The Promise: Cierra Summers Memory Lives on Through a Sister’s Love

After a brave, exhausting fight for her life, Ms. Cierra Summers, LaTasha’s sister, succumbed to breast cancer, leaving behind three little boys.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2017 / — Today, The Cierra Summers Foundation announced its upcoming holiday events as it recalls a sister's promise. The calendar read April 23rd, 2014. For some, it was an ordinary Thursday – but to LaTasha Summers, her two children and her three nephews, it was the day that changed their lives forever. After a brave, exhausting fight for her life, Ms. Cierra Summers, LaTasha’s sister, succumbed to breast cancer, leaving behind three little boys, an everlasting imprint in the hearts of those she loved, and a family that was forever changed without her.

Since an early age, the two sisters were fond of playing school, dreaming up ingenious ways to help the inner-city youth reach their full potential, and planning their future which they were sure would be bright and promising. However, now it was not the memories of their youth that LaTasha needed to focus on. There was a pressing matter at hand: what would happen to Cierra’s three sons? Cierra’s three sons, her ultimate gift to the world, were left without a mother to guide them through life’s trials and tribulations.

LaTasha, already a mom-of-two, found out shortly after Cierra’s death that she would soon welcome her third child into the world. Despite the surprising turn of events in her personal life, all it took was one look on her finger, where she saw the promise ring Cierra gave her back in 2012, symbolizing that “they would always have each other’s back.” LaTasha was certain that God would provide for herself, her children, and Cierra’s three boys. In an instant, she made good on her promise of being her sister’s keeper, and committed herself to raising six excellent young men, who would have a heart for ministry, just as she and her sister were naturally gifted with.

Life in the bustling Summers household, which is now filled with the laughter of Gregory 10, Jamariyon, 11; Devonta, 10; Kamari, 13; Ashton, 5; and Aiden 2, is not easy. There have been ups and downs, arguments and make ups, days that sometimes looked bleak, but the love that the family shares ignited LaTasha’s burning desire to found her own chain of foster homes across the United States, starting from Cleveland, Ohio where there are currently more than 2,000 children in foster care in Cuyahoga County alone.

Raised by her grandmother, LaTasha was painfully aware of the emotional scars most foster children experience during the tender years of their childhood, and how this deprivation of affection can significantly hinder their development. Her first-hand experience is what makes her love so hard, and live with intention; and that is why her foster home project is only a part of her growing charitable work.

April 23rd, 2016, on the two-year anniversary of Cierra’s passing, LaTasha founded The Cierra Summers Foundation, which is dedicated to keeping Cierra’s giving spirit alive through charitable drives and hands-on ministry. The Foundation passes out blessing bags outside local men’s shelters, and hot meals to the less fortunate; acknowledges police service through giving out thank you notes and goody bags to its local police department; and hosts an annual backpack giveaway, as well as “Kickball for Change” events in various communities.

With the holidays fast approaching, The Foundation is working tirelessly to sprinkle some joy into the lives of the less fortunate. With a full calendar of upcoming events, this season will, indeed, be jolly for anyone that is blessed to meet LaTasha Summers, the boys, and The Foundation’s wonderful volunteer group.

As for what the future holds for LaTasha & Co? The boys want to become actors – and pester LaTasha to create their very own family YouTube show. Who knows? Maybe, one day not too far from now, the Summers will be this era’s Brady Bunch – a charitable, loving, bunch, bonded by a promise to carry the torch of Cierra’s legacy, for as long as they shall live.

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Source: EIN Presswire