Scott Damron shares insight into the importance of inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs

Scott Damron

Atlanta-based entrepreneur and experienced executive Scott Damron shares the importance of inspiring future generations of business leaders.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2019 / — A highly motivated entrepreneur and experienced executive, according to Atlanta, Georgia-based Scott Damron it's vital that established entrepreneurs and business leaders commit to inspiring future generations of children, teenagers, and young adults who wish to follow a similar path in life.

"It's vital that established entrepreneurs look to pass on their experiences and expertise to younger generations of aspiring or potential future entrepreneurs," suggests Damron, who's enjoyed a distinguished career in the healthcare and hospital sectors, including establishing medical and surgical supplies business ASP Global.

From simple values and the importance of a strong work ethic to outlining the numerous common pitfalls of the entrepreneur lifestyle and how to overcome them, Damron says there's much to be learned from those who have successfully taken an entrepreneurial path in life.

A recent survey by wealth management and financial services firm Merrill Lynch echoes this. "The survey asked a broad cross-section of highly successful entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners, 'What's most important to pass on to the next generation?'" reveals Damron. "The number one answer," he continues, "was 'values and life lessons.'"

Scott Damron, a member of both the Entrepreneurs' Organization and global leadership group YPO, is a keen proponent of the act of putting pen to paper when establishing values and inspiring potential future entrepreneurs. "Rather than simply articulating values or life lessons, by writing them down they're not just easier to recall, but also easier to teach and to practice, too," he suggests.

Damron further believes that the so-called core entrepreneurial 'ethos' or 'ethic' is central to passing on knowledge and inspiring new generations of business leaders. "Becoming an entrepreneur often involves a steep learning curve," he points out, "so getting a head start on the process, and perhaps even learning a few hard lessons early on, can be key to setting those who aspire to lead an entrepreneurial life on the best possible path."

This, says the ASP Global founder, may mean letting them make mistakes. "Everyone makes mistakes occasionally," he adds, "even experienced executives and entrepreneurs with years of experience."

Scott Damron also says it's important to remember never to stop learning, suggesting that this leads to an increasingly open mind, which in turn leads to greater and more varied opportunities, regardless of age, experience, or industry.

"Experienced entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to inspire and support the next generation of business leaders," he adds, wrapping up, "so it's vital that we continue to support institutions such as YPO and the Entrepreneurs' Organization, as well as other mentoring initiatives and opportunities."

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