Inc. are recognized for continuing in their long-held tradition of providing sustenance and hope for thousands of Washingtonians in need. The Local First Awards 2019 is a show of gratitude to the business leaders and teams who make initiatives like these possible.

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development characterizes D.C. as boasting "a highly educated workforce, a prosperous business climate, and a hub for the world's most influential decision-makers and innovators."

Audi Field will be abuzz with 600 of D.C.’s best and brightest for this night of celebration with live performances by Freddie Dunn Jr. Quartet and endless food and beverage tastings from local restaurants. Award-winning Journalist and Anchor, Lesli Foster, of WUSA 9 will host the evening’s festivities. Participating Media Partners include We Act Radio, WPFW 89.3FM, Washington Informer, Capital Community News {HillRag, MidCity and East of the River}, Washington Blade, and Brightest Young Things. DCHFA, JBG Smith, Department of Small and Local Business Development, Destination DC, OCTFME, Roadside Development, Patrick’s Petcare, City First Bank, Listen Local First, Chuck Levin's Music Center, United Bank and LEDC join us as event sponsors with shuttle services from Navy Yard metro station to be provided by Battle Transportation.

Think Local First DC, founded in 2006, now represents nearly 500 DC-based businesses. Its mission is to educate about the benefits of supporting D.C.’s local independent businesses, advocate for economic strategies that support the growth of local sustainable economy, and to connect members to resources, training, and opportunity within their communities. For more information, please visit

Sponsorships/Partnerships Contact:
Michele Molotsky | 202-441-2942 |

Calendar Submissions:

What: Local First Awards presented by Think Local First DC
When: Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM EST
Where: Audi Field | Eagle Bank Club 100 Potomac Avenue Southwest Washington, DC 20024
Tickets: $79 – includes awards, complimentary food samplings and beer, wine and special cocktails, and live music performance and DJ

Individual Membership is included with tax-deductible purchase – $50 tax deduction.

For Sponsorship opportunities, please email


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Recap: Local First Awards 2018

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