William Lightner Shares Insight Into His Successful Evangelist Career

William Lightner

William Lightner

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many people go their lives without seeing the world. Only a chosen few get to travel the world, but also do what they love to do at the same time. William Lightner has served as a traveling evangelist and also spread the word of God in different countries. Also, he has worked with an overseas missionary.

Through Lay Witness Mission, Lightner spoke in front of large gatherings throughout the world. The experience holds a particular piece of Lightner's heart, as he was able to change lives every day.

The travels have led to many asking Lightner how he became an evangelist, and what characteristics are essential in the profession. Lightner sheds some light on the most critical aspects of the mission.

"There are five qualities every evangelist should have to spread the word of God fully," says Lightner. "If one can possess these, then they will connect with so many people each day."

Living a Transformed Life

"The most fluent Gospel evangelist becomes diminished if unbelievers identify you by patterns of sin in your life," says Lightner. "The more holy and the more set apart their lives are, the more compelling our evangelism generally will be."

The consistent testimony of a transformed life is one of the more compelling proofs of the truth of the Gospel, mentions Lightner.

Living a life that others want to live is an essential aspect of being an evangelist. If you can't live the life you preach, then it's hard for others to believe in you.

Praying Relentlessly Opens Doors

"I have seen in my own life that in moments where I am not praying for evangelistic possibilities, I have a hard time recognizing them," says Lightner. "However, the more I pray and ask God to open chances for evangelism, the more opportunities seem to produce."

"Prayer is not only responded by God bringing more non-followers into our lives but is also acknowledged to by God allowing us to see the opportunities that are already present," adds Lightner. "A sign of godliness is the sincere prayer for the lost."

Start the Conversation With Others

"Because of your love and kindness for your neighbors and co-workers, form relationships with them," explains Lightner. "Get to know their names, their interests, their happiness and their sufferings."

Lightner finds himself always surprised at how many Christians don't even know the names of their neighbors. He asks others to start the conversations, and watch how God may form connections that lead to the Gospel spread among others.

Explaining the Gospel Thoroughly

"In the path of your relations with neighbors and friends, talk about holy topics. Ask questions, and be prepared to tell them what you believe," says Lightner. "Also, explain why you have an enduring hope and mission for peace. Define who God is and that He is holy and is the creator."

"Finally, explain to them what a saving acknowledgment looks like by summoning them to calculate the value, deny themselves, and become a disciple of Christ," concludes Lightner.

Don't Get Easily Discouraged

"In evangelism, the worst-case scenario is that people reject the Gospel and decide not to follow Christ," says Lightner. "They do this because they are spiritually dead and blind to the things of God."

The evangelist has an insurmountable task, one for which it appears entirely insufficient to some. But the profession relies on God who can bring the dead to breathe and grow, and Lightner is faithful to the opportunities that God gives him, believing Christ with the results.

Also, Lightner fully believes if someone is committed to these five features of an evangelist, they can fully serve God.

"There are many other aspects of the mission, but I have had an amazing experience changing lives by following these characteristics," says Lightner.

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