Kim Habibi Teaches Young Students Basic Coding Class In Community

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2018 / — Technology has become relevant in today's society in almost every industry. The internet has become a place where companies push products and focus on gaining attention. Because of these facts, Kim Habibi plans to teach residents of the community how to code.

Social media and company websites have changed the way people share information and content. Sharing with friends and family has become more manageable because of these services and sites.

To go with the high demand for sharing information comes jobs and opportunities. A need for quicker software and services means more jobs for people who can code and build online.

"There are more than just several reasons why a person should learn how to code," says Kim Habibi. "I hope to teach basic coding to these interested residents because it could open the door to future opportunities and maybe even a new career."

Habibi mentions a few reasons why everyone should take her coding class and learn a new trade.

Improving Your Digital And Hardware Literacy
Becoming digital literate means you can manage information successfully. Also, learning to code means you can automatically become more in tune with your computer.

Learning to code means a person can also explore and learn more tools and applications on the computer. Absorbing these programs implies a person's day-to-day computer use can become more comfortable.

"I can compare this to someone becoming comfortable using a touchscreen at a restaurant or store," adds Habibi. "Because a person knows how with a smartphone, they know it's a simple task at the store. Learning to code can translate into other everyday tasks on a computer."

Learning To Code Is Compared To Learning A Second Language
Coding has become another way to communicate with the world. But when a person sees the word 'code,' they can become intimidated and shy away from learning.

"If a person takes the same route learning to code as learning a second language, it becomes simple," says Habibi. "And just like knowing a second language, the benefits are there."

Also, if a person knows what to tell the computer to do, it can open the door to new possibilities and tasks.

Coding Will Always Be Relevant

Every company or business has a technology aspect. These aspects could be from using software for daily operations to their website.

Because of these changes, learning to code will not never be beneficial to a company. There will always be a need for developers because apps are still evolving.

"Regardless of which background of coding a person learns, they can be an asset to a company," says Habibi. "These companies are always looking for dual-threats when it comes to qualities in the workplace."

Opens Up A World Of Possibilities Personally And Professionally
Whether a person learns to code because of personal growth or professional development, the studies will become relevant.

Also, learning these techniques and the coding language opens doors to new jobs and possible longterm careers. Even if a person learns how to code on the side, additional opportunities will become available.

"I have seen people with jobs outside the technology world become fluent in coding and earn side jobs," adds Habibi. "These people can build websites, develop apps, and more, all while earning extra income."

While Kim Habibi expects younger residents to become a student of her class, she hopes the older generation attends.

"It's never too early to study how to code," says Habibi. "No matter what age you are, you can benefit from learning basic coding skills."

The world of technology and online information has become a vast place. Learning how to harness the opportunities can mean a different life for the better.

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Source: EIN Presswire