Maypole tree, Christmas tree, every Child's dream: First Mountable Tree For Children

COMO new trees and animals for our children

COMO(R) new trees and animals for our children

With the Kickstarter campaign of the German Spartas UG parents and grandmas may get one of the exclusive COMO®-Block-Sets and support this company by May 29th

My first son and I had the idea to invent a brick that has six sides for building on. My second son already used the new COMO(R) blocks for building models inspired by famous movies.”

— founder and CEO Frank Karl

MUNICH, BAVARIA, GERMANY, May 18, 2018 / — The Spartas UG is the first toy brick producer which brings a mountable and demountable tree into the brick market. The best thing is: new bricks/blocks of ideas enable the kids to build on onto six sides opening all new possibilities and enable them to realistically build needle trees, leaf trees or even Christmas trees. With the current Kickstarter campaign parents, grandpas, grandmas and nursery teachers may get one of the exclusive COMO®-Block-Sets and support this innovative company at the same time.

The innovative tree set by COMO® enables children to build a realistic copy of needle trees and leaf trees

With its COMO®-blocks the company Spartas UG revolutionizes the traditional brick world. For the first time it is possible to build movable animals using standard blocks. In addition there are new bricks of ideas having six(!) sides for building on in contrast to the just two sides of the old blocks. This opens up room for amazing building fun never seen before. With the "silver" Nature-Set children may build many different trees, plants, flowers and animals which they have seen while playing in the woods before.

Emotional contact to nature is very important for children. Children see different kinds of trees in the woods and have a wonderful time using all of their senses. The COMO® Set "Tree" supports learning in a playful way and promotes the creativity of children by giving them new possibilities for building at the same time. Using the new COMO® blocks of ideas children can build on onto six sides. This enables them to build easily and realistically copies of trees and other plants as well as of green animals such as frogs, dinosaurs, birds or lizards. The COMO® Set "Tree" also includes colorful bricks which the kids may use to decorate their own Christmas tree at Christmas time.

Here parents, grandpas, grandmas and nursery teachers have the possibility to get to know more about two of the COMO®-packets. They may fast and easily subscribe to Kickstarter to get one of the innovative COMO®-packets by 29th of May.

They can find further news about Spartas UG and the innovative COMO®-blocks here on our blog.

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COMO not only six sides to build on but also movable models from standard bricks for the first time.

Source: EIN Presswire