Merck Foundation starts its first Merck Health Media Training to Break the Stigma around Infertility in Africa

Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation with the heroines of Merck More Than a Mother from Uganda and Honorable Sarah Opendi, Minister of State of Health of Republic of Uganda

Save the Date for Merck Foundation’s Merck Health Media Training 2018

Merck Foundation- Merck More than a Mother with Byansi Adrian Ssemugga & Sawuya Ntongo, couple from Uganda

Merck Foundation to announce, ‘Merck more than a Mother” Media Recognition Award winners.

NAIROBI, KENYA, June 18, 2018 / — • Merck Foundation to provide training for media representatives from more than 15 African Countries.

• Merck Foundation to scale up its health media training to Francophone African countries and Asian countries in 2018.

• Merck Foundation to start #MenToo to raise awareness about male infertility.

Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany starts its first Merck Health Media Training on 10th of July 2018 from 10:00 to 17:30 at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.

The training program is part of ‘Merck more than a Mother’ community awareness initiative. It is being organized to emphasize the important role that media plays to influence our society to create a cultural shift with the aim to break the stigma around infertility in general and infertile women in particular.

During the training program, Merck Foundation will announce the start of new hashtags #MenToo and #NotoInfertilityStigma to invite media from all over Africa to share its opinions and stories on social media about the topic.

“I am very happy to initiate this important training session and the two hashtags on the social media platform, inviting all media representatives to share it on their platforms. #MenToo can be the cause of infertility #MenToo can suffer the infertility stigma and social pressure. #NoToInfertilityStigma for women and #Mentoo is the key message we wish to deliver”, explained Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation and President of Merck more than a Mother.

Merck Health Media Training Program is planned to follow the Merck more than a Mother Media Recognition Awards Ceremony which will be held on the 9th of July to recognize the winners from Kenya and East Africa.

Dr. Rasha Kelej further explained the reason of creating this award “We announced the ‘Merck More than a Mother Media Recognition Awards’ in 2017 with the aim to emphasize the role of media in enhancing the public engagement and understanding of infertility stigma and the need to change its social perception in African communities.”

Through the award ceremony, Merck Foundation will honour the winners of “Merck More Than a Mother” Media Recognition Award 2017, for their outstanding journalistic coverage to break the stigma around infertility in African communities. The award ceremony will be attended by eminent media personalities, fertility experts, infertile women, award winners and other distinguished media people from across Africa.

“The Merck Health training program will focus on the international standards and media ethics for reporting sensitive issues like infertility in Africa. It is designed to benefit the journalists in understanding the infertility issues in African communities and to learn the best media practices to cover such issues. We look forward to scaling this program to Francophone African countries and Asian counties in 2018” Dr. Rasha Kelej added.

Merck Foundation will bring media from more than 15 African countries to come together to break the infertility stigma in the continent. The training would also provide an excellent opportunity for the journalists from Africa to network with each other and work as a unit to eradicate the stigma around infertility.

Merck Foundation appreciates the outstanding health journalism and seeks the support of Health Media across Africa to achieve the objective of creating a culture shift and breaking stigma around infertility and infertile women.

The journalists from various African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Gambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, Liberia, Cameroon, Sierra Leona, etc. will be participating in the training.

About ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ campaign; In many Cultures, childless women suffer discrimination, stigma, and ostracism. Their inability to have children results in great isolation, disinheritance, and assaults. “Merck More Than a Mother” empowers such women through the access to information, health, change of mindsets and economic empowerment.

As part of this Campaign, we started “Empowering Berna” project in Africa to help childless and infertile women starting their own business and thus achieve financial independence and become stronger and happier. The project has benefited more than 1,000 women across the continent.

Also, part of the campaign is our Merck Embryology & Fertility Training Program, a three-month hands-on practical course to establish the platform of fertility specialists across Africa and Asia.

Merck Foundation provided for more than 50 candidates, three months to six months clinical and practical training for fertility specialists and embryologists in more than 29 countries across Africa and Asia such as: Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire , Ghana, Ethiopia , Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania , Zambia , Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Burkina Fuso, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameron, Rwanda, Botswana, DR Congo , Congo Brazzaville, Gambia , Nepal, Siri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Merck Foundation is making history in many African countries where they never had fertility specialists or specialized fertility clinics before ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ intervention, to train the first fertility specialists such as; in Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Niger, Chad, and Guinea.

Merck Foundation plan supported the establishment of the first public IVF centres in Ethiopia and Uganda through providing the clinical and practical training necessary for their staff. Merck Foundation also plans to support the establishment of the first public IVF in Tanzania soon.

“Merck more than a Mother” launched in 2015, is a program of the Merck Foundation, the foundation drives many of our initiatives and programs in the area of build health care and research capacity and improves access to equitable healthcare solutions.

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LiNK PR Kenya
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Merck Foundation – Merck More Than a Mother with Byansi Adrian Ssemugga & Sawuya Ntongo, Couple from Uganda

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Augmented Reality to help patients who are considering aesthetic or reconstructive breast procedures

Crisalix releases the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — One of the most difficult decisions for women looking to undergo breast surgery (eg. breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift, lipofilling) is choosing the right implant. With thousands of different implants in the market, combined with different surgical techniques and the multiple choices of the positioning of the implants, it represents literally millions of options.

Combining several years of advanced medical and scientific research with state of the art 3D and 4D imaging technology, Crisalix has released the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures. The doctor first scans the patient to generate her breasts in 3D. The patient will then be able to view her new look on a screen in real time, similar to a mirror, without even having to go under the knife.

“The 4D Augmented reality from Crisalix is the only solution that allows patients to see themselves in full proportions, in motion and in real time. It is the most advanced educational tool for any patient and since the introduction, my breast practice changed a lot with increased conversion rate and satisfaction” says Constantin Stan MD PhD, board certified plastic surgeon. Cronosmed Breast clinic in Bucharest, Romania.

Thanks to these fundamental e-health innovations, patients are finally able to enjoy a fully immersive experience before the surgery:

LIVE: patients can now view their new body whilst moving or changing their posture, allowing them to feel how the new look would be in real life.

REAL TIME: as everything happens instantly, they can confidently express how they want their new body to look as if they were living with it already.

FULL BODY PROPORTIONS: a realistic experience which includes the whole body, from head to toe: probably one of the most important aspects when choosing the correct implant.

“Crisalix with advanced imaging technologies such as the virtual reality and the new augmented reality features is a game changing advance in the area of breast enhancement with implants. With these results prediction tools, the communication between patient and surgeon becomes much more precise leading to happier patients and a safer operation.” says Dennis C. Hammond MD, board certified plastic surgeon. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan, United States.

“Impressive, a new way of evaluating patients. With no doubts, Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality becomes a very important tool for plastic surgery practice." says Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, board certified plastic surgeon, former AMCPER president, Clinica Medica Sur, Mexico.

"As a cosmetic surgeon, we wish to provide not only satisfactory results, but also convincing consultations. The software is designed in a user-friendly way and the simulations facilitate communication with the patient. The recently developed AR feature allows patients to see their new look without any operation, so that they can approve the proposed procedure as well as speeding up the pre-operation consultation time." says Dr. Chang, board certified plastic surgeon, President of Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic, Taiwan.

Crisalix has been introducing successfully this game changing medical solution as an avant-premiere during the American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 in New York from April 28th till April 30th, largely considered as one of the most important scientific medical events in the world, and has been officially launched at the Beauty Through Science (BTS) meeting in Stockholm on June 7th 2018.

“I am happy and honored that this new technology has been launched at our BTS meeting and that Akademikliniken is pioneer in using it in Scandinavia. One of the obstacles in patient communication is to give patients a realistic picture of the outcome of a breast augmentation. The Crisalix augmented reality technology provides a higher level of realism in prediction of outcomes compared to traditional 3D techniques” says Dr. Per Heden, board certified plastic surgeon, founder and partner of Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden.

All surgeons quoted here have no financial relationship with Crisalix and therefore speak on their own behalf.

About Crisalix:

Crisalix enables aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive professionals and patients around the world to answer the common and ultimate question “How could I look after the procedure?” through its exclusive online 3D and 4D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.

Compared to traditional consultations with photos or 2D morphing, the largest international clinical study ever made in this field with more than 1500 plastic surgeons representing 40000 Crisalix consultations has scientifically proven unprecedented results in terms of:
– Less re-operations and dissatisfaction: 99% post surgery satisfaction versus a standard of 80% to 85%.
– Patient decision: twice more surgeries per consultation.
– Word of mouth: 99% of patients recommending their surgeon.

Combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art information technology, Crisalix game changing technology caters some of the most recognized surgeons and clinics around the 5 continents and is now the leader 3D imaging.

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See this video for more details about he new Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality

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The concept of the noosphere as a possible way of human development was depicted by an art-project

The concept of the noosphere as a possible way of human development was depicted by an art-project at the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

During the performance I imagined that humanity rejected the egoistic consumptive behavior and used natural mechanisms to preserve a balance between future development of technology and the biosphere.”

— Irina Lagoshina

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, June 18, 2018 / — As part of a special exhibition Britanka_Coop during the Moscow International Biennale for young Art, a project “After Us” created by artists Irina Lagoshina and Daria Kurguzova proposed to reflect on the technical development of civilization and possible future paths. An Installation and a performance were showcased at the “Winzavod”, a Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

“After Us” are images of technological evolution and thoughts on the subject of creation such a world where human civilization, nature and technology can all coexist in a harmonious symbiosis. Such a view of the world structure refers to the concept of the noosphere of the Soviet scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. He believed that within the process of evolution, after the biosphere and the technological revolution inevitably follows the spiritual revolution known as the noosphere. The unique unity of humanity, production and nature which should all transformed to be controlled by the human mind.

The Art Project proposes to recall the concept of the noosphere and use it as a positive view of the future, as an alternative to self destruction which is being pursued by humanity. Female torsos at different stages of pregnancy were used to symbolize the next stage of technological development. Mechanisms, electricity and electronics were used as images of the historical experience. The two placental casts, one deformed the other healthy, represented two potential future outcomes. Both scenarios are already “Born” but which will be our future depends on each one of us.

The last object of the installation, the casing of the mold from the “healthy” placenta symbolizes the possibility of creating a prosperous future. This object was completed during the performance. On the opening day of the exhibition, Irina created paints with the use of natural pigments and painted the plaster casings from the female torsos and the placenta which were obtained during the creation of the project. Painted torsos were destroyed during the performance to symbolize the past, which became the genetic basis of the present and the future.

“During the performance I imagined that humanity rejected the egoistic consumptive behavior and used natural mechanisms to preserve a balance between future development of technology and the biosphere. The result of my images is a laconic abstract drawing, while the shell from the cast of the placenta is similar to a sea shell – another symbol of birth” explained Irina Lagoshina.

“In the future, we would like to evolve the theme of the noosphere not only in art but also in the social sphere. We already have ideas on how to implement this in order to not only speak with the audience but also to make projects with like-minded people that will bring us closer to the implementation of the noosphere concept. Or it could very well be a new concept based on the theory of Vernadsky” stated Daria Kurguzova.

Daria Kurguzova
Lagoshina Art
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Art-project “After Us”, perfomance by Irina Lagoshina (preview)

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Associated Builders & Contractors IL Chapter Bridges Diversity In Construction Gap

Alicia Martin, ABC IL Chapter President

Alicia Martin, ABC IL Chapter President

Chicagoland community training program for the unemployed transforms lives and in some cases, helps workers earn more than $100,000 a year

CHICAGO, IL, USA, June 18, 2018 / — Although many organizations claim a valuation standard for culture and diversity, it's always exciting and encouraging to see those with empirical evidence. Associated Builders & Contractors, Illinois Chapter, is such an organization. Today, the 501(C) (6), non-profit organization announced it will continue to offer a certification program so that the demographics of Illinois’ construction workforce reflect the demographics of the state.

Associated Builders & Contractors was founded in 1950 by seven contractors in Baltimore, Maryland. Alicia Martin is President of Associated Builders & Contractors, Illinois Chapter. The association is recognized as a leading organization representing the Illinois business community, and the merit shop construction industry. Martin ensures that underserved and unemployed Illinois youth and adults receive the skills and competencies needed to become workforce-ready, craft workers. From this juncture, they can take a career path to endless opportunities.

The ABC, IL Chapter president was asked by Journalist, Fran Briggs, how Chicagoland and Central Illinois would sustain their economic impact despite an aging, construction workforce, and limited advancement opportunities.

"We share a short informational video to help illustrate why Associated Builders & Contractors, Illinois Chapter’s training program is a logical fit. In a few years, Illinois will need 139,000 skilled, craft worker professionals,” explained Alicia Martin. “Our objective is to continue to meet the industry's demand with a diverse group of workers.”

The informational video features young people from Illinois sharing how they overcame doubt and completed training, to becoming certified, gainfully employed, enjoying life, and in some cases, earning more than $100,000 a year.

Martin stated says that ABC, IL Chapter trains unemployed youth who earn industry-recognized, certifications. “As an organization of employers, we have a social responsibility to give back to the communities where our members live and work. I’m very excited about the work we’re doing to be a more inclusive industry for minorities and women," she concluded.

In 2016, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., Illinois Chapter was awarded a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. The funds were used to position its apprenticeship training program and its nationally recognized, construction credentials.

ABC, IL lends itself to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. Their sponsors, members, private sector, public sector, states, localities, and companies are part of a collaborative effort. Martin says that these agents contribute to advocacy and provide employment, mentoring, partnership and networking. "The organization thrives on members, volunteers, and sponsors who believe in the merit shop philosophy,” she added.

To view the company’s video on this topic, visit

To learn more about the association’s services for businesses and members in Illinois, visit


Founded in 1975, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., Illinois Chapter is is a 501(C) (6), non-profit organization that thrives on members and sponsors who believe in the merit shop, philosophy. It is recognized as one of the leading organizations in the Illinois business community, as well as the merit shop construction industry. ABC, IL Chapter represents over 350 contractor and supplier members. It trains more than 300 apprenticeship and craft trainees each year. The organization uses exclusive membership benefits; safety and craft training; legislative advocacy; and Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., Illinois Chapter networking events, to help its members develop people, win work, and deliver that work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities it serves.

Fran Briggs
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Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Launches App to Track Medical History and Improve Care for Patients with Bile Duct Cancer

One of CCF’s core missions is to provide patients and caregivers with the education and tools they need to make the best possible decisions for their treatment.”

— Stacie Lindsey, CCF Founder and President

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA, June 18, 2018 / — The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation today announced the launch of a new app for patients with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). The free app, developed in collaboration with Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX), is a new kind of medical information card designed for use on a smart phone, which allows patients and caregivers the ability to store and share important health information with physicians during an emergency or routine appointment.

The app allows patients and caregivers to share:
• A list of symptoms and treatment guidance for an ER physician;
• Details on past treatments and stents implanted into the bile duct;
• A list of patient’s medications;
• Contact information for easy one-touch dialing with the patient’s care team.

The app features the most current research and clinical trial information, along with access to helpful resources from the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, including videos and other patient educational materials. Boston Scientific will provide clinicians with information cards about the app to distribute and educate patients about this important free digital tool.

“I am happy that the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation made this new kind of medical information card a reality,” said Renuka Iyer, M.D., a medical oncologist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y. “In my practice, I have seen patients with biliary cancer suffer from complications from a blocked bile duct and often wondered how to help them take an active role in their care. The app does this and more by facilitating physician to physician communication to ensure patients get prompt and definitive medical treatment during a biliary emergency.”

Cholangiocarcinoma can often go undetected because the symptoms can mimic other ailments or not appear until the cancer is far too advanced. When symptoms do occur it is usually because a bile duct is blocked. This obstruction can put patients with cholangiocarcinoma at an increased risk for an infection in the biliary system called cholangitis, which can be life threatening. Having accurate information easily available can help healthcare professionals to quickly diagnose and treat this potentially fatal complication.

“We recognize that treating patients in today’s healthcare environment means going beyond the device and providing tools that place important information in the hands of both physicians and patients to help them make more informed decisions,” said Art Butcher, senior vice president and president, Endoscopy, Boston Scientific. “We’re proud to collaborate with the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation on the development of an app that can help patients with bile duct cancer get the care they need, especially in an emergency situation.”

The Cholangiocarcinoma app is available for iOS and Android users and can be downloaded at iTunes or Google Play. It is an information tracking tool that does not constitute professional medical recommendations, treatment, or advice nor is it intended to be used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure a condition or disease.

To download the app for iOS, visit
To download the app for Android, visit
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About Cholangiocarcinoma
Cholangiocarcinoma is a highly lethal cancer with poor prognosis. There are no effective strategies for prevention, early diagnosis or long-term treatment, indicating a significant unmet medical need. The risk factors and genetic causes of cholangiocarcinoma are not well known and clinical treatment options are extremely limited.

In the U.S., there are now approximately 12,000 new cases diagnosed each year however, the incidence and mortality of cholangiocarcinoma in North America and Europe has increased dramatically in the past few decades. Even with aggressive treatment, survival rates are low and average survival is only 6 month from diagnosis.

About the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
Founded in 2006, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is a global 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by bile duct cancer. As a rare and lethal disease, cholangiocarcinoma lacks attention and sufficient resources. There is a vast need for education about cholangiocarcinoma across the entire disease spectrum—from bench to bedside. For that reason, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation continues its efforts to raise awareness of all stakeholders in the cholangiocarcinoma community through advocacy, education, collaboration and research. More information is available at

Jordan Giles
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
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Realidad Aumentada para ayudar a pacientes pensando en someterse a procedimientos reconstructivos o estéticos de pecho

LAUSANNE, SUIZA, June 18, 2018 / — Una de las decisiones más importantes para las mujeres que desean someterse a una cirugía de pecho (por ejemplo, un aumento, una reconstrucción, una elevación de pecho o una lipotransferencia) es la elección del implante adecuado. Debido a los miles de implantes distintos que hay disponibles en el mercado, así como a las diferentes técnicas quirúrgicas y a las distintas opciones de colocación de los implantes, existen literalmente cientos de posibilidades entre las que elegir.

Gracias a varios años de investigación médica y científica avanzada, en combinación con la tecnología de imagen en 3D y 4D de vanguardia, Crisalix ha lanzado el primer software de realidad aumentada en 4D para procedimientos reconstructivos y estéticos de pecho. El doctor escanea primero a la paciente para generar sus pechos en 3D. A continuación, la paciente puede observar su nuevo aspecto en tiempo real en una pantalla similar a un espejo, sin necesidad de pasar por el quirófano.

“La realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix es la única solución que permite a los pacientes obtener una visualización de cuerpo entero, en movimiento y en tiempo real. Es la herramienta instructiva más avanzada para cualquier paciente y, desde que la introduje en mis consultas para cirugía de pecho, la tasa de conversión y la satisfacción han aumentado mucho”, comenta Constantin Stan, doctor en medicina y cirujano plástico certificado. Clínica Cronosmed Breast en Bucarest (Rumanía).

Con la ayuda de estas innovaciones fundamentales en el campo de la cibersalud, los pacientes pueden por fin disfrutar de una experiencia de inmersión total antes de la cirugía:

· EN VIVO: ahora los pacientes pueden visualizar su nuevo cuerpo mientras se mueven o cambian de postura, lo que les permite experimentar cómo sería su nuevo aspecto en la vida real

· TIEMPO REAL: gracias a su inmediatez, pueden expresar con confianza cómo desean que sea su nuevo cuerpo; parece que se marchan de la clínica con el aspecto deseado

· PROPORCIONES DE CUERPO ENTERO: una experiencia realista que incluye todo el cuerpo, de la cabeza a los pies: probablemente uno de los aspectos más importantes a la hora de elegir el implante adecuado

“Gracias a las avanzadas tecnologías de generación de imágenes como la realidad virtual y las nuevas prestaciones de realidad aumentada, Crisalix supone un progreso innovador en el campo de la mejora del pecho a través de implantes. Con estas herramientas que permiten predecir resultados, la comunicación entre cirujano y paciente resulta mucho más precisa, lo que contribuye a una mayor felicidad de los pacientes y mayor seguridad en las operaciones”, afirma Dennis C. Hammond, doctor en medicina y cirujano plástico certificado. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan (Estados Unidos).

“Impresionante. Una nueva forma de evaluar a los pacientes. No hay duda alguna de que la realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix se convierte en una herramienta de vital importancia en las consultas de cirugía plástica”, comenta el doctor Alfonso Vallarta, cirujano plástico certificado y anterior presidente de la AMCPER (Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva). Clínica Médica Sur, México.

“Como cirujanos plásticos, no solo queremos proporcionar resultados satisfactorios, sino también ofrecer consultas esclarecedoras. El software está diseñado para que sea fácil de usar y las simulaciones facilitan la comunicación con el paciente. La prestación de RA desarrollada recientemente permite a los pacientes ver su nuevo aspecto antes de cualquier operación, de modo que pueden aceptar el procedimiento propuesto, así como acelerar las consultas preoperatorias”, afirma el doctor Chang, cirujano plástico certificado y presidente de la Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic (Taiwán).

Crisalix ha presentado con mucho éxito esta solución médica innovadora (antes de su estreno oficial) durante el American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 (Congreso de la Sociedad Americana de Cirugía Plástica y Estética de 2018), celebrado en Nueva York del 28 al 30 de abril, y considerado uno de los eventos médicos y científicos más importantes del mundo. Finalmente, la solución se ha lanzado de manera oficial en el congreso Beauty Through Science (BTS) (Belleza a través de la Ciencia), celebrado en Estocolmo el 7 de junio de 2018.

“Me alegra y enorgullece que esta nueva tecnología se haya lanzado en nuestro congreso BTS y que Akademikliniken sea pionero en utilizarla en Escandinavia. Uno de los obstáculos en la comunicación con las pacientes es poder ofrecerles una imagen realista del resultado de un aumento de pecho. La tecnología de realidad aumentada de Crisalix proporciona un nivel superior de realismo en la predicción de resultados en comparación con las técnicas en 3D tradicionales”, comenta el doctor Per Heden, cirujano plástico certificado, fundador y socio de Akademikliniken, Estocolmo (Suecia).

No existe relación económica entre los cirujanos aquí citados y Crisalix, por lo que todos hablan en su propio nombre.

Acerca de Crisalix:

Gracias a su tecnología única de realidad aumentada en 3D, 4D y realidad virtual en línea, Crisalix permite a los profesionales de la medicina estética y de la cirugía plástica y reconstructiva de todo el mundo, así como a sus pacientes, responder a la pregunta más frecuente e importante: “¿Cómo me veré tras la cirugía?”.

En comparación con las consultas tradicionales en las que se utilizan fotografías o morphing en 2D, el mayor estudio clínico internacional realizado hasta la fecha en este campo, con más de 1500 cirujanos plásticos que representan 40000 consultas con Crisalix, ha demostrado científicamente resultados sin precedentes en los siguientes aspectos:

– Decisión del paciente: el doble de cirugías por consulta (tasa de conversión).
– El boca a boca: el 99% de los pacientes recomienda a su cirujano.
– Reducción en la repetición de las operaciones y la insatisfacción: 99% de satisfacción tras la cirugía frente al porcentaje habitual de entre un 80 y un 85%.

Gracias a la combinación de investigación médica avanzada y de las últimas tecnologías de la información, algunos de los cirujanos y de las clínicas de mayor renombre de los 5 continentes cuentan con la tecnología revolucionaria de Crisalix, que está ahora a la cabeza en la generación de imágenes 3D.

Natalia Zakharova
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Vea el vídeo siguiente para obtener más información sobre la nueva realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix.

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Erweiterte Realität als Hilfe für Patienten, die ästhetische oder rekonstruktive Brustverfahren in Betracht ziehen

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — Für Frauen, die sich einer Brustoperation (z. B. einer Brustvergrößerung, einer Brustrekonstruktion, einer Bruststraffung oder einer Eigenfetttransplantation) unterziehen wollen, stellt die Wahl des richtigen Implantats eine der schwierigsten Entscheidungen dar. Mit Tausenden von verschiedenen Implantaten auf dem Markt und verschiedenen chirurgischen Techniken und mehreren Optionen für die Positionierung der Implantate gibt es buchstäblich Millionen von Optionen.

Durch Kombination von jahrelanger medizinischer und wissenschaftlicher Spitzenforschung mit modernster 3D- und 4D-Bildgebungstechnologie hat Crisalix die erste Software für Erweiterte Realität in 4D für ästhetische oder rekonstruktive Brusteingriffe veröffentlicht. Der Arzt scannt zuerst die Patientin, um ihre Brüste in 3D zu erstellen. Die Patientin kann daraufhin ihr neues Erscheinungsbild auf einem Bildschirm in Echtzeit sehen, ähnlich wie bei einem Spiegel, und muss dafür nicht einmal unters Messer.

„Die Erweiterte Realität in 4D von Crisalix ist die einzige Lösung, die es den Patienten ermöglicht, sich selbst mit vollen Proportionen, in Bewegung und in Echtzeit zu sehen. Sie ist das fortschrittlichste Instrument für die Aufklärung jedes Patienten und seit der Einführung hat sich meine Brustpraxis mit einer gesteigerten Konversionsrate und größeren Zufriedenheit stark verändert“, sagt der zertifizierte plastische Chirurg Constantin Stan, MD PhD von der Brustklinik Cronosmed in Bukarest, Rumänien.

Dank dieser grundlegenden Innovationen im E-Health-Bereich können die Patienten jetzt endlich bereits vor dem Eingriff eine vollständige immersive Erfahrung machen:

· LIVE: Die Patienten können ihren neuen Körper jetzt sehen, während sie sich bewegen oder ihre Haltung verändern und somit erfahren, wie sich ihr neues Erscheinungsbild im echten Leben anfühlen würde.

· ECHTZEIT: Da die erweiterte Realität sofort verfügbar ist, können die Patienten souverän bestimmen, wie ihr neuer Körper aussehen soll, als ob es bereits ihr eigener Körper ist.

· VOLLSTÄNDIGE KÖRPERPROPORTIONEN: Bei dieser realistischen Erfahrung wird der gesamte Körper von Kopf bis Fuß berücksichtigt, welches wahrscheinlich einer der wichtigsten Aspekte bei der korrekten Wahl des richtigen Implantats ist.

„Durch den Einsatz von bahnbrechenden Bildverarbeitungstechnologien wie der Virtuellen Realität und den neuen Funktionen der Erweiterten Realität steht Crisalix für einen bahnbrechenden Fortschritt im Bereich der Brustvergrößerung durch Implantate. Durch diese Instrumente zur Vorhersage der Ergebnisse wird die Kommunikation zwischen Patient und Chirurg sehr viel präziser und führt zu zufriedenen Patienten und einer sicheren Operation“, sagt der zertifizierte plastische Chirurg Dennis C. Hammond MD. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan, Vereinigte Staaten

„Beeindruckend! Eine neue Art der Patientenbeurteilung. Die Erweiterte Realität in 4D von Crisalix wird zweifelsohne zu einem wichtigen Instrument für die Praxis der plastischen Chirurgie“, sagt Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, zertifizierter plastischer Chirurg und vormaliger Präsident von AMCPER, Clinica Medica Sur, Mexiko.

„Als Schönheitschirurg wollen wir nicht nur befriedigende Ergebnisse erzielen, sondern auch überzeugende Beratungen geben. Die Software ist benutzerfreundlich gestaltet und die Simulationen erleichtern die Kommunikation mit dem Patienten. Die kürzlich entwickelte Funktion für Erweiterte Realität ermöglicht es Patienten, ihr neues Aussehen ohne jegliche Operation zu sehen, so dass sie das vorgeschlagene Verfahren genehmigen und die Beratungszeit vor der Operation beschleunigen können“, sagt Dr. Chang, Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie und Präsident der Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic, Taiwan.

Crisalix hat diese bahnbrechende medizinische Lösung als Vorabpremiere erfolgreich während des American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 (Tagung der Amerikanischen Gesellschaft für Ästhetik & Plastische Chirurgie 2018) in New York vom 28. April bis zum 30. April vorgestellt, das als eines der wichtigsten wissenschaftlichen medizinischen Ereignisse der Welt gilt, und offiziell auf der Tagung Beauty Through Science (BTS) (Schönheit durch Wissenschaft) in Stockholm am 7. Juni 2018 auf den Markt gebracht.

„Ich freue mich und fühle mich geehrt, dass diese neue Technologie auf unserer Tagung auf den Markt gebracht wurde und dass Akademikliniken der erste Anwender in Skandinavien ist. Eines der Hindernisse in der Patientenkommunikation besteht darin, den Patienten ein realistisches Bild des Ergebnisses einer Brustvergrößerung zu geben. Die Technologie der Erweiterten Realität von Crisalix bietet ein höheres Maß an Realismus bei der Vorhersage von Ergebnissen im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen 3D-Techniken“, sagt Dr. Per Heden, Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie und Gründer und Partner von Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Schweden.

All die hier genannten Chirurgen stehen in keiner finanziellen Verbindung mit Crisalix und vertreten daher ihre eigene Meinung.

Über Crisalix:

Durch seine einzigartige Technologie der Erweiterten Realität und Virtual Realiy in 3D und 4D ermöglicht es Crisalix Fachleuten und Patienten auf der ganzen Welt im Bereich der ästhetischen, plastischen und rekonstruktiven Chirurgie die übliche und wichtigste Frage zu beantworten: „Wie könnte ich nach dem Eingriff aussehen?“

Im Rahmen der größten internationalen klinischen Studie, die jemals in diesem Bereich durchgeführt wurde, mit mehr als 1500 plastischen Chirurgen, die für über 40000 Crisalix-Beratungen stehen, wurden beim Vergleich mit traditionellen Beratungen mit Fotos oder sogar 2D-Morphing für die Brust beispiellose Ergebnisse in Bezug auf folgende Faktoren wissenschaftlich belegt:

– Patientenentscheidung: doppelt so viele Eingriffe pro Beratung (Konversionsrate).

– Mundpropaganda: 99% der Patienten empfehlen ihren Chirurgen weiter.

– Weniger erneute Operationen und Unzufriedenheit: 99%ige Zufriedenheit nach dem Eingriff versus eines Standards von 80% bis 85%.

Die bahnbrechende Technologie von Crisalix, bei der fortschrittliche medizinische Forschung und modernste Informationstechnologie zum Einsatz kommen, wird von einigen der anerkanntesten Chirurgen und Kliniken auf 5 Kontinenten eingesetzt und ist nun Marktführer in der 3D-Bildgebung.​

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Sehen Sie dieses Video für weitere Details zur neuen Erweiterten Realität in 4D von Crisalix

Source: EIN Presswire

La Réalité Augmentée : la technologie idéale pour les patientes qui envisagent une procédure mammaire.

LAUSANNE, SUISSE, June 18, 2018 / — Choisir le bon implant pour les femmes désireuses de procéder à une chirurgie mammaire (par exemple : augmentation mammaire, reconstruction, redrapage, lipofilling) représente l’une des décisions les plus difficiles à prendre. Puisque le marché propose des milliers d’implants différents, ainsi que tout autant de techniques chirurgicales et de choix de positionnement des implants, cela représente littéralement des millions d’options.

Forte de plusieurs années de recherche médicale et scientifique avancée avec la technologie d’imagerie de pointe 3D et 4D, Crisalix lance le tout premier logiciel de réalité augmentée 4D pour les interventions esthétiques et reconstructives des seins. Le médecin commence par un scanner de la patiente afin d’obtenir sa poitrine en 3D. La patiente peut alors découvrir sa nouvelle apparence sur un écran similaire à un miroir, en temps réel, sans passer par la chirurgie.

« La réalité augmentée 4D développée par Crisalix est la seule solution qui permet aux patientes de se contempler aux proportions du corps entier, en mouvement et en temps réel. Il s’agit de l’outil éducatif le plus avancé pour toute patiente et, depuis son introduction, les interventions que j’ai réalisées ont apporté un meilleur taux de conversion et davantage de satisfaction », déclare Constantin Stan, Docteur en médecine et chirurgien plasticien diplômé. Clinique de chirurgie mammaire Cronos Med, à Bucarest, en Roumanie.

Grâce à ces innovations d’ampleur en cybersanté, les patientes vivent une expérience immersive complète avant de procéder à l’intervention :

EN DIRECT : les patientes peuvent désormais découvrir leur nouveau corps en effectuant n’importe quel mouvement ou en changeant de posture, ce qui leur permet d’avoir un aperçu de leur nouvelle apparence dans la vie réelle

EN TEMPS RÉEL : tout est instantané, les patientes peuvent exprimer en toute confiance leurs désirs concernant leur nouveau corps comme si elles avaient déjà procédé à l’intervention

AUX PROPORTIONS DU CORPS ENTIER : l’expérience la plus réaliste qui soit puisque l’ensemble du corps est pris en compte, de la tête aux pieds, ce qui représente probablement l’un des aspects les plus importants dans le choix du bon implant

« Grâce à ses technologies d’imagerie avancées telles que la réalité virtuelle et les nouvelles fonctionnalités de réalité augmentée, Crisalix se démarque dans le domaine de l’augmentation mammaire avec implants. À l’aide de ces outils de prédiction des résultats, la communication entre la patiente et le chirurgien devient beaucoup plus précise, ce qui rend les patientes heureuses et l’opération plus sûre », affirme Dennis C. Hammond, Docteur en médecine et chirurgien plasticien diplômé. Clinique de chirurgie plastique de Grand Rapids, dans l’état du Michigan, aux États-Unis.

« C’est prodigieux, nous disposons désormais d’une nouvelle méthode pour évaluer les patientes. Sans aucun doute, la réalité augmentée 4D de Crisalix se profile comme un outil très important dans le cadre de la chirurgie plastique », annonce Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, chirurgien plasticien diplômé, ancien président de l’Association mexicaine de chirurgie plastique, esthétique et reconstructive (AMCPER), à la clinique Medica Sur, à Mexico.

« En tant que chirurgien esthétique, nous souhaitons fournir non seulement des résultats satisfaisants, mais aussi rendre les consultations plus convaincantes. Le logiciel est convivial et les simulations permettent une meilleure communication avec la patiente. La fonctionnalité de réalité augmentée récemment développée permet aux patientes de voir leur nouvelle apparence sans aucune opération, ce qui leur permet d’approuver la procédure proposée et d’accélérer le temps de consultation préopératoire », affirme Dr. Chang, chirurgien plasticien diplômé, président de la clinique médicale Aphrodite Li-Zhi, à Taïwan.

Crisalix a introduit avec succès cette solution médicale en avant-première à l’occasion de l’édition 2018 de l’American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting à New York, qui s’est tenu du 28 au 30 avril. Cet événement est largement considéré comme l’un des rassemblements médicaux scientifiques les plus importants au monde, et la solution a été officiellement lancée lors du rassemblement Beauty Through Science (BTS) à Stockholm, le 7 juin 2018.

« Je suis heureux et honoré que cette nouvelle technologie ait été lancée lors du rassemblement BTS et qu’Akademikliniken soit pionnière dans son utilisation en Scandinavie. Un des obstacles à la communication avec les patientes est la difficulté de donner une image réaliste du résultat d’une augmentation mammaire. La technologie de réalité augmentée Crisalix offre un plus haut niveau de réalisme dans la prédiction des résultats par rapport aux techniques traditionnelles 3D », explique Dr. Per Heden, chirurgien plasticien diplômé et partenaire de l’Akademikliniken, à Stockholm, en Suède.

Aucun des chirurgiens cités ici n’entretient de relation financière avec Crisalix. Ils s’expriment donc en leur nom propre.

À propos de Crisalix :

Crisalix permet aux professionnels et aux patients de chirurgie esthétique, plastique et reconstructrice du monde entier de répondre à la question courante et ultime « À quoi pourrais-je ressembler après l’intervention ? » grâce à sa technologie exclusive de réalité augmentée et réalité virtuelle 3D et 4D en ligne.

Par rapport aux consultations traditionnelles avec photos ou morphing 2D, la plus grande étude clinique internationale jamais réalisée dans ce domaine, avec plus de 1 500 chirurgiens plasticiens représentant 40 000 consultations chez Crisalix, a scientifiquement démontré des résultats sans précédent en termes de :

– Décision du patient : deux fois plus de chirurgies par consultation (taux de conversion).

– Bouche à oreille : 99% des patients recommandent leur chirurgien.

– Réduction des réopérations et de l’insatisfaction : 99% de satisfaction postopératoire par rapport à une norme de 80% à 85%.

Associant la recherche médicale avancée et l’informatique de pointe, la technologie révolutionnaire de Crisalix équipe certains des chirurgiens et des cliniques les plus reconnus dans les 5 continents. Elle est désormais l’imagerie 3D leader.​

Natalia Zakharova
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Visionnez cette vidéo pour obtenir plus de détails concernant la nouvelle réalité augmentée 4D de Crisalix

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Дополненная реальность для помощи пациентам, которые рассматривают возможность операции по пластической хирургии.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — Одно из самых сложных решений, с которым сталкиваются женщины, которые хотят сделать пластику груди (например, увеличение груди, реконструкция груди, подтяжка груди, липофилинг) — это правильный выбор имплантата. С тысячами различных имплантатов на рынке, в сочетании с различными хирургическими методами и многочисленными вариантами размещения имплантатов, представляются, буквально, миллионы вариантов.

Объединяя несколько лет передовых медицинских и научных исследовании с новейшей технологией визуализации в 3D и 4D, Crisalix выпустил первое в истории программное обеспечение для дополненной реальности в 4D для хирургических операций в эстетических или реконструктивных целях. Сначала врач сканирует пациентку, чтобы создать ее грудь в 3D. После этого, пациентка сможет увидеть свой новый образ на экране в режиме реального времени, аналогично зеркалу, без какой-либо необходимости хирургического вмешательства.

«Дополненная реальность в 4D от Crisalix — единственное решение, которое позволяет пациенту увидеть свои пропорции полностью, в движении и в режиме реального времени. Это самое передовое средство обучения для пациентов, и с момента его введения, моя практическая деятельность в области пластики груди очень изменилась, увеличивая уровень реализации и удовлетворения», утверждает доктор медицинских наук и философии Константин Стан. Грудная клиника Cronos Мed в Бухаресте, Румыния.

Благодаря этим основным инновациям в области электронного здравоохранения, пациенты наконец могут получить удовольствие от ощущение полного погружения перед пластикой.

· ВЖИВУЮ: пациенты теперь могут увидеть свое новое тело пока двигаются или меняют позу, что позволяет им почувствовать, как их новая внешность будет выглядеть в реальности.

· В РЕЖИМЕ РЕАЛЬНОГО ВРЕМЕНИ: так как все происходит моментально, они могут смело выразить, как бы им хотелось, чтобы выглядело их тело, как будто оно уже и так принадлежит им.

· ПРОПОРЦИИ ТЕЛА ПОЛНОСТЬЮ: реалистичные ощущения, включающие все тело, с ног до головы: возможно один из самых важных аспектов при выборе правильного имплантата

«Crisalix, со своими передовыми технологиями визуализации, такими как виртуальная реальность, и новыми функциями дополненной реальности, являются достижениями в корне меняющими ситуацию в области увеличения груди с помощью имплантатов. С помощью этих инструментов для предсказания результатов, коммуникация между пациентом и хирургом становится намного точнее, в результате чего пациенты более счастливы, а операции более безопасны», утверждает доктор медицинских наук Деннис К. Хаммонд, сертифицированный пластический хирург. Ординатура пластической хирургии в Гранд-Рапидс, Гранд-Рапидс, Мичиган, США.

«Новый впечатляющий способ оценки пациентов. Без сомнений, дополненная реальность в 4D от Crisalix становится очень важным инструментом для пластической хирургии», сообщает Д-р. Альфонсо Вальярта, сертифицированный пластический хирург, бывший президент Мексиканской ассоциации пластической, реконструктивной и эстетической хирургии (AMCPER), Клиника Medica Sur, Мексика.

«Как пластические хирурги, мы хотим предоставить не только удовлетворительные результаты, но а также убедительные консультации. Программное обеспечение разработано в удобной для пользователей форме, а моделирование облегчит общение с пациентом. Недавно разработанная функция дополненной реальности дает возможность пациентам увидеть свой новый образ без хирургического вмешательства, позволяя им, таким образом, одобрить предлагаемую операцию и ускорить время консультации до операции», утверждает Д-р. Чанг, сертифицированный пластический хирург, президент медицинской клиники Aphrodite Li-Zhi, Тайвань

Crisalix успешно представил свою превью-версию революционного медицинского решения в ходе заседания Американского сообщества эстетической пластической хирургии (ASAPS) в 2018 году, прошедшего в Нью Йорке с 28 по 30 апреля, широко признанное одним из наиболее важных научных медицинских мероприятий в мире, и позже был официально выпущен на встрече Beauty Through Science (BTS) в Стокгольме 7 июня 2018 года.

«Я счастлив и это большая честь меня, что эта технология выпущена на нашем заседании BTS и центр пластической хирургии Akademikliniken начнет первым использовать ее в Скандинавии. Одна из трудностей в общении с пациентками является предоставление им реалистичной картины результата увеличения груди. Технология дополненной реальности от Crisalix обеспечивает более высокий уровень реализма в предсказании результатов по сравнению с традиционными способами в 3D», утверждает Д-р. Пер Хеден, сертифицированный пластический хирург, основатель и партнер Akademikliniken, Стокгольм, Швеция.

Все указанные здесь хирурги не имеют финансового отношения к Crisalix и поэтому высказывают только свое собственное мнение.

О Crisalix:

Crisalix дает возможность врачам и пациентам, проходящим эстетическую коррекцию во всем мире найти окончательный ответ на распространенный вопрос: «Как я могу выглядеть после операции?» с помощью исключительной онлайн технологии дополненной и виртуальной реальности в 3D и 4D.

По сравнению с традиционными консультациями с фотографиями, морфингом в 2D, самое большое международное клиническое исследование, проведенное в данной области с более чем 1500 пластическими хирургами, которые представляли 40000 консультаций с Crisalix, научно подтвердило беспрецедентные результаты относительно:

– Решений пациентов: в два раза больше операций за каждую консультацию (показатель реализации).

– Устной рекламы: 99% порекомендовали бы своего хирурга.

– Меньше повторных операций и неудовлетворенности: 99% удовлетворенности после операции по сравнению с обычными 80% – 85%.

Путем сочетания передовых исследований в области медицины и новейших информационных технологий, революционная технология Crisalix соответствует требованиям самых признанных хирургов и клиник на пяти континентах и является лидером в области 3D-моделирования.

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Посмотрите это видео для более подробной информации о дополненной реальности в 4D от Crisalix.

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Arecont Vision® Complete Video Solution Unveiled for European Customers

ConteraVMS ConteraIP ConteraWS ConteraCMR MegaIP

Arecont Vision offers megapixel cameras, VMS, web services, & recorders

Arecont Vision unveils new Total Video Solution of megapixel cameras, VMS, web services, & cloud managed video recorders at IFSEC London

We now offer another single- and multi-sensor megapixel camera lineup to complement our Mega camera portfolio, plus advanced VMS, cloud management, and video recorder platforms.”

— Raul Calderon, Chief Operating Officer & GM

LONDON, UK, June 18, 2018 / — Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology and video surveillance solutions, will demonstrate the company’s new Total Video Solution here at IFSEC International 2018. Arecont Vision executives will join members of the European sales team in stand D400, June 19 – 21, 2018 at the ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock, London, UK. A presentation of Arecont Vision’s remote setup technology will also be on the conference agenda.

IFSEC 2018 will be the first public unveiling in Europe of the Contera VMS® Video Management System, ConteraWS® Web Services, Contera CMR® Cloud Managed Recorders, and ConteraIP® megapixel cameras that were announced earlier this year. The new Contera hardware, software, and services families join with the company’s industry-leading Arecont Vision MegaIP™ series of single and multi-sensor megapixel cameras, customer-proven across Europe and around the world.

“Our European customers are very important to Arecont Vision, and we’ve developed our new Contera offerings in part to address what they have told us,” said Raul Calderon, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Arecont Vision. “We now offer another single- and multi-sensor megapixel camera lineup to complement our Mega camera portfolio, plus advanced VMS, cloud management, and video recorder platforms. Our customers are now able to choose a traditional stand-alone VMS system or to leverage the power of local recording with uploaded video and management over the cloud all from Arecont Vision, or to continue to purchase our products integrated with those of our Technology Partners.”

– Learn more about the Contera VMS, WS, and CMR here –
– Learn more about Contera IP cameras here –

ConteraVMS Video Management System, ConteraWS Web Services, ConteraCMR Cloud Managed Recorders, ConteraIP Indoor Dome and Micro Bullet megapixel cameras are available today. Contera Bullet, Contera Outdoor Dome, and Contera Panoramic megapixel camera models are coming soon.

Brad Donaldson, Vice President, Product Development, will deliver a technology demonstration of hands-free remote setup of new Arecont Vision cameras that dramatically simplifies installation for customers. Contera Web Services will be used, configuring and setting the views from single-sensor MegaDome G3 RS and multi-sensor adjustable-view SurroundVideo Omni G3 cameras. ConteraWS can be used to manage Arecont Vision cameras and the ConteraVMS. Video can then be uploaded and accessed from anywhere, anytime, over the cloud. The demonstration will be held in the “Show Me How Speakers Corner”, stand B350, down the main corridor from Arecont Vision, D400, on Wednesday, June 20 at 11.45 hours (11:45 AM).

Arecont Vision products are deployed by customers around the world, and are integration-tested with leading VMS, video analytics, networking, storage, and other related products through the Technology Partner Program’s MegaLab™ facility and via ONVIF support.

# # #

Arecont Vision is the leading US-based manufacturer of high-performance IP cameras and video surveillance solutions. The company offers two megapixel camera families – the MegaIP™ series includes Made in USA, cyber-secure MicroBullet®, MicroDome®, MegaBall®, MegaDome®, MegaVideo®, MegaView®, and SurroundVideo® models, plus the world-class Contera® series dome and bullet models. Both camera families offer single- and multi-sensor choices that are integrated with the ConteraVMS® (video management system), ConteraWS® (web services), and the ConteraCMR® (cloud-managed video recorder) series for traditional or cloud-based video surveillance solutions. Arecont Vision supports integration with leading 3rd party products through the MegaLab™ and via ONVIF compliance.


Jeff Whitney / VP Marketing / Arecont Vision
Phone: +1.818.937.0477

Jeff N Whitney
Arecont Vision
email us here

What is the ConteraVMS with Web Services?

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