Kim Habibi To Give Seven-Day Course About Adobe Creative Cloud

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2018 / — The world has changed to technology-driven qualities. The more people know about online services and programs, the more qualified they become for jobs. There are many applications out there to learn, but the Adobe Creative Cloud has become the must-learn applications out there. That's why Kim Habibi wants to teach a course about the programs to members of the community.

For those who want to have a career in computers and technology can benefit from Habibi's course. The programs vary from video editing, photography, graphic design, and web development. Learning these programs would come in handy for a great career in computers.

"Many residents of the community do not know where to go for an easy course on these programs," says Habibi. "Over the course of several weeks, I will teach the basics, so each person understands."

Companies that specialize in using computers utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud. For example, any person willing to jump into web design benefits from Habibi's course.

The Adobe Creative Cloud provides applications for creating web pages and other content for online viewing.

"The course is perfect for those just getting started with web design and online media," says Habibi. "Learning the basic course will improve any person's ability to make eye-catching web pages. More importantly, they can add the understanding of the cloud on their resume."

Also, those wanting to learn how video editing works and make videos with Adobe can take Habibi's course. Everyone from YouTube stars to corporate employees has gained the power of creating videos through Adobe products.

The introductory course taught by Kim Habibi becomes a great place to start and learn the tools for creating videos. This course goes for videos online or in a broadcast.

"When it comes to video, the course features training geared towards residents new to creating a video using the Adobe Creative Cloud," says Habibi.

Also, if a person does not want to learn how to make videos or web design, they can learn how to edit photos with Photoshop. Habibi adds that some people just want to learn how to update pictures of family and friends.

"The most requested Adobe Creative Cloud element has become Photoshop," says Habibi. "When I mention the upcoming course to friends, they always ask about Photoshop. I assume the Photoshop classes will become a favorite among the courses featured."

The Photoshop class becomes recommended by Habibi for all levels of Photoshop users, including entry level. Also, the course will teach how to use Photoshop's tools properly, and discover how to retouch and color correct images.

Even advanced Photoshop users with no formal training can benefit from Kim Habibi's class. Tips, tricks, keyboard shortcuts, and essential foundation skills become covered during the course.

Improving Resumes Can Lead To Better Jobs
"While learning all of these different programs for personal use is great, I hope many of the residents can improve their resumes," says Habibi. "Adding these crucial skills to any resume makes the person hireable to a company."

Plus, residents can make themselves more marketable to companies when looking for jobs in the online industry. But if a person wants to climb the corporate ladder, learning as many computer skills will improve the chance of gaining a promotion.

Also, a person might have a career out of the computer industry, but with the help of Kim Habibi's course, learn a different trade. This new love could lead to a new career path.

"After the courses, I will become available to help those who are looking to improve their Adobe skills," concludes Habibi. "Also, if one person takes a hard look at the online industry, then the course is worth teaching."

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