Blue Moon Advisors Presented 8 Fund-Ready Clients at 2nd Quarterly Event

Blue Moon Advisors 2nd Quarter 2018 Event

Blue Moon Clients who achieved our coveted Capital Readiness Report score of 925 or higher! All the companies presented were unique, innovative and solved a problem.

All projects completed the Capital Readiness Report with a score of 925 or higher.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2018 / — Blue Moon Consortium, Inc., doing business as “Blue Moon Advisors,” presented its most recent completed projects that received the Company’s proprietary Capital Readiness Report score of 925 or higher at the 2nd quarterly event. The event took place at their newest office expansion in Las Vegas on April 12, 2018.

The Clients who spoke at the event went through the Blue Moon Advisors Capital Readiness Report process successfully. This is an objective and subjective process that analyzes a company's business opportunities. The system is based on a 1000 points scale, which a Client must achieve a score of 925 or higher to be considered "fund-ready." This is a process that has proven more than 75% effective in predicting the ultimate success of a venture during its seed, startup, and growth stages. Developed by Blue Moon Advisors during nine years of research where they closely tracked approximately 300 companies seeking capital, the CRR is a deliverable diligence tool for entrepreneurs and capital providers.

The following companies were featured:

MYM Nutraceuticals (
MYM is currently building three large-scale production facilities in both Canada and Australia. Upon completion of these three projects, the total amount of greenhouse growing space will exceed 2.7 million square feet. The Company is growing rapidly as it has acquired numerous subsidiary companies and partnered with substantial industry leaders. This publicly traded company (CSE: MYM) has seen its stock rise from 50 cents CAD per share during summer 2017 to end of year stock prices ranging from 3 to almost 5 CAD; The Company is currently trading in the range of 1.70 to 2.38 CAD .

IDAR, Inc. (
IDAR, Inc. is a new American, multinational conglomerate headquartered in Southern California being created from six existing entities being rolled up. The Company owns multiple subsidiaries within the infrastructure, development, and repair industry. IDAR's portfolio encompasses several industries including, but not limited to, Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), Charging Station Electrical Infrastructure, Solar Photovoltaic, Energy Storage, Lighting Retrofit, and Concrete Repair Market.

Medicreations (
Medicreations LLC supplies state of the art medical equipment for dermal procedures and software systems that analyze medical data. The Company was founded by Ms. Dana Skovronek in Brooklyn, New York. With the new MediLight plus and other devices, Medicreations offers a ground-breaking solution for various dermal procedures and a high-end analysis system to organize the medical data collected through the SmartCare mobile application. Further, the Company has a patent-pending solution to disrupt the aesthetic procedure world, as well as a Diabetes wound healing device.

Rex programming (
The Company was founded in summer of 2015 in Dallas, Texas. Rex Programming is an after school learning program that teaches kids from ages 5 to 18 how to create video games, animations, websites, mobile apps, build robots, and software applications by teaching computer coding skills. The curriculum is a collaborative effort between teachers and computer science experts. The program is self-paced and very easy for students to follow on their own. Over 2,000 children have learned computer science from Rex Programming.

Altitude Products (
Altitude Products cannabis product variety boxes include in-house branding packages such as The Weekend Box, Bella, CBD, Jack of All Trades, and Arthur & Celesto. Additionally, the Company offers licensed brands like Caviar Gold and Whoopi & Maya. The projected revenue for both boxes is $33 Million and $10 Million with net operating profits of 47%. Altitude Products’ sister Company, Social Media Unicorn (SMU), offers digital marketing services for cannabis brands. With industry knowledge and connections, SMU provides a customized marketing package that is versatile to achieve quality results for cannabis brands.

1Up Golf (
The Company will utilize a state of the art technology system, designed by Foresight Sports, to enhance the golfing experience. The system allows players to enjoy multiple games of fun and skill, including stroke play based on the layouts of world famous golf courses, accuracy and distance games and golf roulette. The system tracks and collects data about each shot and displays game information to players on consoles located in each suite. Additionally, the system integrates with the POS systems, making ordering food and beverage simple, and to customer's technology devices to encourage social networking. Upon successful funding, the Company will enter the marketplace in 2019 and plans to have up to 5 locations in development by 2025.

CRS Alarms (
CRS Services Limited was founded in 2003 by Steven and Cristina Boyer to provide top of the line products, services and installation that matches the urgency of being secure promptly for residential and commercial clients. The Company is dedicated to continuous training and support of its personnel, so the team can always accommodate clients 7 days a week. Within the first year of opening, CRS Services became a top 10 Monitronics Dealer. With a customer-centric approach, the Company has serviced over 17,000 clients.

Gas Jacket (
Gas Jacket, Inc. is a start-up enterprise to be domiciled in Nevada as a C-Corp, with operations in Iowa Park, Texas and California. The company is led by its founder and inventor, Timothy Smith. Mr. Smith identified a problem in the commercial gas piping industry and created a solution to this issue with an entirely new, improved product called the Gas Jacket – a revolutionary way of “sleeving” gas lines in commercial buildings. The Gas Jacket surrounds existing pipes to help redirect gas outside of the building during a gas leak. The invention is simple to use, lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to remove, thus, saving time, labor and materials.

All companies had their entire financial package ready for investors to review. Some have already raised capital since achieving the score, which is a testament to the success rate of the Blue Moon Advisors’ proprietary system. To receive the business finance documentation for these “fund-ready” companies, email

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Source: EIN Presswire