Stephanie Yelenosky Explains the Importance of the Montessori Teaching Method

Stephanie Yelenosky

Lawyer and teacher, Yelenosky praise the Montessori Teaching Method for setting children up for a lifetime of learning with the best education possible

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2018 / — Stephanie Yelenosky, like many mothers, wants what is best for her child. Therefore, after adopting her daughter, Yelenosky wanted to introduce her to a world where she would never stop learning. To do this, the lawyer quit her job as an attorney and became the lead teacher at the Montessori World School. The Montessori Teaching Method is a method that Yelenosky wholeheartedly believes in.

There are several reasons that Stephanie Yelenosky sought out this method and change in occupation. It was quite a change for her, going from the court to the classroom. Yet, the move was inspired by her dedication to her daughter’s learning. Today, Yelenosky is going to share the most important features of the Montessori Teaching Method.

Teachers Guide Instead of Lecture

The most noticeable difference between traditional teaching methods and the Montessori Teaching Method is the role of the teacher. Instead of lecturing the children for hours on end, the teacher is more of a guide. While the teacher will promote age-appropriate activities, the discovery of learning is left up to the children. This is an important function of the teaching method. This teaches children that while it is okay to ask for help and guidance, ultimately, their learning is their own. Instead of being lectured and told what is important, children are given the freedom to explore and discover the information.

Making Creative Choices

The guidance from the teacher is intended to help children make more creative choices. This helps with problem-solving, both in the classroom and in the real world. Yelenosky believes if children understand from an early age that they can think for themselves, it helps their self-esteem. Discovering their own creative ways to solve problems helps bolster their confidence. It gives students encouragement by showing them they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Yelenosky explains that while telling a child they can do anything is a nice sentiment, there is only so much proof. If children do not learn to make creative choices for themselves, they will always rely on someone else’s’ solution. The Montessori Teaching Method gives students the freedom to discover answers on their own.

Discovering of their Own Volition

Children learn at all different paces and in different ways. Some children learn by doing, while others are content to watch. Some children like to write notes down. The method of successful learning all depends on the student.

The Montessori Teaching Method allows students to learn at their own pace. Children get to discover not only the point of the lesson but how to arrive at that point. Instead of telling kids how they should learn, children are given the freedom to figure this out on their own. This skill will help them later in life when the environment for learning is no longer so obvious.

In summation, Stephanie Yelenosky is a woman who knows what she wants. Yelenosky spent decades finding the truth. Now, she wants to help her daughter and other students begin their lifelong journey of learning and discovery. Therefore, she has put her faith and career behind the promising Montessori Teaching Method.

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