Students to invent and showcase their innovative uses for the data of the physical world, competing for
$10,000 in scholarship money

Giving students access to a vast trove of IoT data will produce exciting results that we have not seen before, an inspiration to academics, government agencies and corporate thinkers alike.”

— David Knight, Founder of anchor sponsor Terbine and STEM supporter

UNITED STATES, October 9, 2019 / — The Global IoT Datathon, in which students ranging from secondary through graduate school levels will produce applications for machine-generated data, has opened for pre-registration. The competition offers awards and rewards to students including $10,000 in scholarship money. Tapping into the world’s largest index of public IoT data provided by Terbine, student submissions can include visualizations, analytical projects, controlling robots, augmented or virtual reality renderings, and many others.

The goals of the Datathon are to foster original thinking that does not typically result from corporate uses for physical-world data, whilst exciting budding engineers, software developers, scientists and others about the opportunities that the Internet of Things is bringing to almost every aspect of society.

“The data being generated by machines and infrastructure is growing daily and at an incredible pace,” said David Knight, Founder of anchor sponsor Terbine and STEM supporter. “Giving students access to a vast trove of it will undoubtedly produce exciting results that we have not seen previously. These will surely be inspirational to academics, government agencies and corporate thinkers alike.”

Judges for the Datathon include Dr. Jane Macfarlane, Director of the Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gregory Waters, former CEO of Integrated Device Technology, Peter Knez, former Kellogg professor and CIO of Blackrock, Drew Starbird, Ph.D., former Dean of the Santa Clara University school of business, and others from academia and commerce.

The Datathon is the first in a planned series that will encompass a range of themes, starting with Smart Cities & Transportation and culminating with Climate Change. In addition to scholarship funds, awards include special recognitions that can help students with college applications or securing STEM-based jobs after graduation.

Datathon I with the theme Smart Cities & Transportation will commence on October 14th and run for two weeks. Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Pre-registration is on

About Terbine (Datathon Anchor Sponsor): Terbine is building the first large-scale exchange for machine-generated data – things like vehicle counters, sound levels, powerline loading, carbon emissions and crop density. Terbine’s highly curated data handling system makes sensor information accessible, actionable, and trustworthy for applications across a broad range of industries including government agencies, and provides for data monetization where desired.

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