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LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is a big difference between leading and managing. That may seem like an obvious statement, but here is one that isn’t. Your title may claim you to be a leader, but that doesn’t make you one. You may have a leadership title, but are you really leading? Or are you a manager in leaders-skin?

Whether you believe yourself to be a ‘natural leader’ or not, the fact is, managing is easy. Leading is hard. Managing is about the work that needs to get done, but leading is about finding the opportunity to engage people so they are enthusiastic to do it.

Strong leaders do more than just manage the work of other people to make sure they are meeting goals and staying relatively happy along the way. Effective leaders have a vision and understand how to get there. They connect with people and motivate them to do whatever needs to be done to enable the vision of the organization. They take charge in a natural way that gets everybody inspired.

What are good practices for making sure you are not a manager in a leader’s skin?

According to leadership coach Loretta Stagnitto, the keys to building your leadership acumen are self-awareness, self-reflection, empathy and lots of intentional action.

Loretta is the founder of Loretta Stagnitto Leadership Associates, specializing in leadership development, team development and executive coaching. Loretta helps business professionals and teams become more self-aware of their innate personalities and motivations, how they think and behave as a manifestation of those, and how that behavior impacts other individuals and teams. By putting that awareness into practice, they move themselves from managing to leading, and empower others to reach new levels of leadership.

“You're a superstar so how do I coach you to be even more of a superstar?” asks Loretta. “Leadership coaching is about being a thought partner and trusted advisor to help you see things you can't see, connect dots you might be missing, and to run right along next to you cheering, advising, and even challenging you all along the way. That's the type of coaching I like to do.”

Often people are placed in leadership roles based on the work they have accomplished and their recognition as good managers. To thrive as a leader, you have to be motivated and receptive to constantly be learning about yourself, and getting feedback about how you are doing from peers, staff and other leaders. You have to be knowledge and reflective, and willing to make changes, too.

“How do they view themselves as a leader? What do they think they do really well? How do others view them and what do others think they can be doing better? asks Loretta. “We develop self-awareness by understanding all aspects of what drives and motivates you, your personality style and essentially, what ‘makes you tick’. Then we check out what we’ve learned, observed, and what we wonder about with your staff and stakeholders, to get their perspective and feedback on how you can change or enhance your leadership style and behaviors to motivate and inspire them. We are checking if you see yourself the way other people see you. We help you leverage where you're effective and understand where you have gaps. It’s very high-touch and intense for the leader, and very effective and rewarding at the same time. “

Loretta says when she thinks about the future, she sees more and more the need for self-aware, reflective leaders who do the right thing because they are empathetic to others and know what they personally value. She sees the continued opportunity to work with already high-performing C-suite leaders who can make an impact, as well go deeper in the organization to coach emerging, high-performing young leaders who have the capacity to go from managing to leading, but might not know HOW to do that at this point in their career.

“It's a different level of learning and development and awareness for them,” says Loretta.

CUTV News Radio will feature Loretta Stagnitto in an interview with Jim Masters on July 17th at 4pm EDT.

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