Florida Immigration Attorney Magdalena Cuprys wins Motion to Reopen before Board of Immigration Appeals

Magdalena Cuprys, Immigration Lawyer in Florida

Magdalena Cuprys, Immigration Lawyer in Florida

Website Magdalena Cuprys, Immigration Attorney in Florida

Website Magdalena Cuprys, Immigration Attorney in Florida

Blog of Immigration Attorney Magdalena Cuprys

Blog of Immigration Attorney Magdalena Cuprys

Attorney profile of Magdalena Cuprys at www.solomonlawguild.com

Attorney profile of Magdalena Cuprys at www.solomonlawguild.com

Magdalena Ewa Cuprys, Immigration Attorney, Florida

Magdalena Ewa Cuprys, Immigration Attorney, Florida

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) grants Motion after filing by Immigration Attorney Magdalena Cuprys to give an opportunity to present the case

Cuprys & Associates (N/A:N/A)

It would have really been unfair to deprive S.O. of the opportunity to present his case. The Immigration Judge did not have those documents … but fortunately the BIA reviewed the situation”

— Magdalena Cuprys, Immigration Lawyer

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The law firm of Cuprys and Associates announced today that immigration Lawyer Magdalena Cuprys won a Motion to Reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals.

The client, S.O., had sought relief from removal (deportation), but the Immigration Judge in the initial proceeding found that the basic evidence in support was missing. At the time, S.O. did not have proof that he had filed a motion for relief because he had not yet received the USCIS receipt notice for the petition he had filed. S.O. appealed, but the BIA dismissed the appeal in July 2018. Attorney Cuprys filed a Motion to Reopen in September 2018 and attached additional evidence that S.O. had filed a petition for relief with USCIS.

The BIA found that S.O. did receive proper notice of his immigration hearings, and thus rejects the arguments under Pereira v. Sessions, 138 S.Ct. 2105 (2018). However, with the Motion to Reopen, attorney Magdalena Cuprys provided evidence that S.O. had established a prima facie case under the self-petitioning provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The BIA thus finds that that S.O. should be given an opportunity to pursue his request for relief from removal.

Ms. Cuprys expressed her satisfaction with the BIA decision. “It would have really been unfair to deprive S.O. of the opportunity to present his case. The Immigration Judge did not have those documents at the merits hearing, but fortunately the BIA reviewed the situation and granted the Motion to Reopen the matter.”

The underlying case is “In re S… O…, #200-193-099 (Board of Immigration Appeals, Falls Church, Virginia).

About Magdalena Ewa Cuprys

Magdalena Cuprys is the principal of Serving Immigrants, a full-service immigration law firm offering a complete range of immigration services to both businesses and individuals. The law firm is uniquely qualified to manage the most contentious and unusual immigration needs.

Law Firm Website: http://www.servingimmigrants.com
Website: http://tuabogadadice.com/
Blog: https://magdalenacuprysblog.blogspot.com/
Attorney Profile: https://solomonlawguild.com/magdalena-e-cuprys%2C-esq
Member for the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), see http://www.ailalawyer.com/english/AttorneyDetail.aspx?P=19738&A=40169
Lawyer Directory: https://www.lawyer.com/magdalena-ewa-cuprys.html
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/magdalena-cuprys-265534a/

Tiffany Ramirez
Cuprys and Associates, Serving Immigrants
+ + +1 305-924-1133
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Video: Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

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Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Create your pure self by healing your brain through brain education.

Stop letting your emotional baggage rule your life.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Optimizing the world will remain an impossible task as long as individual lives are based on an imperfect knowledge of the forces of life.

Imagine injecting wisdom into every athlete of life! I have created the knowledge tools to make this possible. I need partners who will implement my game of life plan.”

— Sajid Khan

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, December 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The objective of every great organization is to create and offer services to make life more and more efficient. The foundation of society and life depends on the efficiency of the individual that requires the total optimization of life forces. Optimizing the individual will optimize the world. From the current chaos in life, in education and in society to a total transformation into an efficient world will require a simple paradigm shift. Please google, 'sajid wisdom 3.0'.

The sports field is no different. Athletes are trained to preform at their peak. Their bodies are being trained to preform better than their opponents. Optimization of the body is now being supplemented with the optimization of the mind. However the very definition of the mind itself is a bundle of misinformation and confusion. To make the mind as efficient as humanly possible the first step is to create a clear cut scientific definition of the mind.

There has to be a very clear, precise and reality based picture of the individual elements that need to be optimized. The current knowledge involves the components of the body and the mind. The mind is defined incorrectly as a single entity when in reality the mind consists of two separate though inter dependent entities of the mind and brain. Lumping the mind and brain together as just the mind results in a defective curriculum for all of life's lessons. Defining the brain and mind as just the mind has resulted in the creation of mind education alone. What we need is a separate subject of brain education.

Even for mental therapy we need to use the knowledge of the mind and brain being two separate entities. We have to define emotional therapy as the two separate therapies of brain therapy and mind therapy.

In the case of athletes the heart must be totally focused on just playing the game but in quite a large percentage the heart is also trapped into focusing on the desire to indulge in an addiction. So the brain is oozing biochemicals for peak performance in the sport as well as pumping toxic biochemicals because of the brain's focus on the addiction. Many of the athletes are addicted to sex. Their brains, mind, body and heart are all turned 'on' for sex, now, and again. Their physical brain is thus working on both playing the game and being ready to 'jump'. The brain partly takes away the body from focusing on the game alone.

I can show the way to remove the focus from sex or any other addiction to just playing and winning the game.

We need to identify the relationship between the self/I/me, the mind, brain, and heart. So lets start with definitions:

1) Mind:

There is so much unknown about the mind that there is no topic mind in High School psychology text books. When Stevin Pinker wrote a book on how the brain works he did not mention the mind even once. It is this half-baked knowledge about the mind that has resulted in a half-baked education system, a half-baked society and even half baked sports education.

The mind is the 'I'/self/me. The face of the mind is the self-image. The mind is the self-image.
To define the mind, define it as the self-image. To understand one's own mind understand one's own self-image. To heal the mind, heal the self-image.

2) Brain:

The brain is an organ of the body similar to the hands. Just like the mind/I is in full control of the hands the mind should be in full control of the brain. Ask yourself, are you the master of your brain or does your brain control parts of your self/mind?

3) Self/I/me:

It is the interaction of the body, brain and mind that produces the self-image which for all practical purposes is the self.

4) Heart:

The heart is the mindset. Ask yourself what is the heart/mindset thirsting for? What is it that the heart is focused on? For athletes ask while playing the game is the self focused on just playing the game or is the mindset on some other desire as well.

Please consider the example of Tiger Woods.

Tiger has the knowledge and the experience to be the best golf player even today. Yet he is mostly failing these days. It is because his heart is addicted to sex 24-7. So no matter what he is doing his brain is constantly pumping toxic biochemicals. When he is on the field his heart, body, mind and brain are constantly draining his performance from playing the game. He needs proper, 'Brain, Mind and Heart Therapy ' as do so many other athletes.

Imagine injecting wisdom into every athlete of life! I have created the knowledge tools to make this possible. I need partners who will implement my game of life plan.

Just imagine having all the proper science to create the perfect world by creating the perfect athletes of life!

Sajid Khan, President
4th R Foundation
+1 201-450-8098
email us here
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All emotions, including wisdom and love etc can now be defined in numbers. The art of living is now a science. Wisdom is a science!

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Learn Filmmaking and Photography for Free

Shoot Guru in association with Accsoon Tech launched free workshops pan India for students who wish to learn the intricacies of filmmaking and photography.

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, December 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the week of National Education Day, Shoot Guru in association with Accsoon Tech launched free workshops pan India for students who wish to learn the intricacies of filmmaking and photography, use of professional equipment and the know-hows of the field.

Shoot Guru, a platform for budding filmmakers and photographers provides filmmaking enthusiasts an adequate opportunity to showcase their work, talent and stories through their lens. ShootGuru, founded by Kshitij Sheetak, like any guru, promises to teach and share its knowledge. Through the emerging power of Instagram (www.instagram.com/shootguru/), he has helped many enthusiasts and has provided many valuable advices to them. Along with it, he also conducts massive giveaways to encourage and motivate the budding photographers.

With 10+ years of experience in the field, Kshitij wishes to give back to the community and help other enthusiasts develop their skills and become an asset to the industry. In the process, he was able to bring in newer technologies like Accsoon Tech, the leading manufacturer of Gimbals in India which offers products at affordable prices that meets the needs of a professional and amateurs both. It is a Gimbal manufacturing brand that offers technical support along with the product warranty and bonus point- Free Gimbal Training. In this day an age of low budget filmmakers, this gimbal provides creative edge at low cost.

By organising these free workshops, Shoot Guru wishes to bridge the gap between the professionals and the amateurs and share the real knowledge about what really happens on set which is the first time for someone to be sharing this. He has worked with many leading brands of the industry like Panasonic and he himself is a certified trainer for Panasonic India and Brand Ambassador for F-stop Gear, Haida Filters and Litra.

In the past, Shoot Guru has conducted many free workshops across the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai and wishes to do the same in other parts of country as well. Rahul Sharma, a movie buff and one of the attendees of the workshop at Mumbai seemed excited and cleared most of his doubts about the use of gears. He said, “Such workshops are a great opportunity for starters like us to get to know about the professional world in depth. From outside everything seems so great and glamorous but nobody openly tells the real struggle that goes behind the camera while doing the actual shooting.”

These workshops would provide a platform for the budding filmmakers to learn from the on-field experience of the professional and apply the practical techniques in their work. It would give an insight and encourage the budding photographers and filmmakers to know more about the dream that they are pursuing.

For more information about Shoot Guru, visit www.shootguru.com

Sulekha Sonal
The Good karma Inc.
+91 99586 48444
email us here

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In new article in a series on "Paralegals," Family Lawyer Ayn Traylor-Sadberry reviews education and supervision issues

Attorney Ayn Traylor Sadberry, attorney in Alabama

Attorney Ayn Traylor Sadberry, attorney in Alabama

Ayn Traylor Sadberry Profile at SolomonLawGuild

Ayn Traylor Sadberry Profile at SolomonLawGuild

LinkedIn Profile of Attorney Ayn Traylor Sadberry

LinkedIn Profile of Attorney Ayn Traylor Sadberry

News about Ayn Traylor Sadberry at Hype News

News about Ayn Traylor Sadberry at Hype News

Website of Lawyer Ayn Traylor Sadberry

Website of Lawyer Ayn Traylor Sadberry

Review notes that Paralegal roles continue to expand. In fact, the job outlook (unlike for many other professions) is quite bright.

Law Offices of Ayn Traylor-Sadberry, P.C. (N/A:N/A)

Paralegals also are prohibited from directly accepting a client’s case, setting any fees, or representing a client in court unless specifically authorized by the court”

— Ayn Traylor-Sadberry, attorney in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In her newest published article in a series on "Paralegals" in the law office, Alabama Family Law Attorney Ayn Traylor-Sadberry reviews the education and supervision requirements that apply. The complete articles will be published on the Blog of Ms. Traylor-Sadberry at https://AynTraylorSadberryBlog.blogspot.com

Paralegal Training and Experience

Paralegals are a key component of an efficient law practice, and their role continues to expand. In fact, the job outlook (unlike for many other professions) is quite bright. Paralegals must undergo specific education, training and/or work experience and are utilized by many different employers, including individual practitioners, law firms, corporations and various government agencies. Different certifications and credentials are available to classify the Paralegal experience. In the traditional law firm setting, the Paralegal's time is primarily spent on substantive legal work which is billed to clients at market rates, similar to other professional staff, but at a significantly lower rate than would be charged had an Attorney been solely utilized to handle such work, as was standard in the past. This hourly billing option distinguishes Paralegals from other non-lawyer staff members. However, many legal or quasi-legal organizations do not specifically bill for Paralegal time, such as Real Estate Title Firms, Immigration Law Firms, or Bankruptcy practices. Thus, in many organizations, time spent on administrative or clerical functions is not billable to the client’s case.

Due to Ethical Rules, Paralegals will never completely replace Lawyers

Only licensed attorneys may give “legal advice” to clients, and ethical rules in all U.S. States are uniform that Paralegals are strictly prohibited from doing so. Paralegals also are prohibited from directly accepting a client’s case, setting any fees, or representing a client in court (unless specifically authorized by the court, see below). All U.S. States require attorneys to be licensed and most have regulations imposing strict penalties for anyone who engages in the unauthorized practice of law. In fact, there are rules requiring appropriate supervision of Paralegals.

The largest employers of Paralegals within the legal profession are, naturally, law firms. However, businesses, corporations and government are large Paralegal employers as well. Paralegals are found in every area work of legal practice, ranging from bankruptcy law practice, estate planning, litigation, personal injury law, and immigration.

Strong Need for Paralegals Continues

Doomsday talk persisted in the recent past that technology was set to fully replace the Paralegal industry as a result of software upgrades and automated advances. At least one major law firm today uses highly sophisticated software for research previously conducted by Paralegals and even Attorneys. Many predicted the end of the Paralegal profession. The Associated Press issued a report in 2013 which claimed that an increasing number of Attorneys were using software and other technologies to do the work previously performed by Paralegal staff. It is certainly true that such software and technologies can enable solo practitioners to handle most or all of their workload without the need for any Paralegal. However, in 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted a continuing positive growth rate of 8 percent growth from 2014 to 2024, and then in 2016 readjusted that figure to a 15 percent growth from 2016 to 2026 – again documenting continued growth from its original projection.

This information is confirmed by the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), an online database that contains hundreds of occupational definitions to help job seekers, businesses and workforce development professionals to understand educational and occupational trends in today’s economy in the United States. O*NET was developed under the sponsorship of the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA) in the 1990s. According to O*NET, the future outlook for Paralegals is bright.

The complete articles will be published on the Blog of Ms. Traylor-Sadberry at https://AynTraylorSadberryBlog.blogspot.com

About Ayn Traylor-Sadberry

Ayn Traylor Sadberry is a domestic relations & family law attorney in Birmingham, Alabama. Ms. Traylor-Sadberry received her B.A. degree in 1966 from the University of Oklahoma, her M.A. in 1973 from the Oklahoma City University, and her Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law in 1981. She was admitted as an attorney in Alabama in 1989.


Law Firm Website: http://www.traylorsadberry.com
News at: https://hype.news/ayn-traylor-sadberry-attorney-in-alabama-usa/n-026efe87-ae37-4957-9673-81d146a5bde6/stories
Attorney Profile https://solomonlawguild.com/ayn-traylor-sadberry
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayn-traylor-sadberry-28a168169/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayn.traylorsadberry.1
Blog at https://AynTraylorSadberryBlog.blogspot.com

Ayn Traylor-Sadberry, Esq
Law Offices of Ayn Traylor-Sadberry, P.C.
+1 (205) 791-2571
email us here
Visit us on social media:

The world’s first AI legal assistant | Andrew Arruda | TED Institute

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A Place Called Home Celebrates 25 Years of Service to South Central Youth and Families at Annual Gala for the Children

David Sameth of Paramount Pictures and Arturo Sneider of Primestor Development, Inc. honored for their leadership and support

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — More than 800 guests and dignitaries from L.A.’s civic, business, entertainment and philanthropic communities gathered at the Beverly Hilton on Dec. 5 to celebrate A Place Called Home’s (APCH) young people and raise critical funds to support its proven programs. APCH is a nonprofit community center providing a safe, nurturing environment for South Central youth and their families. David Sameth of Paramount Pictures and Arturo Sneider of Primestor Development, Inc. were also honored for their socially uplifting leadership in their industries and support of APCH.

The 18th Annual Gala for the Children featured performances by singer and guitarist Willie Chambers of the legendary soul rock band the Chambers Brothers, and neo-soul singer and “The Voice” Season 13 contestant Janice Freeman with the APCH youth band; performances from the APCH youth dance company; and personal stories from members impacted by APCH’s work. Andrea Navedo, who stars on the CW series “Jane The Virgin” and serves on the APCH board of directors, emceed the event.

Mr. Sameth, President of Worldwide Marketing for Paramount Pictures, received the 2018 Children’s Inspiration Award, presented by his children, Mack and Emma Sameth. Since joining Paramount this year, he has led the marketing campaigns for A Quiet Place, Book Club, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Before joining Paramount, Mr. Sameth was a marketing executive for Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, where he oversaw all aspects of marketing for titles including Toy Story 3, Frozen, Finding Dory, Moana and Coco. Mr. Sameth is a longtime supporter of APCH and a believer in the importance of arts education and access for all young people, regardless of economic status.

Mr. Sneider, Founding Partner and CEO of Primestor Development, Inc., received the 2018 Community Builder Award, presented by former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina. Primestor has a strong focus on empowering and transforming overlooked communities through strong investment, local hiring, local engagement and entrepreneurial business development. Since 1990, Mr. Sneider has transacted in dozens of development projects that resulted in thousands of local jobs, many in the community APCH serves. Mr. Sneider and APCH have a longstanding relationship based on shared values regarding community-building and improving low-income youth and families’ quality of life.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas presented Mr. Sneider with County of Los Angeles recognition for his years of dedication to equitable solutions for low-income people in Los Angeles. Commendations were given to both honorees by Senator Karen Bass, and Secretary of State Alex Padilla commended both Mr. Sneider and APCH for its 25 years of service.

On behalf of Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-40), field deputy Sinnai Avila presented APCH executive director, Jonathan Zeichner, and founder, Debrah Constance, with a Congressional Record celebrating APCH’s 25 years of service.

Beyond shining a spotlight on inspiring individuals who believe in APCH’s work, the Gala is APCH’s most important annual fundraiser, consistently raising more than $1 million to support APCH’s mission.

Since APCH’s founding one year after the Los Angeles Unrest, it has directly served 20,000 South Central youth and families through programs in education, the arts, and wellbeing; and thousands more community members via its community festivals and distribution events providing household essentials to families living in poverty.

Photos of the gala can be viewed here. Images courtesy of Image Group LA.

About A Place Called Home
A Place Called Home provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions and develop healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives. To learn more, visit www.apch.org.

Media Contact
Taryn Burks, Communications & Marketing Manager
P: (323) 232-7653 ext. 3217 | E: tburks@apch.org

Taryn Burks
A Place Called Home
+1 323-232-7653
email us here

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Armenia visits Shema Kolainu to Share Autism Education Successes

From Left-Right: Suri Gruen, Program Director and Gili Rechany, Educational Director at Shema Kolainu, Marine Yengoyan, Educational Director and Narine Vardanyan, General Director of ICDC in Armenia, and Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Founder of Shema Kolainu.

Leaders from Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices met with Armenian representatives to continue the initiatives to globalize autism treatment programs.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On December 5th, 2018, Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices hosted a meeting with two representatives from the International Child Development Center (ICDC), an NGO in Armenia.

Ms. Narine Vardanyan, General Director of ICDC, and Ms. Marine Yengoyan, Educational Director of ICDC, shared the progress that Armenia made in providing resources and facilities to care for children with autism. “We’re still a country that needs support on the autism instruction very much,” said Ms. Yengoyan.

While attending the 2014 ICare4Autism International Autism Conference in New York, NY, Ms. Vardanyan met Dr. Joshua Weinstein, founder, and CEO of Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices. Ms. Vardanyan and Ms. Yengoyan were invited to participate in a six-week training session at Shema Kolainu school in Brooklyn, which helped them gather insights and methods used in the United States to treat children with autism in educational settings. They returned to Armenia with newfound initiatives that they soon implemented in their educational system.

Based on the first visit to Shema Kolainu, the ICDC created an occupational and sensory room in its center, which enables the utilization of a more impactful, hands-on approach into the ICDC’s methodology. Through techniques such as one on one therapy, the ICDC helps children with autism to improve their social skills.
Ms. Vardanyan and Ms. Yengoyan shared insights about their visits to other American schools and programs, which serve individuals with autism. Ms. Vardanyan emphasized that using the Shema Kolainu as a model school helps to increase advocacy efforts on improving the training and care for children with disabilities. She added, "Your model of the school is now ours."

Shema Kolainu pledged their assistance to the ICDC and to support their expanding efforts in Armenia. The ICDC had already accomplished a significant amount of progress in the ways and methods that are used to work with children with autism in Armenian school settings. Much of their successes are due to the inspiration and continued friendship with Shema Kolainu. Both parties expressed their interest and enthusiasm to organize interactive workshops or the joint conference that could benefit professionals and families of children with autism.

Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices is a nonprofit, nonpublic school for children with autism and related developmental disabilities. The school was founded in 1998 by Dr. Joshua Weinstein, PhD., M.B.A, in response to the growing need in the New York metropolitan area’s education system for programs that effectively fill the learning and emotional requirements of children with autism. Today, Shema Kolainu is a model school for educational facilities across the nation. It is also utilized by the International Center for Autism Research & Education (ICare4Autism) as an example of the educational establishment that responds to the voices of the children and families that strive to achieve their full potential for independence, productivity, and inclusion in their communities.

Malwina Buldys
Shema Kolainu
+1 718-686-9600
email us here
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Richard Kranitz, business attorney in Wisconsin, continues "Paralegal" review series with focus on "Paraprofessionals"

Attorney Profile Richard Kranitz

Attorney Profile Richard Kranitz

Blog of Attorney Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Blog of Attorney Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Richard A Kranitz, Business Lawyer in Wisconsin

Richard A Kranitz, Business Lawyer in Wisconsin

Think Business Blog by Richard A Kranitz, Wisconsin sm

Think Business Blog by Richard A Kranitz, Wisconsin sm

News about Richard A Kranitz Esq at Hype News

News about Richard A Kranitz Esq at Hype News

There is an evolving group of Paralegals that ascend the professional ranks, similar to Nurse Practitioners in medicine, comments Richard Kranitz

Office of Richard A. Kranitz (N/A:N/A)

This access-to-justice disparity has prompted State Bars and court systems to promote other forms of nonlawyer assistance to pro se parties, including courthouse navigators and facilitators”

— Richard A. Kranitz, business attorney

GRAFTON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Business attorney Richard Kranitz has published the next article in his four-part series on the paralegal profession, this time on the rise of "paraprofessionals." The complete articles will be published on the blog of Mr. Kranitz at https://richardkranitzblog.blogspot.com/

A New Trend: “Paraprofessionals” such as Licensed Legal Technicians or “Limited License Legal Technicians”

There may be an evolving group of Paralegals that ascend the ranks to act almost like attorneys, similar to Nurse Practitioners who in many cases diagnose and treat health conditions. In civil law cases, there are proposals pending (or already implemented in certain States, as explained below) to address the day-to-day legal need of those unable or unwilling to hire a full-fledged Attorney. This includes the commonplace legal needs of low to moderate-income people by authorizing limited practice by licensed non-lawyers, now known as “paraprofessionals.” This is easy to understand. Many procedures or applications are difficult to understand for “normal” people who are not exposed to them on a daily basis. For example, even forms provided by Courts to make certain filings simpler and possibly enable people to file the forms or applications themselves without the assistance of an Attorney are quite difficult to understand that at least some explanation is still required. This concept has been gradually gaining acceptance. Unlike Paralegals, such paraprofessionals provide services without the direct supervision of an attorney. At this point, two state supreme courts have embraced the “licensed legal technician” concept, and other jurisdictions are closely monitoring its viability.

Given the high percentage of self-represented parties in courtrooms around the country, some advocates believe regulated legal paraprofessionals (charging lower fees) can help narrow the access-to-justice gap. That may one day be the case, but the paraprofessional model and its efficacy in addressing this disparity remain unproven, and ethical rules prevent such a system at least at present.

Washington State pioneered the “limited license” model. In 2013, after years of study, the Washington State Supreme Court adopted the concept of the “Limited License Legal Technician” (LLLT) to perform specific legal services in the area of domestic relations. LLLTs are subject to stringent requirements, which include obtaining an Associate’s degree or higher and completing additional specified coursework; performing 3,000 hours of Paralegal work; passing three law and ethics exams, as well as a character and fitness review. Further, they must also complete a licensing program, satisfy financial responsibility requirements, as well as continuing legal education, and meet malpractice insurance requirements. LLLTs are subject to rules of professional conduct and a disciplinary process similar to those that apply to attorneys. The Board that oversees the LLLT program is now considering expanding the subject matter areas in which paraprofessionals may practice to include consumer debt law.

Several other U.S. States are now following this example. The scope of permissible work for “limited license” paraprofessionals differs under these various models that have been proposed. It generally includes assistance to clients in understanding legal proceedings and completing court forms and other form documents, but does not include appearing for a client in court or at depositions, or taking on complex legal matters. For example, LLLTs in Washington currently may not represent a client in mediated negotiations, but they may do so in Utah.

One of the main reasons for this development is the realization that there is massive need for some form of representation in civil law areas for vast numbers of the population that are attempting self-representation due to limited access to attorneys (mostly due to financial restraints). This is in spite of legal aid societies as well as significant pro bono attorney services. A large number of individuals continue to represent themselves in these areas and could benefit from paraprofessionals.

This access-to-justice disparity has prompted State Bars and court systems to promote other forms of nonlawyer assistance to pro se parties, including courthouse navigators and facilitators (examples are Arizona, New York, California, and Washington), and legal document preparers (Arizona, California, and Nevada). Many other States are looking into other forms of permissible assistance (“judicially-authorized-and-regulated legal service providers”) to help address the problem of unmet legal needs.

To be continued. – The complete articles will be published on the Blog of Mr. Kranitz at https://richardkranitzblog.blogspot.com/

About Richard A. Kranitz

Richard Kranitz is an experienced attorney and business consultant in the areas of corporate, securities and tax planning for corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, multi-unit enterprises, and a variety of different non-profit entities. In addition, he has counseled their owners and executives in compensation planning, estate plans, and asset protection.

Website: https://advicoach.com/rkranitz/
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-kranitz-63684b
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richard.kranitz.50
Attorney Profile: https://solomonlawguild.com/richard-a-kranitz-esq
Blog: https://richardkranitzblog.blogspot.com/
News at: https://hype.news/attorney-richard-a-kranitz/n-16281b97-6a6a-4de2-be3e-796f2da08677/stories

Richard A. Kranitz, Esq.
Richard A. Kranitz, Esq.
+ +1 2623750625
email us here
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Renton Technical College: Legal assistants help attorneys with much of the preparation work, research and communications they need to provide legal services.

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Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional health is the panacea for a wise America.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

There is talk of changing mindsets. The mind is a fragrance of the brain so what needs changing is the brain. Leaders need to focus on changing the brainset.

It took 1000s of years to realize that laws aren't enough to manage society & that mindsets need changing. How many more years will it take to realize that brainsets need changing to change minds?”

— Sajid Khan


Governments have been since ever trying to manage human behavior by carrots and sticks. They mostly lay down laws to control negative behavior. They do not care for what the individuals are thinking all they try to insure is that they obey the laws. For governments the mindset does not matter as long as the rules of the land are followed. Governments realize that laws are not working so they keep trying to introduce newer and newer laws to improve the law and order situation but it improves nothing. There is a path where this massive law and order situation does not need to arise in the first place.

Experts have now realized that to change behavior, laws are not enough, what needs changing is the mindset of the people. This is a good step in the right direction. However not much will change as long as the focus is on trying to change minds by trying to change the mindset. The problem is that our experts have lumped the brain and mind as just the single entity of the mind. The mind and brain are two separate entities, where the mind is the smoke and the brain is the generator of this smoke. Shifting from controlling society by better and better laws to trying to change mindsets will work as good as trying to change the smoke while leaving the fire to burn on. It is the emotionally challenged brain that needs healing.

American solutions for removing the ills of society are based on managing, and controlling ill behavior. Behavior is a symptom. From our leaders, to wisdom experts to experts at the UN, now the move is on to changing the mindset of the people. The mind is a symptom of the brain. So changing the mindset is again about changing the symptom. As long as the money and the focus is on changing the symptom and not on addressing the disease not much will change. What if instead of managing and controlling emotionally challenged brains we create conditions that ensure emotionally healthy brains

The failures of society and the mess in education is directly based on the expertise of our leaders. Our experts' knowledge is half-baked. From Oprah and her experts to our top leaders they all advocate a fuzzy path that is based on half-baked knowledge that is leading nowhere. They all lump the brain and mind as just the mind when these are two separate entities.

Our leaders must wake up to and take action on the #1 trouble America is in, 'The curse of egoness' that stems from the fact that we are brought up on the part phony belief that each one of us is the best. This miseducates the brain and as a result we get emotionally challenged brains which creates this mother of all problems. Our experts keep trying to solve the problem by making the mind more and more efficient but when the brain remains emotionally challenged then nothing much changes. Healing the brain will create a healed society.

We need to find a leader who can run and become the next President who gives up this policy of addressing symptoms and starts the process of not only addressing the real causes of all these ills of society, who introduces a system where America goes from being an emotionally challenged country to an emotional health super power. To achieve this goal he will do whatever it takes from changing laws to refining the education system.

This leader will have to introduce a new law that does not just focus on managing and controlling emotionally challenged citizens. He will create a whole new mandatory law where parents will be trained to nurture emotional health that generates wisdom. He will also recognize that the so called normal society is actually subnormal and will introduce a massive program of Brain Therapy for those who need it to become wise citizens.

America need not be an economically, socially and emotionally challenged country anymore. Our ills of society can be healed. Crime alone is a massive trillion dollar drain on the economic health of our country. Our new leaders will not just help plug this drain they will bring great happiness, health, prosperity and peace to the vast majority of our nation. We can then export economic, social and emotional health/wealth to all parts of the world.

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All emotions, including wisdom and love etc can now be defined in numbers. The art of living is now a science. Wisdom is a science!

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Drug Testing Industry Veteran Celebrates 25 Years , Receives Simpkins Entrepreneurial Award

On 12/5/2018 Joe Reilly was honored as a Business Leader of the Year by Space Coast Business magazine, a trusted voice for the Florida business community.

I am very honored to receive this wonderful award. Thanks to a great team at National Drug Screening, Inc. for helping to make this award happen.”

— Joe Reilly

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drug testing industry veteran, Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening, was honored on December 5, 2018 as a Business Leader of the Year by Space Coast Business magazine, a trusted voice for the Brevard County, Florida thriving business community. Joe was delighted to receive the Simpkins Entrepreneurial Award spotlighting his business passion, skills development, leveraging of experience and opportunistic thinking. This month Reilly celebrates 25 years in the drug & alcohol testing industry.

In late 1993, Joe Reilly saw an opportunity that has turned into a successful nationwide business. Employers were looking to drug test employees and in Florida this enabled companies to save 5% on workers comp insurance premiums. A few months later, Reilly learned that the United States Department of Transportation required drug & alcohol testing of transportation related private companies providing another opportunity.

Reilly’s Brevard County, Florida based business grew to service employers and individuals for drug testing services in all areas the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. In 2018 Reilly sold Florida Drug Screening to embark on more industry consulting opportunities. Later this month Joe Reilly celebrates 25 years in the drug and alcohol industry.

Based in Melbourne, Florida Joe’s newest company, National Drug Screening, has grown from 3 employees in 2013 to 18 employees as of the close of 2018. The company is recognized by the drug testing industry association (DATIA) as Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (NAADATP). The team at National Drug Screening helps employers implement and maintain comprehensive drug free workplace programs in compliance with industry best practices, Federal and State laws and regulations.

Known throughout the United States as an expert in the drug testing industry, Joe is in demand as an expert witness.
He has provided consulting, speaking engagements and training programs for many organizations including the US Small Business Administration (SBA), the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), the US Department of Education, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Washington DC Department of Public Works, the Florida Office of Drug Control, the Florida Department of Corrections, the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the Florida Trucking Association, Florida Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) and numerous Chambers of Commerce and business associations.

Some other highlights of Joe’s interesting career include:
• Recipient of a US Small Business Administration (SBA) grant to help small businesses implement drug free workplace programs
• Recipient of US Department of Education grant to help private and public schools implement student drug testing programs
• October 2004 – featured in Florida Trend magazine as head cheerleader for drug testing
• In 2004 appointed by James McDonough, State of Florida, Governor’s Office of Drug Control to serve on the Drug Free Workplace task force.
• 2003 – Traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to help implement a drug testing program and collector training courses for employees
• 2003 – 2005 – Provided oversight, training and auditing for urine specimen collections for Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball drug testing and steroid testing national programs.
• Member of SAPAA – The Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association – Promotes standards in the administration of workplace substance abuse prevention programs through education and training
• Member of NDASA – National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association advocating for safe and drug-free workplaces and communities through legislative advocacy, education, training and excellence in drug and alcohol testing services
• Master Trainer and Regional Trainer (M-CPCT and R-CPCT) – Drug & Alcohol Industry Testing Industry Association (DATIA) instructor for Certified Professional Collector Training Program (CPCT)
• Master Trainer – Breath Alcohol Testing – Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing, DOT and Non DOT – Certified as a Master Trainer for Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 and EV 30 Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing devices
• Past President of the Palm Bay Rotary Club, Past Board member of the Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce
• Current member of the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce; past board member and also member of numerous other chambers of commerce
• September, 2018 – Traveled to Dublin, Ireland as a participant in the International Forum for Drug and Alcohol Testing (IFDAT)
• 20 + year member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
• National course instructor for DATIA industry training courses – In’s & Outs of Drug Testing, Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training, Designated Employer Representative (DER) training and DOT urine specimen collector training.
• May, 2004 received DATIA’s Public Awareness Award
• June, 2015 received DATIA Top Entrepreneur award
• Served for over 12 years as board member for the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)

Joe also served 2004 to 2008 as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) – the national trade organization for the drug testing industry. Based in Washington, DC; the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) was founded in 1995 and represents the entire spectrum of drug and alcohol service providers including collection sites, laboratories, consortiums/TPAs, MROs, and testing equipment manufacturers. DATIA has over 1500 members nationwide and ensures that the industry's voice is heard by key policymakers in Congress and Federal Agencies.

Joe Reilly is currently President of National Drug Screening a nationwide provider of drug testing services, drug testing software, medical review officer services (MRO), consulting and training. Joe has provided community service to both his local community and nationally to the drug testing industry. Born and raised in New York City, Joe now resides in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida with his wife Robin. Joe graduated in 1979 from Manhattan College, Bronx, NY with a Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) with majors in Accounting and Marketing.

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Interfood Inc. Partners With MSys Training LLC To Build Solutions Using Lean Six Sigma Methodologies.

MSys Training,one of the leading certification training providers collaborated with Interfood Group, a leading global dairy supplier to implement six sigma.

ALPHERETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Interfood, desires to use various modes of quality programs to help them increase customer delight and reduce cost by lean methodologies. Amongst all programs, Lean Six Sigma is perhaps the most widely-accepted initiative by all broad range of organizations. During the first phase of adaptation of LSS, a workshop was being conducted at Interfood office by MSys. Victoria Montoya from Interfood, said “We are at the initial stage of implementation, our objective is to enhance quality and performance while reducing process inconsistency by adhering to Lean Six Sigma Processes. The MSys expertise is a great advantage in this new experiment.”

Six Sigma methodology is a combination of statistical theory, quality control and business tool that would help Interfood to enhance their business procedures on removing defects, improving profits and enhancing performance while reducing inconsistencies in processes. Paul Ryan, who has his Green Belt in Six Sigma from the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, facilitated the training on behalf of MSys said “the participants in the training workshop participated enthusiastically and were keen to know about how Six Sigma will make a significant change within their workplace”.

According to Shantanu, Director L&D from MSys Training “With a joint focus to implement lean six sigma methodology in food industry, we were able to analyze various root causes of the difficulties and further narrowed down to strong strategies towards quality improvement initiatives of Interfood. It is a great collaboration and the training will definitely help Interfood enhance its performance and productivity”.

About MSys Training
Being one of the leading certification training providers in the world, MSys Training aims to help professionals to develop required skills to succeed in today’s digital world. At MSys, we partner with individuals, teams, and companies to understand their needs and provide customized training and coaching that helps them to achieve their career objectives. Visit www.msystraining.com, call 408-878-3078

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