Camille Smith of Work In Progress Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

APTOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2019 / — The most important quality for today’s leaders is to be willing to reinvent themselves, their relationships and their organizations. Leaders must continually rethink how they view themselves, the people they work with, and the future. Reinvention isn’t easy, and it’s essential in today’s volatile, chaotic, uncertain world.

Camille Smith, the founder of Work In Progress Coaching, helps leaders and their teams reinvent themselves and achieve new levels of performance by committing to compelling, sometimes seemingly out-of-reach futures and creating authentic, trusting relationships to make those futures real.

“As a coach, my role is to bring out the best in others so they can achieve what they desire. I listen closely to what people want to accomplish then we design a pathway to achieve it. On that pathway are 3 things: 1. a series of conversations that examine self-limiting interpretations, 2. a set of practices that produce particular outcomes, and 3. results to measure our success. The freedom to choose is the bedrock of the path,” says Camille.

Camille helps people become conversational masters and create an environment where conversations for what’s possible replace the mantra “we tried that once and it didn’t work”, where personal responsibility replaces blame, and where gratitude replaces grudges. Camille says leaders have to understand that everybody is a conversation. There's an internal dialogue going on inside of each of us that lets us know what we can and can’t do, can and can’t say. These internal conversations are usually unexamined, yet they shape our individual and collective performance. Examining and owning them gives people a new found freedom to author more empowering conversations.

Camille reminds us: “If only the childhood rhyme was true: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Well, when we tell the truth, we recognize that words can and do hurt us, especially the words we say silently to ourselves, ones like “I’m not good enough” or “What I say doesn’t really matter.” Imagine people on a team thinking their voice doesn’t matter.

“The type of coaching I do isn’t transactional,” says Camille. “I bring a transformational approach that teaches people to make choices based on the future they author, not be victims of the past. Because it’s not a quick fix, this approach isn’t for everyone. It takes months to release ineffective habits of thinking and acting. The good news is that once you’ve experienced how to transform yourself or a situation, it becomes a way of being. It’s yours for life.

Camille says she named her practice Work In Progress Coaching because she considers everyone, including herself, a work in progress, always able to improve. “In studying to become a coach, when I learned that the language of coaching allows someone to become more self-generating and self-correcting that hit home for me, as an educator. I wanted to dedicate my work life to produce something that made a difference in the quality of life. Being a coach gives me that opportunity.”

“People are absolutely incredible, and they don’t know how powerful they are,” says Camille. “Why I like coaching so much is because people have an opportunity to rekindle and restore their sense of themselves and what they want to contribute. When each of us is more authentic, we feel powerful, more centered, we’re able to inspire those around us to be their best. When we do that, we've got some white lightening to accomplish amazing things.”

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