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JEFFERSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — How do we cope with experiences that change our lives? Whether it’s grief or loss, illness or trauma, we often react to these circumstances and the uncertainty that comes with them with emotions that seem out of our control. What we need is resilience. If we don’t have it, we need to develop it.

Dr. Madelyn Blair is a speaker, author, faculty member at Columbia University, and senior advisor specializing in the science and art of resilient leadership.

“I am absolutely passionate about resilience,” says Dr. Blair. “To me resilience is the need of today because our lives and our culture are constantly changing. I’m dedicated to helping any individual enhance their ability to navigate transition.”

According to Dr. Blair, a resilient leader is someone who is able to bring themselves, their team, and their organization through difficult times and continue to thrive while doing so.

“Resilience comes from the root word that means "to jump back,’” says Dr. Blair. “When you're in transition, it is uncomfortable, because nothing looks familiar to you. But resilience is something any person can build for themselves. We have that capability within us. I like to unlock the resilience and then allow you to build it yourself.”

Through workshops, coaching and speaking engagements, Dr. Blair teaches her “phenomenal four,” a set of daily practices that enhance resilience.

The first, Silence, is that you take five minutes a day and sit in silence to allow the creative part of your brain to say what it wants to say. The second, Story, is to write a personal story every day. The third practice, Selection, is to decide each day what's the most important thing you can do, even if it’s calling your grandmother. The fourth practice, Seeking, is to ask a question for the day. It could be a simple question or a very complex question; it doesn't matter.

“If you do these practices every day, you will build self-knowledge, you will deepen your knowledge, and you will become more curious,” says Dr. Blair. “You really come face-to-face with who you are. And the stronger you know who you are, the stronger you become, the more confident you become and the more resilient.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean difficult times become easy, but they can become meaningful, productive experiences with the potential for growth.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Madelyn Blair in an interview with Jim Masters on November 27th at 1pm EST.

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